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    • Thats actually quite amazing. 18 consecutive pars has to be one of the rarest things you can do in golf. Ive never come close to that. I think the most consecutive pars I've ever had in one round was 12. Theres always a dreaded birdie or bogey in there someplace. 
    • thanks for clarifying and keen observation. to me the drill swing looks OK but i notice this now in the other swings. i have a couple of hunches about what's causing the change in angle and look forward to testing some things out to fix. it also looks like i could probably drop my chin an inch or so and still have room to make a turn. and i think you mean it starts in extension and moves toward flexion just before the top of the backswing (?). i'd still rather have the entire spine in a neutral position at address, including the cervical spine/neck. starting with the cervical spine in extension puts more strain on my spine, makes it harder to turn, and as a result can also put strain on the shoulders, particularly the AC joints.  we're on the same page about pelvic tilt -- as part of my setup routine i induce a bit of posterior pelvic tilt before settling in over the ball. in this discussion i'm more concerned about thoracic and cervical spine (see below).  i think the rounded upper back (especially in the older pictures) is due to more than relaxing the scapulae. there is practically zero tension in my scapulae at address (i just let my arms hang down) and i don't have c-posture. a couple of the worst offenders in that article (jack and arnie) had major back problems for basically their whole adult lives.  heh. are you familiar with "emacs pinky"? 🤓
    • I heard someone (but I don't recall who) say that for some people lines on the ball are useful, for some not.  Perhaps a left brain/right brain sort of thing?  I have also heard the suggestion that one should place the ball with the line perpendicular to the target line, making it easier to actually align the putter with the ball.  I do imagine that if one was trying to align the ball, the three lines would make the process more accurate.  But I think it would drive me crazy.
    • That's how it appears to be marked on the 17th at PGA West, the rocks look inside the penalty area
    • I think I got par on 18 straight once when I was playing Tiger Woods golf on playstation. 

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