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    • So will the fescue start to invade the poa greens which CB will have to guard against? I went to the Tues practice rd at CB for the 2015 USO....it's a somewhat difficult walk...but no harder a walk than Lake Padden....I always want to walk....CB is a YUGE piece of property. $60-$100 is so CHEAP to play in these events.....assuming I could cross the border ....which I can't...could I play in this event and pay only $100?.....as a non-resident....if I showed up to CB it would cost me $190 in Oct.
    • Like most things in life, there's a time and place for almost anything. Gimmes are no different.  Casual , for fun rounds, where a true score is not an issue, golfers should play how ever they want. Gimmes do offer a faster pace of play in these types of round.  I do believe the unmade, picked up putt should be counted, but to each their own.  If the round being played is sanctioned, or for handicap purposes, then gimmes are a form cheating. 
    • I wasn’t singling you out. Pretty much everybody that says they tried it or are trying it hasn’t posted any info on what they are using or the result they are looking for. For you I would recommend ditching the hemp oil and getting either a broad or full spectrum cbd product. If you are worried about THC in any way get broad. If you have no issues with THC then get the full. I’m pretty sure you would see some benefit.  Green Roads is a good brand that I am familiar with. I have no vested interest in them or get anything if you buy something. 
    • https://cleanremedies.com/collections/wellness-tinctures/products/hempextract-oil-900mg?variant=34041586385029 HealX Tru-Relief 250mg Topical Balm HealXSoothe Balm - 250mg Hemp Derived CBD Uses: Topical... I presume you were somewhat referring to my post above yours in that I didn't do research or used ineffective products. These are the products I used for arthritis in my right ankle. Like I said, I really didn't notice any difference at all in pain relief.
    • I see two different issues in your scenario.  First, nobody timed the search, so you have no other choice than to utilize the information available to you, the estimates of time by yourself and the players in your group. The second issue, everyone saw your ball fly into a GUR area, the tree.  Without being there I can't say for sure, but you could have grounds to conclude that it was Known or Virtually Certain that the ball was lost in the GUR area, and you would deserve free relief.  However, if you do conclude that the ball is lost in the GUR, and put another ball in play (by dropping it), that's the ball in play, even if you find your original within the 3-minute search period.

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