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  1. I have to say I'm on the other side of this one, I enjoy match play. It may be because I play most of my golf with (or against) friends, and for very low stakes, but we're always playing a match of some kind. I've played enough that I can ignore almost all attempts at "gamesmanship", even though that's pretty rare in my group, and feel no need to try that nonsense myself. Some of the best times I've had are the Newport Cup matches I've played in, playing with new friends, and against new friends. I think that for me, part of the attraction of match play is the idea that one hole is just one hole, you can't shoot yourself out of a match with a single bad hole the way you can in stroke play.
  2. This is the same guy who said this: I do not know why he would be trolling-But I feel like he is. Nobody is out there shooting 57 and NEVER shooting above par-But asking these kinds of questions.
  3. Playing a good tight match against a good guy (and good player) is one thing I enjoy about as much as anything in golf. It sure is hard work, but its a lot of fun at the same time. Its even more fun when its all over
  4. No offence taken... we are all trying to get better just joined the community and will get involved
  5. I love match play, I love everything about it. The gamesmanship, the bit of trash talking when playing against familiar opponents. And most of all the feeling you get when you kick someone's ass. As I said in another thread, I like to compete. I am not out there to be social or make friends (although I do my best to be friendly, and all my friends I made on the golf course). The friends I have are a lot like me. We joke around and give each other crap, but at the end of the day we want to win. We want to beat each other. I feel the same way though in a stroke play event. I am there to beat all the players in my flight, not play my best against the course. I want to start by beating all the guys in my group. I'd rather shoot 72 and win than 68 and lose. Additionally, I have no problem talking to an opponent in a match play event, even one I don't know well. I still say nice shot, good putt, etc. Just because you are playing match play doesn't mean you have to play in a bubble and be a dick. Basically what I am saying is you can compete and still be social, still have fun, and still be a likable person.
  6. Right, particularly the "mind game manipulation" crap. Look, if someone's doing that type of stuff, they're probably being a dick.
  7. Day 347 I played 27 holes yesterday. At one point, I had a string of about six holes, where I was pushing full swing shots to the right. First thing I checked was my grip. That seemed to be fine. Next I checked ball position in my stance, thinking maybe the ball was to far back in my stsnce for the club I was using. Didn't see an issue there. I then check my stance, looking at my toe line, hips, and torso for vertical alignment. Didn't see anything wrong there. Keep in mind, that I was doing these swing checks quickly while playing, and only when I had full swing shot, with a longer club. At no time did I think there was anything wrong with my actual swing. We had a little wait on a tee box. This afforded me some extra time to get my own swing note book out, to look for why I hit pushed shots. Long story short, I found my problem. Although I did check my body's verticle alignment to the ball without seeing an issue, I was indeed setting up with my shoulders closed which aligned them to the right. My full swing follows my shoulder line. I'd forgotten to do one small detail in my preshot routine. The very last thing I do before looking at the ball, before starting my back swing is, I look at my targeted landing area. That's all I want to see. For my proper alignment, I don't want to see any part of my left shoulder. It shouldn't be in my target view. If it is, my shoulders are closed, which also opens my clubface to my intended target line at impact, which causes the pushed shots. Once I figured out that minor problem, the pushed shots disappeared. So, that's what I worked on this morning, as a re-enforcement to not getting complacent on the golf course.
  8. As already noted - I have a hard time trying to figure out just what the general consensus on fitting are. But I'll take a stab. The typical retail golf shop fitting is crazy OVER rated. A really good quality fitting - UNDER rated. I personally seriously underrated a good fitting. I've had 'sales' fittings - worthless. But I recently had my first 'good' fitting for Driver, 3w, hybrids and the improvement is SIGNIFICANT - a little distance was found, but shaft selection changed the comfort level of my regular swing and my contact is better than I've ever had. I can't speak to irons, wedges, putters, though i'd think a good putter fitting would be a good idea. I'll try it regardless for the others next time since my wood/hybrid results were so good.
  9. For me, it's Tiger. I probably wouldn't be playing golf if not for Tiger. I was 10 when he won the Masters in 1997, and in my early teens when he was truly dominant. That's when I first picked up the game, and it was because he made it a lot cooler and more accessible to younger people like me.
  10. I'm with Dave on this one, I too enjoy match play. We always have a match going on for very low stakes as well, and since we are all friends there is much more good natured ribbing then gamesmanship. Now in some of the larger match play tournaments (our local inter-club matches) you always get the jerk who thinks that the round is more important than it is, but I've played enough to pretty much ignore them. I enjoy the competition and it may not be that sociable on the course during the match all of the time, but afterwards I've never had a bad experience, winning or losing.
