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  1. The 5 wood is easier to hit than the driver. The difference is the lack of distance. Until you get lessons, this is a bandaid fix. I recommend you get lessons sooner than later and work with an instructor to fix your driver issues. Your improvement ceiling will be limited until you do. Not to say you can't play w/o the driver but to get to the next level, you are going to need it.
  2. I may try and go to both local and sectionals. Far preferable, logistically, to the mayhem and headache that is attending the actual US Open, and up close and personal viewpoints. Sectional is June 3rd. For those unfamiliar, if a qualifying is held nearby you, it is free to attend and usually parking is not a problem, and there are no ropes. It might be worth your while to go if you have a flexible schedule and just want to see high level golf at a nice course. https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/local.html https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/sectional.html A clip of the Local Qualifying schedule:
  3. These threads pop up a couple times a year. It's better, in the long run, to learn how to hit a driver: A driver goes further than a 3 wood, so you're costing yourself distance and thus strokes. Driver is the most forgiving club in your bag. Driver has the biggest face of any club. 3 woods are the least forgiving club in your bag (unless you have a 2 iron I guess). Personally, getting my driver under control was the biggest factor in improving my scores. I was the guy that only hit 3 wood for a long time. I quickly dropped strokes when I started to be more consistent with my driver. All of this is in the long run. If you can't hit driver without slicing it off the planet, then, yes, use your 3 wood off the tee. On that day. But you're not going to play your best golf if you don't learn how to hit a driver.
  4. Depressed that I got rained out on Sunday. And now everything reminds me of it, like this sign posting of a par 4. I would have gladly played that hole at supreme. 😞 I need a fix. Does anyone else get randomly reminded of golf, and if so what is it? ...preferably with a pic.
  5. Yes, You Can Beat Slow Play - Golf Digest Shaving seconds and minutes could cut half an hour off your round. This is precisely right - it's the accumulation of a bunch of ten-second delays here and there which make golf take so long to play. My daughter and I played a practice round (I was playing for score, she was hitting multiple tee shots, chips/pitches, and putting around, etc.) in < 3:30 on a wet, wet course which was cart-path only. 30 of those minutes were spent behind a foursome on holes 10-12 before they let us through.
  6. I totally agree with the writer of the cited article. The 5 points he raises are valid although I would say the "practice swing" is not in and of itself a large time waster compared to some of the more elaborate pre-shot (and post shot) routines I have witnessed. If the pre-shot routine includes 5 practice swings (or even 2 or 3) along with a series of other moves (tossing grass in the air, using the distance measuring device, aligning the ball on the tee, adjusting the clothes, standing behind the ball gazing into the distance, etc ...) then that becomes a huge time sucker. As to Mr. Owen's example of he and his friend walking 18 in 2 hours, let's look at that a bit. He has an index of 8.3 and I suspect his friend has similar abilities. All other things being even, two high single digit players should be a bit faster than the average golf grouping (fewer balls to search for, a few less swings). He was likely playing his home course, Washington Golf Club. WGC is a private nine hole course (with double tees to make it 18). It is an old course that dates to before 1900 so I suspect the walk between green and next tee is short. The "18 hole" yardage is about 5,535 yards with a rating of 68.6 and slope of 127. He and his playing partner are also intimately familiar with the course. All these factors likely aid in their twosome's ability to speed around the layout. Working at eliminating the numerous time wasters and speeding up golf is a noble cause. Anecdotal tales by a member of a small private club playing unusually fast rounds as a twosome are not especially helpful.
