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  1. Which other rules should not be enforced? If a player breaks a rule, any rule, the penalty should be enforced, all the time. Thank goodness that this rule doesn't mention intent, its really clear and simple.
  2. I'm playing tomorrow, first time in a month. Chaotic may be an understatement.
  3. One of my golf goals for '19 was to have more under par rounds than over par. 19 rounds in, seven have been under par and five have been over, so good start (hope I didn't jinx it 😉). Had a good session with my swing guy two weeks ago. When I showed up my shaft was getting on the shallow side going back and staying too shallow on the downswing. Basically the opposite of what most do. Pivot stuff was pretty good so worked on feeling the com of the club load a little further away from me, higher at 4 and then keeping the shaft in the same orientation (across the line) into 5. Have worked on this before. For whatever reason when the hand path and shaft is "steep" I do a better job of lowering in transition. Making sure I rehearse this with a good amount of speed. Instead of just sending swings where I'm just making the picture look good, I'm sending him a dtl and caddy view of me exaggerating the feels and a dtl and caddy view of me making a stock swing at play speed where I'm just focused on the target/shot. Then we can compare the differences. Gotten to the point where it doesn't make sense to just send him good swings and then show up with it looking different, not a good use of our time. First couple swings here are the exaggerated swings and the second set are the "play" swings. Play swing hold up ok, especially with 4 and 6. Ideally want to see it more inline with the hands.
  4. It’s not nonsense at all. DJ hit Nicklaus’ driver without any practice time 290yds. Jack averaged 276yds with that driver. To think Jack would hit DJ’s driver at 23 any further than DJ is asinine. DJ, Champ, Bubba are all longer hitters than Jack ever was regardless of equipment. DJ also hit Jacks one iron farther than Jack as well. Just facts. Sorry...know it. Live it. Love it. Dustin Johnson hits Jack Nicklaus’ old driver, 1-iron Before Dustin Johnson hops on a plane and jets up to TPC Boston for this week’s Dell Technologies...
  5. congrats to @colin007 for a great round today, even though you caused that missed putt
  6. I chose money also but I think when you couple it with the time you need to play golf, it really keeps the younger generation away from the game. I'm not sure many younger people have the patients to practice to get better as well as the money required. And I'm not talking about just teenagers. I know plenty of 20/30 somethings who have told me they can buy a video game and play for hours/days/weeks for what one round of golf costs. Golf is a lifestyle. I personally love it and have been doing it for years so (other than fishing) I work so I can play golf. I assume that all of you on this web-site are similar in your thinking. Like I mentioned in another thread, the numbers of high school age golfers playing on golf teams has dropped dramatically (at least in the Tampa area) in past 5-10 years. I still believe that it is $ related more than any thing else.
  7. Agreed. I voted "Money" and viewed it from the perspective of a novice. The number of $8-$10 range buckets one would need to buy to even get the ball airborne on a regular basis strikes me as deterring issue, never mind becoming mildly competent enough to enjoy a round on the course (enjoy the actual golf...not just a 4-hour drinking party, which I've seen a-plenty).
  8. WorldWideWeb Nine people. Five days. Thirty years. https://adactio.com/journal/14821 Check it out!
  9. 68, no bogeys. Wasn't swinging all that great but managed it well. Also got lucky with some of my bad drives.
  10. You're missing the point of rules it seems. The idea is to create uniformity as much as you can at least within the rule, because the golf course conditions can change. Rules bring order and fairness to the otherwise chaotic world of playing golf.
  11. No room for a chipper in my bag, I use a 9i or an 8i instead. I have a chipper in the garage if anyone wants it for free, just pay shipping.
  12. Then the ladies would’ve whined it’s not fair they don’t call it on the men..it’s just a mess, the whole situation. That is how they see it as Walker stated. Their disregarding respect for the field.
  13. Yea and most people are still bending over to tee up the ball, too. It's not something I feel strongly about, just that if there was an argument to be made against it, that's the one concern I had.
