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    • I often wear headphones, but more when I chip and putt, so it doesn't really have any impact on me in those instances. When it comes to full swings, it is a little bit weird, but I find that I get used to it relatively quickly.
    • Blue line all the way around the ball... makes it easier to find. I'm keeping it.
    • The club championship at my home course is typical - lots of  flights, as well as gender and senior categories. Everyone gets a trophy, more or less. Which is similar to the tournaments held every other month, except that the player with the lowest total score is named club champion. I would like to see a unique event with the sole purpose of identifying the club champion. Any member could play and there would be only one trophy, given to the player with the lowest total score over n rounds played from the tips with the tournament pin placements.
    • This.  or, at least courses that I'm not super familiar with.      also, are you guys thinking about more detailed things such as:  slope of the green - potentially opting to give yourself longer straighter putts rather than close putts with more undulation.    an example of when this could be a choice is when, say, the pin is front left, but tucked behind a bunker and the green is tiered a bit in back.   so your choices (while avoiding that short side bunker), are hit back middle left, which is safe and will yield a closer, more undulating putt.   or, go front right, which yields a longer flatter putt.   that's just one example, but there are many things like this.  sometimes a chip from fairway running up to the green might be easier than many putts, is another example.      are these types of things anyone is paying attention to?   or is it a bit over overthinking to try and consider too much?      

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