  11. That's not what he's saying and you know that… if you're swinging 82, you can probably get to 90 with a little work. That alone is 20 yards off the tee and a club or a club and a half throughout the bag. You seem to be misunderstanding that BOTH are actually somewhat big asks. Could someone deliver the club 10% better? Sure. But then that's the equivalent of asking them to also swing only 1 MPH faster. Both are reasonably possible. But swinging 10 MPH faster, while possible, will be just about as difficult as learning to "deliver the club" 70% better (to make up a number). The best answer is to do both. I mostly teach "strike" to people, because I also know that improved technique leads to some gains in swing speed "for free," and because that's what customers want. But I also recommend SuperSpeed to a lot of my players, too, because distance is important. No, Don, distance is important at every level, and in fact distance is more important to the average golfer. And yet… there's a big difference in the expected score if they're hitting from 130 instead of 160. 380 - with a tee shot that goes 220 versus one that goes 250? Almost three clubs. For that golfer it might be a 5-iron to an 8-iron. @Don Golfo, you should also pick up a copy of Lowest Score Wins. I think it'll benefit you greatly. 🙂
  12. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/performance-of-the-average-male-amateur/ So, about 22% of people. Still, I think most people have the capability to see a significant gain in distance. I am not asking for a 20 mph difference. If every golfer spent some time to work on their swing speed, I could see the average swing speed increase to 100 mph. That means the guy who swings at 80 mph would bump up near the high 80's. Some people will see smaller gains, and some will see larger gains. 6.6 mph increase on average is not unrealistic. Thanks dad for having me play baseball ;) Also, swinging fricken hard when I started playing golf. Especially if you consider that the longest drivers on the PGA Tour are some of the most accurate as well. The correct way to measure accuracy is by degrees offline. These players are hitting the ball farther, with the same degrees offline, as the shorter hitters on tour. It's a big misconception that distance = inaccuracy.
  13. Hi Dave, Apologies for not updating all on the trip. It went very well. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. It was in the 70s and 60s. My buddies were awestruck by the Pinehurst courses, the tall pines, beautiful old courses and enjoyed it thoroughly and want to come back for more next year. We played 5 rounds - UNC Finley, Pinewild -Magnolia and Holly, Mid-Pines and Pine Needles. We played Pinewild -Magnolia on Sunday morning and Pinewild -Holly in the afternoon. Had to cancel out Dormie since they said no carts due to all the wet weather earlier. Talamore alerted us about it and credited back the green fees. We paid $50 pp to pay Holly. Pinewild -Magnolia is a great course with wide fairways and huge greens. We practically had the courses to ourselves. Fairways were a little wet due to all the rain. But we ddint mind. The least favorite was Pinewild-Holly, somehow didnt like the layout very much, except the holes around the lake were nice. That stretch reminded me of Greensboro National. Playing cart path only golf we could not complete the back nine. Monday we played Mid Pines in the morning. It was a beautiful sight in the morning. Every hole looked like a picture postcard. We could not figure the greens until the back nine. Lot of cursing DR ! Also playing around the green is tricky, thinking back should have putted more from off the green. We then went across to Pine Needles for the afternoon tee time. The course was in great shape. The fairways were greener than the others and well drained i think. It is a very engaging golf course. Always kept it interesting and played fair. I actually played my best 9 of the weekend in the back. We picked up lunch at Pine needles club. Sandwiches were expensive but very good. We started the weekend earlier on Saturday afternoon at UNC Finley. It is a monster of a course. My buddies loved it. It was too long for me. The Talamore Villa was great. Clean and quiet. Overlooking the golf course. Due to our early and back to back tee times we did not enjoy it very much. We picked up wood fired Pizza and wings one night from Etalia restaurant. It was good. I have never tasted better wings ! Overall a great outing ! Playing back some of the holes in my head still. Thanks for all the recommendations here. Definitely planning to go back with my buddies. Pine Needles, Mid Pines and Pinewild-Magnolia will still be on top of the list to play. Will post some more pictures later. Thanks RG
  14. Can't find anything conclusive, but ... At the time the A10s were being made, wasn't the Maxfli name owned by Dunlop? And if that's the case, it would strongly suggest Japan unless they were farming out production to some entirely different company.
  15. This. When/if they fail, they'll probably fail in spectacular fashion.
  16. My new clubs, the ones I use now, were .25 inches shorter than my original set. I'm not disagreeing that my swing speed has likely increased, just arguing that my whatever speed I've gained is through technique and fitness (and fitness is loose here - I am more flexible, not sure I'm more fit😊), not speed specific training. And I would argue that most casual amateur golfers would get more benefit from technique and fitness than things like swinging a weighted club daily.
  17. I will second @inthehole on this one. What really matters is whether you like looking at your clubs or not. I don't care how well I hit some goofy looking monstrosity...it's a goofy looking monstrosity. You have to like your tools...
  18. I'm always the odd man out in these discussions. First thing is that the iron sets you're talking about are both several years old, so getting a fitting is NOT an option. Either of those sets will be dramatically better than the clubs you're playing now. Don't sweat it - can't go wrong either way at this stage of your game. I would focus on the irons you really like the way they look at address - nothing worse than getting new clubs that every time you look down at them, you wish you got something else. Caveat ... assuming you're standard height, between 5'9" and 6'2" - standard length would be fine. If you're shorter or taller, you really might need to have the clubs shortened or lengthened to fit your stature. Also, take note of the flex ... most men I know seem to feel the need to get stiff flex ... unless you have a high swing speed, regular flex may fit you better. Otherwise, get some new clubs and enjoy them - you'll be glad you did. In a few years when you get your hcp down, then worry about dropping some major $ on primo clubs that come with a fitting.
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