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    • Gonna remember to put a jar in the corner....
    • 89, 46/43. Regular tuesday play. The good: long game felt solid. The not so good: need work on short putts.  Three putting blew up the score.  The miss is a pull. Any pointers?
    • From what I've seen, lots of folk do some sort of preswing waggle. I wiggle the club around a few times before finally addressing the ball and beginning my backswing. A friend that I golf with addresses the ball and then freezes for 8 to 10 seconds before beginning his backswing. The waggle's not something I really thought too much about until I saw Matthew Wolff's preswing double dip and quick head turn before address and backswing. I see now that there's a couple others with a similar weird waggle but I can't fathom who might have taught them such a thing or where they might have picked up something like that. I get that it seems to work for him and I'm certainly not knocking his golfing ability but, oh my. Have you seen any other folk that do strange and different movements before final address and backswing?
    • My second shot had landed on a mound about 60 yards right and short of the green, nestled under a line of hedges that hung out over the rough, and were about head high.  A gaping bunker was between me and the green further complicated the shot.  A punch shot was my only option, but I definitely couldn't go long over the green. I pulled my seven iron pressed my face into the bushes and swung.  I caught it crisp, with a good dose of backspin, and it landed exactly where I envisioned it landing.  The ball skidded a couple of times, and then rolled to a stop against the back fringe, before rolling back a few inches toward the hole.  And then I sank the putt for a magnificent par.
    • I call B.S.;  as if TaylorMade would wait a whole six months before releasing the next product line.

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