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  1. Posting a life update. Golf game may start to suffer a bit and I don’t have plans to do many more bigger tournaments for a while. But, I’ll try to keep it up at work. My future pga tour star was born last night 😉 he’ll get a club in his hands quick! Already has a good grip. I don’t know, maybe me just playing instead of tinkering so much will be good for me. A good force.
  2. My exact setup, works like a charm. I found that 3 layers of (i think) 3/4" plywood with some cheap patio "grass" carpet on top was almost exactly flush with the real feel mat. First layer is the platform, bottom 2 are the supports. Basically I got a 8'x4' slab of plywood, cut out a 4'x4' "platform" then cut up the remainder into (4) 1'x4' strips. I made 2 stacks of 2 strips and screwed the platform on top of them as supports. But if you've got spare lumber around I'm sure there are plenty of ways to get it flush with the mat, that's just how I did it. I think there are a couple videos in my swing thread that show the platform. One tip though, when you cut out the rectangle, don't center it like I did, have it forward on the platform. There's a hole for a tee in the middle of the mat, so if you want to hit driver you'll end up standing way back on the platform.
  3. We played Talamore and Mid South during the Newport Cup, and Mid South is definitely one of my favorite courses I've played!
  4. I am not sure I buy the male ego thing - may be a a few juveniles who thrive on that kind of braggadocio but mostly its just that a lot of beginners misjudge distance in general. Add to that a lot of golf holes play much shorter than stated on the sticker price skews their distance judgement further. Also, other than few serious golfers who actually measure how far they hit drives? Not me. I just estimate. Folks are much more accurate with their approach shots.
  5. This feels like a good time to remind everyone here that we do not allow political conversations. If any golfer - any golfer - wants to have a vanity handicap, whatever. If I’m playing against them… good for me.
  6. I run into golfers recently who aren't aware if or when course is opening or other things like special events. I found that the people who run Bethpage is updating its Twitter account with important info and with some decent lead time too. If you're not into social media, you don't have to sign up to see the tweets. Just go here: https://twitter.com/BethpageGolf Yeah, you can call, but it's just faster doing the lookup on your phone or laptop and I've found the updates to be accurate. It does it only for the weekends and Friday for now.
  7. Really looking good Dan.
  8. I don't think these are mutually exclusive choices.
  9. Figured I'd post a swing update, since it's been a while: Made a lot of progress in shallowing the downswing. Took a lot of mirror work - just look at the 5 minutes daily practice thread for that. This looks pretty good to me, and according to my Evolvr instructor, I'm ready to start working on my next priority. I think it's a key 3 priority, which definitely needs improvement for me. The focus right now is to soften my wrists in transition and go from there. Basically, my hands should be a little behind in my swing. I think this will be pretty challenging to implement for me. I've known about this fault for a while, but have been working on other stuff first. Maybe it will turn out to be easier than I think now. Nonetheless, I actually feel pretty good about my full swing. GG has me losing about 2.75 shots to a scratch golfer off the tee and in approaches. So, I'm really more of a 2 or 3 handicap (ish, GG's insights are far from a perfect analysis) with my long game. That seems about right. More improvement for me will come from short game and putting. Unfortunately, that's stuff that's harder to work in the winter for me. My putting has actually improved a bit since the spring - I've gained half a stroke on a scratch golfer putting. Not much, but it's not nothing either. I need to think about what goals I have for next year. Not going to be playing much golf for the next couple of months, so I should focus a bit more long term than I am right now. I really need to practice more on short game than long game, but I really dislike practicing putting and short game.
  10. no end to many ways. I have done just about everything imaginable, platforms, separate standing mats, inlays, moveable "divot" mats. For attaching carpet, mat, artificial turf to plywood, I would suggest carpet adhesive. If you use screws or staples to fix the hitting mat to the platform, the mat will tear through. I once considered placing a horse stall mat under the turf mat for better feel, but they are very heavy and if you go used.....well.....not exactly aromatic. Unless you have a very stable foundation, plywood will rock, hence the placing of "boards" underneath the ends and center (to prevent bowing). As far as tee hole, you can always drill through the platform/mat wherever you wish.
  11. Good to know, and yeah I'm pretty tall, 6'3-6'4, and I would like to be able to hit driver, even though most of the time it will be technique work with a mid iron, so I will probably make mine 5x4. Ok so it sounds like I will use 3 pieces of plywood for additional thickness. Below is what I'm thinking. I was thinking of making it so the RealFeel mat fits completely inside the plywood like this (these are not to scale) And then when viewed from the side/cross section, it would look like this, where it would sit on the bottom piece of plywood, and then the top 2 layers of plywood would be cut out to fit the RealFeel mat. (But technically you wouldn't see the side of the mat like you do in the pic below because it would be fully enclosed inside the plywood)
  12. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2018/11/27/tiger-woods-20th-hole-one-ace/2129575002/
  13. I have the Real Feel too and created a stance platform. I think for size, it really depends on the surface you put it on. When I had mine on grass, a small pad would rock a bit. So I used a bigger piece of plywood. But then I put it on my driveway and found I could make it smaller. Below is my set up. I'm thinking of doing a redesign this winter and make it a one piece. I am going to go with 3 x 5' and have the mat down in a well of sorts. This will allow me to get my feet level with the mat and keep the whole platform level. Also, keep in mind weight. My platform was with 2x3 and 3/4 plywood. I think I will go lighter because it was kind of heavy.
