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  1. You make the trip to Ireland and it's this windy, would you still play? Damn straight.
  2. @Diece Just about all of us here would love to see you succeed. Taking on an extremely difficult journey can be daunting. There will be naysayers. But there will also be those who making sure you have a rational and educated perspective so that you can organize a plan for success. Giving you butterflies and candy corn kittens is what does you no good. You have to know what you're doing and how you're going to do it. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, 'You can do anything you put your mind to do.' Well, what's not said is that phrase has a butt load of asterisks to it. What has happened so often in many types of success stories has been sold as 'hard work' or 'dedication.' In reality these people had: 1. Profound luck and really had no better talent than the next person (Miley Cyrus, Kardashians). 2. Innate qualities (Cindy Crawford who pushes a million beauty products as if that's what made her gorgeous.) When you don't have that going for you then it will take complete dedication and hard work. First ask yourself why you want to play on the Mckenzie Tour? I imagine it's not for the money as you've already expressed interest in an online business and that's it's 'not as hard as we think' to make 10k/month. People telling you that is extremely difficult are simply wanting you to be realistic. It's not bashing you or making fun of you. It's cold hard reality. And if you were to start making 10k/month with some business (photography) how will that affect your drive to pursue a career playing golf? You started this thread about 8 months ago. Since then you haven't secured a coach or done any type of constructive work on your golf. You've beaten balls and played some rounds. So what's your plan? Your photography and golf career aren't just gonna happen because you want them to. Nor or they inevitably obtainable because they're your dreams. Sit down with a pen and paper. Get your finances in order and make a solid plan. I'm sorry you feel this site hasn't helped you at all. But in all fairness you haven't given us much to go on. You've basically said 'this is what I want to do and I don't want to hear anything but praise and compliments.' That's not what you need. You need direction. There are many on this site who can offer you excellent advice if you'd just ease up on the defensiveness and get a grip on reality. So let's get to work on a plan. Cheers.
  3. Just remember you don't have to buy anything from them once the fitting is done. You can take the specs they give you and shop around to find what they recommend or something else close. Seems like most of the stories I have heard end up with people in some exotic ultra premium shaft that runs over $400. If it goes that direction, remember you can always find cheaper shaft options that are just as good.
  4. You're not doing the Dufner thing right. It looks like this:
  5. Sure, i suppose. A push or block is also my predominant miss. For me, its usually an alignment issue. But i can see how tried legs would lead to the shoulders and arms completely taking over the swing. Which can produce a over the top type of swing path that blocks the ball out to the right.
  6. I voted hit it perfectly. Don't get me wrong, scrambling for a par or birdie is satisfying in it's own right, but when I visualize a shot and then actually execute it as I've visualized it, those are the most satisfying and memorable shots to me.
  7. I've taken it a bunch of times. It never hurts to get a refresher. You should be able to take the class again for free, but that may be up to the individual instructor's discretion. That's interesting. I find the method to be quick and inconspicuous since most of my basic reads I don't even need to do the finger thing. I'll often have my putt read while other people are marking their balls or whatever.
  8. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join. If I'm not mistaken the Rocket Bladez are an older set somewhere around 2012, not sure? The M4 are 2018 model. There is a big difference in technology between the two. I have the M4 and love them but the shaft makes up a very big overall difference. The standard operating procedure around here will be to tell you to go hit both on a launch monitor and get the numbers. The numbers won't lie. I don't know your financial background so I can't say if the $200 is significant for you. But if you look at the longevity of the clubs over time, $200 over time isn't that expensive. Whatever you do, even without a launch monitor, go hit both if you are limiting your search to just these two. Good luck.
  9. I wanted to start a thread to house all of the great content the European Tour comes out with. This is hilarious, and Eddie Pepperell's suggestion is a highlight: I'll try to update this thread when the European Tour puts out good stuff.
