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    All things bicycle here. This guy installed a Loud Bicycle. It's basically a car horn on a bike. Folks, don't be surprised if you hear a car horn and a bike is behind you. He also vlogged his ride via his helmet cam. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BICYCLISTS! You can hear him use the Loud Bicycle at around 05:54. I wondered if the drivers even noticed in time.
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    • This might help you. http://theaposition.com/jamesamcafee/golf/equipment/1485/grip-allows-arm-lock-putting  
    • Is this Bryson’s technique? If so I imagine your putter is a bit too long? 35” is a pretty common putter length. With your height I imagine the 43” runs too far up your forearm? Maybe a Google search would answer this. Putting is such a strong feel that you’ll have to actually try before you’ll have any idea what works for you. 
    • Day 20 I got some swings in with my 7i and 9i while I was grilling. Day 21 I finally dedicated some time to creating videos for a My Swing thread and posted it tonight. It was full swing practice with a driver, 5w, 9i and 4i.     
    • I've been Playing Golf for: I'm 41 now and started playing again in 2019. I grew up playing junior golf and played through high school and some in my 20's. My current handicap index or average score is: I'm shooting around 100 and my goal is to break 90 this year. My typical ball flight is: Off the tee with a driver or wood my ball is typically a pull to the left or a fade.  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to eliminate grounding my irons and hitting irons more consistently overall. The best example of this from the swings below is the 9 iron FO.  I'm going to start with some iron swings. Sometimes my divots are pointing to the left and I know I have an outside to in swing.    Videos:     

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