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  1. Pretzel

    2019 Newport Cup

    That's a really good point, and I have to say that I'm really grateful for all the photos @RandallT took (including my current profile pic!). It was a great way of documenting the action since I personally am not somebody who takes photos all that often, and in total I have 7 photos that I actually took myself from the event with 3 of them being the llamas from Talamore next to the teebox. It's fun to go back every so often and scroll through the photo album to enjoy the memory again.
  2. I really like this topic/thread. I am surprised it doesn't get more use. At any rate, yestetday Myself, and 7 other buddies played golf. We usually get together once a month, or at least we try too. Although we kept scores, the scores were not important. All skins lost/won were spent on each other at the 19th. Just getting together, and swapping old stories, that we have swapped 100s of times before. Some gamesmanship was brought up. Some thought so in so cheated with his foot wedge. Then they remember his feet are in better shape than his wedges. Other's wondered how Jack made that 40' putt. That, and how did I miss that 3 footer. The point of this post is that I hope all the younger players on this forum will have the chance to grow old, with golf buddies of their own. This so they can enjoy all the accomplishments, or non accomplishments they lived through with those good friends. Having old, good friends is important as we all get older. Care home folks need visitors...lol Some in our group go back as far as grade school. Other were picked up along the way. Different walks of life are well repped. The fact that we all golf is a plus. Well some of us have game enough to be called golfing. Others, yeah, well they own their bag of clubs. $10 sets of Sam Snead signature clubs are well repped. When together, we all ride in carts. Some can't walk to far these days. We try to not hold up other golfers, while letting them play through as needed. Faster golfers do not know what real pressure is until they tee off with 8 old guys watching them. When we catch others on the course we take short naps. This lets them get out of our shorter driver ranges. After a round, we all finish our meet at the 19th hole. Food, beverages and good times are had by all. The waitress is well compensated for putting up with us. Like the song says there are drinks for the living and the toasts to the dead. Yeah, grow old with golfing friendships. You will be glad you did.
  3. Oh crap, I hate it when I make a typing mistake but that one takes the cake.... Sorry iacas..
  4. @iacas Ok, this is a new one and I can't stop laughing.
  5. ^%$#@)*$^$ autocorrect! Instead of yelling fore you must scream AARGH!
  6. Heck, you can be MORE comfortable dressing to code. You get all the latest moisture wicking fibers generally in conforming clothing. And you don't have to spend a bundle. I shop Kohl's regularly, and for the last 2 years have found "Ben Hogan" branded clothing at WalMart! Moisture wicking and quite stylish! And some of the high end stuff in the golf shops, even the long pants, are like wearing air! I'm guessing the reference to the fabric your Son can wear is denim. Yeah, I haven't been able to wear denim in years! Far too hot in the Summer, far too cold in the Winter! I think auto correct messed with your optic orange socks as well!
  7. Thanks, the physics are interesting, this makes sense to me. One thing for certain is that my current 15 degree 3-wood has a fairly small head. It isn't helping me any. I have an Apex tour which I think is the wrong particular club for my game. This is a big issue for me as well. If I should not hit the fairway wood from the rough, an uneven lie, or a side hill, then it is going to get very limited usage. If I hit a good drive down the middle on a par 5, I may find the right fairway lie to take a crack at it with a 3-wood. In this situation I think the odds of actually hitting the green are about 1 in 10, which means that I experience both "limited usage" and "limited conversion" to actually help my score.
  8. He violated: Build a club from parts carried by anyone for the player during the round. The shaft was being carried around for him by the walking scorer, and the caddie for sure and possibly he knew it. Players Championship 2019: Harold Varner III gets unusual two-stroke penalty for assembling a club on the course Harold Varner III had to add two shots to his score after an unusual ruling that involved replacing a cracked driver with another club assembling on the course [The club] cannot be assembled on the golf course. His caddie was told that when he asked one of our officials. So he left it there on the tee, and the walking scorer picked it up and took it on the golf course, and Harold and the caddie were aware of this. So when they brought the head out and assembled it out there, it broke Rule 4. Can't do that. They don't want clubs assembled and adjusted on the golf course. So that's the reason for that rule. The rule basically says a player must not build a club from parts carried by anyone for the player during the round. They were aware of that situation, so that's why he received a two-stroke penalty." It's interesting enough that I'll add it to my list of questions, because that Interpretation seems weird. Like… can someone passing by the TaylorMade truck go in and assemble a club to add to their bag? Because then clubs or components weren't being carried around for the player.
  9. Shindig