  10. In what could be the underdog story of the year, I successfully convinced my fiancee that "borrowing" $200 from the wedding fund to attend a green reading class on her birthday was a good idea. So now I've got a few questions. I know there are a few instructors on here, and I would also guess that there are some people who may have taken a class. Strangely enough, I haven't been able to find any posts here that really address the value of this instruction. Even on google, i basically end up finding websites and forum posts by instructors, which is helpful, but I'd also like to see some perspective from students. So here are a couple questions/concerns 1. Am I going to walk out of the Level 1 class with enough new information to really make a difference (assume i put in the time to practice and yada yada), or I am going to have to sign up for Level 2 to really get a significant benefit? 2. Is this a system where you have to pre-map out each green, with highs, lows, slopes, fall lines etc.? If so, is this something that you can do during a typical weekend round without pissing off everyone else, or would i have to sneak out there at night or on a rainy day? Also, if pre-mapping is the key, does that mean that there is little benefit when playing a new course? 3. Is this going to be like reading a Dave Pelz book, where I walk away convinced that my life could be changed for the better if only I bought 85 Pelzgolf gadgets that cost $50-100 each? You can't even find a truth board anywhere! 4. Any success stories from people who have attended these classes? I think that's about it. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Hello again, I haven't written one of these blogs in a long while. I haven't really been on the site for a long while. I had been practicing and posting every day for 405 days, That streak came to an end on May 10, 2018, when I went into the hospital. The last 11 months I have been going through things outside of golf, that are more important for my growth as a human being. Golf is my getaway, my therapy, my distraction, and my hobby. I love the game, it sometimes doesn't love me back when I'm playing it. Whether I'm hitting a 9-iron at the second that checks up too soon or I lip out that 4-footer on 18 for a 71, Golf is hard (R). I've decided that I really don't care that it's hard, I've decided that I just want to go out and relax and have fun playing the game. In the city championship last Labor Day weekend, I made the flight finals for the first time. I've played in that tournament every year since 2010, I lost 7 & 5 (ironically I played the same guy in the finals this year as I did in my first ever match), 2011 4 & 3, 2012 I was really sick Sunday and had to W/D, 2013, I lost 1 up, 2014 I lost 2 & 1 2015 I finally won a match 3 & 2 (It helped that I was out-driving my opponent by 70 yards), then lost 7 and 5, 2016 I lost 1 up, 2017 I made the semis and lost 3 and 2, Last year I hilariously won the 12th hole of my first match with a triple-bogey 8, to go 1 up in the match. Whilst laughing about it on the way to the 13th. I proceeded to play the next three holes, par, par, birdie to win 4 & 3. In the semifinals, I was 1 down after 6, (I started terribly was something like 4 over through 6 medal), I chipped in for birdie at 7, made par at 8, made birdie at 9 after hitting a terrible drive (I knocked the third shot to 4 feet), made bogey at 10, nearly made 1 at 11 (ended up making 3 I missed a 5 footer that was already conceded), and birdied 12. I went from 1 down, to 5 up in 6 holes, I put the match away with a par on 13 and won 6 & 5. (yes I won 10 with a bogey, my opponent had trouble with the right side trees, the only reason I made 6 was I took 3 to get down from 5 feet off the front of the green) I played the last 7 holes in 2-under and didn't even know I was playing that well until someone told me after my match ended. I was playing well but got tanked in the final 7 & 6. I did not play badly. I won just 2 holes, the 2nd and the 11th, however, that being said, I was losing holes to pars and birdies, I made only one double-bogey and that was on the 7th which is a par-3 (It was a good 5 too, I pushed a 7-iron into Fall Creek which is Oscar Bravo, and made 3 with the second ball, nearly holing a 15-footer to halve the hole. I think he shot 1 or 2 over, I shot 8 or 9 over and we halved #9 with birdies, which was a funny exchange, because he chipped in from just short of the green and I holed about a 30-footer on top of him. It was very different finishing second in my flight instead of last or T-3 twice. Going into the tournament, I decided that I was