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  1. So for our facility downtown, Golf Evolution, I've built a few PVC ball pushers. Previously I'd made two for the general area, and a "special" one for the regular area. One of the regular area ones has always been too upright, and so when someone recently cracked our "special" ones, I re-did both of them so that we now have two special ones, and one standard one. What makes the "special" ones special? Why, they have a dynamic lie angle! They're even reversible, so instead of pushing, you can pull balls back to you! Here's the pusher (or puller!) in action (pulling not shown): This contrasts with standard pushers because of the special pivoting joint in the middle, which allows you to push from any angle with a 180° range of motion (or, technically, 360°, but the ground tends to get in the way when you try to move the handle below horizontal). Here's a closeup showing the hinge: Making these is pretty simple. Here's what you need: 2 five-foot 1" diameter (inside) PVC pipes 3 PVC end caps 2 45° PVC joints 2 1" PVC couplers One 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1" PVC T-Joint PVC adhesive (primer recommended) A pipe cutter (a little blade you spin around and tighten to cut the PVC) Note: You may wish to change up the dimensions. For example, you could make the angled sides 8" and add the 4" to the 1'10" horizontal "arms" or the vertical part that you hold 8" longer if you wish. The above are not the dimensions of the PVC Pushers that I've made, but I think I used 8' pipes originally, and I didn't really measure much, I just bought a bunch of PVC and made up the dimensions as I went. Instructions: 1. Cut the PVC like so: 2. Assemble the PVC like so, using common sense for the elbows (between the 1'10" sections and the 1' sections), coupling (on the ends of the 1'10" sections), and end caps (they go on the 4' and 1' sections): The arms of the elbows look like this: 3. The internal joint will look a bit like this (with the side arms cut off - this is from the pusher that someone hit with a ball and broke): The 1.25" x 1.25" x 1" PVC connector goes "over" the middle of that (you have to assemble only one side of it). Where the 1" connector is that connects to the handle, there's a little internal ridge that prevents the pusher arms to slide completely through. The coupling basically acts as a stopper, so you want the middle section in the photo above to be wide enough to accommodate the connector piece's internal ridge, but not so wide that it's sloppy and has too much lateral movement. You want the ends of the coupling joints to stay inside the connector piece. In the end it looks like this: (This joint has a little bit too much side-to-side wiggle room. Were I to do this one again, I'd likely shave an inch off the middle piece. It was probably almost five inches wide. In reality it should only be 1/4 to 1/2" wider than the width of the connector, as the internal ridge is only about the width of the 1" connector side.) 4. Let everything dry: You can see one more "dynamic lie angle pushers" in the background as well as the old static lie angle pusher. 5. Celebrate and push (or pull) some balls!
  2. Should’ve had the flag in for that putt.
  3. Seriously, this is underrated. Golf is hard. I know there are many ‘just swing the club’ types out there or the ‘ it's just like walking down stairs’ type of people who really think they can beat the system and play excellent golf with that mindset. Yeah no. Now I will say that live in person lessons can definitely suit some people better than online instruction. But instruction from someone who knows what they’re doing is priceless. I’ve seen several ‘notable’ instructors who provided me poor information. Many no-name instructors who couldn’t diagnose any problems for me and sent me off on wasteful tangents. Yet one post from @iacas (an excellent instructor) where he was able to define my errors very specifically and put me on a proper track which I’m pursuing on Evolvr. I could’ve never done this on my own.
  4. A new device at the PGA show made me wonder what percentage of golfers play with a phone in their pocket, for whatever reasons. I myself have it in the back pocket to get distances, don't have a laser and slow play provides plenty of opportunity to use it, but YMMV. I'm going to guess it's not a lot, 1 out of 4?
  5. Maybe not for everyone, but have been playing them for about a year. I will say that it does take some getting used to. Not just the single length, but the single plane swing. I am 70, and was struggling. Got fit for a set of Cobra SL clubs. Spent 2 weeks at the range before I attempted to play a round. I generally shoot around 90, and just recently shot 85, lowest score yet. Here is what I would say....my set is a 5i thru SW. I use a 3H and 4H instead of the irons. My distance before changing was: 5i I would not even hit it... 6i is 160 yds, 7i 150 8i 140 9i 130-135 PW 120 GW 110 SW 90 My distances with the SL irons are almost identical, but the biggest difference is that my shots tend to be straighter. I am getting better and have to say that I would not go back and will stay with the SL clubs. I wish I would have discovered them a few years ago. They are not a gimmick, but they are not for everyone. I will honestly answer any questions anyone might have.