  14. Ya think he's trying to keep the face from turning over?
  15. I bought the "square strike" 45,55,65 for my wife. After a few rounds she said they were no good. I was about to sell them at a garage sale and thought, well let me try them one round just to confirm her review. I never took them back out of my bag. Such a repeatable swing is the putting stroke which is all you have to do with these clubs. Very forgiving and they put a lot of spin on the ball.
  16. I always thought knee height might be bad for older people and people with knee or hip replacements, but as far as actually following the rule I don't see what the issue is. Drop it from knee height. It's probably harder to remember that's the rule now than it is to actually do it. I think everybody complaining about it are just complaining because the rule changed and people tend to be averse to change. Dropping from knee height is more advantageous for the player.
  17. I didn't realize choppers help you get more GIRs. I've yet to meet anyone at me skill level who is being held back because they don't carry a chipper 🙂
  18. The old Johnny Carson Tonight Show theme would be great for this!
  19. Biggest thing I can see is that your backswing is too long for two reasons. You're overswinging with the arms and hinging your wrists too much at the top. Beyond that, the second piece I can see is that you're standing up through impact and the right heel is lifting. This can lead to inconsistent strikes and especially thin shots if you're not careful. Both were things I did in the past, but the first thing I'd recommend fixing is the backswing length. What really helped me was a tip given by @iacas to make a conscious effort of feeling my arms in front of my torso on the backswing, which helped everything stay in sync a lot better without sacrificing any lag on the downswing.
  20. Welcome to TST! We’re glad you joined and I’m sure you’ll find this site to be the best golf site there is. Excellent instruction and viewpoints from around the world! What are your current goals with your swing? We’ve got threads that cover everything!
  21. Disregard this @colin007...he’s drinking scotch....real old scotch.
  22. You know how I feel about Tiger... ...but that was one of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen!
  23. In some tournaments the organizers like to have an equal number of players in each group. For example, our City Championship plays in 3-ball groups. On the last day, it was just me and another hacker playing in the lead group for the 2nd Flight. They assigned us a 3rd player so we would not fly around the course. The extra player was not part of the tournament and just played along with us so we would be a 3-ball like every other group.
  24. It's a good thing the other players don't work as hard as he does or care as much as he does or the PGATour would have to budget big bucks for green repair. SMH No, but blaming it on the fact that he works so hard and cares so much might. LOL
  25. I really would love to see/hear a fan call out some players on this. They were so eager to call in the minutest ball oscillation that they could see on the super hi def zoom
  26. Welcome to this community. The people here are very supportive and speak the language of golf - connecting players of all skill levels. Enjoy TST.
  27. There is no "prevailing compensation" for a local caddie who doesn't even speak English and likely didn't help much beyond carrying the bag for the week, particularly after they'd already agreed to pay up to $4k. What about that do you not understand? 😛
  28. I have attached a lot of pictures of the tour van that was at the recent LECOM Suncoast Classic. I visited it 2-3 times, including at the end of the event, when I hosted the winner, and as usual a nightly grilling of burgers and hot dogs/brats/sausage. A memorable experience which I hope to repeat for the next 4 years... continuing to serve as a Committe Chair. Since there is a limit of 5 MB I may have to post a series of pictures....
  29. Y'all can go to hell. Go kick rocks.
  30. Set a new snow record here. 27.6 Inches just in the month of February ...... so far......since 1 Jan 46.8 inches........ New Golf shoes......... My last round was in December. Put a ball into the water hazard and it bounced 6 times before it rolled to the shore. Decided it was time to put the clubs up for the winter.
  31. I went with "money". Folks are watching their money closer these days. Imho, there are just way more folks who don'f see, or won't qualify their roi on what it cost to golf. Fixed retirement incomes hurt potential golfers as the cost of just about everything continues to rise, except their retirement checks. Accessibility is still good. Plenty of golf courses still around. That's not a problem. I am not going to jump on the pace of play band wagon. That is just a hot topic for those in the business imo. Pace of play is what it is, at that time. Unless some gurus make wholesale changes in the game, time spent golfing will never change for the better, for some golfers. Also, that promotion that used the term "golf is hard" to my way of thinking, more than likely moved potential golfers to another game, or sport. Hard to justify laying out earned dollars for something deemed hard to play. It may have had a reverse effect.
