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    • I'm a couple of episodes in myself. I hope they get deeper into the football side but I understand that personal dramas drive these shows. Also watching The Crown. Terrific show that I've enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. I read it is Netflix' more expensive production, and it shows. Great cast. Just watched the first episode of Season 3 tonight and the cast changes (the story jumps ahead) are a little disconcerting at first but not for long.
    • I haven’t gone through a lot of pages, so sorry if this was mentioned. But why the trigger? The drill motions in the video looks like it forces almost more sliding-like motions. I don’t know, just seems like its adding another piece to time just right at impact. 
    • I saw first hand the difference my father and a couple of the older guys at my course saw when they got fitted and went to lighter graphite shafts and more forgiving heads. They picked up yardage and they hit it more solidly. And these are good players, guys that have been single digit handicaps for 40 years.  As Erik said year to year you might not see much difference, but if you compare the technology now to technology say 10-15 years ago it's night and day. This is especially true if you are aging and you swing speed isn't what it once was.
    • Interesting.  I think my friend has more performance issues himself than the golf balls he uses. Doesn't play in tournaments.
    • Like I tell people, I am pretty good, but I don't think anyone should go and try to emulate my swing. 

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