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    • I've worked on that daily since getting this instruction.   The camera angle isn't great, but from my POV when practicing the club looks right at the top and the clubface looks ... not onto the green line, but a lot more closed than it was.   If you get a moment, can you take a look and see if this looks improved?   I'm hoping to re-join this practice routine, but I wanted to fix the big problem discovered before moving on. Thanks for the feedback, by the way -- I saw a comment from you downthread about it.  Your comments are appreciated and viewed as constructive, at least by me. 
    • Day 4.  I think I'm done re-doing the 2020April drills' day 4 drill (video about to be posted to that thread) in the short term, having made the improvement I need.  Going to aim to catch up with the thread. Today was that drill, several times, including video. 
    • Honest question: Aren't the methods used to get Covid mortality rate the same methods used for any other illness, like flu?  I.e., we don't know how many people had the flu but didn't show symptoms, or had symptoms but weren't treated, but we must have a way of estimating the accepted mortality numbers. So are the numbers for Covid any less accurate than those for the flu?  If so why, and if not then isn't it reasonable to compare Covid mortality rate numbers to those of the flu, and in so doing legitimately say Covid is at least 20x more fatal?
    • Man, that drill tired me out. And 2 minutes is a long time, haha. 

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