    2019 Newport Cup

    Same here! If I am reading the criteria correctly, single digits aren't strictly needed for the 2019 competition, but I feel 12+ might be pushing it a bit. On the other hand, if I'm wrong about this, I can make qualifying for this my 2019 golf goal. I'm going to think about this. Maybe I can.
  10. mchepp

    2019 Newport Cup

    I threw my hat in the ring. If I am honest I would rather see some of the other folks on here get to play in it. It is such a blast that everyone who wants a shot should absolutely get one. I'll do the work to get my submission in, but I'm hopeful there are tons of worthy candidates and I can enjoy seeing some of the other great members on here get a chance to play. That said, I may still go for a day to watch. It is such a great competition that I may come just to watch, take photos, post what's happening on the site. Like @RandallT did in 2017. Vegas is an easy flight.
  11. I never said that it was zero. No it doesn't. You're not very good at math, dude. Players make better scores from 150 than they do from 170, which are better than they do from 195, which are better than they make from 220. I've done that math, and it contradicts your assumptions. Like I said, you must either play an incredibly penal course or with some very poor golfers. Decent golfers don't often hit two rope hooks in a row, for example. P.S. I'm not just an average golfer, nor an average instructor. I've got quite a background in understanding these types of things. I wrote Lowest Score Wins, and have access to a bunch of data on average golfers. Just by what you've said here, I'd guess your answer to this question is going to be pretty far off: how many penalty strokes, on average, does a 5-9 handicap golfer take per round? How about a 20-24 handicapper? And remember, you stated this as if it applied to everyone, always, in saying "you WILL be MUCH better off…". That's not accurate. I'm not better off hitting dropping at 190 than I am playing from 150 on the hole above. And there are plenty of other situations where plenty of other people are better off playing the provisional, too.
  12. It really isn't. I've got the stats to back this up, but here's an example that's pretty representative. This player barely hit the ball out of bounds, by about an inch, on a 270-yard tee shot. Dropping at the edge of the fairway means he has 172 yards to the center of the green. If the player hits a tee shot anywhere in play, his next shot is shorter. If he hits near the ideal tee shot… his second shot - with the same distance off the tee - is 152 yards. That's 20 yards less. That's a 5-iron to a 7-iron for a lot of golfers. Or a 6-iron to an 8-iron. In fact, the only time a player will be better off dropping up ahead instead of hitting a provisional is if they expect the shot to also be lost or OB, or so badly in the rough that the gains toward the hole they can make are going to be offset. Maybe for some really bad players, that's going to be true. But for the majority of players on the majority of holes, those conditions won't be true to offset the gains you can make by driving a second tee shot. Most OB/lost ball areas aren't close enough and golfers, having just hit a horrible shot, aren't all that likely to repeat it. If they are - then obviously the choice becomes clear. But most don't. And that's the most generous case I could make. Here's a 270-yard tee shot that went further OB (it nestled against the condo): Know how long that approach shot is? 220 yards. 70 yards back of where the player could hit with a decent tee shot… and farther back than they might be able to get with a hybrid from the tee. Remember, you said: That doesn't even talk about "the majority of the time" or anything like that. It simply says "you WILL be better MUCH better off." And I've shown you how that's not necessarily true, with a pretty representative example. Even using the most generous of situations, where the ball goes OB by an inch, you can get 20 yards closer with your second tee shot than by dropping in the edge of the fairway. You also said: It doesn't. Nowhere near always, and not even for most golfers in most situations. They're better off hitting a provisional. Additionally, if you're ever interested in playing in a tournament where the Local Rule is not in effect, you'd be well served to learning to play a provisional. What's the golfer going to get from 170 out? They're gonna average more than they will from 150, and they're gonna average even more from 220 than 150, too. I'm sure you realize they're dropping three and hitting their fourth, yes? So the shots are basically equal, whether you play the Local Rule or play a provisional, except the odds are more often good that the provisional is in a better place. If the golfer is so bad that they're quite likely to hit another ball OB, then yeah, drop up ahead if you can. But you're not describing the average golfer, and you're definitely not describing the average type of visitor to a site like this, which tend to cater to better golfers (because we care enough about golf to want to spend our free time chatting about it). The stats don't back your play in most situations for most players. For extremely penal/tight conditions and/or a (very) bad golfer? Sure. For the majority of the rest of the situations… no. Hitting a provisional will be the better play. The stats don't back that up in the majority of situations for the majority of players. Maybe your experience is with really poor golfers or on a very tight/penal type course. P.S. Never mind that a lot of golfers who will be employing this Local Rule are playing in a league or something where they will often just pick up after triple or something, anyway, so giving them the best chance for a double is often wise. Or I've seen guys just post their ESC and not even play the rest of the hole under the Rules at all. Which is fine if their ESC is double or occasionally triple.
