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  1. The 2019 Newport Cup Las Vegas, NV* So, just a quick note to say that @mvmac and I are looking at having the 2019 Newport Cup, a six-on-six Ryder Cup-style event in mid- to late-October, 2019 in or very near to Las Vegas, NV. Follow this topic if you'd like to stay apprised, and begin thinking of what you might say in your candidate video. * The event as a whole and the location are both tentative but likely at this point. All are encouraged to apply, but teams will likely still be comprised of 10 handicappers or less (it simply makes everything easier). While we'll encourage as many new players, we're not opposed to players making their second or third recent appearance. Costs will likely be the same as the last time - about $750-800 plus however you choose to get there. Regarding "goodies" we're not looking to top what we've done in the past, but Mike and I like goodies too. 🙂 Competition time frame is mid- to late-October, 2019, with teams chosen by mid-August. Format will likely be similar to 2017, with some small changes likely coming to the "Challenge Ball" idea. I may update this bullet list as I think of other things, or things change. That's all I have for now. You can't officially begin applying now, but you can denote your interest, and you can "follow" the topic so that you get instant updates. https://thesandtrap.com/newport-cup/ Edit: Add the appropriate "Candidate" badge/award to yourself here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/99617-2019-newport-cup/?do=findComment&comment=1421967 Thank you!
  2. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rule-17.html That quote is from the link, near the bottom of the page- just under the graphics shown. I’m pretty sure this applies, but an expert can certainly correct me if I’m wrong. Looks to me he is allowed to drop in the penalty area. If he doesn’t like the drop, or just wants to abandon playing from the penalty area, he also can take relief outside the penalty area, with additional penalty.
  3. Welcome to TST from Michigan, USA. We're glad you've joined.
  4. As far as I know they have never felt the need to define what a pitch mark is. From the way it's used in the rules, it's obvious that a pitch mark is the depression in the the ground made by the impact of the ball when it lands after traveling some distance in the air. We all know what a "pitch" is, so by extrapolation, it isn't difficult to grasp the concept that a "pitch mark" would be the mark created in the ground after making a pitch. A ball may bounce out of the depression and then roll back into it and still be "embedded" under the rules. The rules also do not define "shot", nor as far as I've been able to tell do they ever use that word. We have to assume by the way it's used in the rules that a "pitch" is the result of any stroke that initially causes the ball to leave the ground and then travel for some distance through the air. The depression it creates when hitting the ground is the pitch mark. The rule book states that the ball must have been airborne, creating the pitch mark when landing, to qualify as "embedded" under the rule. A ball driven into the ground by topping the ball does not qualify for relief without penalty, nor is a ball considered to be "embedded" if it creates a depression when dropped under a rule. Therefore, just because your ball rolls into a sand filled divot, it has not created a pitch mark just by settling as it stops rolling.
  5. Welcome! You’ve found a good site with many like-minded souls. Lots of us hobbling around with injuries too! Just wanted to say a quick welcome and see you around.
  6. Shot my age - 73 on a 6500 yard course
  7. 2 points
    I've suffered mightily in the past and I am done with it! I detest playing from soaked, sloppy, muddy turf. I watched the AT&T Pebble Beach tourney today and saw some pros hit some juicy, chunky shots despite it being lift, clean and place. If they can't hit those shots, what chance do I have? I told my buddies at the end of the season last year, to not bother calling me to play until early or late May, depending on how the Spring goes. Of course, last year was the second wettest year on record, so things were "semi-spongy" the entire Summer. Hoping for a hot, dry Summer this year.
  8. In the early mornings I love how bent grass greens give off that mirrored gleam that shimmers like millions of tiny insects gathered together holding umbrellas...it’s a mystical sight to behold. The undulations like green waves of a calm but deceitful ocean. Ahhh the smell of a finely mowed green fills my....💥👏....wait..oh..sorry..yeah , no preference.
  9. I’m planning on applying this year! I’m very confident that I’ll be a single digit by then. I’ve been wanting to take part for a while and have just never been in the position to apply. For sure following!
  10. This competition should be on every TSTer's bucket list. Erik and Mike select a great group of people. The accommodations are terrific and the courses are top notch. Anyone would be hard pressed to plan and execute a "buddy trip" that comes close to this. Don't be concerned about the "application" process. Two years ago it was fun and, for me, educational. Everyone should toss their hat in the ring and then commit to following through with the selection process. @gbogey @sjduffers
  11. I played Coyote Springs 6, or 7 months ago. At that time it was in reasonsble good shape, although the bunkers could have used more sand added, and maintained a little better. The wind blows a lot out there. Imo, it was not in the kind of shape for what they charged to play it. That said they did let us park our RV there overnight and gave us access to a 20 amp plug in. I have some good memories of that course, as I worked on it, and the surrounding area where the homes were supposed to be built. Played it a few times before they opened it. I was actually in a couple of onsite meetings that Nicklaus attended. He's a pretty tough business man. I was the EPA compliance guy for the area. He didn't care for me much. Had a dry handshake though as iirc.
