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    • Yes. Both. You can jury rig something IF your bag rubs. Or get the $9 official fix. Or wait for the 4. They are not. ClicGear are the tanks among the regular cars of push carts.
    • Day 19 - January 18, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Not feeling great and slid the whole way down my driveway this morning on my shoes after picking myself up from falling, so I hit ten balls at a medium speed after teaching for six hours and called it a day.
    • Played twilight 2 weeks in so so weather. A single woman joined my friend and I. On the 1st green I noticed she had a Scotty (custom fitted) and walking to 2nd tee I looked in her bag and saw Ping S57 irons.....once I saw the irons I knew she was a bit of a "Playa" and not surprised she'd come out alone to play golf. Yup, you guessed it...an Asian woman (Chinese)....but it's not unusual to see women playing alone here in Asia Central.
    • Ive fixed my weight transfer.  Man,  what a difference it made.  Also,  i didn’t realize I was standing too far from the ball.  I hit so many shots off the toe and either pushed them right,  or hooked them.  Ive corrected that too.  Again,  what a difference.  Just finished a rage session. Only took my driver today because it was mats only,  and I dont like hitting irons off the mats.  It seemed like every drive was 260 (golf caddie) and straight.  Mostly middle of the face too.  Very encouraged.  
    • You don't say what your spin rate is, generally a downward AOA results in more spin, which causes the ball to balloon some. Higher handicappers benefit from higher lofts generally because of slower swing speeds. It has been reported that some PGA player's have a negative AOA; but I believe theirs is more in the 1 to 2 degree down - which is supposedly gives them better directional control. Per "old reviews" on the internet this driver has the opti-fit hosel so you should be able to adjust loft higher.  It might also be good to have a local clubmaker measure the loft; it has been reported in past years that manufacturers put a 'vanity' loft marking on drivers. Note: the following tour averages (not sure which year this was). IMHO work on getting your AOA closer to neutral or even positive. Instruction: Shallow out your angle of attack for longer drives The attack angle, a measurement of how steep  or shallow the clubhead is moving relative to the ground through impact, plays a vital role in how much distance you’re able to generate off the tee. Most amateurs fall somewhere...

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