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    • There is no such thing as a ball for slower swing speeds.  There are merely premium balls, balls somewhere in the middle, and bargain balls.  There are varying degrees of spin and feel with each.  Play the best ball that you're willing and able to pay for.
    • Day 54 Went to the Range tonight. Focused on hitting all Wedges at 1/2 swing then tried to hit flop shots off of a firm to hard range.  Then i hit full as wing PWs.   Also rotated in my Driver thru out the session.   Finished up rotating between ny 5 Wood and Driver. Very happy with how my accuracy with how my accuracy with all my clubs is improving. 
    • I can score my normal numbers with urethane and/or a distance/cheaper (non urethane) brand ball. My choice is purely on feel with wedges and putting. I wish had a scratch game and the need to zero in on one type / brand of golf ball but I just get in a mood and buy one brand/model that feels good with my putter of the day. 
    • Congratulations!  You are a first!  I have never seen anybody shoot their lowest round ever and follow it up with another low round.  Then again, you did it on the same day, so you managed to stay in the groove.
    • Shot an 85 the other day. Went out to a new course with a couple buddies, one picking the game up after 12 years off, and another just taking up the sport. Had an awesome time with the boys. Had a 47 front and 38 back. Three putted a par 5 I reached in two, a par never felt so disappointing, ended up with 38 putts. Really need to bring the number down. 

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