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    • Yep,  this stuff really played out a couple days ago.  I holed out for eagle with a well struck 7 iron,  no more highlights to speak of but I got the reaction on instagram This is what golfs about,  the great moments
    • I am a 6 HDCP and a short hitter. 63 years old and 150 lbs. I never practice. My iron play and short game are good. My goal is to hit better drives and make more putts. I changed drivers from the Ping G30 to the Ping G400 Max. Then changed shafts from the Diamana Blue to an Oban Kiyoshi HB which I am hitting straighter and longer. I am using a new putter. The Odyssey O-Works 1W and have been making more putts. So far, so good and I am now practicing.  
    • I’ve seen all of this and frankly the whole thing has gone from ‘The Making of a Murderer’ to ‘The Making of a Film about The Making of a Murderer.’ It’s like both sides can go endlessly back and fourth making the other side appear wrong or deceitful. 
    • View this round on GAME GOLF We played fourball;  took 19 holes to finish.  I deleted the 19th, should I have kept it in the round?  I wasn't sure how it would affect things.  
    • Day 24.  Played Fourball with partner.  We won and are onto the finals for our club's fourball championship   As for my round, some of the high scores I can blame on "it's fourball and I did something risky because it made sense at the time." View this round on GAME GOLF Some, I cannot. At some point, I wonder if some of the conventional wisdom about how match play shots to decide is different from stroke play applies to my flight.  Maybe I should employ my strategy for a typical stroke play round during the upcoming match play tournament. 

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