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  1. So, yeah… (For the record I wasn’t sleeping.)
  2. You want to play better? Let me tell you a tale. 30 years ago I was still playing for a living. I was talked into giving a ladies clinic at my home club by the Resident Pro. There I met my wife. Bad swing, could not ever break 100. 3 years later she won the club championship 2 years in a row. If you're over 35 you are never gonna hit enough balls to change your swing. Find a 'player' to show you how to 'play' golf with what you got. Never fight your tendencies, don't make 5 trying to make 3 when 4 is good enough .Quit trying to hit shots you can not hit. If you play fade, always play fade!! This game is 1st Tee to 18th hole, least shots. That's it!! practice chips, putts, pitches. 10 more yards with driver will not change nothing! This ain't hard boys, you wanna break 100,90,80.... Hit 10,000 balls or play your fade and learn to chip, pitch and putt. luv ya guys, just trying to help. example: if you're 5' 6" you can't dunk, so you spend lots of time shooting from the free throw line. you gotta play with what you got!! Yep, I've been drinking, but the advice is sound. ;)
  4. It's the age where we all hike our belts up to our neck, get our AARP card, and complain about being too cold in a 78 degree room.
  5. What's TV? Asking for 75M millennials.
  6. At 60, I spend 90% of my money on beer, golf, and women. The rest I just waste...
  7. I played with our Bridgestone rep late January when we had a somewhat of a decent weather day for January. He gave me a few of the new E-12's that day and told me the ball had been tested in Japan last year and Bridgestone was overwhelmed with response for the popularity and sales. The E-12 Sotf and E-12 Distant will replace the E-6 ball this year and should be available in the US market in March. The website indicates - I only played a couple of holes and was immediately impressed. I have not had a chance to play them since then, just waiting until conditions become better. I wrote a review on the E-6 a few years back when they were introduce. Bridgestone has made small significant changes/improvements each year and I played them more on a regular basis. Anyone who tries the New E-12 Soft will notice immediately the soft feel. While only hitting a few shots that day, I felt it preformed better than the E-6, IMO.
  8. Waiting for the Honorary Starters to hit a ball, the unofficial start to spring (except for the snow on the ground this morning) I'm not saying I'm excited...but
  9. Yes, it's true that they discontinued the golf ball fitting program in 2016, which was a decision made by the President/CEO who had just joined the company at that time. He has since been replaced by the former Executive VP who started the Bridgestone Challenge originally. At the beginning of this year they announced a new version of the ball fitting program would be launched in spring in select Sunbelt markets, and expand to nationwide this summer. They will be adding approach shots data to the fittings, which is something that was talked about as far back as 2007. A lot of guys used to like to run through fitting every year to check progress, or confirm they were still playing the correct ball. We used to enjoy seeing familiar faces when we arrived at courses we went to on a regular basis! Your assessment from your testing is pretty spot-on. The B-330 Series was outstanding in windy conditions, and for some players the RX was tougher to control downwind because it didn't spin as much as the other models, which is also why you would get those shots that went long. Your comments about the RX is something I used to hear quite a bit. Players would "complain" about the lower spin rates of the RX, and some actually looked at this as an indication of a lower quality ball (not suggesting this is what you are saying Rat). The original version of the RX which was released in 2008 was a noticeably higher spinning ball than subsequent versions. This is because initially it was the only high performance model for players who had a swing speed under 105 mph. In 2010 when the RXS was introduced, the spin on the RX was reduced to create more separation between the two models. Otherwise there wouldn't be enough of a difference between the RX and RXS. So even though the RX was likely the lowest spinning urethane ball on the market at the time, it performed exactly the way it was designed to. For players who wanted/needed more spin than the RX provided, they could choose the RXS. Just a little insight.