  13. Face a bit right at setup. A bit less wrist arching (left wrist palmar flexion). Just a bit. A bit less rolling the forearms, sure, just for consistency. That's about it. When the ball hooks it's important to understand the reasons why - your path was fine, but your club face was likely too far left, leading to pull-draws. Even if you do just one of the above bullet points, "face a bit right at setup" would be it. Just start the ball a tad further right. Do that with the face.
  14. I like to use google maps or google earth to (kinda) make my own yardage book. Most of the time, it's just to play the course in my head and decide what tee shots may work best based on obstacles. I usually use the course website's scorecard and/or their course layout guide to help.
  15. I use it regularly when I know I’m gonna play a course with which I am unfamiliar. It gives me an idea as to whether I’m gonna hit more 5w’s or 6i’s than usual or will I need to hit a couple of draws off the tee (etc) so that I’ll hit some on the range prior to playing. But....I’m not exactly the best golfer in the world so I need all the help I can get 😬
  16. Yes they are compatible. Adapter change after for the new g410. Also the G25 adapter is different. G30, G and G400 all the same.
  17. I had a heart attack last October 23rd. I was back playing three weeks after. Every day at the course is my best day ever.
  18. I guess it was in the year 2000. I won the junior season here in Argentina so i was rewarded with a trip to "The Doral Spa and Resort". 4 days and 3 nigths in the resort all included and a spot in the field of that year Doral Publix Junior Golf Classic. My best golf day was the practice day where i was able to play in the USA for the first (and only) time. i played 18 holes at the blue monster and another 18 holes in the white course, the one designed by Norman. After that played a bit more golf at the resort, yes in the elevator, stairs and corridors till i get yelled to quit playing there. After that i bougth some new clubs a lot cheaper than in Argentina and In the nigth i had dinner at hooters :D. Tournament data.. I played the first 2 rounds in both courses and failed the cut by 1 stroke. In the consolation 3rd round i played the gold course so i knew another course of the complex. Amazing golf trip that i will keep in my memories forever.
  19. Apparently not very well. Truthfully I dont care at all what you wear. I'm just of the age where white belts were associated with guys like Herb Tarlick. I'm actually a big Rickie Fowler fan. I like his clothes on him, if I personally try to wear that style I look like that old guy whose trying a little too hard to be young and hip. White belts ARE ruining golf! What's more you are ruining your life with that haircut, young man! Now, Get off my lawn!
  20. I shot an imaginary 79 at my home course. It was 74 and sunny with light breezes. The trees were blossoming and the daffodils were up around the club house. The smell of cut grass in the fairway was almost intoxicating. My good shots were great. My bad shots weren't too bad. The greens were a little slow because they are still being careful, but it really good shape. All in all, a great round. Then I woke up.
  21. I have seen two players who did this: Both had a 17* and 22* combo. One person I just saw in the bag. The second person I played 18 with him as he prepped for PGA Player Ability Test at our course. With a driver + hybrid, he had the range to put the ball on the fringe in two shots in two of our four Par 5 holes. Before you do this, you might try a 4W - a lot easier to hit for many than a 3W. You hit decent drives, but you're not truly a long-ball guy. Be aware that a 2H takes quite a bit of clubhead speed to hit well. You might try a 2H first just to make sure you can get good hits with it.
  22. Are you looking for an eventual permanent solution? Because unless you are going to re-shaft and adjust with a insert weight, the only way to add weight to the head end other than tape would be tungsten powder down the shaft. I adjusted a putter with powder and cork. You can do that with irons as well.
  23. I second @saevel25's recommendation to start a swing thread. I'll also add that you should get this book: Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW! FWIW I don't think heavy lifting is the reason your golf swing isn't where you want it to be, unless you just don't have the time to devote to both activities.
  24. start a my swing thread here, https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ Here are some good threads to look into,
  25. Yes to choking down, I even shortened the shaft by an inch. Contact is the biggest issue. Lack of practice and especially off sidehill, uphill or downhill lies... I can get into a rhythm any time I am at the range and hit it about 220. I can never get this good on the course, and no matter what I am hitting it with a tendency to be low trajectory. Not holding a green. Big part of the expected improvement switching to two hybrids would be an uplift in my practice efficiency. Right now, if I dedicate time to 3 wood practice it is at the expense of short game, iron or driver practice. If I carry two hybrids, that is one less thing to need to get comfortable with, I would think. It seems like an easy decision, so I wonder why nobody else seems to go this route. You look at WITB on tour, you normally see one fairway wood, not zero. Caveat being they carry a bit more loft, like 16.5 instead of 15°. And, not everyone rolls with 4 wedges like me, so they have space. The second thing I wonder is why some clubmakers don't even bother selling hybrids below 18°. if you follow I would be in the market for a 2-hybrid and this seems like a rare product. My 4-iron is 24°, so my two hybrids could be 21° and 18° but basically I already have a 20° so 17° seems like the right one. If most companies don't produce it, it feels like I am in the wrong somehow.
  26. HJJ003