going to go out and just have fun, and whatever happened so be it. Over the winter I didn't do much practicing, as a matter of fact, very little. If you've seen my signature, I have different clubs in play right now but still have my Exotics bag. Actually might actually switch to Maltby from GolfWorks for the time being. I don't necessarily need the best and greatest new clubs. Becky and I separated for 5 months between October and March and we have since reconciled. Without getting to personal, one of our goals we came up with, was to try to do a hobby together. She tried golf a couple times with me, (she actually witnessed me birdie both par-fives on the front which I seldom do), but we decided we were going to either bowl or try disc golf. Come to find out disc golf is very inexpensive to get started in. I'm still trying to figure out the rules, but I'll get it. It's fun, it takes less time than real golf and is just as tricky. I was talking to one of our regulars at the golf course about it just yesterday, we're making predictions on which one I break par in first, disc golf or traditional golf. I've played 9 holes twice this year so far. The first time out I really didn't putt so I couldn't count it, but I estimate, I shot probably 39 or 40 on the front (or white tees, Newman is 9 holes with 2 sets of tees). Yesterday I shot 38, with one of the scratch players playing skins and they we're surprised. I didn't make any birdies but my par with a half-whack on 18 was good enough for $15, and my scratch partner and I cleaned up in the side match too. for my two bogeys, I lipped out on 11 after a decent bunker shot, and I was short sided and laid-up my chip to 15 feet on 14, and singed the edge, the rest we're all pars. I covered his double on 10 and his bogey on 18 (he birdied 12, 14, and 17 to shoot 36) so we were 3-under as a best ball team. I'm playing well, I have a very simple pre-shot routine with one swing-thought, right foot, left foot. My balance is a lot better, I actually finally figured out where the "balls of the feet" are. The step-through is now gone, my balance is back, and hopefully with any luck at all, I might get down into the 4.x by the end of the season, it'll be difficult, but I think with my new approach I can do it. I'll give you guys an update this time in May on how my game is doing to see if I've improved. For those of you who are wondering, Alina shot 49 for 9 holes last week (She's 5 1/2). She went with me and I really didn't play, She did. Mike told me. "Be careful, out there" She striped he drive from the actual ladies tee on #1 over the bunker, (She carries it about 125 yards now, and she is deadly with her hybrid (She has one of those now as she outgrew her other set). I played a little (I only brought a few clubs to pitch, chip and putt with so I had my 9-iron, wedges and putter with me. She actually beat me on #7, She made par and I made bogey and I didn't let her win the hole I legitimately did make bogey. When she parred 7, I knew she had a shot to break 50. This group of ladies was behind Alina and I, and they usually would be a little snotty about a twosome in front playing slow (we weren't Alina plays nine in 1:45). Saw Alina, par the 7th. To par she was +10 through 7. (She made 9 on #1) She piped a drive and hit 2 hybrids on the green at #8 and almost made par, tapped in for bogey, She hit a perfect drive on 9 and I let Alina make this decision herself, she grabbed her driver for her second shot (She got it just short of 250 out, off a 140 yard bullet), I think she thought she needed birdie to break 50, but she only needed a 7 (I don't tell Alina her cumulative scores, I tell her at the end) She topped one down there about 50 yards just short of 200, she then hits hybrid, hybrid on the front of the green (pin was all the way back) And three-putted for double... But that was all she needed for her first sub-50 9-holes. One of the ladies behind us, came up and asked me what she'd shot, I said "49 and she started with a 9." Alina plays the par-3s well at Newman from the ladies tees mainly because, well, it's just a driver for her. I talked to a local pro recently about maybe getting her a fuller set, and he advised against it for now, as her game develops and when she gets older then we can revisit that then. Not bad for a kid that plays 3 or 4 9-hole rounds a year at this point. But asks me to go hit golf balls all the time. She stripes it and I mean stripes it.
  12. I am fine with this. More time for Game of Thrones.
  13. I probably wouldn't either, but still… 500 hitting one ball every 45 seconds is… 6.25 hours. 250 is just over three hours.