  10. To give you an idea of the types of scores PGA Tour players shoot, here is Phil Mickelson's USGA handicap sheet from 2013: As you can see, Phil was a +5.2 but had been as low as +7.2 (very stout). Remember, a Tour player's game has to travel. These guys shoot low numbers on courses they aren't familiar with, or they see one week each year. That's hard. These are scores Phil posted in Tour events as well as at his home course. Get this...Phil's brother carries a +3.7, and he's not even a pro! At one point around 2005 or 2006 Tiger's handicap was calculated to be +7.9. Jim Furyk had the next lowest handicap at +6.7. If they were playing in a 4-day handicapped event, Tiger would have to spot Furyk 5 shots for the tournament! Some other examples (from 2013): Aaron Baddeley +6.2; Martin Kaymer +5.8; Kevin Streelman +6.2; Paul Casey +4.6; Billy Mayfair +5.2; Chez Reavie +4.5; and Geoff Ogilvy+6.2. It's been roughly calculated that the guys on the bottom of the money list who barely keep their card are at about +4.0.
  11. Bridgestone used to be at our course every year on Demo Day. Then they eliminated the program, so I was told. I knew the guys who presented the fitting and would talk with them every year. I also liked that I could check my stats to compare as I was growing older and losing a few yards. Their marketing strategy was good, a website which was informative and face to face with the consumers. For years our rep would throw a sleeve of Bridgestone balls at me when we golfed together. I told him, I would play the ball IF it had a softer cover. Finally after years of web surveys, they finally produced a soft feel product. I frequently test multiple brands on course. I test them on various holes under different wind directions and wind speeds. IMO, they all are comparable in distance and most produced decent spin. They held the course in strong head and side winds. My only complaint was the RX did not hold greens very well on down wind conditions. I occasionally had shots down wind carry way too far, like 20 yards over the back of a green. Other than a few mishaps, Bridgestone has very good products. I really like the New E-12 ball.
  12. I wouldn't let it bother me, mainly because the complainer didn't come to me first. Also how does the board member actually know if the OP is talking too much? Just taking the word of a complainer without the knowlege of what is actually going on is not being a good board member. If I had been the board member, I would have asked the complainer if he had talked to the OP first. If he said "no", I would've told him to try that first. Best to handle things man to man is my standing motto.
  13. Heck, even when I'm out on the course by myself, I'm still holding a conversation with the other voices in my head !!!!
  14. What are you fitness goals for the new year? For myself I would like to: 1) Drop 40 to 50 pounds. I'm currently 275 and would love to get to 225. 2) Increase flexibility. Really need to do this to help my golf swing goals. 3) Increase core strength. 4) Work out 4 to 5 times weekly.
  15. How far I hit my wedges really depends on the situation. Pin in front with lots of room to run it up - too long. Back pin with penalty area guarding the green - too short. Lying seven and out of the hole due to ESC - just right.
  16. Who the hell dressed Brooks and Spieth today? Yikes.
  17. If Tiger could have putted better early on he'd have a 3 stroke lead.
  18. And he got here by winning last week as a Monday qualifier!
  19. He had a good run. Maybe next year.
  20. Duct tape ‘em and put ‘me down in the basement!
  21. This shot was into the wind, a little uphill, Dark Sky showed 13 mph wind gusts, hole is ~400 yards and had 175 to center green, ball just off left side of fairway, pretty good lie, pretty good look at the pin, on a good day, I'll have 160 to center pin. Although drive landed in a decent spot, I absolutely hate this swing. Shaft is a little flat from A2, you can see at A4 shaft is tipping out, hands are going out to ball too quickly from A4, also, I'm early extending and chicken winging. Back to the drawing board, will go to range, get that shaft a little more vertical from A2, that should help with the tipping out, need to feel more left armpit pinned at A4, need to relax the arms and let them straighten out post A7, also stay more in inclination - flatter shaft from A4 will help with that. Golf is hard. This swing doesn't exactly match the range swing. Gah. This sucks balls.