  6. Just put a small piece of metal tape on your glove...presto.
  7. Ugh....Tiger looks listless and tired
  8. Thats some serious fricking analysis there dude!!! Its greatly appreciated, i did not on this range session after video that the harder i cleared my hips the better the shot, might of been getting my weight forward better doing that perhaps
  9. First a disclaimer: I am not an instructor, so my advice may not be the most important item for you to work on. I will show you below the type of instruction I have had with Erik and the Evolvr instructors. I take lessons on line with Evolvr. I highly recommend it. The instruction is top notch. You work at your own pace. You can ask questions and the instructors are extremely helpful and frankly nice people. So in Evolvr lessons, they look for priority items based on the 5 Simples Keys you have read about on the site. Analysis generally looks at those items with Steady Head, Weight forward and In-line impact being the first important ones for players at our level. They will compare your swing to swing models of really good golfers. Below are you and Adam Scott at set up. They draw lines to show your hips and head to see if you are making a centered hip turn, which helps get your weight forward at impact, and steady head. The head can move a little, but you generally don't want it to move back too much in the backswing. Your video is a bit more forward than Adam's so the angle is off a bit. Notice Adam's feet are more flared than yours. This really helps the hips to turn. Here are you and Adam at the top. Adam, has his head a little lower (no issue for him) and his hips centered still. Your head drifted back a bit, but not that much and your hips are centered. But one thing that is different is Adams hands are a lot higher than yours. I think this is because his shoulder turn is steeper. But again, I am not an instructor. At impact Adam's hips are more open. Adam's head is down and forward, which works for him. Yours is just a bit more forward, but your hips are less open, which frankly most players at our level are like this. Your weight has moved forward, but if your left foot was flared, it may help your hips to be more forward and more open. That will move your low point forward. then at A9, you can see how his hips and shoulders kept rotating and yours (and mine too) have slowed down a bit. His hands are still moving pretty fast so the shaft is still pointing down the line where as in ours the shaft is moving faster and started to hinge again. If this happens earlier in the swing, it would be a flip. From down the line the instructors do the same thing. Now at A4, notice how much flatter your shoulders are than Adam's. His hands are a lot higher too. A5, they look for the steepness of the swing. Too steep can lead to problems line an OTT swing. Here Adam's shaft is pointing past the ball (flatter) and your before the ball (Steeper). Generally flatter can be better because it may help keeping the swing inside out. A6 is where they look for OTT. If the head of the club is in front of the hands, you are over-the-top. You are both ok here, but you can still improve impact position even if this position is OK. Adam's right foot has started to rise because his weight is more forward. Your right foot is still flat. Impact. Looks how much more open Adam's hips and shoulders are than yours (and mine frankly). So this is the type of Analysis you get from Evolvr, but much, much better than I can give. They would also give you drills to work on this. And it is WAY less expensive than in-person lessons. You can also do short game, sand, putting, etc in your video lessons. A good drill for you shoulder turn is to place your iron across your shoulders. Then go to A4 and try to get the shaft to point at the ball. Then rotate through and have the shaft still point toward the ball. And when you practice, always start slow! Looks at @mvmac My Swing thread for great examples of how to practice.
  10. Clubhead still coming in behind ball last 1-2 feet before impact. I think I’d like to see it go more directly to ball. That’s what it looks like with all the good players. This is something I keep in the back of my mind, still working on completing BS and soft trail shoulder.
  11. No. Usually in the cart or bag if I am walking, always muted. I have had one occasion where a player in our foursome took a serious fall and I called the club house and they got an ambulance to come to us. I check the phone once or twice over 18 holes and have used it if we decide to play another 9 to call my wife and let her know that the course is all backed up so I will be late.
  12. Broke 80 today for the first time. Been close a couple of times with an 80 and lots of low 80's but today it all clicked and I shot 77.
