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  1. I shake hands when playing in a tournament, league or casual play, meeting people for the first time or to give congratulations for good play/score on the first tee before play starts and off the eightenth green when the round is over. The hat stays on my head. Sunglasses stay on also. They're prescription and I want to be sure that what I grab is a hand.
  2. I remember watching Miller during his playing days. It has been said that there were maybe 3 golfers that hit the ball pure; Hogan, Trevino and some say Miller. This was before Tiger. I watched the 63 at Oakmont and marveled at his accurate iron play that day. Amazing. His ability to hit his irons to exact yardages was awesome. And yes, he played against Nicklaus, and Weiskopf. His golf swing knowledge is greater than many other players. And yes, he was a good announcer.
  3. That was deplorable. When it comes to non-conference play, I bite the bullet and root for TTUN. Not what the B10 wanted to see. As for golf, it was 35 degrees but not windy. I got my last round of 2018 at Miami Shores here in Troy and was the only person on the course. Muddy as hell. Scrapped a heap of mud off my pull cart afterward. Not displeased with the 89 I shot given the circumstances.
  4. Shaking hands without a hat on isn’t a law. It’s not even a tradition.
  5. This is from my own personal experience with Tittle X for about 1-year usage. AWSOME! I thought you all might like to see another video with TittleX on the E6 driving range in my garage golf simulator. It plays very realistically and is a lot of fun on a rainy day, or frosty winter. Note; in the video, the swing stick hit 30yrds longer than the real club. This may be from the real club settings I have set on the Tittle-PC middleware. I have all of the parameter and sensitivity settings to their maximum difficulty levels which adds to the realism of the swing model. Also in the video, I need to change the club types in E6 to make the Tittle reset when switching the tittle to my home-brew cradles. I also like the Trackman view with E6 for added realism. All and all, the Tittle X is now my favorite cheap garage golf sim devices. 5 star awsome!
  6. Piz

    Breaking Tees

    Broken tees are a blessing...not a curse. I carry a cheap plastic pencil sharpener, in my left front pocket, and use it to sharpen the leftover tent pegs I find on the tee ground. They wear out after a while; but cost next to nothing and can even be used to sharpen pencils.
  7. I found an interesting article from TimesUnion 2013. Golf pundits predicting the demise of the game because of its difficulty, cost, slow play and time required often ignore another factor that I believe intimidates the novice: golf etiquette. If you google bowling etiquette, you’ll be told not to bother other bowlers while they’re bowling and to keep up the pace by not dawdling after you’ve bowled. That’s it. Same for tennis — keep things moving through efficient stray ball management and follow a few pointers on line calls. Golf, on the other hand has books written about appropriate behavior on the course. While much of golf etiquette serves a practical purpose, there are some dicta that are unnecessary obfuscations. That’s right, I’m talking about golf hat etiquette. Before I get too far, I have to submit full disclosure: Hats don’t fit my head. Ever. I can get away with some visors by connecting the last half inch of velcro on each tab, but real hats are not part of my wardrobe. Hat etiquette in general is confusing, to say the least. Men wearing hats should take them off indoors, but lobbies, corridors and elevators are not considered indoor unless the elevator is in a private apartment building. Sheesh. Women can wear hats everywhere unless it’s a sort of masculine hat such as a baseball (golf) hat, then they are transmogrified into men and should act accordingly. Men should also doff their chapeaus when in the company of women, even in non-public elevators, I suppose. And apparently only men are considered unpatriotic if their headgear remains intact during the playing of the national anthem. Hats in churches are taboo for men, but not women. I have no idea what popes’ hat etiquette is, but they’ve got some doozies and they sure as hell don’t take them off in church. Hats in synagogues are required for men and forbidden for young unmarried women. Some Jewish sects demand men wear hats at all times other than sleeping or bathing. Muslims require head cover for both sexes in mosques that allow women. So why the tradition of men doffing hats in Euro-Christian society, while women get to retain their headpieces? My wife, The Amazing Max, theorizes that it’s an extension of the culture behind the Islamic burqa, an attempt by males to cover up any sexuality in their women. Or it may be as simple as allowing women to keep their “outfit” together, or even acknowledging the fact that some female hats would be unwieldy if we required women to hold them rather than wear them. But this is a golf blog, and I need to get on with it. My first question is, why must we doff the beanie at the end of the round when we shake hands with our mates? To show respect? We’ve just spent four hours with the blokes, following all the rules and etiquette of golf, showing them the utmost respect except for that moment on the 14th green when Ralph sunk a 40-foot putt and you called him a lower body part. Removing the golf hat requires the arranging of ball, club, etc., in order to doff the hat and shake hands, an unnecessary, fumbling moment. I personally have never lost whatever degree of respect I had for a fellow golfer if his hat remained on his head while he shook my hand. And despite the confusing advice from etiquette experts about the same rules applying to women if they’re wearing “men’s hats,” I don’t see women taking off the cap at the end of their round. Then we go into the clubhouse for a little Earl Grey and crumpets, and again we have to doff the headpiece. This makes no sense whatsoever. Answer this question honestly: After a man has walked 18 holes in humid, 90-degree weather, would you rather see him with a hat on or looking like his hair had recently been attacked by a wet rodent? Banishing golf hat etiquette is one small step for man, one giant leap for reason, logic and the reduction of stuff that gets in the way of just enjoying the game. I say “hats off to making the game simpler.” I agree with this article..
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    • Hello all from Dayton OH USA.                    I grew up with a interest in golf but never got serious about the game only playing a few times a year. I got distracted with cars and motorcycles, then pool for many years. I am now returning to golf with purpose and intent at age 29. I only played a few times a year growing up . I have always challenged myself in life mainly through difficult mechanical operations fixing up project cars and bikes. Enough work, time to play! I became a Realtor 3 years ago and have made a career out of it and am now comfortable enough to play 2-3 rounds of golf a week. I was always around a 110-120 golfer. I think I broke 100 once with a 98 when I was 18 on a 5300 yard course. I started playing again a month ago and am building a decent bag with used clubs currently.Currently playing with 1998 Ram Titanium X irons I bought when I was 13 used. Just got a used Cleveland 15 degree 3 wood that I am hitting well. Picked up a Ping b60 putter from a pawn shop ($25) that I like a lot and am about to receive a Cleveland classic driver to replace my $20 Taylor Made 580x that hasn't been very forgiving. After 10-12 rounds I am getting closer to my goal of shooting fairly consistently in the 90's by the end of the season. Broke my personal best with a 97 last Sunday. Having a tough time with irons(some days they are there, other days it's duff city). A friend of mine recommended this forum so here I am . Hoping to learn lots from you all. Thanks for reading.
    • Hello all,    New golfer here from Dayton Ohio. I am starting to break 100 more frequently(just got into golf again a month ago after several years off and never playing more then a few times a year) so I feel it is time to get the irons I want to play with to replace the 1998 Ram Titanium Irons I bought used at a garage sale when I was 13 years old(29 now). I found a reasonable deal on a set of used Mizuno MX-25's on facebook ($125) and was hoping someone here could tell if they are authentic or not. I have read many reviews on these clubs and everyone seems to agree it is a good set. 
    • Why can’t you do the same but with driver?
    • Damn right! If ya gonna be a bear...be a grizzly...
    • Here are the slowmo and range videos          

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