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  1. It's a bit strange you are seeking a career advise from strangers. You should seek that kind of advise from your parents/coach or someone more close to you and knows you a lot better than from an internet forum. JMHO.
  2. I think chronically slow people or groups will just be slow about everything. If your group takes a 'pace of play' attitude, this wouldn't be an issue as they'd get ready for putts while others are putting, the flag could come in or out as preferred if they just help each other (until they all learn to just keep the damn thing in all the time). It's a 4-some - there is plenty of people there to just be aware and forward looking - pull and replace the pin for each other, plan and prep in parallel, rake the bunker for each other if you're already out, park the cart where you can just walk off to it, pick up the flag and each other's clubs when it's more efficient to do so, watch where each others' shots land, ready golf - STOP standing around for each shot of the other guys, get to your ball and be ready to hit, or decide you don't need to take turns at all, just play and stay out of each others' line. it can be calm, it doesn't have to be rushed. But when you see a foursome drive up to ball one, he takes a minute, then they drive to the ball two, and he takes a minute, .......sigh.... It's literally just being aware and courteous to each other. Instead of oblivious and self focused. it takes zero effort. It doesn't even have to be fast as possible, it just has to be fast enough to keep up with the group in front of you. there's no discussion - If I'm putted out and this group shows signs of being indecisive, I just grab the pin and ask the next guy - "in or out" while he's lining up. He's not slowed down. Ditto for the next guy. Cripes, caddy for each other a little.
  3. Yes. your fitting is very close to what I got a few years ago. It wasn't with Edel, but a very good fitter in NH. He lengthen my shaft to 35.5, which is long for my height and flatten my lie with my existing putter. Later, I picked up another used putter and made it the exact same specs.
  4. David in FL

    Mercy Rule?

