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    • Fine golfer and perpetual jerk. Aggressive little man with a complex, who has not improved with age.
    • Scarier than the buck is that US Open rough!
    • Pretty large buck just chilling by the tee box...
    • 9/27/2020 - Pebble Beach Golf Links View this round on GAME GOLF Bucket-list stuff here.  I mean...this pic says it all: Some highlights: 1st Hole The tee shot is nerve-racking!  Lots of folks milling around watching...and it's awkward because you can't hit driver.  I NAILED it...smooth 3-hybrid, 226 yards, into the first cut on the right.  :)  Got a few "nice shots" from onlookers.  I hit into a deadly steep bunker but got it out and saved the bogey.  Whew.   4th Hole The first hole where you're right up next to the ocean.  It's seriously hard to concentrate.  I crushed my drive, right down the middle...my pitch shot was a little chunky but my lag from the fringe was within 5' and I sank the par putt. \   7th Hole Pictures don't do this one justice.  Standing on the tee...the temperature must have dropped 10 degrees just from the cool breeze...and it feels like you're on the edge of the world.  According to our caddie, we had a very odd breeze (towards the ocean) so it was playing like a 75 (!) yard shot.   I pulled my wedge a little, and hit it long...but managed to get up-and-down for one of the most memorable pars I'll ever make.   8th Hole This was my favorite hole on the course.  I mean...seriously...this was the view of my approach shot: I hit a perfect iron off the tee...but I got scared of the water on my approach and pulled it way left.  Hit a GREAT pitch shot from way above the hole and two-putted for bogey.   18th Hole After a 45 on the front nine, I sorta fell back to earth.  Played really badly on the "inland" holes.  My drive on 18 made up for it: I hit my best drive of the day.  271 yards, with a little draw, and almost carried the tree on the fly (from the white tees, but who's counting).   Even a topped 4-wood couldn't ruin it (I had to go for the green!)..and I sunk a 10-footer to end the round with a bogey.    
    • Yes it will help. Without being able to fully shift left and straighten the leg, it's going to be tough.

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