  14. Hey, if the ball stayed on the tee, it is just a pleasant breeze.
  15. Dude, don’t work on this stuff yourself. Its like this. Instead of setting out on this golf goal, imagine your dream was to launch a rocket into space through hard work. You learn as much as you can and can do the math. But you don’t know of a material that exists that you need. Someone who builds rockets would tell you day one. Instead you spend 3 months trying to work it out-but can’t because a secret material makes it all possible. Good coaches are like that. You have no idea how good they are. They tell you some easy ass movement and it fixes 3 problems in 2 minutes, then they set you toward a priority piece. You’re 5 steps ahead of yesterday instantly. You are behind because you won’t get a coach. You cannot get that time back, it’s gone. Just because you can see the problem, bent arm? Doesn’t mean you’ll fix it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll use logic, come to a sensible conclusion on how to fix it-but it’s wrong and will make you worse! We (regular golfers who can play a tad) know so little about biomechanics and the swing that we don’t even know what we don’t know. Now a crappy coach will hurt you, find a good coach...TODAY!!!
  16. About 15 years ago, my Dad and I won the 2 day member guest. The look on my Dad's face when we won is everything to me. I would give up every other golf day for that one.
  17. Not cheesy. I can only hope that my sons grow to enjoy the sport and will say the same of me some day.
  18. 4/26/19: Day Three: I get the suspicion my handicap is going to go down at the next revision. Played 9 holes this morning shot 34. You read that correctly 34. I'm a 6.7 Index, you don't shoot 34 for nine holes very often. 2 birdies and 7 pars. No 5s. I birdied the par 5s and parred everything else. 7/9 GIR 9/9 nGIR 4/7 fairways 14 putts, zero stress.
  19. I own the DVD and did some reading about the method too. I've been putting this way for a little over a year. I would definitely spend $200 for an actual class, because the AimPoint express thing I have simplifies things I think. General thoughts....I love the method. I love when people come up with novel ways to solve problems. I love some of the things the method shows you, such as how, often, these things you hear people say like "every putt breaks toward the water tower" are often absolute bullshit. The first time I used it I was amazed. While no doubt there was some confirmation bias in my opinion of the round, I think it's safe to say that I'd never had a round where I had at least the direction of break (and some feel for the amount) correct on EVERY putt. It's also kind of tedious, and I've learned I need to be really awake on every green and do as much of the work as possible when other players are taking their turns, otherwise you can really slow people down and piss people off. The system doesn't per se take any longer than any other method of reading putts I suppose....you can be super slow at anything, including eyeballing the line....but for some reason it seems to piss people off or provoke needling when people do this. And God forbid if you conscientiously AimPoint every putt and have a crappy putting day. I've never played with anyone who does the full-monty method calculating every putt, but someone I played with told me of a round he played with someone doing this, and by the end of the day he was ready to stick a fork in the guy's eye.
  20. Ah, I knew it. I'm a moron. Thanks for the instruction, Dave
  21. Click on New Award, and enter your screen name when the next box pops up.
  22. I have got to stop following this thread.
  23. Found it. (More than 6 months ago, but tempus fugit):
  24. Diece, believe it or not, most good people want to see other people do well. I always want people to do well, and like I said in the first post I made on this thread, If you succeed, I'll be your biggest cheerleader. However, brash and vulgar language points to someone that is spoiled and immature. You don't have a bad swing. You are young and flexible. Confidence is a must, but it must be tempered with humility. It will be a determining factor in whether or not you are coachable. I've seen nothing in the responses other than people pointing out the long...very long odds of making it on tour. Questioning their motives by being offended points to the need of a thorough self examination.
  25. Ok I stand corrected, I will restate and say there are very few (less than 10%) full rides in college golf. I would also add you must be a stud muffin, future PGA Tour pro to get one. The numbers behind “full scholarships” in NCAA men’s college golf If you are in the world of junior golf, you’ve probably heard about a young man you know who’s getting that coveted full ride to college, maybe even to a Power-5 school. With all the talk in junior golf about full scholarships...
  26. @Diece besides the head thing, which may be tough to overcome, i see a very strong grip and your clubface is pointing towards the sky at the top. Ideally it should be closer to parallel with your lead arm. Means less things twisting around and more consistency. As we know golf is a complicated motion, we don’t want to overdo it though. 🤪 The last thing is a result of the head dip. Its not imperative that the lead arm be perfectly straight around impact, but you’ll want it straighter than you have it. But i think if you straighten it and dip again, youll get chunks. So maybe its a way to train your head not to do that dip thing. If i were you id look into lessons. At least take one or two to get some direction to go in.
