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  1. Yes, Urban knew about 2009. He tried to get the married couple counseling. They were friends of the family. At least he tried to help them. I would not paint her in such a way if not there was testimony from her own mother about how she acts. There are others who collaborate what her mother is saying about Courtney. I never said she was crazy. No, but he can drive the narrative unfairly. Which he does routinely. It clearly speaks to his character as a journalist. What do you want him to do? Get rid of Hernandez? What will happen to Hernandez then? How would it look if Urban gave up on a kid? There is no win here for Urban. Listen, that is a bad situation. Hernandez was a disturbed person. You can not blame Urban for Hernandez's actions. That is just stupid. 1. Yes, his players in Florida got in trouble. Still, Urban even went to the Gainesville Police and told them not to give his player preferential treatment. Should he have kicked a few of them off the team or be more strict, absolutely. Most of them were doing crimes that it pretty typical for kids their age in that area. There is no evidence to show that the rate of these crimes are outside the norm for the demographic of that team. The only reason we see it is because they happen to be football players. 2. He kept on a friend of the family as a coach. He thought that the issues of 2009 were done and when no charges were filed in 2015 he didn't see the need to press into further. A bad choice, but not something out of the ordinary. Let's look at some good things he did. 1. The Shelly and Urban Meyer Cancer Fund. Raising millions of dollars for Cancer Research. 2. Real Life Wednesdays - A program at Ohio State that brings in speakers and provides workshops for his players so they have a sense of developing a life after football. 3. Player Safety - Through the use of technology and sport science they do a restricted contact program at Ohio State for player safety. 4. His players hardly get in trouble at OSU. Guess what, he improved how he ran a big time program the 2nd time around. The only fault we can give him is that he failed to see how bad things have gotten with Zach Smith. You paint the picture way to bleak for the evidence provided.
  2. I am. As you already know ...I hit hundreds of balls a week meticulously trying to stop it. You mentioned a possibility being poor wrist flexibility...I take the club back in an awful position. Last week I shortened my swing (felt shortened but was still a good length) and it definitely helped. That’s my next video to Stephan (along with other stuff.)
  3. I've read something like this before. Maybe here, maybe somewhere else. In that case the guy took an old muscle back blade 2 iron, cut it down to 6 iron length and re-gripped it. Said he could hit those low screamers with ease, and could curve them right or left as he wanted. Thought I might be able to do the same thing with my 2 hybrid, but no go. One of the advantages of hybrids is getting the ball up in the air. Unless I do everything perfectly, I'll hit it too high. I think it's a great idea.
  4. Hi there, My name is Michael, and I thought I would share my story with you guys, to see if anyone can offer any tips or ideas to help me improve further. I’ve been on a bit of a golfing journey over the last 18 months, and am keen to keep improving further. So… I started playing golf at 13, and got down to about 9/10 by the age of 16, but plateaued here due to poor technique and following other interests. I didn’t play at all between 18 and 25, but started again towards the end of 2016. I was struggling to play off 13, and in after an annual review in March 2017 I got put up to 14. This was a catalyst for me to decide to improve my golf, and I decided I no longer wanted to be mediocre, but wanted to get as good as possible. I saw a golf coach for a handful of lessons and started practicing as much as my wife would allow. I’ve kept a log of all my practice sessions, what worked what didn’t, how long they lasted and what I worked on. I also kept my stats from each round ie. GIR, FW’s, Putts etc. The biggest issue for me at first was around the greens, I had the short game yips, literally couldn’t strike the ball at all, thins, double hits, you name it I’ve done it 1000 times. Hitting the ball relatively long has always been my strength, but keeping the ball in play was an issue. I’d say now finally my chipping is pretty solid, but my pitching is still an issue, I don’t get it close enough consistently from 40-80 yards. How my plan differs to Pete’s Plan, is that I (unfortunately) have to work full time, and so can only practice in the evenings and at weekends. However I do have access to pretty good indoor facilities that use a Golfzon GDR simulator, which is similar to a GC2. But can access this for about 2 hours a week rather than 24/7. I’m a member of a golf club in Surrey and in the summer can practice there after work, light permitting. So this week has been kind of a milestone for me, as I have just logged (almost) 1000 hours of practice. (this includes playing rounds of golf) and since March 2017 my handicap has come down from 14.0 to 4.8. My aim Is to get down to scratch next year, and my overall goal is to get down to +3 so I can play in almost any amateur competition in the country. Barriers to this would be my golf course, the SSS is -1 in the summer and -2 in the winter, meaning I need to get 37 Points to stop my handicap going up 0.1. This is tough as the course is much tougher than the SSS suggests, due to a large number of changes being over the years. In order for me to get cut 0.1 shots I have to shoot at least -3 my handicap in the winter. It’s a big challenge especially as the course conditions deteriorate through the winter. I’m currently having lessons with a coach who uses K-vest, Trackman and other tech. I’ve had two lessons, and I can already see massive improvements to the look of my swing, as well as my ball speed increasing through the