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    • Better pictures of my current grip with trail hand on 
    • My goal, which I have started, is to enjoy the game as much as I did before it became a job. I mentioned it on here somewhere not too long ago that I walked off the golf course mid-round in 2014 because golf had become work. I was practicing for the PAT, taking college classes in Professional Golf Management, doing PGA apprentice stuff, working at a high end private club in Atlanta and dealing with the members and guests everyday. I saw how my Pro was at the club from sun up to sun down every day. I only saw him play a quick 9 once every month or so. Really I got sick of it. Golf became work so I quit. I joked that I would play again if Tiger won another major. But the reality of it is my wife was diagnoses with ovarian cancer back in September, so we took her to Germany for treatment, shes a German citizen so its we didnt have to pay anything. But I came back after her surgeries and even though I go there about every 4 weeks, while she does chemo, I got really bored at home. Golf found its way back in my blood stream and now I use it to find peace through this difficult time. I am actually having fun on the golf course again, its therapeutic. I revived my membership here, and Im enjoying it all.   
    • Having some confusion on grip. When I take my normal grip my pad on my thumb doesn’t come close to touching the grip. I can however make it touch if I extend my thumb very far. Not sure which is correct. If the thumb pad is supposed to be touching the grip then would my grips appear to be way undersized?? I only wear a size medium glove (Titleist) so I would think standard would work for me. Any advice on which grip looks more correct? Or if I should go to a midsize grip?  I'm still hitting somewhat inconsistent one day I have a fade and leaving shots to the right and the next a draw.   I think it may be due to inconsistency when taking the grip.    current grip that I take.      grip with extended thumb ( forcing pad to touch) 
    • Yeah, my eyebrows went up on that one. But then the guy's a beginner! Any old port in a storm, right? And hey, I'll play found ball as long as they don't come out of the water. And there are plenty of inexpensive balls out there. I like the "Double Dozen" of Precept Laddies for 20 bucks at WalMart. Usually buy one every other Spring. I won't have to buy this Spring because I still have some left. Didn't lose that many balls last year!

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