  27. Poll added. I voted hit it perfectly. I've scored well in rounds where I had to grind it out, fighting my way around the course. Not fun. I'd gather hit the ball perfectly. Love that feeling.
  28. Just sent the email for more info to the closest instructor. Thanks for the push in that direction.......
  29. How does an open stance encourage an in to out swing path? Everything I've read/watched states the opposite I would think the golf swing that has an open stance encourages an out to in swing path because it's easier and more natural feeling to swing along your body line, so with an open stance the swing would be more towards the left for a right handed player If I have to hit a fade to curve around some trees or something, I am opening my stance and swinging along my stance. If I have to draw/hook the ball, I am closing my stance and swinging along my stance
  30. Give me better ball striking any time. The score will take care of itself. Start a poll...
  31. Agree. The range can have perfect lies. Sometimes I sneak off to the side and try to find bad lies to work from or heavy rough.
  32. Played a round this morning, shite weather, wet and windy, hackers golf. 25 over. Only 30 putts though 😁
  33. I do find them dark and for an older player, that makes a difference in seeing the ball.
  34. Most valuable lesson I had was one where my coach had me hitting my pitching wedge - hit it 100 yds and keep it as low as you can. Come on, that's not low. You can do better than that. I've used a GW to get out from under trees. Normally I use an 8i. I seriously deloft it. I've had to get good at getting out of the trees.
  35. Your swing has no turn to the hips or shoulders. Do you know where "power", or more accurately clubhead speed, comes from in the golf swing? The answer is in using the entire body to create tension and "lag" in multiple areas that can be used to snap each piece into place faster than if there was no tension. The hips being ahead of the shoulders creates tension in your abs, lats, traps, and obliques - tension that can be used to help "pull" your collarbone to rotate faster than it could on its own. Your arms folding across your body puts more tension on the lats and traps, as well as increasing tension in the rhomboids, triceps, deltoids, teres major, and rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis) primarily on the side of the leading arm (left side for right-handed golfers). All this allows the arms to rotate faster than they would otherwise. When you hinge your wrists you put tension into primarily the flexor carpi ulnaris, helping to pull the wrist straight again and rotate the clubhead faster than your hands alone can move. Back down below the hips, your legs can increase the speed of the forward hip rotation with the tension applied to the gluteal muscles in combination with using the quads to snap the leg into a straightened position. The gluteus maximus pulls the lead thigh backwards, while the quads pull the lead leg straight (pulls the whole leg behind you, dragging the hips from in front) and the quads of the rear leg push it straight (with the hip flexors moving the thigh towards your front) as a means of using the trail leg to "push" the hips faster. This is made possible by a squatting motion at the top of the downswing and an extension of the legs (alongside those thick glutes pulling the front thigh back and the hip flexors pulling the rear thigh forwards). All of this tension is introduced to the various muscle groups during the normal/"traditional" backswing, which serves the purpose of storing energy much like what would happen if you stretched a spring or an elastic band. Unlike a spring or elastic band, however, our muscles can also contract on their own and actively pull instead of only passively pulling in response to being stretched. The swing you teach, @Jim Venetos, does not store as much energy during the backswing as a traditional golf swing. You do not move your legs or hips at all during the backswing, and only barely move the shoulders. All that energy that is stored during the backswing of a normal golf swing is lost entirely, and the muscles used during the downswing do not have as much leverage to be able to rotate your body and club through the ball as quickly. Here's a comparison of how much/where energy is stored at the top of the backswing for your swing versus a traditional swing: Note that in purple I'm specifically referencing the amount of arm rotation relative to the shoulders. You both have about the same angle between your shoulders and your arms. McIlroy has more energy from his arms being rotated further behind the ball, however, but this is covered in the other points. Here's a comparison of those two swings again, except this time at impact and including context from the motion of the downswing: You're only swinging with your arms and a little bit of your shoulders. Rory McIlroy, and others with a traditional golf swing, can utilize the gigantic muscles in their abdomen, hips, and thighs to maximize the power of the golf swing. You remove the motion of half the body in the golf swing. This can simplify the swing, as you intended it to, but it will never result in increased power because you're not utilizing all the muscle groups that you could otherwise use to increase swing speed. Why don't you go ahead and share those clubhead speed numbers achieved by you and your students? