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  1. To me there are two situations here. There are uphill shots where the ball needs to go further to account for elevation. Obviously clubbing up is needed to cover the extra distance. Then there are level shots with uphill lies. As an example I recently I had 9i distance to a back flag. The shot to the flag was level with my ball but my ball was on the back of a mound such that my back foot was much lower than my front. I've learned the hard way that the stance is going to make the ball sky so I hit 8i to the front of the green - I usually club up one and regret not clubbing up two. A course I played in NJ had lots of these situations around the green. If you had 30 feet to the pin from off the green and normally I would chip my 54 degree to 15 feet and account for 15 feet of roll, I learned that the stance made my 54 more like a 64 degree and so I would chip to about 6-7 feet for an easy up and down.
  2. David Feherty Sunday at the Shark Shootout when Charley Hoffman chunked his chip: "If he would have hit any farther behind that ball we would have had to add it to yesterday's score" 😂
  3. That sentence doesn't make sense. Long drive competitors use like 48" long shafts and they aren't slowing down their swing to get the clubhead squared up. You can swing really really fast and still be able to have a square clubhead at impact.
  4. A common one most have heard but I still use a lot (Feherty?) "That's a great shot with that swing!" ( I like to talk smack on the course)
  5. NM Golf


    I, too, had to look that one up. Definitely a game for rich, bored country club guys because you have to have money to play it, and enough free time to make up and understand all those rules. Watched the video of those guys playing it, lots of grown men with their hats on backwards.
  6. I have tried both 3, and 4 piece balls. Even tried that Penta 5 piece critter. When I say "tried" I mean plenty of practice, and several rounds of play. Usually over a month or so. I shot the same scores, and pretty much all other aspects of my game stayed the same. Now, I have slower than average swing speed. I may be above average for my age, but way below average when compared to the pga boys. I mean waaaaaay below It's my opinion that my slower swing speed does not allow me to take full advantage of multi piece balls. A Taylor Made rep even told me my swing was not fast enough for their 5 piece, Penta ball. Another opinion I have is that a golfer should just forget about the hype surrounding golf balls in general. That they should just find a ball they are happy with, and just play that particular ball, regardless of it's manufacturing process. As a side note. I often wonder if the different types of dimples on a ball are more, or less important than how rhe rest of the ball is made up, with regards to ball speed, and atmospheric conditions.
  7. Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – But you have to play the ball where it lies.~Bobby Jones
  8. It's been a while since I updated my progress. I am now a few weeks into the phase 1 of the training protocol, and I am seeing great results. My fastest speed with the Green club has been 126 mph on the step through swings, and I am regularly over 115 with a normal swing of the green club, and can get above 115 on some swings with the blue club as well. Just to measure my progress, I did some swings with my regular driver without hitting a ball about a week ago, and I reached 111 mph on a smooth, balanced swing, wasn't trying to swing out of my shoes or 110% max effort either. I was consistently in the 108-110 mph range on the rest of the swings, and no single swing was under 107 mph. Prior to starting SuperSpeed I was right around 100 mph consistently, never higher than 105 mph measured on both the swing speed radar and multiple other launch monitors at various fittings. I have gained at least 5 mph on both the low end and top end of my clubhead speeds in roughly 6 weeks of training. I'm blown away and can't wait until spring to see how my driving distance will have changed. I do plan on renting a trackman bay at an indoor place at least once this winter so I'll be able to at least get some feedback on how far my yardages have increased.
  9. Assuming you mean on an uphill lie, the reason that people recommend clubbing up is because the club will follow the slope of the ground, so when hitting from an uphill lie, naturally more loft will be presented at impact, which will mean that the ball will fly higher and shorter compared to the same club and the same swing but on a flat lie. As to whether or not you should club up on a hill, that is entirely based on the situation you are faced with. How far do you have left to the flag? How severe is the slope? Are you in the rough or fairway? Is the ball wet? How warm is it outside? Is it a front pin, back pin, middle pin? Where is the trouble around the green? Trouble short? Trouble long? etc etc. So many different variables it is impossible for random people on the internet to tell you if you should club up or not. Example. Lets say you are middle of the fairway but on a noticeable, but not super severe upslope. You have 140yds left to a back pin on a generous sized green. Lets say 140 yds is a stock PW for you. In that case, no, I wouldn't club up, because if the hill affects the flight and you come up short, then you'll be in the middle of the green. If you clubbed up then there's a pretty high chance that you could miss long. Lets change that scenario to a front pin now that is 140 yds to the pin, with a bunker front left and front right of the green, maybe 160 yds to the back of the green. In that case then yeah I'd probably hit a 9 iron instead of PW because that would likely put me in the middle of the green, I wouldnt have to worry about the 9 iron going long, and if I did happen to mishit it at all, I'd be towards the front of the green, closer to the flag. So many variables that affect whether or not you should club up, and it's not really a topic that is suited for a "pros and cons" list, because what might be a "pro" for one hole (clubbing up so you hit it further) might be a "con" on the next hole if the situation isn't 100% exactly the same (which it hardly ever will be)
  10. I have been a working engineer since 1982. I have never worn a pocket protector! I had a friend who did and he also wore a clip on tie! I think bag chatter on your clubs is a badge of honor.
