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    • That latter case (on the putting green) is explicitly covered in Interpretation 23.8a(2)/1, second bullet point.
    • Yeah I agree. The cheating was bad enough whether it was deliberate or not the way he handled it was poor. I think Reed has some personality issues that he needs to reflect on and really strive to improve. Unfortunately it appears he’s surrounded by the types who encourage him and/or are as pig headed as he is.
    • Love that Tiger has the US team wearing red shirts and sweaters on a Sunday. 
    • You can change your vote. Anyway, this stuff used to bother me. More than it should. Then I realized that someone was just trying to be nice, and they might not know what a "good shot" is for me if they don't know me very well. Occasionally a long-time friend will say it, and if they were serious, sometimes I'll say something like "man, c'mon, you know that was just luck. I hit that three grooves thin" or something in a nice way. But, I'm cautious with my compliments of the shots of others because I know that a good % of people do get upset. And I don't blame them, because like I said I used to, too.
    • Reed shouldn't be a Captain's Pick in any future Cups… and I was about to say "unless he's won the last five events in a row" or something, but no, not even then. Not without some major downtime and some major behavior/attitude changes. It's too much of a distraction.

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