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    • Today was the first time this year I opted not to golf. Way too cold. With windchill 25. Pass. 
    • I traded an A wedge for an Odyssey putter equipped with the largest Super Stroker  grip, which was old and slick. I went to the local shop and checked every putter grip in the store. I came upon a Lamkin paddle that fit my hands perfectly!  I've been putting lights out ever since! 
    • We’ve had a few, but I have to admit, our handicap committee is very aggressive, thankfully… They keep track of the tee sheet, and if a score isn’t entered on the same day as a round is played, they post a penalty score equal to that of the lowest differential out of the last 20 rounds.  I’m good with that!
    • Oh, so you have a "Chili Open" too! We usually have ours in January or February, just to make sure it's especially bitter! I remember a promo vid from some years ago where the wind was howling, peeled up the artificial turf green, and blew it away! The golfers just laughed, and then adjourned for beers and chili! 
    • Makes a lot of sense to me as well. I remember distinctly a round where I parked a drive in the right rough on a par 5, and needed to hit a low punch under an overhanging limb, to get it back out into the fairway. I took a low iron, back when I still hit low irons, played it back in my stance, and hit it with a lot of forward shaft lean. The results were incredible! The ball took off like it had been nuked! And you know what? I didn't really swing all that hard! 

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