    2019 Newport Cup

    Man I hope to be good enough for this one day.
  27. DaveP043

    2019 Newport Cup

    I'll be following closely. For those who may be new to TST, or who haven't paid attention to previous Newport Cup competitions, I can tell you that this event is just about the most fun I've ever had related to golf. I have met players from all over the country, and I feel like each one became a new friend. Thanks in advance to @mvmac and @iacas for all the hard work I know it must take to put this together. One small detail, Erik, the Newport Cup webpage needs to be updated just a bit, it doesn't show the winner of the 2017 competition.
  28. If one goes to the USGA site and looks at what is offered on the worldwide handicap system, due to debut in less than a year, the information is a bit vague. This leads me to believe there continues to be negotiations and tweeks to the formula being proposed. The article shared by @Rulesman from the Australian golf association had the most details, as far as I could see. What we know (or think we know) - Changes from the current USA system 1. Currently the formula takes the 10 best differentials of the most recent 20. The new formula will be the best 8 of 20. That will tend to lower handicap indices initially. 2. Currently a player needs at least five 18 hole differentials (or the equivalent combination of 9 hole differentials) in order to have a USGA index. This will change to three (54 holes). 3. The current maximum indices are 36.4 (M) and 40.4 (F). The new maximum will be a course handicap (not index) of 54. 4. Currently there is no adjustment for varying playing conditions. In 2020, there will be an adjustment made to differentials scored on days when the conditions are considered to be abnormally difficult. The details are missing but it is thought the adjustments will be relatively small. 5. Currently, the ESC is based on a player's course handicap. There is a table that displays the ESC for each range of course handicaps. The new ESC maximums will be based on what a player's "net double bogey" would be. In the past a player with an 8 course handicap just took double on whatever hole they experienced a disaster. Now one needs to consider the hole's handicap rating. As an "8" course handicapper, when the easiest hole on the course is a par 4, take a 6 (no strokes so net double is 6). Hardest hole is a par 4, take a 7 (1 stroke given so a net double is 7). This is a bit more complex so entering scores into the computer "hole by hole" might allow the computer program to figure out where you get strokes and what the ESC should be. If one calculates ESC manually, knowing the hole's handicap ranking will be mandatory. 5. The article from Australia talked about a "soft cap" of "3". The USGA talks about a "memory". Essentially, there will be a system that compares one's lowest 12 month index against your current index. If your current index is more than 3.0 higher than the 12 month low, you will be adjusted down. The adjustment will be 50% of the difference between your 12 month low +3 and the computed index (clear as mud?). An example is best. Bob's 12 month low index is 12.5. The latest index computation shows him to be 17.3. That is more than 3.0 higher than his 12 month low so his index is adjusted down. 17.3 - 12.5 = 4.8 4.8 - 3.0 = 1.8 1.8 x .50 = .9 Bob's adjusted index is 16.4 (12.5 + 3.0 + .9). I think I have this right but absolutely check me on this item. 6. The article from Australia talked about a "hard cap" of 5. I take that to mean that a player's current index can never be more than 5.0 higher than his/her 12 month low. 7. Again, the Australian article states that the ".93" factor will remain unchanged. In the USA the formula uses a .96 "bonus for excellence". If the Australian article is correct AND the formula is the same worldwide, we will have a .93 "bonus for excellence". As our club's handicap chairman I have a keen interest in all this. No doubt there will be some changes and new wrinkles before 2020. If anyone comes across new information, be sure to share it here. Thanks!
