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    • First pic the red line is the line your shoulders are on, way left of target. This promotes an outside-in downswing which produces a slice. The blue line is where the should be, square to your target and parallel to your feet, thighs, etc. 2nd pic the red line shows the position of your right elbow, cocked up and out. The blue line is closer to where it should be. If you stick a headcover in there and swing, if you fly that elbow out, the headcover will fall to the ground. 
    • My nemesis...when it's back, I start opening my stance to try to find a straight shot. Crazy! Glad you found that which was lost. Best, -Marv
    • Yeah, I've always felt that as long as you have something reasonably descent to practice/play with; then get out there and practice/play. In all likelihood your swing will change a lot during your first few weeks/months playing.  I surveyed my golfing buddies and nearly all of them started with hand-me-down clubs. Oddly, I was the exception to that. I bought a $150.00 set of Knight Centauri Boxed Set. (I literally bought them on the way to the golf course for company league night.) I played the driver/3 wood/5 wood from that set for about a year, and the irons for about 4 or 5.  I don't think Knight still makes men's golf clubs, but I have fond memories of that set. 
    • Looks like the European Tour is doing something like this. 78 men and 78 women competing against each other for the same purse/trophy with OWGR points awarded. I have lots of questions but it will be interesting to see this play out.  European Tour, LET announce new mixed event The Scandinavian Mixed will feature men and women competing with and against each other for the same trophy and the same purse.  
    • it's your money, do what you want (though I agree with the poster, that it's more cost effective to get a used set to learn with.  though do NOT pluck a rusty anything and try to learn with that thing.  I also wouldn't recommend to someone learning to bowl to just start with a cinder block....)

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