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    • Well the saga continues into 2020 …  🥵 Just when I thought I was going to give you a run for the money this week @gogolfing my boyz continue to preform poorly when I start them and my bench rocks. Round One, I omit starting Rickie in the first round. Round Two, I sit McCarthy and Harman Round Three, McCarthy comes alive and I cry …  Round four is going to be tough to close a 40 point gap ...
    • Slight plot twist I thought might be worth sharing. I ended up going somewhere different to get another opinion fitting-wise. I was fit for the same head (G410) and the HZRDUS Yellow 65 in 6.5 flex. I ended up pulling the trigger on that, especially because I was able to get it at no upcharge.
    • My brother said that to my wife.  I wonder what he meant.
    • Last year I cracked the head on my old faithful R1. I took myself down to the second hand club shop and after a couple swings I picked out a 9.5 degree Calloway X Hot driver for under $80. It felt light and easy to swing, but a degree lower in loft that what I was used to.   After playing with it this past season, I’ve concluded my ball flight is way too low with my driver. Top Tracer is giving me a flat carry of 265 yds average with 118mph swing speed but my apex is barely 70ft. My angle of attack is 3.8 degrees down.   After reading about this online, a lot of advice I see seems to say I should fix my swing, not my equipment (i.e. learn to hit up more) as to not continue developing a bad habit. But others argue fitting the equipment to the swing has it’s merits, noting DJ even uses an 11 degree driver from time to time.  Where do you guys fall on this argument? Should I allow myself to change into a higher lofted driver, or continue to work on my knuckle ball and potentially change my swing? I’m a 17 handicap and I read higher handicaps benefit from more loft, but I’m not sure if that is moreso due to low handicaps generally having lower swing speeds.           
    • Geau Golf – Handmade golf head covers from the finest wools, waterproof materials and unusual finds! Handmade golf head covers from the finest wools, waterproof materials and unusual finds! It’s not super updated. She stays busy without having to post everything there.

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