  13. I had a physics question that was similar to that. We were asked to calculate the gravitational pull of a Cadillac sitting outside the window of where someone was born and compare that to the gravitational pull of some planet. I think it was the professor's dig at astrology
  14. He made birdie. Off the tee box on the other hole.
  15. You should try him, he’s won section teacher of the year multiple times. Has a lot of students in college and on tours. Working with a teaching pro is under rated. Theres the other thread right now talking about unsolicited advice in course. There’s probably a lot more of that versus taking lessons. Just a couple minutes with the right pro could make a big difference in ones game.
  16. You could always try evolvr.com You could probably get a few months of evolvr for the cost of one lesson with the pro.
  17. Guys used to use it on putter grips, and you could use it as a temp for several rounds. You may find it too abrasive and possibly cause abrasions and cause blisters. Try wrapping only the top half, similar to half cord grips.
  18. Tennis wrap, depending on the type used, might have a negative effect on the swing weight of the club. Might make it feel funny. That said, a buddy of mine uses nothing but padded, suede wraps on his clubs.
  19. I'm about 15 years in on a set of 1irongolf. For the first time is almost as many years I rented clubs while away on vacation. So many more variables besides just gripping and ripping. Single length for me just flat out makes my experience so much more enjoyable. On another note, I'm a former fgi guy and just found this forum. Happy to see people still like to talk about golf and equipment.
  20. Decided that I would continue exploring the 'inherited set' as it is truly a mix of irons different models from same/different manufacturers. Today, I took out the resident 4 iron, a Macgregor Tourney. (see pic) I have not seen much on this "version" and as it is the only one of this model in the set, I figure it is a lone wolf acquisition that the PO had made in the past. I paired it against the TA 845s Silver Scot 4i just for kicks. Knew this would be more of a test as I typically don't swing long irons in my around the yard practice ball sessions. Between the clubs, the results were amazingly similar, the first round with the MacGregor was sweet! Club felt sweet and shots were pretty true. The TA 845s was almost as true as I had few more missed hits but still fun to swing. Definite fun comparing irons...
  21. Welcome to TST. @Vinsk gave you some great advice. Start a member's swing and you'll get some great help. Some very knowledgeable people will offer help without being judgmental. We're glad you've decided to join. Here's some great reading: Ball Flight Laws
  22. Hello from Florida! Well, despite your changing ball flight patterns throughout your round you may be surprised to see that your swing remains the same. Would be very helpful if you’d post a video of your swing. Even better to start a ‘My Swing’ thread if you haven’t already. Cheers!
  23. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join and post. I'm not knowledgeable enough to say gimmick or not. Based upon what my instructor and the fitter at Club Champion recently told me, they believed that Bryson Dechambeau is a heck of a player and that he has adapted to play SLI. They aren't for everyone but then again, Titleist or Callaway aren't for everyone either. If they work for a player; great.
  24. There are touchscreen gloves but they're not exactly golf friendly, but guessing you already knew that. Have never had any success finding touchscreen golf gloves though.
  25. I'm not gonna belabor the point too much, but "we, as a civilization, made it this far without indoor plumbing…" at one point too. And if it takes two hours to make the dinner, or you are coordinating your date night later, or what movie you want to see, or who is picking up your child and where, or… countless other things? At the end of the day it's quite possible to keep your cell phone nearby without making it a distraction.
  26. Keeping your cell phone in your pocket is as weird as playing with a watch on. #lookingatyouphil
  27. Some of this makes me chuckle. The first bit, that these styles of clubs are insanely hard to hit, is just flat wrong. All of us who started playing before maybe 1975 started with irons just like these. If they were all that hard to hit, very few of us would have continued to play. And to be honest, once you started to hit them reasonably solid, a proper balata golf ball would stop just fine on the green. On the other hand, I had LOTS of putts longer than 20 feet, but that's largely because I wasn't a very good player. And I have never got home with a 3-iron from 340, not when I was young, not now that I'm decidedly not young, and 90% or more of golfers are in the same boat. Enjoy your antiques for what they are. I specifically remember the Tommy Armour 845's, they were a top of the line club when they were introduced.
  28. Photo of Titlest display of PGA Tour players' marked balls. Glare, but decent resolution.
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