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  1. Colin lives on… a planet with 35-minute hours.
  2. I haven't seen any on my social feeds, there's just this thread in the golf subreddit. Don't see anything earth shattering based on a quick perusal. If there's anything that's amazing, please let us know!
  3. This is Captain Obvious, but wait for Black Friday, companies will usually tweet out deals.
  4. Definitely check out the link @Vinsk posted. But in a few words, it sounds like you're talking about the face position at the top of the swing. When it's cupped, for a righty, that face is open. When the face is open, that introduces a lot of compensations coming down. Subconsciously your body knows that face is pointing right and will kick the path left to compensate. Some Tour players have a slight cup at the top, but you can bet it's going towards flat/bowed coming down. When talking bowed vs cupped, I usually am thinking impact, but wrist positions at top and impact are both super important.
  5. People often forget that some of golfs essential moves are performed by our human bodies quite often. It is just in the extremely awkward and timing nature of the golf swing where these ‘moves’ become so elusive. For the lead wrist. Imagine you’re hammering a door frame across your body with the frame to your left. (I assume you’re right handed.) You would never imagine striking the wood with a cupped wrist. Hell it would hurt! Drills: First off..go slow. No, slower than that. You can use an impact bag for this when at home. On the practice field, start with small shots. Maybe take your club back to waist high. Focus on your wrist being straight or slightly bowed at impact. There are some devices out that may help with this feeling. ‘Impact Snap’, ‘Watson’s Hanger’ to name a couple. Film yourself, use a mirror. You’ll never really know if you’re doing it properly without visual confirmation. I often feel excellent impact, solid, and a divot after the ball only the see my wrists were just a hot mess at impact. Great place to do some reading. Tons of solid and well researched instruction:
  6. To be perfectly honest, I'm left handed(so is one student in the group) and didnt want to be left out of the fun of testing the putters.
  7. Can't find it in a better resolution, can make out the writing though fuzzy.
  8. I don’t believe they are Ben Hogan. If I’m correct Hogan clubs have either ‘BH’ in the octagonal point emblem or at least say ‘Hogan’ somewhere. As for value it’s quite rare for a vintage set to have much value unless there is some ‘celebrity’ connection to them.
  9. Something I considered for my first set was resale value. I wasn't sure if I was going to survive that first summer.. So I bought used, name brand clubs. At the end of the summer, I sold them for close to what I paid, and was able to roll that money into a fitting and another used (albeit much newer) set. I had an instructor who told me the "weight" on an expensive club was much better than on a cheaper club (as he was swinging a 4-iron around w/ one arm). But then he went on to say Phil Mickleson could "beat everyone here with clubs from the Goodwill".
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    • Thanks for the tip on GroupGolfer and Leslie.  For some reason, no matter what I do, they do not send me emails.  And I forget to check a couple times a week to see the latest offerings.
    • this is getting weird. but maybe those other two pictures i shared just weren't clear enough? nevertheless, i trust that DJ is capable of knowing what it feels and looks like to have his chin up a bit and a slight curve in his lower back.  (^ source for DJ photo) @Vinsk, kindly take a look at the image i just shared above. unlike mike on the right there is clear daylight between DJ's chin and chest, the bill of DJ's cap is clearly NOT pointing directly at ball, and there is obviously a slight curve in DJ's lower back. 
    • Just a thought.  You said that you discarded poor contact shots.  Well, the woods can be weighted for increased distance versus increased forgiveness, right?  What if you are talking about a club with the weight in the center for length, but which you will be sending fewer shots where you aim?  I can't stand dealing with nonfacts.  I would need to know this stuff before shelling out good money on a club you may turn out to hate.
    • Now that I'm back at this site after being away for a while time to claim my awards. Hole in One - August 2, 2003 - 176 yards, 5 iron Eagles - 4 that I can remember, latest was in 2016 Broke par - 3 under 68  July 9, 2016 Tournament winner - Stamford Amateur Golf Championship, Senior Flight 2017
    • First videos of the year:   I spent all winter not practicing or anything and I didn't lose anything. Cool. I don't know if it's the slight tweak in the right hand grip or having a stronger core from working out, but these swings felt fast, like the club is just whipping around; you can see how far around the clubhead got at the finish. Also cool. Toed the crap out of these shots which has always been the miss, but it's consistent and I'm starting to think it's just a quirk of my address position. I address the ball on the center of the face and I hit it on the toe. I address the ball towards the heel and I hit it on center. I'm not going to "fix" that, just need to remember to address the ball with the hosel 😜

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