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    • That’s why a series of 72 hole tournaments for playoffs will never generate the level of interest unless Tiger is playing.  It is no different than any other weekend.  Brooks does have a point in being bored and losing interest throughout a round. I realize a 1 vs 64. 2 vs 63, etc over 36 holes, and then 32, 16... will probably never fly, but at least there would be more excitement than which of the top 5 guys will win. John
    • I've been on board that they should make up their minds:  It should either be points, or playoffs - If we do points, let's do points (previous format).  If we do playoffs, I like your proposal - points on the season to get in, then survival of the fittest. Instead, we get a mish mash of points and elimination in this last two tourneys prior to a weirdass handicapped final tourney format.  It's arbitrary and we'll see how it plays out. Maybe it'll be fun.  Maybe it'll fall on its face.  But, either way, I expect to see the best players playing great golf. So it's not the end of the world regardless of whatever format they choose.  so far, I've seen some fun golf, but, (just me), it's seemed less exciting than previously for whatever reason.
    • Thanks for asking. Sunday, 17th hole, dogleg right , long par 5 with light palmage on the left and a considerable grove of live oaks and laurels guarding the green on the right from shorting the hole.  You want to keep to the left side of the fairway to give the chance to go for the green in two if you can avoid the sprinkled palms.  But the driver drifted right too much, which brought the grove between me and the green.  As designed, I was only 250 from the flag, but I could not go straight for it. Aiming well left of the direct line, I hit the 3w solid, just a few feet beyond the edge of the grove and watched it bounce onto the fairway, 20 yards from the front edge of the green.  I was in prime position to up and down for birdie. Still failed to par the hole.  That's my game.
    • Sounds eerily familiar high 84, low 77 avg 80.2 only 1 T score though
    • Ah, your tournament season.  I thought you were done playing for the year and though there can't be snow up there yet!

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