  22. I respectfully disagree. I'm pushing 50 and have made several changes to my swing. Very dramatic changes in the last 2 years alone. Are you implying that course management will make a bigger impact on your score than learning to "hit the ball better"? Again, I respectfully disagree. I do think course management is important. I also agree with only playing shots you know how to hit. I think learning to hit better shots is more important. I love it. Posting online golf advice after drinking is a much much smarter move than calling up old girlfriends and leaving creepy voicemails after drinking.... Not that I'd know. It's just what I've heard.
  23. If I'm playing with folks I'd don't know, I'll keep relatively quiet, giving kudos to a quality shot with a simple "nice", or "good putt". But of the 30 or so guys I play with on a regular basis, 90% are into humor, with stinging comments for a shank or Stevie Wonder putt. Thin skinned need not apply. Three things about a round of golf; How you play Where you play With whom you play................and the first two are overrated.
  24. This is tough for me. I’m big into weightlifting and hate to skip a day. Honestly need to back off the weights as it seems I am over working myself with golf and lifting. I’m also getting married in October and want to cut some weight prior. Right now I’m around 235 and 215-220 would be a much better weight for me. Would prob do wonders for my flexibility and golf swing without hindering my distance too much!
  25. I'm getting nothing done today. My students are gonna love it. Roll out the balls and leave me alone to watch the Masters. "It's the most wonderful time of the year".......
  26. Ben

    How good is a +4.2?

    A legitimate +4.2 is no doubt PGA TOUR worthy, the grinder that keeps his status making enough money and finishes the season safely under the 125 mark. Playing a 20 something year old +4.2 at the course your friend grew up on, your friend may keep pace, not to mention may actually beat him. I've actually had played in the exact scenario myself. However, there is a clear reason I'm am still a golf professional, and those guys are still professional golfers on the PGA Tour. To put this simply, the commercial we've all seen said it all "These guys are good". And even though the player in your scenario is a 20something on the Asian Tour, he got there for a reason. To answer your question, I'd say, playing a course hes never seen, he could realistically shoot anywhere from 6under to 2over. No matter what, he'd still beat your friend. I share that prediction with confidence because I've been in that very spot. I've played a number of past and current PGA Tour players on my turf. I held my own, but only because of my local knowledge. I'm still working as a golf professional, while they are still making their living as a professional golfer.
  27. I’m no expert on these matters but it sounds like you got some rather incomplete fittings done? Static mixed with a little dynamic? Was it with a monitor? Do you know if the Mizuno fitting is going to use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer tool? Don’t buy clubs if you don’t like how they look or feel regardless if the give better numbers. If the numbers are amazingly better then you’ll have a difficult decision. I recommend you take the Titleist 718 AP1 vs the Mizuno Hot Metal and get some solid data. Whether your shaft is +1/2” is probably a minimal issue. I believe you’ll be fine with either club as they are both quality clubs. It may be possible that if you decide on one over the other they could do a complete fitting for you at no charge if you buy the clubs. Best of luck and cheers!
  28. The back 9 between Kupcho and Fassi was fun to watch. I saw Kupcho play a few holes at the 2018 Cdn Women's Am here.....so many US collegiate golfers competing...one would think it was a NCAA event. IMO.....this event was more about Augusta National than women's Am golf. There's wasn't any live coverage of rds 1 &2 at Champions Retreat...and few spectators at the course too at CR. The ANWA is a step in the right direction...but I don't see it haven't a significant impact to bring more girls or women into golf. This is called the Augusta National Women's Amateur....IMO...all 3 rds should be played at AN.
  29. Try this. Make your own score card. Add one stroke to every hole. Par isn't 72...it's 90. If you can convince yourself that every hole you encounter is either a par 4, par 5, or par 6...you will wonder, after the round, why breaking 90 seemed like such a challenge. It does take some mental discipline to maintain the illusion; but it pays off handsomely. After all...why use 72, as a bench mark, when you rarely break 80?
  30. Is this... fauna? 😜 Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? Asps. Very dangerous. You go first!
  31. Guys talking doesn't bother me, there were always people talking when I learned to play. I do keep quiet when guys are taking their shot and putting though. I like to be sociable and chat back and forth. I did play with one guy where you couldn't even be in his view when you were standing still. He would make comments about a bright red windshirt I had being distracting, so I made sure to wear it whenever I was playing in his group or with him.
