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    • An Eagle for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.  Tarantino, for me, is up there with the great movie directors of all time.  And I also put him up there with the great screenwriters of all time as well.  His movies are never less than great.  I believe he's talking about quitting after his next film.  I really hope that that's not the case.  
    • You could move into an RV, get out of Boca and move up here to Merritt Island and be a digital nomad (millennial speak) and get a part time job as a starter or marshal that way you could play for free. Another option, downsize your life, sell everything you don't actually use, move out of your house into a trailer park, get a part time job at aforementioned golf course, receive money from the government for food. And since you have kids, collect 3000 per child when you file your taxes like the sign on the corner here says. I really don't see what is stopping you. I have laid it all out for you, your next post should be asking if anyone wants to buy anything.  Or be the guy below  
    • He won't lose any "major asset." He flips right now. He's not being asked to turn his shoulders less, just not to let his arms run on a little as long, because that directly contributes to them trying to "throw out" so much from the top.
    • Idk. If the instruction, any kind of instruction consitently saves a golfer, or golfers a stroke, or two, then the instruction is valid. 

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