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    • Is this Bryson’s technique? If so I imagine your putter is a bit too long? 35” is a pretty common putter length. With your height I imagine the 43” runs too far up your forearm? Maybe a Google search would answer this. Putting is such a strong feel that you’ll have to actually try before you’ll have any idea what works for you. 
    • Day 20 I got some swings in with my 7i and 9i while I was grilling. Day 21 I finally dedicated some time to creating videos for a My Swing thread and posted it tonight. It was full swing practice with a driver, 5w, 9i and 4i.     
    • I've been Playing Golf for: I'm 41 now and started playing again in 2019. I grew up playing junior golf and played through high school and some in my 20's. My current handicap index or average score is: I'm shooting around 100 and my goal is to break 90 this year. My typical ball flight is: Off the tee with a driver or wood my ball is typically a pull to the left or a fade.  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to eliminate grounding my irons and hitting irons more consistently overall. The best example of this from the swings below is the 9 iron FO.  I'm going to start with some iron swings. Sometimes my divots are pointing to the left and I know I have an outside to in swing.    Videos:     
    • Hole #1, 505 yard par-5 Hole is a dogleg right with a bunker complex on the right side at the corner of the dogleg. I was challenging myself and playing from second longest tee boxes today. It’s about a 275 yard carry to clear the furthest bunker, cut off the dogleg, and shorten the hole considerably. This target line is risky. If you don’t carry it far enough you end up in one of three nasty bunkers 225-260 yards out from the green, or in long fescue rough between the bunkers. If you miss right, your ball lands in a red staked marsh And you’re dropping and hitting 3 from 280-300 yards. I took the aggressive line and hit a great drive that flew the furthest bunker and rolled out to 335 yards. I had about 160 left into the green and ended up with a bogey, but at least the drive was good.  
    • It is as is.  It is not an armlock putter.  I bought it used for $35.   Want to modify and try.

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