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    • Just a poor showing of arrogance that some pro golfers have. You even see it in the amateur ranks from time to time.  Golfers getting irate at others for their own mistakes. Doesn't make much sense. You did it, you own it.  Bryson is making a name for himself. Good, bad, or indifferent, it makes for good media fodder. 
    • My first couple times out after a lesson with @iacas, I played like absolute garbage. After about 2-3 weeks I broke 90 for the first time and it sort of started to click.  So for me, it's just as long as it takes you to work on the current change and get the muscle memory where it needs to be. The less I had to think about what I was working on, the better it got.
    • @MiuraMan, it’s not “a swing.” That’s all he’s pointing out. It’s “every” swing in a sort of fashion. You can describe Bryson, Tiger, JT, Brooks… all with TGM. Kinda. It’s not “a swing.” And just read the words written, please. Any tone added is added by you. No real need for “!!!” etc.
    • Day 2:  Played a 2 v 2 scramble with guys from work.  My focus was to get off the tee with a smooth and easy tempo.  The front 9 was tough to judge because it was pouring and windy.  The back 9 cleared up, and i would call my day off the tee a success.  Everything was playable and there wasn't a single miss to the right.  Found the middle of the fairway on back to back tight holes.  Putting was also very good.  Got a lot of comments on the improved putting stroke. Playing 18 each of the next two mornings.  Hope to keep the smooth and easy tempo going.
    • I do not have a deal!! You quoted my words and did not identify who was the recipient of your pedantry. "The Golf Machine" sure seems to be a "school of thought" regarding the golf swing, as evidenced by the following web site and numerous instructors on you tube detailing aspects of the swing; outdated or not.  The Golfing Machine | Golf Instruction System, Homer Kelley, Authorized Instructors Our mission is to educate, train and support professional golf instructors around the world.  

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