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    • Day 51 - Still incorporating a straight trail arm feel into my pivot, as well as turning my shoulders/hips more at A3. Practice swings in a mirror. 
    • FFS...just wear a mask in public spaces where it's difficult to physical distance.. I'm getting fed up hearing about health care workers over worked and young healthy health care workers getting sick or dying from Covid because of the non complying entitled IDIOTS.
    • My latest round, despite driving it poorly (popped up quite a few), I had less than 2 strokes lost approach.  But I had 9 strokes lost putting.  I still hit 4 GIR + another two with a full swing but not for regulation. So the approach part is nice! My sand shots have been really good lately.  Despite that I've had sand shots to hit. Last night and tonight I drained a lot of 3' and 6' putts on the practice green.  Reading Erik's post from a while back about not accelerating, and the pendulum, has helped, and now I'm thinking of that actively when practicing short putts.  I'll do a measured drill on these soon. 
    • I went through something very similar after a swing improvement session (lesson) and it terrified me.  My teaching pro told me it was just an adjustment period that old muscle memory was fighting.  He told me to just relax and go out and hit balls at the range for a few more days and it should all fall into place.  The next day, I was hitting the ball better than I ever had in the past. I hope you have a similar experience.
    • So as governor, I could say that wearing a burka for instance is a risk and make it illegal with a wave of my magic wand? It's a slippery slope. I'm not anti-mask. I am pro common sense. He made it a criminal offense in "red" counties, but a few months ago was letting felons out of prison to protect them from COVID-19. All the local and county police departments are releasing statements that they are not going to be the mask police, so what good does it do. The more they try to assert authority, the more people become opposed to what they say. Heck, my county sheriff put out a statement asking people to stop calling 9-1-1 when the see someone without a mask. 

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