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    • Relax. I think "The Two Mindsets of Golf" or whatever is a poor title. Your post doesn't really discuss a mindset at all, and my rounds are basically never becomes "frustrating because of a few holes." But again, relax, man. You're reading something into posts that simply isn't there.
    • Havent you got that wrong... The whole purpose of commencing this thread was to simply point out that when I played along time ago (Im 73) we all played one ball. No-one did anything else. I was simply trying to courteously suggest that if anyone plays one ball it might create a bit of variety by playing MORE than one ball. Ive tried to be courteous and I get shitcanned..... Im a new member...Im seriously considering not posting any more after the pedantic welcome Ive received... Even the title to the thread was changed... How childish and authoritarian is that....     I
    • Your whole post belittles players who practice on the course saying we don’t enjoy what we do and yet you don’t play anymore.
    • If they can make one that gets you 300 yards (instead of 200) count me in.  I'm assuming it's USGA legal.  Of course.
    • Laughable...youre the one that changed the title of the thread...    
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