  32. A: Not talking at all and complaining if someone is just polite and not silent is stupid. If it is as you say it is, then this guy is a dillhole. B: Make sure that you are being accurate in how you are actually acting. I have played with guys that just won't stop talking during someone's swing. Make sure you're not that guy. C- Response to this insanity is completely dependent on how much you really like playing in this group or on this course. If you like everyone else and everyone else seems to like you and you want to keep playing here then you can suck it up when you play with this guy or go talk to the board about your perception of the situation. If you really don't care about playing with this group, then the next time you get paired with this fella talk his ear off. Just never shut up. Ask him about his work, how retirement is going, his kids, his wife, his dog, his house, comment on every bit of weather, just don't stop talking EXCEPT for golf courtesy. Even then, talk to his ball while it's moving, compliment every shot effusively.
  33. recall the Lee Travino quote attributed to him as he and Nicklaus were standing on the first tee at Merion during a critical US Open round. Nicklaus went up to Trevino and said, “Lee, I do not feel like talking much today” … to which Lee replied, “That’s OK Jack, you don’t need to talk, just listen.“
  34. I have never understood the reasoning behind some player's insistence that everyone remain stock still and silent when a shot is being played. Off the tee...sure...we are all just standing around watching anyway...but on the rest of the course? If someone cannot play while someone else rakes a bunker, wipes off a club head, walks to their ball, or converses quietly with another player, then they had better get accustom to playing by themselves. How is playing a shot, on the course, any different than playing one on the range...while people mill about, talk, and swing? If anything...a casual environment is less stressful rather than more so.
  35. That's not true. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the PGA Championship gives an exemption to all previous winners who are capable and willing to play. This is why John Daly, despite not actually having a tour card, continues to play. The Open also gives an exemption to all previous champions under the age of 60. So it appears that the only major that doesn't honor it's former champions with a lifetime exemption (or rather playing age exemption) is the US Open.
  36. There's really no way to know until he would play it. All I can say is a +4.2 is damn good! Your question puts me in mind of something I read quite some time ago. Some guys asked Trevino about backing some local hotshot for a try at the Tour. How could they tell if he was good enough? Trevino told them to take the kid to 10 really good courses that he had never seen. And don't pay all that much attention to the tee to green game. Anybody that plays to that handicap can hit the full shots! Pay more attention to how quickly they adapt to the speed and breaks of the greens. A plus handicapper might be all the rage on their home turf. A real Tour pro is that on any course he sets foot on! And even they have bad weeks!
  37. improve balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio.
  38. Any fitness goals I have are specific to just looking and feeling better as I age. I'm 5' 10" and typically weigh in around 185lbs relatively lean(ish). Somehow I stopped going to the gym for almost 2yrs now and with eating less I dropped 15lbs of muscle. Currently I'm back in the gym and on a strict diet. 210grams protei no, 280grams carbs and 95grams fat. This is JUST a starting goal. I will adjust once I actually consistently get these nutrients in each day and will adjust my diet as needed after so far I have not added muscle back like I was expecting but instead staying in the low 170's but looking lean. Who knows? Maybe I'll just keep pushing my strength and if I only get to just short of 180lbs I might be fine with that golf specific fitness goals would be too get my club head speed to close to 120mph, increSe hip and shoulder flexibility
  39. Starting yoga again tomorrow. I was into hatha yoga years ago but with work travel I stopped going. Now that I am retired I'm going to get back into it, I know it will help.
  40. hope so. We don't get nearly enough coverage of Tiger practicing.
  41. I wouldn't bother. It would just bring more attention to him. He will fade like the 1000 others who claim to know Hogan's secret. Hogan's secret was simple. To play like Ben Hogan and swing like Ben Hogan, you have to be Ben Hogan.