  11. I don't think the cost of the clubs has anything to do with it. Free, discounted, full retail, it doesn't matter how much you paid for your irons, iron covers are just dorky. Traditionally, only hacks use them, they are the golf equivalent of a pocket protector. They go hand in hand with ball retrievers and chippers.
  12. I didn't ask a question, and I don't teach one grip to everyone. But you're still way off base in saying that most golfers have a grip that's too strong. This isn't going anywhere, so… let's just end this now. Thanks. And, not for nothing, but if you're a 3.8 index or something, how about contributing meaningfully to the conversations here? Help some golfers. Share some of what you know, or engage in conversations and learn and help others learn. Please, rather than just saying "No they don't" and stuff like that, talk. Post. Engage. Learn. Discuss.
  13. That says TOTAL optimizer, meaning they're assuming some amount of roll. Look at the 189 graphic - it rolls out to 241. You need to look at the carry optimizer. 197 yards at 85 MPH. Higher launch, more spin.
  14. Hey guys, thought I'd give an update since it's been a couple weeks but don't have a video. In the last couple weeks, I've: Got a custom fitting on my clubs; they were too long. Bought an indoor range pass for the year; practiced 30-60 minutes almost daily. Found a new instructor & starting lessons next month As you can see with the first and then second video I posted, I am working on taking a really flat back swing and getting it more on plane (more upright) by making sure my arms travel up after takeaway and not around. If I get comfortable with that, I also practice a better pivoted shoulder turn. It's still not natural to me so I am going to keep at it before moving on to something else. I have all winter before the weather turns, so there's no downside to patience.
  15. I know I'm late to the party on this one. I've been thinking about this (not continuously) since Tiger said this. In my answer I'm only going to include golfers I've seen play. (Because otherwise I simply can't narrow it down.) Jack, Tiger, Arnie, Gary Player (that might even be the right order) Female Mount Rushmore: Anika, Lorena Ochoa, Kerrie Webb, Se Ri Pak. (I never saw Mickey Wright play)
  16. Since Mt. Rushmore is an American monument, I will limit myself to U.S. players. Jones, Hogan, Nicklaus, Woods Limit to women (including international players playing primarily in the US): Babe Zaharias, Mickey Wright, Annika Sorenstam, Nancy Lopez (although, once the South Korean women have finished writing their history, we might need to bump Nancy) International (post 1900) Seve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Greg Norman
  17. Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Annika Sorenstam
  18. Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Hogan, Palmer (made it easier on myself by not allowing those currently alive)
  19. Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.
  20. Tiger, Jack, Arnie and then a fourth rotating cliff that flips every month between Jones (greatest amateur), Hogan (most enigmatic), Snead (longetivity at the highest level) and Player (international impact).
  21. Good question. Jack Nicklaus- He is still considered the best to ever play by many people, still has the most majors, he has to be on there. Arnold Palmer- He was the first superstar golfer, and still one of the most enduring personalities even after his death. He was the first person to make golf cool. The first two are easy, now it gets tougher... Bobby Jones- He still has a presence on Tour with The Masters, he is still considered the greatest amateur of all time. I have to put him on there. Tiger Woods- I realize he is a bit young to be immortalized, but he is the most famous golfer of all time. I may not have chosen him had I not witnessed that scene unfold on the 72nd hole of the TOUR Championship. There is not a golfer in the world that garners that much excitement. Heck there may not be another athlete in the world that garners that much excitement.
  22. There are 3 that I would have as locks. Jones, Nicklaus, Woods. The 4th spot is between Hogan and Arnold. It's a tough one to choose for me because Hogan's accomplishments are incredible. But Arnold's impact on the game and his status as a pop culture icon give him a strong claim as well.
  23. I think Vardon was the early superstar in Golf. Of course he was beat in an 18 hole playoff by amateur Francis Ouimet. Does beating a giant warrant a spot on the Mount? Otherwise: Palmer, Hogan, Woods!
  24. Cool question. When I think of the Mount Rushmore of Golf I think who impacted the game as a whole more. Tough to narrow it down to four but here it goes. Tiger, Jack, Jones, Hogan. Leaving Palmer and Snead off was hard, but thats my list.
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