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    • Pretty crap on Bryson's part, but I am glad he is doing well since the restart. I posted yesterday how I saw Reed ripping grass out of the green (improper pitch repair), and I would argue that is worse for course maintenance than what Bryson did. The only reason they followed him that long is because he is literally the only thing that is interesting in pro golf right now. I understand both sides of it. He was running hot, and the cameraman/broadcaster wants a story.
    • I think the biggest individual shot gain can be had by driver, but iron play makes up more of the game in general, so I think iron fittings are more important. That is to say, you may play driver 12-14 times a round, but you are probably hitting double of that in full iron shots, unless you are playing a course where you are always hitting a wedge into the green, but in that case you should be moving back a tee or two.
    • On this note, I am curious.  Would you say that driver is the most important club to get fit for, and the other clubs become increasingly less important as you go down the list toward putter?
    • Bryson is an idiot.  The only reason he and other golfers get paid so much money is because their tournaments are televised, which brings in massive revenue.  If he expects a camera man not to follow a shot he hit, or look for the ball in a messy situation, he has even less sense than I thought. I understand his frustration with hitting a bad shot, we all do it.  However, there is a massive difference between berating yourself and damaging the course or cursing somebody else who had nothing to do with it.  I tend to swear a lot at myself when I play badly, but never take it out on anybody or anything else.
    • What a baby. Nobody cares if you cuss or get angry about a shot. Don't damage the course, and it's not a deal. It's got to be close to impossible to keep your cool all the time as a professional golfer. Everybody has bad days. The problem is that Bryson does destroy the course sometimes. Yeah, that hurts your brand. It's not the cameraman's fault. Also, I bet the producer or someone else is telling the cameraman what to shoot. Good chance it's not the cameraman's call. Again, what a baby.

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