  7. He hasn't. He's spoken about it multiple times. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6144311/Nike-athlete-Tiger-Woods-praises-controversial-new-Colin-Kaepernick-ad.html He's openly spoken - and always has - about Lee Elder and his forefathers, so to speak, particularly at Augusta National. He coined the phrase "cablinasian" because he's not just a black guy. His mother is mostly Thai. He's talked about it within the context of his education programs, about minorities excelling and being given opportunities through the TWF. His "Hello World" ad when he turned pro included "there are still courses in the U.S. that I am not allowed to play because of the color of my skin." He's talked and dealt with racism on multiple occasions. Just because he doesn't go out of his way to talk about it doesn't mean he's "stayed silent" on it. What's he got to gain by talking about it? Especially when you consider that he's not 100% black (or even majority black)? While the issues facing Thai or Asian people in the U.S. overlap with those facing black people, they've still also got a lot of separate issues, too. Plus, he's still competing. Though I suspect he won't, he may choose to become more active with this sort of thing after he's retired. Right now most of his energy goes toward competing, and raising his kids… not being political.
  8. I think this picture summarizes this thread pretty well:
  9. If you read lowest score wins, this problem goes away.
  10. Anything more is icing on the cake. I like icing.
  11. I don't want to hijack this thread, but seriously. You both should read Lowest Score Wins.
  12. Yea, i do know this :) I don't mind, I'm 100% SFW surfing when I do and the reasons I do VPN is not so I can do bad stuff and have people not track me. W/o getting into details, i trust my work VPNs more than I trust my ISP in regards to privacy.
  13. A lot of pro baseball PITCHERS retire and do well at golf. The other position players, not so much.
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    I am really tired of listening to the "squish, squish ..." sound as I walk along the fairway.
  15. Just finished the first of a new series of club reviews. No banging balls at 120mph, no GC Quad ball data, just looking at how consistent these modern clubs are. Have not seen anything like it before and figured some TSTers would hopefully appreciate. First up, TaylorMade M5 driver. Please enjoy.
  16. I don't have an official HC but I play to a 19. I've been playing 8 years now and dumped a ton of money into lessons and I'm still a hacker. Mostly because I'd rather have rounds where I hit the ball well and scored poorly than have rounds where I hit the ball poorly and scored well - they're more fun for me. My home course has 450 yd par 5s and I get bogeys on them.... usually. Sometimes a DB because my game is ****. Take my advice for what it's worth. 460 for a par 4 is sadistic. Understand the everyone except the best golfers are going score **** on the hole because they're trying to reach it in 2. Looking at your HC, leave the FW in the bag. For your second shot, use the longest club you can reliably hit like your 7i. So what if your mates are hitting fairway woods. 220 + 150 = 370 and leaves you with a 90 yd pitch up onto the green. If you miss the green with your wedge, chip up and you'll be on in 4. 2 putts and you've limited the damage to a double bogey. See how that works? Whereas 220 + 30 (**** shot with your FW) = 250 and leaves you with 210 to the green. Now you've lost confidence in the club but feel compelled to try again because you're still so far away and will likely hit another **** shot. Or maybe you block the FW off into the woods. Now you have another problem. In any event you've got a blowup hole. I guess what I'm saying is that unless you're banging 300 yd drives you won't reach this green in regulation. So what you want to do is minimize the bleeding. Even scratch golfers are going to have trouble getting a GIR. Stop beating yourself up over this one hole and follow my advice. You'll feel better and have more fun and still score the same or better than your mates on the hole.
  17. All that stuff is common sense, but as we know, common sense is not that common. I have learned to do all these little things that save time over the years, at first because I was the slow guy (even though I couldn't see that then!), and then as a way to compensate for the other slow guys in my group: there is pretty much always one, to some extent. I also hope that others can see what I am doing to speed things up and perhaps emulate them and become faster players themselves. Nowadays, I can play 18 holes (on a somewhat compact and flat-ish course), in under 2 hours, walking. I have done it last winter in 2 hours on the nose after taking shelter for about 10 minutes for a shower to pass. The course was empty: there were only 3 people on the whole course, including me. I never came close to the other guys either. I didn't run or even walk very fast. It's not that hard. All the little things count and 5 to 10 seconds here or there turn into minutes and half hours or more pretty quickly...