  14. Actually, it's 3 18s at the moment. The Eagle, the Hawk and The Falcon. It's my scruffy old muni. Right now we are waiting on consultants to tell the City of Dayton what they need to do to stop losing so much money on golf. Unlike Beavercreek, they can't afford what they drop on it. The scuttlebutt around Kittyhawk is that the Hawk might get shut. ... It doesn't really make the most sense financially, but it would probably be the most PC decision for them to make. Community is historic and Madden is in West Dayton, either of those would be met with hostility from people that have never swung a golf club.
  15. Now...this post is 8 years old...but since you asked...
  16. I suspect he was wearing a cup, mouth guard and closed his eyes. Or he is a moron. 😉
  17. I enjoy the FSGA one day events and I’ll play a few of those each year. Other than that belonging to a club allows me to play in plenty of competitive events throughout the year which, like you, I really enjoy. As long as you’re doing the math, you might want to look at a club membership realizing that what you’re spending on the GCAT events could offset some of that membership cost…
  18. Really Nice Set up! That's one thing I lack is putting greens. Not so sure that S.W.M.B.O. would tolerate that. I only have about 50 X 15 feet to work with. I put in artificial turf a year or so ago.
  19. I think the guy is trying to make tough shots for the purpose of posting on the internet, not necessarily to just play golf.
  20. Seems it is personal preference for many...but wouldn't carrying a hybrid be more versatile than carrying a driving iron. Is the only place you are gonna use the iron is off the tee, while you can use the hybrid off the tee, off the fairway, out of the rough, and in some instances around the green?
  21. Play the course as you find it. Play the ball as it lies. Pretty simple.
  22. It's not a penalty, and you're not penalized. It's golf. It may be little more difficult of a shot..but isn't that just golf? What if your ball is below or above your feet because the fairway has a natural slope to it? Is it fair you have to play a more difficult shot even though you hit the fairway? It's just a normal condition of a golf course.
  23. Because (outside of glaring weaknesses) the full swing and the long game is more important and needs more practice than the short game (including putting).
  24. I didn't play real well last week in Pinehurst, but I took a few photos at MidPines, one of my favorite courses in the area. First, the view down the first fairway: An inviting drive down the hill, but then uphill to a deep contoured green. Next, the green at the par-5 10th hole. A small green, very well protected. That little gap into the green is a steep false front, pretty common at this course. Third, the 15th, another par-5. Seemingly easy, after a good drive you'll be hitting this shot from a downhill, right-to-left slope.. If you hit the draw that seems natural off that lie, the ball is ending up left of the green, unless you've aimed into the trees on the right and carried the bunker on that side. Notice the severe false front, and the long roll-off to the left of the green. Last, the 18th: One of my favorite finishes in golf. This terrace has the best 19th hole view in the Pinehurst area.
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    • Other than playing well, Tiger didn't bring much to the table.  He seemed very quiet.  Would have been nice if he were more talkative.  Phil tried.  And Manning added a lot.  I really liked Chuck's commentating.  Imagine if the two pros were Trevino and Fuzzy.  Or Chi Chi.  That's what I'm talking about.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.  By the way, Florida is having its wettest May on record.  Also, the Medalist is a much better course than the highly over-rated Seminole.
    • Seminole is extremely over-rated.  I'll believe my own eyes every day rather than what I'm told to believe.  Tough greens don't make a great course.  You need a lot more than that.  
    • Day 93: Range session today. This one was much more productive. 
    • Been to the range about 5 times, and have been working with foam balls in the garage, trying to hit a ball to the right of the alignment stick that's inline with my setup. Still having a pretty tough time doing it, but making some progress. Pretty much only working on a 9 to 3 swing so far. I do let myself take some full cuts with the big stick for about the last 7 to 10 balls though. I'll probabaly get back in touch with my evolvr coach in another couple week or so after really hammering down the drill he gave me.  
    • This is the option that I like. Keep these, play em for a bit, and if you want to keep playing, make a change.   This is the option that I like the least. You won't have more fun with these, and the 200 dollars would be wasted (no resale value as others have said)   This option is good, but since it's out of budget, I'd hold off. These clubs aren't going to get more expensive. You could buy it a year down the road for the same amount. If you aren't sure that you are going to stick with the game, this option is obviously not good. If you know that you are going to stick with it, this option isn't bad, because even if they don't work (or don't fit) you will be able to get a decent amount of the money back. My 2c: No reason to buy something newer if you already have a full bag and aren't sure that you will play long term. 550 bag is good if you know you are going to keep playing, but playing with the old clubs won't be noticeably worse, and if you groove your swing in (or start getting lessons), a fitting may be in order in a year anyhow. Hope this helps. 

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