    What kind of game? That’s one reason to play match play. Once someone’s out of the hole and hits their ESC, they pick up and move on. The only reason to keep banging your head against the wall would be in a pure stroke play format. Even then I’d tell him to move on with the understanding that he just lost all stroke play bets. FWIW, someone who can’t carry 150 yards should probably either be playing different tees, or not be playing for money at all.
  5. It was my understanding that the new rule allowing the flagstick to be left in was intended to speed up play. I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding that it's causing just the opposite effect. One person in the foursome might want it in while others might want it out. Personally, I would prefer to keep it in all the time but some other guys I've been playing with want it in on downhill putts and out on uphill putts. Most everyone is OK with it in on long putts but once closer to the hole opinion varies. Personally, I find those testy 3 and 4 footers easier with the stick in, yet I've heard others say the hole "feels smaller" that way. The end result is there is a constant shuffling of the stick in and out, in and out which is causing more time to be taken on the green than previously. I'm wondering what others are experiencing.
  6. Go out to play 9 alone. On each hole hit 4..5 balls with different Irons. Keep track of the yardages with each club and at the end of the round you will have a good idea. I normally round up irons distances in numbers divisible by 5. After that each club hit 10 yards more or less than the other. Remember than even a pro have from the fairway around a 15 yards gap between a perfect shot and a little mishit with the same club. Don´t bother remembering that a 6I carry 161 and a 7I carry 152. Just remember... 6I 160 and 7I 150 average carry. Do the same for each wedge and wood. That´s it!
  7. And they may not for awhile. In the last five years he’s made three cuts. Thats more than Tiger Woods. 🙂
  8. I think golfers interested in their distances should be more concerned about their carry yardages. I say this because on any given day, on any course, the roll, after the carry is going to be different. Perhaps the turf is drier, or wetter. Firmer or softer. Maybe the turf is freshly mowed....or not. Too many vaiables can have an effect on the after carry roll. If the golfer has a good grasp of their carry yardages, they can then anticipate over all yardages by factoring in the couse conditions for that round. The only thing that can effect one's carry yardage is the weather. Most golfers can account for different weather conditions with swing, and/or club selection. I am fortunate enough to live by an open area that has very soft sand I can use for a landing area. The ball will usually just sort of plug in the sand. There is very little roll, if any. I get reliable carry yardages using the sand, gps, and my range finder.
  9. I can’t speak to your particular surgery, but I know 3 avid golfers who had total knee replacements. All right handed, 2 left knee and one right knee. All were back playing within 12 weeks or so, and all completely back to “normal” in far less than 6 months. Switching to Lefty would likely take longer than that to reach any kind of proficiency, if it even ever happened. Plus the need for new clubs. Sorry, I just can’t see that as any kind of reasonable “solution” to a relatively minor, short-term issue.
  10. Agreed. I need to do this again, but we used to go to a pretty flat par 5 and drop 10 balls or so at a specific distance to the flag and take the average.
  11. Both of those two posts you posted have nothing to do with SuperSpeed Golf, the protocols, progress following the protocols, etc. The original question about wrist soreness was relevant because it was related to something specific that happened when doing the SuperSpeed training. You going off on a tangent about comparing grip pressure of amateurs to PGA tour players and then posting a separate link to 5 techniques to improve grip strength have absolutely nothing to do with SuperSpeed golf, which is why I said they are off topic. And no, you didnt answer the question, because the question was asking if anyone has experienced wrist soreness when doing the Superspeed program, and since you haven't done the SuperSpeed program, there's no way you could possibly have provided a relevant on topic answer. It's not a big deal and it happens sometimes on the forum, but we generally try to keep things on topic as much as possible.
  12. You can just look at Google Maps Street View and see for yourself. It looks like your typical Georgia suburb, other than a shopping plaza named after The Masters and lots of shops that use green colored signs, Route 28, Washington Road, looks like any other thoroughfare in suburbia USA. Like many others, I also imagined a more bucolic surrounding. Google Maps Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.
  13. If you have a range finder, use it to measure the distance. Grab each club, hit 10 balls and take the average. Eliminate outliers which could include fat, or excessively thin shots. Do that with each club . BTW...check out Lowest Score Wins :LSW
  14. Because no one at Augusta has had the talk with him yet.
  15. Absolutely. At my peak i was playing +3 golf and still wasn't really competitive against any level of professional player. Or even the elite amateurs like Spieth, Folwer etc... Id say the distance in skill between me (as a scratch player) and an average tour pro is the same between me and a 20 handicap. They're that good. Id advance to sectionals in US open qualifying back in my glory days and be made to feel like a chop by guys who where barley hanging on in the web tour.. With hard work and dedication i suppose anything is possible. But realistically i think you're looking at a career as a local PGA professional or mini tour player at your age. Perhaps the champions tour. I think if you consistently played at a plus level, you'd might be able to make some decent cheese as PGA pro. Some of those guys make over 50k a year on course in addition to their club pro gigs.
  16. Wedges are supposed to go high. If you putting a bona fide full swing on them, they will go very high. 100 yds for a 56* is above average in in line with Tour players. You should be most concerned with where the ball ends up in relation to the hole.
  17. I carry 47, 52 and 58 degree wedges. I hit my 47 about 130 yards in the air. I can expect about 1-2 yards of check or release on it depending on green conditions. I very rarley take full swings my 52 and 58. The focus with your wedges should be controlling spin and trajectory, not so much pure distance. You could come out of your shoes to hit a GW 120 yards, sure. But it would likely have so much spin on it you'd lose that distance once the ball landed and spun back.
  18. I love The Masters, but Jimmy Roberts, I ain't nowhere near gonna sell my soul to attend the dinner. Hyperbolic a little? Got this from the Instagram account.
  19. Yeah.. In match play anyway. In medal play you only have yourself to blame if distractions are affecting your game. But in match play if i see that banter is irritating my opponent ill talk to him even more. Especially if he's beating me.. 😆
  20. Yep, fantasy. Sorry. The difference between a 6hcp and scratch is enormous. The difference between scratch and +3 is even greater, and the difference between +3 and a PGA Tour Pro is greater yet. The commercials are right. Those guys are ridiculously good! Golf is a great game, and one that you can play for a lifetime. There are also plenty of opportunities to make a living in and around the game without playing for your paycheck. Enjoy it for what it is.
  21. I played golf yesterday with a couple of friends I have played with for years. I actually don't play much with them anymore because one of the guys hits numerous balls. He's literally one of those guys who will hit three or four tee shots until he gets a good one. He usually does not hold up play so usually it's not a big deal but after about 12-13 holes of this,I start to lose interest in playing. Yesterday took well over four hours to play on a golf course that I really don't like so that made it even tougher (because of the groups in front of us). I hardly ever shoot a good score when I play with them and I feel bad because I don't like playing with them as much as I used to. The last five or six holes yesterday all I wanted to do was quit and go get a beer. I do like talking to them so it's one of those rounds that I just don't put too much thought into. I literally don't think I lined up yesterday on the whole back nine or even made a practice swing. I guess I should just see if we can meet up for beer and wings instead of golf from now on.
  22. FWIW, my wife and I played with a very close friend of ours two weekends ago. Our friend never stopped talking, even when she was hitting! It was making me crazy. I think I will wear earplugs next time.
  23. I have been playing them too, and I must admit that this iron is really soft to play with. I was enjoying every second of playing it. Great choice!
  24. He plays because he wants to play. Most of the older, previous champions play without any realistic chance at winning. Like Russ said, wouldn't you play at Augusta if you could? The old champions do not take up any exemption spots, so the number of oldies that show up has no effect on the field of players that can potentially win it. From Wikipedia:
  25. New member, just found this thread. Started hitting balls in1964 at 8 yrs old. By the time I was 16 I was an A player in the Men's game at the course I grew up on . Turned Pro after school and played for a living for 12 years. I my opinion, the ability to play very well inside 100 yards and putting seperate the good players from the others. Length is a contributing factor, but short game is a determining factor. It is all about how fast did you get it in the hole.
  26. Leupold offered you that because your out of warranty rangefinder failed? Damn, that’s generous!
  27. So I ended up doing an Edel fitting and learned a lot from it. Turns out I aimed my current putter dead on. The fitter tried different sight lines and none got me on better than the same line setup. We then moved to the distance control. Turns out the weighting of my current putter was very close to what he fit me into. What did change was he fit me into a slightly longer shaft and a flatter lie. Question is if I wanted to adjust my current putter to the correct lie would it be the same for what I was fit to?
  28. Yes it is playable. However a Corvair ain't a Corvette.
  29. Thanks. It's not even HD, though, eh?
  30. I think maybe I should have worded it better, I don't blame the guys for my game but found it harder mentally as I've never come across it before in the excess nature.. Also in no ways did the guys I played with have issues with me trying to focus on my at times woeful game on the day, of course, after the game we had a few drinks certainly enjoyed each other company and will likely be paired up together in the future... I personally think it was a combination of factors on the day...I didn't get the best sleep the night before and trying my best to focus on my game but let outside factors get to my game. last game I see was 6.9 HC diff so certainly going in the right direction
  31. Having played the hole, I have sympathy for him. The hotel is uncomfortably close for right handed slicers (and lefty hookers). Plus there are quite a few broken windows (low on the building, not the rooms). And if there are people like my group, lots of people on the hotel's observation deck offering encouragement.
  32. David in FL

