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    • Unfortunately, I recorded Saturday's action, but not Friday's. And I could not find any video replay of Reed's 5th hole Friday online. If anyone else has the recording, I would be interested to see if the video matches my recollection.  That said, I realize it would not be conclusive evidence either way. Just another thread in a line of things that make you say "hmmm...."
    • I’m a professional chef and at work I use  Victorinox knives exclusively. In terms of bang for you buck they can’t be beat. I still have a Henkel that I bought 25 years ago. It was amazing for about 5 years and still ok for another 5. It was  about 200 bucks back then. My Victorinox chefs knife is great for 2 years and still ok for 2 more. Then I give them to my junior chefs.  They cost me about 50 bucks. They have a hard day at work and in a domestic setting will still be good after 15 years no problem. At home we have some Wusthoffs. They are lovely
    • IMHO, hybrid head construction and point of hosel connection to the club head makes it tiny bit easier for it to turn over than a traditional iron for a draw clubpath/clubface face combo. Over the years I have noticed that, when I hook, my hook flight is much hookier with a hybrid than a an iron. I am sure this is the experience of many. 
    • I wasn't joking, and I really don't know how the response looks like I actually posted it (and didn't even know how to that @ thing until I just typed it now!)  I played baseball every year from little league through HS, including summer leagues, and never thought of it as a cult (but members of cults don't know they're in one, do they?)  I'm a fan of Mike Malaska and like how he can relate baseball swing concepts to the golf swing.  Wally Armstrong also relates baseball swings to golf swings in a seminar/exhibition.
    • I WANT!!! ;)
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