  29. I can second that, the course where I work would have a very difficult time implementing a dress code, it would hurt business as it is a municipal course. It is interesting to see the difference in golfers though throughout the day at my course. You first have the early morning "senior contingent" most wear collared shirts, but I would not classify most of them as dressing "nice". These are the guys who always walk, never buy anything, and like to play 18 holes in 2.5 hours and go home. Then you have the mid morning "serious players" who dress to the nines, hit a large bucket to warm up, play the back tees (although 95% aren't good enough) and have 100 different bets going at one time. They like to hang around after the round in the bar. Then around 1:00 you have the "general public" who come in with the tee shirts, sweats, jeans, street clothes etc. They play slow as molasses, but the course makes the most money off them because they all take carts, they all eat, and they drink the beer cart dry. Implementing a dress code would run off many of the afternoon players, so it would make no sense. I won't go into specifics, but my boss makes no money off of greens fees, all his profit comes from carts, range, food/drink, and merchandise. He loves afternoon play!
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    • View this round on GAME GOLF We played fourball;  took 19 holes to finish.  I deleted the 19th, should I have kept it in the round?  I wasn't sure how it would affect things.  
    • Day 24.  Played Fourball with partner.  We won and are onto the finals for our club's fourball championship   As for my round, some of the high scores I can blame on "it's fourball and I did something risky because it made sense at the time." View this round on GAME GOLF Some, I cannot. At some point, I wonder if some of the conventional wisdom about how match play shots to decide is different from stroke play applies to my flight.  Maybe I should employ my strategy for a typical stroke play round during the upcoming match play tournament. 
    • Koepka earned just over $7 last year and over $5 so far this year. Plus commercial endorsements and appearance money. Maybe he is that rigid in his thinking. He makes the choice of what equipment he plays. If he's comfortable with his gear, those major exemptions are worth big bucks. If he's comfortable with his gear maybe he does win his 10 plus majors.  He seems a guy that has a goal. We all have egos. His might just be majors and maybe he is able to scrape by on $20 or more a year, until his share price really explodes and  someone throws $100 at him.    
    • My current bag has a 5-way divider and my previous bag had a 6-way divider.  I think these are more than enough.  I understand people who want 14-way dividers, but 3 to 4 clubs max in a divider is simple enough.  For me weight is not an issue as I use a trolley or a caddie.  I have literally never carried my own bag.  One of the advantages of cheaper labour I guess

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