    Mercy Rule?

    A stableford format is a form of net stroke play that also limits the “damage” of a single blowup hole as well as providing an opportunity to pick up and move on in that event. It might be another option to consider...
  33. I've taken aimpoint. I liked it. I think it made me a better putter. Makes you think about reading breaks differently. however, unless you are a horrible putter, your game will be much more improved by adding 10mph of swing speed. just a lot more value from an extra 20yds off the tee vs. making 10% more 8-foot putts. It's not terribly hard to become a decent putter, just go practice. However, it's impossible to hit the ball 20 yds further, unless you have some measurable and effective practice method to teach you to swing 10% faster. go with Superspeed, my guy. I'm yet to read a review from anyone on this site that suggests it didn't work for them. Edit:: I didn't read the responses before I posted. Looks like I'm in the minority. I guess, you'll have to reflect on your own game to make this decision. where do you need the help?
  34. As long as the ball is in bounds, and not in a penalty area, she would get relief, an "animal hole" is an "abnormal course condition". For details review Rule 16. You should also look at the Interpretations for Rule 16, since the location of the ball (under a bunker, near OB lines, etc) can have some impact on where you take your relief. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=16
  35. Maybe a little of this this weekend. Do I ever get tired of watching this? No.
  36. NM Golf

    Mercy Rule?

    The people behind you hate you. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^
  37. Lowest Score Wins. https://lowestscorewins.com/
  38. mcanadiens

    Mercy Rule?

