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    • What you are shown wearing if very appropriate.  
    • Funny you should ask. I game the single length irons from 6i - PW. I have the Cobra F9s with graphite shafts. Love them. Wedges: I went with a standard length F9 GW - this is because I couldn't get used to chipping with a 7i length GW; Callaway MD-4 54/10 and 58/8 Hybrids: I went with Cobra standard length F9 4H, and 5H. They're like playing with cheat codes enabled.  3W: I went with the Cobra F9 and set at 15.5 degrees which is working out perfect.  Long irons are definitely more difficult to hit than hybrids. It's why they make hybrids. A 5i today has the loft of a 3i of 1980. You're not going to be a pro. Why make your game more difficult than it needs to be?
    • Birdied the 2nd hole today at my "home" course. Popped up and slightly pulled a 3w off the tee and had 153 left to the flag on an elevated green. Had plenty of room to hit up over the tree in front of me, choked down on a full 8i and hit it to tap-in distance.. The ball mark was 2' short of the hole and the ball ended up just past the hole, so I think there was a chance it could have holed out. That's 6 birdies (one repeat) in 7 rounds now at this course. Also finally parred the 4th and 8th holes, so just a par on the 10th left to complete the par challenge. Those are the #3 and #1 handicap holes. I can count on one hand the number of times I have made par on the 8th.
    • The best two golfers out of 140+ averaged over 67 for four rounds, and you're complaining. The cut came at like -2 or so, and you're complaining. I'm not in agreement with your complaints. Bad shots are still punished, and there's still rough, and the greens are intentionally softer and slower this week so they can play differently next week. That's not in the top ten reasons why.

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