  32. So some initial impressions in no particular order: The bags are sweet. I love the lower zipper, though I can't see myself using that much, I'll pretty much always be using the big clip at the top I think. But the bag is nice, and would hold a LOT of golf balls. The Toe Flex zone works as advertised. The leather will still flex on the sides, but on the top, it pretty much flexes past the laces. The laces are great. They're thick, pull tight from top to bottom, and grip each other well without binding too tightly. The material on the toe is a lovely soft suede type feeling stuff without the "furry" nature of actual suede. The vertical part of the heel is just a bit stiffer, and the opening a bit larger, so I won't need the shoehorn I've been using for the other shoes (mostly just for ease, not because they're particularly tight). The thick heel loop also assists in getting the shoes on. The leather on the sides is thick and supple. It feels very, very high quality (because it is). The tread is a proven performer, and it'll work well on the golf course and in the grocery store. The bags, again, are great. 😄 Here are some photos: P.S. The red tag on the laces comes off easily. I left them on for the official photos and took them off for some of the later ones I took more officially the next day.
  33. Those who have been on this site for a long time won’t be surprised that I’m responding here! You will hear a lot of people who disagree, but I’m a firm believer that anyone who is not at least a single digit handicap should at least try carrying a chipper in their bag! Good for you!
  34. This is the view from my bedroom this morning. That hill belongs to a golf course and the course itself is on a larger steep hill. I use the local golf simulator on days like this or do indoor carpet practice (putting, swings, mirror work).
  35. Saying you can't feel slope; for me that's as hard to relate to as someone saying they are unable to see colors. I know it's possible but it's hard for me to relate. I have a friend who because he sings so out of tune says he's tone deaf. I played him the lowest note followed by the highest note on the piano and asked him which note was lower. He got that right 100% of the time. He's not tone deaf he just doesn't have a very refined ear and/or has little muscular control of his vocal cords, both of which could be improved with practice. With using my feet I can tell if there is as little as 0.5% slope in that I can tell there is a very slight slope (and can tell the direction of slope and therefore the direction of break). Learning to judge what % of slope there is though takes practice and repetition. And a big but, if you can already read so well then why would you need AimPoint? Does Spieth need AimPoint? To improve his reads I'd say no, to improve his pace of play, maybe. But for someone like me that was often getting bad reads using my eyes, then AimPoint... well in my case it lead to improvement.
  36. Exactly. What can hurt golfers is thinking they misread a putt when they mishit a putt. I like knowing I'm confident with my read and it helps develop hitting good start lines.
  37. Was trying to wrap my head around someone learning to drive in a parking lot and then it dawned on me, "oh, he means drive a CAR!" LOL.
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    • You've never played golf with me. I bring my own spice. My rounds are interesting enough without having to climb extra hills and get grass stains on my pants for no apparent reason.
    • You can also just not swing as hard. Like if your normal full swing is 90% effort, you can take a little off by swinging 80% or 75%. When I do hit less than full swings (not like partial wedge shots), I like to make a full backswing because my sequencing is better from the top, then I just don't swing as hard and finish short of my normal finish position (or even with a different look).
    • that's one way to spice up your round. here's another that won't affect your score 😂
    • A small aspect is not zero. You can't just dismiss the mental aspect completely, especially when it comes down to being able to execute at one's highest level under pressure. As @tessallated wrote: It clearly had an adverse effect on her. Maybe it cost 0.5 strokes which is a very small percentage of 80, but for someone trying to break a benchmark, it's just enough to be a factor.
    • I can hit a number of 3w shots: The high cut. High draw. Stinger. Low hook. Drop kick. Chunk. Top. Just put a 3w in my hands and I can hit any one of these at a given time. Just watch the wheel spin around, who knows where it's going to land?

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