bag, despite my club head speed staying about the same. My SS with a driver is between 112-115 on average and I can get it up to about 118-119 when I go after it. (on the screen shot below it says metres on the left but actually it's yards, think it's a glitch) My SS with a 6 iron is 95-98 mph. For people interested in stats here’s some data from 2017 and my data from 2018, as well as my last 6 rounds. I’ve just started using a new program to keep stats which is why it looks a bit different. I should also mention that I had a severe knee injury requiring surgery in October 2017, which meant I had to give up playing football (soccer) and cemented my desire to get better at golf. Unfortunately it meant I couldn’t play any golf between Oct 2017 and March 2018. So I have had a bit of a break which held my progress back somewhat. Last weekend was a bit of a breakthrough for me, as I shot my lowest ever round – 70 on Saturday and followed it up with another 70 on Sunday. Both in competition and I came 1st and 3rd respectively each day. This was level par on my home course, and got me down from 5.5 to 4.7. I think what I’m asking is do you see anything glaringly obvious I’m doing wrong, or is there something I should be doing differently. I’ve read a lot of golf books, and enjoy reading on the subject. Through the winter I’m going to be focusing on getting my full swing in better shape, when really I need to work on my short game, unfortunately I can’t practice outdoors for the next few months due to lack of light. Do you have any questions for me? Thanks for reading. Michael
  5. While at the Newport Cup the Blue team was so wonderfully managed by @iacas, however, since that win they have horribly mismanaged the handling of the Cup tour.
  6. Day 16: Tuesday is usually my short game day, but with perfect wether and a longer lunch break to kill time I hit the range instead of the practice green. Very encouraging day today. I have noticed during my slow swing practice days that even when I am working on something else I tend to get my weight over my toes (so much easier to pick up on during slower swings!) during the downswing which I think is contributing to me being Shankapotamos these days. I placed my range basket just outside my ball and hit balls feeling like my weight was transferring to the outside of my left foot in transition. I hit one actual shank today. A few heel shots early on, and then really nothing worse than some pushes and a few mean pulls. Mostly very playable and actually good golf shots. I am not claiming victory yet, but It sure was nice to have such a productive session and feel what sweet spot contact felt like again. I even removed the range basket feedback aid for 10 balls or more and the good shots continued. excited to keep using this practice method.
  7. My own vote, btw, is Underrated. Most amateurs don't have a clue how many strokes they can save by getting the ball near the green and following The Rule. If nGIR are great, nuGIR are even better. There are plenty that exist. I always find it interesting when people assume that to be the case, though, as @Moxley seems to have done. @Moxley, btw, should contact Andrew Norrby and pick up a copy of LSW. Here's one where going for it rarely makes sense: The gap tree to tree is about 27 yards. The shot is often 220+ to clear the water. The green is quite sloped, so you can leave yourself a tricky pitch even if you avoid the trees, water, bunkers, etc. But generally speaking, par fives are more like this: Nothing much going on there, and closer is generally better.
  8. Let's look at that claim, Did Urban ignore domestic violence. It comes down to the question, at what point do you believe someone committed domestic violence. Also, should someone be fired if someone claims that person committed domestic violence? Urban was aware of the investigation by the Powell Police on Zach Smith in 2015. He was aware that no chargers were filed against Zach Smith and at that time he assumed the issue to be closed. This is not a good assumption to make, but it is a common one made. Why should Zach be fired in 2015 when the police didn't even charge Zach Smith? We know that there is a lot of domestic violence abusers who never get charged, but there is also a chance that there wasn't any domestic abuse. There is evidence that shows that Courtney Smith is not a credible person. Her own mother claimed that she would initiate confrontations with Zach and physically abuse Zach while he just stood there and did nothing. Her mother and others have said that Courtney told them that she would do anything to get Zach fired from his job. Let's not forget that Brett McMurphy has retracted a few statements where he embellished or outright lied in his articles. His credibility is extremely low. His recent article about a former OSU player who transferred of the team wouldn't even be published by any mainstream sports networks because it had no fact checking review process. The claims in the article had no credibility. He still went ahead and found a no name sports website to publish his article anyways. Still, we know that Zach Smith's conduct at Ohio State was not good and it should have gotten him fired. Urban kept him on the staff because he was Earl Bruce's grandson, a mentor to Urban. In the end, Urban did not believe that Zach Smith committed domestic violence because he was never charged. Which again isn't the best logic to use, but do you wreck a persons career based on claims from what you may believe is a non-credible person. At Ohio State how many players were arrested? I will say that his choice of players at Florida was not good. I can not deny those numbers. He clearly changed that aspect when he went to Ohio State. Did you read the article? He was never charged with domestic violence. All he was trying to do was return his kids to Courtney because his time was up with them. You are saying that because a player decided to commit murder after college that Urban should be blamed in someway? That makes total sense.
