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    • You've never played golf with me. I bring my own spice. My rounds are interesting enough without having to climb extra hills and get grass stains on my pants for no apparent reason.
    • You can also just not swing as hard. Like if your normal full swing is 90% effort, you can take a little off by swinging 80% or 75%. When I do hit less than full swings (not like partial wedge shots), I like to make a full backswing because my sequencing is better from the top, then I just don't swing as hard and finish short of my normal finish position (or even with a different look).
    • that's one way to spice up your round. here's another that won't affect your score 😂
    • A small aspect is not zero. You can't just dismiss the mental aspect completely, especially when it comes down to being able to execute at one's highest level under pressure. As @tessallated wrote: It clearly had an adverse effect on her. Maybe it cost 0.5 strokes which is a very small percentage of 80, but for someone trying to break a benchmark, it's just enough to be a factor.
    • I can hit a number of 3w shots: The high cut. High draw. Stinger. Low hook. Drop kick. Chunk. Top. Just put a 3w in my hands and I can hit any one of these at a given time. Just watch the wheel spin around, who knows where it's going to land?

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