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    • Heard quite a bit of talk about this on sports talk radio right after. You don't have to mic up everybody, but I'd sure pick a few folks to mic up. Especially Justin Thomas!  He was very funny.  AMEN!!!
    • I wonder if they have jellies on the ISS
    • 143 yard carry with a 7i? That’s pretty impressive Julia. The one thing I will say about blades, is front to back dispersion is smaller than with cavity backs. If you say hit a SGI 7-iron as Mark did. You could hit 100 shots, with reasonable strikes (not sculls and fats). And you’d have a bigger distance dispersion than you would with a blade on similar strikes. That’s why a lot of Lower handicappers these days have some sort of blended set of irons. Whether it’s blades from say 7-iron through pitching wedge, player‘s cavity 5 and 6 iron, utility or GI 4-iron and a hybrid or utility 3-iron. I don’t know if I could jump from say 5-iron to a “Rinky Dinks” though because the gapping May become an issue.    In my opinion, at least in the scoring clubs, (7 or 8-iron through PW) blades could be an option for probably almost any golfer with an 18 handicap or lower, no problem. If I’m say 152 yards out and I hit my 9-iron, I want that 9-iron to go 152 yards, not 130 sometimes and 170 others. Sometimes they go 149 others they go 156. I’m ok with that distance dispersion.
    • Day 157 - June 3, 2020 Work on the full swing downtown (right arm does nothing), then 18 holes at Little Mountain with @Divot Master, @NatalieB, and @billchao.
    • Don't tighter fairways and heavier rough affect every golfer on the course? Of course, some of that thinking has changed over the years. They'll give them medium rough and invite them to try an approach to the green rather than just gouge a wedge onto the fairway. Then, they'll shave all the rough around the green, allowing the ball to run forever if the green is missed.  And yes, the speed of the green is the same for everyone. You seem to assume that every golfer's putting skill is the same, or the skill at placing shots on the green that don't get above the hole. That also is inapt.   What tee is she playing? Admittedly, some courses don't really set things up fairly for women. My buddy got his Sis involved with golf a few years back. She is now a full fledged golf nut, and has made a couple of lady friends who are the same. On occasion, we guys will give them strokes and scramble against them. They have beaten us a time or two, but it's surprising how often the matches end up tied. That just means we got the bet right!  One issue we find, especially on older courses, is when the senior men's tees are crammed into the same box as the lady's tees! We are all seniors, and it is not fair! Which prompted one of our group to say, "OK, there are the senior men's tees and the lady's tees. Where are the senior lady's tees?!" I think that's a valid question. As far as some of those older courses go, I've talked to course managers about distancing the senior men's tees from the lady's. I've told them that they don't have to build us distinct tee boxes. Just give us a closely mown area on one side of the fairway or the other, and put the markers there. Give the ladies a 60-70 yard advantage, Or, give the senior ladies their own teeing ground. So far, nothing has changed. So, I guess my arguments are unpersuasive.

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