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and propose the following bet: We both create an video of 3 driver shots in a row on a launch monitor, attempting to fulfill the following goals: Power The swing speed on all 3 shots should be 120 mph or higher Accuracy The difference in carry distance between the longest and shortest shots should be no more than 20 yards This filters out big mishits that result from swinging beyond your abilities The horizontal distance between the furthest left and furthest right shots should be no more than 35 yards This is the width of an average fairway This filters out uncontrolled hooks and slices that result from swinging beyond your abilities Video No cuts or editing that would make it possible to edit separate swings into a single attempt Video must visually show the speed, carry distance, and horizontal dispersion for each shot This can be shown in a single graph at the end of the 3 shots or individually for each shot I will post my video on YouTube and publicly share it in this thread Your video can be of either you or one of your students, so long as the person in your video uses your swing technique If you would rather not post it publicly, you are more than welcome to post it as a private YouTube video and send the link to access that video in a PM directly to myself and a second site moderator/staff member The second site moderator/staff member should be sent the video just so they can verify the results - I will be honest about what I see, but this can give you extra assurance that I have honest intentions If it is a video of a student, you're welcome to protect their anonymity by placing a black block over their head/face so long as we can still see their swing mechanics Both videos must be created within 2 weeks of you accepting the bet This gives you time to record it yourself or find a student willing to help you Unlimited attempts are allowed, so long as each attempt is 3 swings in a row I will give you very generous terms for this bet as well. The terms of the bet's payouts can be seen below, with all situations assuming that all video requirements are met unless stated otherwise: I pay you $40 if You meet the power, accuracy, and video requirements - it doesn't matter what my video looks like I fail to produce a video that meets the video requirements I pay you $20 if You meet the power requirement - even if you fail the accuracy requirements - and I cannot meet the power requirement myself I pay you $10 if You meet the power requirement - even if you fail the accuracy requirements - and I meet the power requirement but fail the accuracy requirements You pay me $40 if I meet all requirements and you fail the power requirement Nobody pays anybody if Anything else happens The only way for you to lose money is if I am 100% successful in meeting both power and accuracy requirements and you are unable to back up your bold claims about not losing power to a traditional swing. If you truly believe what you teach, put your money where you mouth is and take this bet with me. I have the advantage of youth, which is why I'm letting you have favorable terms for the bet AND letting you pick any person who uses your swing methods. When it comes to the power of your swing method, this is all I have to say: Put up or shut up
  36. I'd give it a shot (or 7499 and take a quick trip to Mexico...) No matter what happens my wife will be happy 😋
  37. I've been fitted at that location, assuming the only one in Colorado is the one in the Denver area. Be aware that they will upsell you for puring shafts (not worth it) and everything else. It's a high quality fitting experience, but you can get a better deal on the clubs you decide on by not going directly through them.
  38. Sorry you didn't make a hole-in-one (or maybe yours is a different story)
  39. Dreams a reality? As a teen, I wanted to play in the MLB. Tried. Wasn’t good enough and wasn’t delusional. Next plan. Education. Experience. Business. Semi retired at 51. Play golf 5 times a week. Buy what I want. Eat what and where I want. Go where I want. Dream wife, kids, and grandkids. And life beyond this world. So yes. Success and dreams realized.
  40. Vinsk

    Range v Course

    Nothing really compares to playing on a course. It’s whole different animal. Pressure, uneven lies, rough and of course you’re hitting a different shot constantly. What you can do is warm up on the range. Then envision your course. First hole. If it’s a driver then mark imaginary OB lines and play the hole. Keep changing your clubs as you would on the course.
  41. The fitting I had at Club Champion last November was superb. I tried several combinations of irons and shafts, hybrids and shafts, fairway woods and shafts, drivers and shafts. I was physically tired after so much fun work. I believe I got the best possible clubs for me. The data backed that up. They claim to have over 35,000 combinations. The draw back is the cost. They are way more expensive than most other places that do custom club fitting. Do I like my clubs, very much. Would I do it again? Maybe...Because of the cost, they aren't for everyone.
