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    • Damn you Guys! I’ve played 5 rounds so far this year, and have had 4 birdies, but none on my home course...   But then, I’m not anywhere near as good at this silly game as you are!  😑
    • Despite the high of 45 degrees today, my brother and I decided to play. He hasn’t played in a while, but he wanted to play the whites with me. Neither of us had a great front nine. I played okay except for one hole. Standing in the ninth fairway with a solid chance to walk away with a bird (which would give me a 46), I proceeded to rope-hook my second OB, then slice two straight 5W shots. I normally don’t spray it like that, so I was thinking, “Where on earth is this coming from??”. Ended up taking 9 on the hole for a 51. He shot a 63, which is pretty good for him. On the back, we lost some of the feeling in our hands. It definitely showed. I shot 55 for a 106 🤮. He shot the worst nine holes I’ve ever seen him play. Apart from the par-3 twelfth (he made a 5), he didn’t have anything better than an eight. Final score for him: 80 on the back for a 143 total. I had only one par on the day (a poor approach, at best, on 12, two-putt from ~60 feet).  Long Game: C. Overall good contact apart from the three shots I mentioned above, but hit just under half the fairways. It’s probably alignment. Mid Game: D. More than a handful of fat shots, which is not normal for me. Most of my mishits are thin. Really poor club selection. -Short Game: B-. Chipping was actually decent, just not quite getting within 6’. Most of my chips today were probably 10-15 feet from cup. Putting: B. Exactly 36 today. Definitely not the best it’s been, but had a bunch of two-putts, two three-putts and two one-putts. Recovery: C-. Did have some good recoveries, but more bad ones, most likely distance control.
    • So your club is full of insecure LOSERS/TOOLS?😂 Who do I make my initiation check to?
    • My husband thinks it is the culture of the club. Most have their own group already and don’t want to play with anyone else.  What’s weird is that there are 4 people (current coach, 2 ex-coach, 1 club pro) who knows my handicap and that I have been working on improving my driver specifically.   All of them, at one point or another, told me that if I hit any further with my driver, no one will want to play with me! Huh?!
    • It's a shame that you need "permission' to play in another group...especially a golfer who is a single cap and a fast player ....doesn't sound like your club is very friendly. I would think at most clubs...that a female golfer with a single cap would be a popular player to be paired up with. I use to play in a casual golf league here. There use to be 3 separate Korean female golfers...my friend and I got to know them and played often with them outside the league. 2 of the ladies shot 100+ and the other was about a 9 or 10 cap with broken English. Many guys in the league would be asking the league coordinator if they could be paired up with these ladies....no one cared if they shot 80 or 110.

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