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    • If you want to take it one step further, wrap the whole set up above in banana leaves. It adds just a hint of that flavor making it closer to Kalua Pork. I did this for my 60th birthday in March. It was the bomb.
    • Day 136 - Played 8 2/3 today before the lightning and rain shut us down. Played ok and did the secondary axis set up. Most shots went more right than I intended. Need to go to the range and work on this some more.
    • Day 8: 28 minute golf focused workout. PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a PGA Instructor, i am only listing what i am doing as a journal log and if anyone who is a PGA Instructor wants to critique my routine and tell me where i am wrong with drills or not, please do. Stretching: hamstrings, back, shoulders and neck physical therapy routine. Swing Drills:  All drills with full swings i incorporated the izzo swing trainer band - Drill #1 cross arm drill - Drill #2 get into position to hit a Drive, place Gold Flex across hips and hold the club close to hips. Push up and lift, with power and speed, belt buckle facing target when done.  This is to increased speed and power and hitting on the way up - Drill #3 with Gold Flex, get into Driver position, then move the head of the Gold Flex to a point on the floor that is about 1 foot behind the ball.  Start the swing.  Goal is to stop outside in attack, stop slice, get back to inside out attack and more of a Draw flight.  Start: Stretching 10 swings Drill #1 10 Swings with sklz tempo grip trainer stretching Drill #2 10 swings with Gold Flex doing Drill #3 Stretching 10 swings Drill #1 10 swings with sklz tempo grip trainer stretching 10 swing motions doing Drill #2 10 swings with Gold Flex doing Drill #3 stretching 15 baseball style swings with golf flex for core - going hard forward and back. stretching at the end. My right shoulder is feeling better and better and getting stronger.  My neck pain is getting under control again and i am starting to make a full round without my neck hurting as well.    
    • Sad. I really enjoyed watching him.
    • A 20 handicap isn’t going to shoot 90 teeing off only with a 7i. That’s discussed at length in this post:  

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