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  1. Philosophy Three: You don't care where anyone else plays from or what clubs they hit. You face each shot with every intention of playing it exactly as you imagine. And you maintain that attitude no matter what happens. Happy Holidays everybody...keep hitting the ball.
  2. Guys, the answer is right there. If you have a head made of aluminum, and you put a tungsten screw in the toe… the CG moves toward the toe and the head gets heavier as well. Density of all metals is not the same.
  3. You guys ever hear of " Google" ?!! Ping Blueprint Forged irons don't feature hollow construction A recent trip to Ping Golf's Phoenix, Arizona-based headquarters revealed an interesting nugget about the company's Blueprint Forged prototype blade. What it revealed was that it did not... Ping says its Blueprint Forged irons are not hollow-bodied Ping’s new Blueprint Forged prototype irons have made waves in the golf equipment world for their sleek designs with compact profiles, thin toplines and thin soles. Also, it doesn’t hurt that...
  4. Sorry to see you go. You received nothing but honest and straightforward opinions here along with some facts presented by experts. Life is a learning experiment. All of it. Appreciate what others have to offer and learn from other’s ideas whether you agree or not. Choosing the less traveled road can be rewarding, but don’t take it if you can’t accept where it may take you. Take care. Cheers.
  5. The screw is made from either heavier or lighter metal than the rest of the head
  6. I went through a similar change not real long ago, as you can see if you look at my swing thread. When @iacas says to just work on the change to your address position, get comfortable with it, it sounds pretty simple. And its not!. I mean, its simple, you're standing there relatively motionless, you should be able to position yourself any way you want to. But it will feel weird to stand taller in the knees, bend a bit more at the hips, let your hands fall a little further from your hips, possibly feel your weight move a little away from your heels and towards your toes. You'll think your knees are locked, yet the camera will still show lots of flex. So give yourself some time to get comfortable with the revised set-up. One thing at a time is the way to do it. Good luck!
  7. I learned that most of the bays are left to walk up visitors. They have very little times set for reservations. There is a $5 one time lifetime donation membership required. The fees are per bay, not per golfer / hour. The Auburn Hills prices are as follows: Open until noon: $25 / hour Noon until 5 pm: $35 / hour 5 until close: $45 / hour Topgolf - Auburn Hills
  8. So… are you going to work on what you should actually work on, then?
  9. I'm going to a club fitter tomorrow with my driver to see what they say about what shaft I should be using, length, stiffness, kick point and all the rest. We'll see what they say.
  10. He's just missing the scream after the release. 😀
  11. His priority is finding another sport. Maybe table tennis?
  12. Wiseass. 😄 Technically you won't be allowed to share that answer. 🙂 As you probably know the Rules for Match Play are different because only ONE person has an interest in the outcome - your opponent at the time (I should say one side, not one person). But yeah, I think that's a conflicting or at least curious thing to put in there, because it says that a player must know the Rules and applies a harsher penalty for not knowing them. Anyway… I don't know what on earth you're talking about, because you're just making up your own rules now. There's no way you get to decide what rule they "should have known" in this case. You have to go by their word. If the USGA/R&A meant for highly unusual situations… no… I can't even finish that thought. For example, when Camilo Villegas brushed away a divot as the ball was rolling back down to it, was that a penalty he "should have known" about? No, you don't get to do that stuff. That's not what it's about. You don't get to do that, no. So, honestly, with this new understanding… it actually sounds like you're in favor of the additional two strokes or an additional penalty (you went right to a DQ for something they should have known about), no @Ty_Webb?
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    • @Vinsk, thanks for your 2 cents. i think this is a misguided way of thinking. i've worked with specialists and have studied posture a bit and the consensus seems to be that many/most people in the developed world develop bad posture because of bad ergonomics and bad habits -- not the human condition -- which can lead to numerous preventable maladies. i'd comfortably wager that most people in our country don't sit, stand, walk, or sleep with correct posture. and all this stuff happens off of the golf course! 😅 this is factually incorrect. the right stretches and exercises can help reduce spinal injury. also, even someone with just plain poor posture can put their spine at risk of injury, regardless of whether they play golf or not. poor posture is poor posture no matter how you look at it. add in a lack of core strength and flexibility -- common to a lot of us duffers -- and you're in the danger zone. 😱
    • 100: Within three or four rounds, had played pitch and putt a bit as a kid so had some idea how to swing   90: I broke 90 with an 86 after about 20 rounds. I still mostly shoot in the low 90’s high 80’s in my 2nd year playing. I hope to break 80 this year. I shot a personal best 83 towards the end of last year so not a million miles away. Inconsistency is my problem. I played yesterday morning and shot 89. 3 birdies 3 pars and 9 double bogey or worse 😢   80: N/A   70: N/A  
    • Well done, you should go to the 85+ one next year.
    • Yep. https://www.mgagolf.org/sites/default/files/Rules Quiz Answers 3-19_0.pdf Quite a poor job by my association.
    • The point is there really is a minimal amount that can be done to ‘prevent’ back issues that many if not most people experience simply by being humans. The golf swing is one of many, many reasons one can develop issues. And some people are more prone to problems than others. The golfers on tour who haven’t had problems don’t have a secret. They don’t have better posture. They’re simply luckier. Obviously certain movements can aggravate or accelerate back issues. But again people will progress at different time frames. Yes it’s nice to hear biomechanics/spine experts. I agree. But unless it’s a matter of extremely poor posture there isn’t a lot that can be done to make the golf swing ‘easier’ on the spine aside from an essentially ineffective swing. Just my 2 cents.

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