  9. Sad day? Are you f***ing kidding me? Did we all forget that Meyer ignored domestic violence by one of his assistants for years? And while that was happening, he wrote a book about Lessons of Leadership! He can't even live up to what he holds his players to: Urban was lucky not be fired for cause earlier this year. He's a piece of shit who values winning above everything. Good riddance.
  10. I agree. He has a cyst on his brain that has been causing headaches and the stresses of coaching can't help that at all. Also, nice title, @Bucki1968 I get it
  11. Overrated - for the majority of golfers who need a wood (or long hybrid) to reach in 2, they will both poor at escaping trouble and proficient at hitting wedges/short irons , making the layup a better choice for getting par. Short misses are a particular problem since some par 5's have a hazard short, and it's probably the most popular miss. For those who can hit their 5 irons 200 yards , sure, but then that's the minority, and I still feel they'd often only gain a little on laying up.
  12. I know nothing about what you guys are discussing. But this statement isn’t the craziest concept I’ve heard when in it comes to a competition.
  13. Atlantic Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  14. Also had a left hip replacement (at age 40) and was very surprised with how much further i was able to hit the ball from the tee. Didnt realize how weak my left leg was prior to the replacement. Soon after surgery and initial rehab i found i was hitting it off the tee 20+ yards. Being able to use 2 legs at 100% during a swing was a big difference.
  15. Underrated for Professionals - yes. Overrated for most amateurs. On most Par 5's you are bringing in penalty strokes into play from either going O.B. or water hazzards, which brings double and triple bogeys into play. If there are only bunkers and rough to be concerned about - then yes go for it, but if you are 200+ out and there is water or tight O.B. looming on a wayward shot with a hybrid or wood shot and those arent your most comfortable clubs - then playing it as a 3 shot hole may be the nest way to go. You can still get a birdie with a good approach shot or a great putt.
  16. It snapped on the downswing, I think. Not a penalty stroke. Just a "stroke." No thank you. Rule is good as it stands. No rule at all should require the use of slow-mo or HD. Golf has gone away from enforcing rules that use things other than your normal eyesight. I generally strongly dislike how often people over-react to these type of one-off events by suggesting rules changes. It ignores the thousands of more likely events and overlooks the problems with enforcement, etc. just based on ONE such occurrence.
  17. I voted about the same but in reality I had spend so much effort to learn the rules as they are now, any change is going to mean relearning those details again. The major feeling for me is how depressed I am they kept the flagstick in on the green rule. Why they needed to change this confounds me.
  18. I've never really understood this. Why? It's just golf right? Whether you're playing in a tournament or just a casual round, what's the big deal with playing it as it lies? If you shoot your best round you'll just have to remember you fudged it up and thus won't really have that good feeling. And if you hit a bad shot, well...there ya go. How many times do you find yourself in a divot to where if you land in one you're just like...yeah no...not gonna play that ball today, I've had it! Not trying to hammer you here, just don't see any real benefit from moving your ball.
  19. At the begining of m golf career (some 60plus years age)I played driver, 2,3,4 woods, 2 to 9 irons, some type of wedge and a putter. Now (when using a cart) at the end of my careeer I play diver, 4, 7 ,9 “woods” , 4,5,6 hybrids, 7,8,9,pw,gw hybrid irons, one or two wedges and a putter. I still play around bogie. The improvement in equipment and tee placements have adquatedly compensated for my deteriorating body. Golf is the best life long sport there is!!!
  20. I use a 2006 Cleveland Hi-Bore. I picked it up used, in near mint condition, about six years ago. It set me back 20-30 bucks.
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    • I know, I know. 😩 Easy to feel. Stupid not to try to make it a focal point during the round.  DTL View 6 Iron DTL View 6 iron, Casting the clubhead at the ball. Just trying to take some of the inside out swing path away.  DTL Driver - OVERSWING ALERT. OVERT YOUR EYES! Ok, every minute working with the driver will be on swing length. 😩 It is once again something I can not divert my focus from.  DTL Driver - Slower backswing to try to feel the backswing length. On what I feel as my normal backswing speed, I can't feel the club head position at all.   
    • Most everyone here will say Oh you must get fitted. To answer your question though: The Callaway clubs are an ultra game improvement club (according to the Maltby Playability Factor), and should be easier to hit than the Adams. The real test will be when you try them out, hopefully with a Trackman or some such technology, and how you hit them and how they feel to you. Best, -Marv
    • Thanks for the video. Good info, but i have a question. Would 33 degree (driver) vs 11 degree (8 iron) be the same flight path (laterally not vertically) if the spin rate of the driver was one third of the 8 iron? That's kind of how i was thinking about it. Obviously if this was true, the driver would still curve more, but only because of flight time/distance. I can't imagine a 33 degree axis going too much more off line if the spin rate is significantly lower, despite the increased angle. 
    • I just came back from the range during my lunch break and hit 100 stinger type chips around 90 yards with my 8 iron. Hope to keep this drill going.

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