  42. Lesson with @iacas 04-25-19 Today's lesson went really well. I've been playing well, but have had a couple issues, and couldn't really "get" my last lesson-Less crumpled follow through, posting up, wrists breaking a tad too early. We did three things: all in downswing 1. In transition, Fall left like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 2. Stay Tall. I've been lowering my head a lot in the downswing and running out of space, I cant get away with it. Tiger Woods, I am not. 3. From P6-P8: Hands go out right, Body turns left, Ball comes out straight-ish It's a feeling that people have while doing this, it seemed to help me out as well My butt and left hip don't get closer to the ball on the right. I'm able to stay in my posture, and not as hunchbacked. We can see me staying in posture much better. Face not flipping. Also a much better pivot through the ball. Note: Can look down target line after impact while still in posture, can help with drills. My head still dropped a little too much. But, after falling forward my legs and hips are in a better position, I'm also "covering the ball". From the position I was in, If I straightened my leg, it applied force backward. Shown by red line pointing in the opposite direction of the target. This is why I failed my priority piece from the previous lesson. The force now moves in a forward direction which helps me pivot through impact when I post up. This was a very successful lesson, These moves don't seem overly complicated. My biggest worry is losing my depth in transition while doing this, going forward and turning my body left could kick my plane from out to in. If I stay deep enough in transition while I do this, it is much easier to SMASH the ball. Feels good, feels really good (Tiger voice)
  43. Yup, I was a walk on pitcher my freshman year of college barely throwing 80mph and by my senior year I had earned a scholarship, was voted captain by my teammates, threw 90-91mph and had scouts from multiple MLB teams at most of my games.
  44. I put myself through medical school despite all odds against me. So yeah. Dreams are for unicorns. Goals with a plan are what gets it done.
  45. We’re not telling you why you won’t make it. You are.
  46. It's a travesty that the forum doesn't allow me to give this infinity likes
  47. So I decided to build these and they turned out great and cost only $70! They are within 1 gram of the SS weights (though I don't know if they are the same swing weight). Pretty excited to see if I can gain some speed.
  48. I went back and looked at my driver from last year to compare. Yesterday is on the left, last June on the right A1 - Head is set up further back per my Evolvr Instructor's recommendation. Weight is more even on my feet. A4 - Yesterday, hands are higher, left knee is coming in a bit and left heel has come off the ground. This give me a bit more hip and shoulder turn. A6 - Hands are lower (in my thigh) on the left (one of my PP). My head came a bit forward too, which is part of what I am trying to correct I think. A7 - Head is back to start point on the left. On the right, it has moved back. A9 - My hips are more toward target (a bit) on the left. This is also part of what I am working on. Still a ways to go though.
  49. Was trying to wrap my head around someone learning to drive in a parking lot and then it dawned on me, "oh, he means drive a CAR!" LOL.
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    • Another round transferred to the app on my phone then disappeared... I give up.
    • Thanks again for the great review and info. Much appreciated.
    • Sorry for the delay.  Here's a picture of my club face.  I talked to rep at Taylormade today and he suggested that I take it back to Golf Galaxy or Dick's and request that they give me the Atmos black shaft.  Apparently the tip on that shaft is more durable?  He asked me what my swing speed was and I told him 110 and he straight up told me that the Atmos red isn't made for that... Guess I'll give that a try!        
    • That's not true, actually.  Pockets are cut differently (different sizes and face angles), rails play differently based on how tight the cloth is and how worn it is, and cloth plays differently as well.  And that kind of proves my point: it takes a die-hard pool fan to know the nuances enough to appreciate what they're watching.  When it's only the die-hards watching it, you're probably not going to see as much of it.
    • As @iacas mentioned above work on your putting, and all the aspects that go along with it.  In no particular order; 1. Hitting/rolling straight putts on your chosen line.. 2. Green reading. 3. Distance control.  4. Hitting approaches closer to the pin.  5. Maybe a putter fitting would help.  6. A ball change maybe.  Bad putting, like everything else in golf, is just golf. Suicide is never an option..

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