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    • If you gotta have a cart I think one-person carts would speed up the game a bit.
    • Well… But anyway… I get what you're saying. But understand what Scott (@boogielicious) is saying, too. 🙂
    • I think youre being pedantic. I wasnt "telling anyone how to enjoy the game" I was simply making a suggestion.
    • I found that for me the quickest surefire way to cut down on my number of putts was working like crazy on my short irons and wedges. It had the added benefit of cutting penalty strokes too. Lots of water protecting the greens on the courses I play.
    • I drive.  Almost exclusively.  For many of the reasons listed above.  I’m a good caddy!!! Always take care of my passenger.  Mess up on rare occasion, but it happens. For quite some time covid dictated no passengers.  One person per cart.   At some point I suggested to the owner of my club, who is a friend, that he buy single person carts.  I explained it probably would have an impact on the cart barn but there is other storage on premises.  Two single carts, OF QUALITY, are less than one two person cart.  I thought it was a marketing opportunity!  I would love this!  Especially since walking is not a practical option these days.  Too many surgeries, I guess.  But, I’m working on it. What do y’all think of one person carts?  Really curious what folks think.  For example, I think there is plenty of interaction on the tees and greens.  To say nothing of the 19th hole.  And, I love that aspect of the game.  But, I wouldn’t miss between shots talk. What say you??? 
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