    Money is money. He'll have to keep at it until the hole is conceded one way or another. That's part of the reason I stay away from money games and places with forced carries.
  39. About 9 years ago, I was on a par 3 and hit the top of the ball with the bottom of the hozel. I proceeded to bounce the ball into my body.
  40. That iron was produced from 1981-1984. Cast, 2nd tier product.
  41. The raised lettering suggests that this is a cast club, so certainly not old or collectable. Older iron clubs were all forged, with markings stamped into them.
  42. "Perfect number" is in the hole, I'm a convert to the closer is better school. But having said that, I feel pretty good with a "comfortably full" swing with my shortest wedge, and that goes about 80 to 85 yards.
  43. Just got back from the golf trip. Really happy with how I played overall. Shot a 77 in my only round where we played our own individual ball. The round started out rough with 2 doubles in the first 3 holes, but included 4 birdies, the most I have ever made in a round. That was the best driving round I have ever had, my distance was up compared to last year, probably due to SuperSpeed training, and in the Driving category on GameGolf, I gained 1.63 strokes compared to a scratch golfer. I played the par 5s in 3 under par, and was on the green in 2 shots twice after really solid 5 and 6 irons, and was 2 inches from holing out from 36 yds for eagle for the other par 5 that I birdied. View this round on GAME GOLF Putting was really solid all weekend as well, my buddies mentioned how it seemed like every putt had a chance to go in. I was really focusing on keeping my head still throughout the stroke, I noticed a few weeks ago that I actually moved my head and followed the putter on the way back with my eyes. We played a couple different formats in our other rounds, and in one of the rounds, I smoked one drive that went 340 yds, and another one that was 310. I also chipped in twice from just off the green for birdies in other rounds as well. I felt comfortable with the new grip and how the club sits at address, and I tried to focus on the hand path as well on the backswing, but I know I still need more work with that. Direction was fine with the irons, they were pretty straight for the most part, contact was a bit inconsistent though, I could definitely feel when I had the proper axis tilt and hand depth. Excited to keep working at the swing and really happy with the results I'm seeing so far.
  44. 30 FT shot from the fringe with the putter.
  45. Hey, just a friendly heads up, you're way out of your element here. The guy you're disagreeing with here can back everything up with hard science. Everyone aims differently and there are ways of adjusting for that so that a golfer is able to confidently aim knowing that the face is aimed where he thinks it's aimed. I putted for years with a putter that had me lined up 2 FEET out from 10 feet out, but I thought I was aimed where I was intending. I don't mean to be argumentative, but you're wrong, it's NOT "all about imagination and touch".
  46. Yeah I'm excited for the weather to break so I can get out on the course and see what impact it has on my game. And yes based on my experiences with it I recommend it as long as you purchase the swing speed radar too. I had the sticks months before I had the radar and I found it was really difficult to stay motivated and gauge my progress since I didnt know how fast each swing was.
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    • Not really a good option when the teesheet is packed.  They would have to let every group behind them play through. That's why I ask how many of y'all have marshaled a tough course on a busy day . . . . you will hear every excuse in the book.  One of my favorites was a cigar-smoking, smart-talking older guy who had 3 young bucks in his group.  They had held up a 2-some all day, and at the third visit from me, on the 12th tee, he read me the riot-act with some choice, colorful words, saying it was the course's fault for allowing 2-somes to play.  He said he paid twice what they paid, so he was playing the way he wanted. I went back and talked to the 2-some, a husband and wife, and told them they would have to go around that foursome. Not long later I saw them at their car.  They were not upset, but they quit and came in because they did not want to upset the 4-some. See, that's when  I'd like to be able to pull out my tablet and see if they wanted to re-play at a discount. BTW, some 2-somes, often couples, won't book unless we block the other two slots at their tee time.     Wow!  Never heard of that, no-hole-skipping rule. & funny how some slow groups speed up when you play through.
    • Not sure about the other two, but I'm not technically allowed to do that. Mind you, nobody would have caught me if I did. One of the many rules we sign off on with a City of Dayton, OH privilege pass includes not skipping holes. For better or worse, I tend to be rule follower. I suppose given the layout of the course and my being on foot, it would have been a bit awkward anyway. We make the move, they speed up and we hit the next tee at the same time.
    • My instructor tells me that the more golf I play, the more I need to take lessons, not just to get better, but to make sure I don’t develop any bad habits unknowingly. I play 4-5 rounds a week and see my instructor every other week for swing checks. I have bad days on the course and will get frustrated - I usually stop golfing and see my pro right away instead of trying to figure it out myself.  Do you have anyone you are working with? I find it beneficial to have lessons regularly. I see it like a car tuneup - car is running fine but you still get an oil change/service regularly just to make sure things are doing well. Same thing with golf.
    • It was 75° the day before yesterday, and it's 10° now. Why didn't you guys skip a hole and go around the ball-shaggers?
    • Without seeing your swing, you might want to feel like you start the downswing with some right wrist bend, maybe even feel like you hold that wrist bend through the swing.  Others like to feel the left hand be flat, but I prefer to feel the right wrist bend back to start my downswing, and then I release it through the shot for some snap.

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