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    • LOL.....come on....Semi isn't that bad....not all the holes are lined by housing...I've seen worse.....a 1.5 rating is basically a goat track rating.😂 I don't mind Semi. I think the resort is under rated and goes under the radar....haven't seen the reno's in the hotel area yet....it's a good place to hold a small short stay biz meeting. They use to have some really attractively priced all you can play...stay & play packages in the spring. ************************************************************************************************************* This post below was meant to be a separate post...but it automatically merged with the above recent post of mine. @phillyk and @Double Mocha Man IMO...you have rated Eaglemont and Shuksan quite high. From a reference point.....just curious. I assume you have both played 5 courses across the border in the Vancouver area...how would you rate those courses?
    • There are walking scorers volunteers on the PGA...even the LPGA too......scores recorded by walking scorers are not official scores...just to keep info flowing for score boards, etc...yes there can be discrepancies because of errors made by the walking scorers. https://www.farmersinsuranceopen.com/volunteers/committee-chairs/committee-descriptions/ https://www.thefounderslpga.com/volunteers/committee-descriptions
    • I don't use my driver either for a few different reasons: - I can hit my 3 wood as far if not further than my driver (especially in summer when the roll out is far greater with the lower piercing ball flight I can get with my 3W) - its far more accurate, I can hit 80% of fairways with it - for very little if any loss of distance. - during team match play events I found that most of the people I play cant hit as far as I can hit  my 3W  with their driver so it got me playing a more defensive game - I know I can hit the fairway more than they will with their driver and ill still be further. The only reason I keep my driver in my bag is with preferred lies or a drop within 2 club lengths it gives me more flexibility.  
    • Day 12, January 20 2020. Today I was working from home and, several times, went to hit a few balls in the adjacent practice room.  Indoors, off a mat, into a net, mix of real and fake balls (plus of course practice swings). 

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