  42. Just cause I'm a numbers nerd. The vast majority of us here aren't shooting par. Say your most common day score is 85, with 33 putts, including 2 drained outside of tap-in range and 16 tap ins, and 7 GIR. Say your average 85 comes from one tee shot OB and 3 tee shots that require recovery chips/punches back out onto the fairway, So if you assume you're not a long hitter or play courses with generally long par fives where your 3rd shot is long enough that we can call it a "full" shot, then you're taking 37 full strokes per round. You miss 11 greens, so that's 11 short game shots around the green, plus the 3 recovery shots back onto the fairway makes 14 total short game shots. But to decide how much we should practice each shot, we shouldn't consider all 85, because as Erik said, 16 of those are tap ins, and it's retarded to spend 19% of your practice time practicing putts under 18 inches. So our denominator changes, and we're only really talking about 68 shots (remember the one OB penalty stroke). Then: Full shots: 37/68 = 54.5% Short Game: 14/68 = 20.5% Putts: 17/68 = 25% You can argue about the relative return on investment for different kinds of players for these three categories, but I'd say it's pretty much a fact that overall difficulty of mastering all aspects of these three categories is (1) full shots, (2) short game, including everything from fringe chips to shots inside, say, 50 yards, (3) putting. So if you're aiming to be good in all three categories and aren't naturally much worse at one of them than the others, you want to upweight full shots and short game shots in practice time relative to putting. Take 10% of the time from putts to full shots, since they're most difficult to master and require the most work, and are the most common, and 5% of time from putts to short game, since they're more difficult than putts but not as hard as full shots overall and you don't need to hit them as often as full shots. Voila, you've exactly got Erik's 65/25/10. Obviously exact weightings and the player's specific struggles come into play, as well as goals (if you're not very talented and don't have hours each day to overcome your lack of natural ability with full shots but really enjoy playing and would like to shoot the best scores possible given your constraints, maybe you practice putting and short game more cause you just accept that your full shots are never going to get great, so you just want to make up as many shots as possible around the green). But if you have decent practice time available and decent skill and your long term goal is to become a good to excellent amateur, you're going to come up with practice time percentages somewhere pretty darn close to 65/25/10.
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    • does anybody know anything about true golf fit. the way I understand it is  online club fitting. how could this possibly work? maybe I am wrong it has happened maybe twice. anybody with any experience wit this?  
    • Right, but it’s a good way to measure your progress because the sticks don’t have a face that will rotate, giving a false sense of speed. Think of it like tracking your weights/reps in powerlifting and watching the progress over time. I recommend if you don’t have access to a launch monitor to book a session 1x/month to track your driver clubhead speed and ball speed. In between, track your stick speed and see if there is growth over time in both departments.  I agree. 
    • There is a book I liked that was published years ago.  It is called "the Inter Game of Golf" and was written by Tim Gallwey.  Probably have trouble finding it.  Mr. Gallwey was a teaching Tennis pro and decided to learn to play golf.  It is about how he applied his tennis teaching techniques to his own learning to play golf and swinging the club. I found it interesting and some of his techniques helped me.  But as @iacas said earlier in the thread, it, like most books on the mental side, tell  you how to get out of your own way when playing.  But sometime saying the same thing a different way can make more sense of it all.
    • Just because you think you are swinging fast doesn’t mean you are actually swinging fast or making speed gains for that matter. Some of my fastest swings are my most efficient swings with the sticks and conversely, when I swing my hardest, they can be quite a bit slower. Without the radar you would never know the difference. This is when bad habits creep in. Get a radar. 
    • Played the Mount Whitney course in Lone Pine, Ca today.  Just a little 9 hole affair, with lots of trees, and some what bumpy fairways.  I paid for the "all day" play they offer. Had the place to myself for the most part.  Didn't keep score. Just stroked, and putted the ball as needed. Don't even know how many holes I played.  At one point, being the only one on the course, I would just pick a flag I could see, not in rotation, and play to it.  Just a fun day. 

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