  12. Again welcome. You might enjoy threads like this one: There’s another for breaking 90, in case you’re at that level. All sorts of golfers here and folks willing to share their experiences and lessons learned along the way. For what it’s worth on this topic: I think most are telling you to consider losing the 70-degree club in your garage for the season, but hey, it’s your choice, man. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find some crazy tip that works for you, but overall, the site here is mostly about sound fundamentals. I’m picking up in the responses so far that use of that club around the green isn’t something high handicappers should be messing with. But let us know how it goes.
  13. Both of those could be a little bit better. A bit more palmar flexion, and controlling that overtaking/rolling rate better on the follow-through. Best advice I can give you right now: review your photos and the notes beneath them, and spend a little time working on those things again. Start small, and slow, and short… and you'll find that you can get back to higher speeds relatively quickly. Not as slow as the last time, the first time, but not immediately full swings, either, at full speed. All that said, yeah, the angle doesn't help a ton, and there's no face-on, so…
  14. It’s been a decade since my last Newport Cup appearance. Would love to join the fun again if it works out. Vegas, baby!
  15. Like @DaveP043 already outlined if you have the chance you should definitely play. Lots of golf and even better friendships. Las Vegas has tons of good golf and food, the location choice is fabulous, although I am very partial to Pinehurst, Las Vegas has the potential to hang out a few days ahead or behind the event just like Pinehurst did. I have played in the last two therefore like @DaveP043 I will keep a close eye on the applications. Some of you young guys should be all over this.
  16. I'll be following closely. For those who may be new to TST, or who haven't paid attention to previous Newport Cup competitions, I can tell you that this event is just about the most fun I've ever had related to golf. I have met players from all over the country, and I feel like each one became a new friend. Thanks in advance to @mvmac and @iacas for all the hard work I know it must take to put this together. One small detail, Erik, the Newport Cup webpage needs to be updated just a bit, it doesn't show the winner of the 2017 competition.
  17. I would love to play if I get my index back into single digits. Think of me as a last chance fill a spot kind of guy as I’d love to see others get a chance to play in the event.
  18. I appreciate the kind words, but life is too short, and there are too many good books to read for me to waste my time on dreck like this.
  19. What @billchao said may be a factor, or possibly just that you're "working" on something right now, so it's a little tentative and a little slower as a result.
  20. Well, I am a very happy camper! I went to a Ping demo day at The Valley Golf Center in AZ. I got a chance to try the new G410 Driver, 12º. The representative from Ping fit it with the Alta CB 45 Red, Soft Regular shaft. The weight was set, by the Ping rep, to counter my problems with my overly wide draw. It was love at first swing! I was able to hit about 45 strikes and got a chance to monitor ball speed and distance. I usually use a Ping G5 12º, senior shaft. It was a great experience. My ball speed increased by about 15% to consistently be 90 - 100+. Because of the ball speed, flights were about 20 yards+ on every swing. The shift of the weight did indeed keep my dreaded left turn from appearing. It took a few shots to work out the change of feel, but, I never have hit straighter drives. The thing that really made my day was the total feel of club. Balanced well, I had the best feel of a strike I can recall. What really excited me was how centered in the sweet spot I hit the ball. I was seriously looking the the G400Max. That is a spectacular driver as well. But the G410 is the one for me! When the club is finally released,I will purchase one.
  21. Not necessarily. It would be best to demo that change before making it. You could have one club adjusted then see how your numbers come out unless you’re able to have your exact club (head/shaft) in a demo then see how the numbers come out.
  22. Nick Faldo imitates Sergio Garcia's temper tantrum, continues longtime rift between two - Golf Digest Faldo fueling the fire between the two. But Sergio had it coming probably ....
  23. I suggest you update your swing thread so people can see what you're doing with your current changes. My first thought regarding the reduction in swing speed is that maybe you might have become too passive with the upper body. Arm speed is important in generating swing speed.
  24. around here it looks a lot like this...
  25. Funny you should say that...... 2 Yrs about my tree stand was 20 yds away from the local country club 6th Green. I was 5 ft from the fence line. I could look left and forward into the woods to watch for deer and 90 degrees to my right to watch the guys putting. They were well within in bow range.... LOL I kept my self amused by wondering what reaction I would bet by putting an arrow at one of the balls on the green at they were driving up in their carts....... Oh and I did get a nice 8pt 5 yr old from that stand during the rut.
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