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    • I’d chalk it up to automation sending out letters.  I used to get tons of letters even after I renewed.  Because I used to live in the ass end of nowhere, I wasn’t thinking about golf until the hell mouth thawed out, so it would lapse and even after I renewed I would get a couple. I’ll bet that stuff is out sourced so they’ll keep sending sometimes no matter what. 
    • I don’t believe that. I’ve not seen/heard/read anything to indicate that. I think @iacas has some knowledge on this we may not know but I believe he said this isn’t true as well IIRC.
    • Anyone get multiple USGA renewal letters throughout the year. I seem to get them almost quarterly in spite of renewing them yearly. My membership expires the end of this year and I’ve received another renewal letter ......about 4 weeks after I got my hat,bag tag etc. I’m starting to feel like they are trying to scam me into mistakenly sending more money.
    • Is it true him chasing distance has cost him his game?
    • Despite being called a "troll" and being told I may be overly irritable, I will hold my fingers in check and will not respond in kind. I will, however, await an answer from the USGA about my question. Please allow me that. I will let you all know what they say when they respond. Have a nice day.  

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