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    • I am off to play my last round for two weeks, I am off to Hamburg, Germany in the morning to visit the wifey.( Last chemo coming up, yahoo!!!) The temps there are around 50 degrees. So I will be freezing my butt off since it is 78 here in dreary old Florida. Cool thing is I will be there for the Hamburg SV -St Pauli game!!!!!!
    • The one thing I can say I am proud of is my ability to not 3 putt very often. Im used to my greens, I know how they break for the most part and I can get  pretty close on a long putt. But that doesn't mean, my first putt is for birdie, or par for that matter.  I have and will 3 putt of course, but i'm going to step it off and try to get an average of how close I am to the pin and go from there. There are 2 options of course that are no brainers, get closer to the pin on an approach, and work on the lag putting. Im off to play in a few minutes so I will probably 3 putt every hole, thanks!
    • People have two general types of skeletal muscle fibers: slow-twitch (type I) and fast-twitch (type II). Slow-twitch muscles help enable long-endurance feats such as distance running, while fast-twitch muscles fatigue faster but are used in powerful bursts of movements like sprinting. Could the same be happening to some of us guys that do jobs where we have to work fast + harder labour since a young age build muscles that can swing a club faster ... makes sense
    • I do too.  That's why I said as much.  🙂 I won't get there either.  I don't swing very fast; wish I could!  I jump for joy when I break 160 mph once every blue moon haha.
    • It was meant as a comparison for outliers. Data points exist on both tails of a bell curve. But since you brought it up, I absolutely believe there is a genetic factor to swinging the club fast. Even if I dedicate the rest of my life to it, I doubt I will ever be able to hit a golf ball 190mph.

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