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    • #1 for me. I'm in the fairway, so I would just run the ball up on the green. .  It might be my 7i distance, but a more controlled 1/2-3/4 swing,  knock down,  low runner, with another, longer club would put me on the green. The 25 yard width of the green makes this the easier shot for me. There are actually several  holes, with smallish greens, at my home course, that sort of duplicates this shot. . 
    • Day 11.  I stayed up late writing, but still found time to hit a dozen balls (and associated rehearsal swings).  Indoors, not real balls, off a mat, into the net, 6-iron.
    • It is hot here, but playing indoor like this could ne fun:  
    • And yet, you still let a couple leave, believing that they weren’t upset, while the offending group continued. I spent a large percentage of my professional life as an executive in a customer facing Industry.  You can “believe” what you like, but the facts remain.  Relatively few dissatisfied customers actually voice their complaints to the company.  But they do communicate their displeasure within that HUGE social circle. That costs you customers and money that your “management” doesn’t recognize.  Sorry, but the customer is NOT always right. There are very very few organizations that even try to operate under that premise anymore. For a very good reason…
    • Day 499 Rain rain go away!  I could only putt indoors today! Still, got some fun work in.

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