  18. I think playing with Trump is not about politics so much as it is simply respecting the office. And, for all you know, he voiced some thoughts TO Trump. But, look, you were wrong that he hasn't talked about racism. He's done so on many, many occasions. Publicly. Beyond that… you're making assumptions and inferences that may or may not hold any water.
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    Hello again, I haven't written one of these blogs in a long while. I haven't really been on the site for a long while. I had been practicing and posting every day for 405 days, That streak came to an end on May 10, 2018, when I went into the hospital. The last 11 months I have been going through things outside of golf, that are more important for my growth as a human being. Golf is my getaway, my therapy, my distraction, and my hobby. I love the game, it sometimes doesn't love me back when I'm playing it. Whether I'm hitting a 9-iron at the second that checks up too soon or I lip out that 4-footer on 18 for a 71, Golf is hard (R). I've decided that I really don't care that it's hard, I've decided that I just want to go out and relax and have fun playing the game. In the city championship last Labor Day weekend, I made the flight finals for the first time. I've played in that tournament every year since 2010, I lost 7 & 5 (ironically I played the same guy in the finals this year as I did in my first ever match), 2011 4 & 3, 2012 I was really sick Sunday and had to W/D, 2013, I lost 1 up, 2014 I lost 2 & 1 2015 I finally won a match 3 & 2 (It helped that I was out-driving my opponent by 70 yards), then lost 7 and 5, 2016 I lost 1 up, 2017 I made the semis and lost 3 and 2, Last year I hilariously won the 12th hole of my first match with a triple-bogey 8, to go 1 up in the match. Whilst laughing about it on the way to the 13th. I proceeded to play the next three holes, par, par, birdie to win 4 & 3. In the semifinals, I was 1 down after 6, (I started terribly was something like 4 over through 6 medal), I chipped in for birdie at 7, made par at 8, made birdie at 9 after hitting a terrible drive (I knocked the third shot to 4 feet), made bogey at 10, nearly made 1 at 11 (ended up making 3 I missed a 5 footer that was already conceded), and birdied 12. I went from 1 down, to 5 up in 6 holes, I put the match away with a par on 13 and won 6 & 5. (yes I won 10 with a bogey, my opponent had trouble with the right side trees, the only reason I made 6 was I took 3 to get down from 5 feet off the front of the green) I played the last 7 holes in 2-under and didn't even know I was playing that well until someone told me after my match ended. I was playing well but got tanked in the final 7 & 6. I did not play badly. I won just 2 holes, the 2nd and the 11th, however, that being said, I was losing holes to pars and birdies, I made only one double-bogey and that was on the 7th which is a par-3 (It was a good 5 too, I pushed a 7-iron into Fall Creek which is Oscar Bravo, and made 3 with the second ball, nearly holing a 15-footer to halve the hole. I think he shot 1 or 2 over, I shot 8 or 9 over and we halved #9 with birdies, which was a funny exchange, because he chipped in from just short of the green and I holed about a 30-footer on top of him. It was very different finishing second in my flight instead of last or T-3 twice. Going into the tournament, I decided that I was going to go out and just have fun, and whatever happened so be it. Over the winter I didn't do much practicing, as a matter of fact, very little. If you've seen my signature, I have different clubs in play right now but still have my Exotics bag. Actually might actually switch to Maltby from GolfWorks for the time being. I don't necessarily need the best and greatest new clubs. Becky and I separated for 5 months between October and March and we have since reconciled. Without getting to personal, one of our goals we came up with, was to try to do a hobby together. She tried golf a couple times with me, (she actually witnessed me birdie both par-fives on the front which I seldom do), but we decided we were going to either bowl or try disc golf. Come to find out disc golf is very inexpensive to get started in. I'm still trying to figure out the rules, but I'll get it. It's fun, it takes less time than real golf and is just as tricky. I was talking to one of our regulars at the golf course about it just yesterday, we're making