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    • That sounds vaguely familiar.  It could have been Fred Flintstone or Darren Stevens.  Was there a good-looking blond nearby?  Did the turtle break the fourth wall?
    • It's a form of meditation.  The golf club assumes the role of a teddy bear, or toy car, and the golfer regresses in age appropriately.  It recalls the age of wonder...when simple acts seemed both profound and mundane simultaneously.  
    • I think we would’ve remembered that one...
    • What a dumb statement. Tiger’s 43, Koepka’s 29. Tiger is beating Koepka by 2 strokes in this tournament. Tiger beat Koepka at The Masters. You wanna compare Tiger’s accomplishments at 29 compared to Koepka’s? Koepka’s the number 1 ranked golfer right now. Tons of talent out there and Tiger is competing....at 43. You seem to think that unless Tiger dominates again like he did 15-20 years ago he’s failing. WTF? Let it go man. We all know Koepka is the top player right now. The fact that you only discuss Tiger’s  mistakes is trolling. How’s your big hitter Cameron Champ doing?
    • Welcome to TST. I lived in the UK for ten years. Glad that you joined the forum and found your way back to golf.

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