predictions on which one I break par in first, disc golf or traditional golf. I've played 9 holes twice this year so far. The first time out I really didn't putt so I couldn't count it, but I estimate, I shot probably 39 or 40 on the front (or white tees, Newman is 9 holes with 2 sets of tees). Yesterday I shot 38, with one of the scratch players playing skins and they we're surprised. I didn't make any birdies but my par with a half-whack on 18 was good enough for $15, and my scratch partner and I cleaned up in the side match too. for my two bogeys, I lipped out on 11 after a decent bunker shot, and I was short sided and laid-up my chip to 15 feet on 14, and singed the edge, the rest we're all pars. I covered his double on 10 and his bogey on 18 (he birdied 12, 14, and 17 to shoot 36) so we were 3-under as a best ball team. I'm playing well, I have a very simple pre-shot routine with one swing-thought, right foot, left foot. My balance is a lot better, I actually finally figured out where the "balls of the feet" are. The step-through is now gone, my balance is back, and hopefully with any luck at all, I might get down into the 4.x by the end of the season, it'll be difficult, but I think with my new approach I can do it. I'll give you guys an update this time in May on how my game is doing to see if I've improved. For those of you who are wondering, Alina shot 49 for 9 holes last week (She's 5 1/2). She went with me and I really didn't play, She did. Mike told me. "Be careful, out there" She striped he drive from the actual ladies tee on #1 over the bunker, (She carries it about 125 yards now, and she is deadly with her hybrid (She has one of those now as she outgrew her other set). I played a little (I only brought a few clubs to pitch, chip and putt with so I had my 9-iron, wedges and putter with me. She actually beat me on #7, She made par and I made bogey and I didn't let her win the hole I legitimately did make bogey. When she parred 7, I knew she had a shot to break 50. This group of ladies was behind Alina and I, and they usually would be a little snotty about a twosome in front playing slow (we weren't Alina plays nine in 1:45). Saw Alina, par the 7th. To par she was +10 through 7. (She made 9 on #1) She piped a drive and hit 2 hybrids on the green at #8 and almost made par, tapped in for bogey, She hit a perfect drive on 9 and I let Alina make this decision herself, she grabbed her driver for her second shot (She got it just short of 250 out, off a 140 yard bullet), I think she thought she needed birdie to break 50, but she only needed a 7 (I don't tell Alina her cumulative scores, I tell her at the end) She topped one down there about 50 yards just short of 200, she then hits hybrid, hybrid on the front of the green (pin was all the way back) And three-putted for double... But that was all she needed for her first sub-50 9-holes. One of the ladies behind us, came up and asked me what she'd shot, I said "49 and she started with a 9." Alina plays the par-3s well at Newman from the ladies tees mainly because, well, it's just a driver for her. I talked to a local pro recently about maybe getting her a fuller set, and he advised against it for now, as her game develops and when she gets older then we can revisit that then. Not bad for a kid that plays 3 or 4 9-hole rounds a year at this point. But asks me to go hit golf balls all the time. She stripes it and I mean stripes it.
  20. Welcome! I certainly look forward to seeing how much faster you’ll progress than me! It’ll be awesome! 😃
  21. View this round on GAME GOLF Played in my third tournament of the year this past Saturday. Shot 34-38 =72. 3 birdies, 3 bogies. Hit 14 GIR, 10 FW's and 32 putts. Came in second place. Got beat by one shot with handicap. The three putt on #3 got me. Other than that putted pretty well. Won a couple of skins and a CTP.
  22. Played in my first tournament of the season yesterday thanks to an invite from @georgep Conditions were... less than ideal. 48 degrees when we teed off with a constant 20mph wind and absolutely soaked course. I do have a better picture of the things I need to work on going forward in preparation for the next tournament in 4 weeks. Minimize driver slice/eliminate penalty strokes. I had 6 penalty strokes during the round, all of them were off the tee and were results of bad slices to the right. The conditions didn't help, my tee shot on 18 was only 10 yds or so off the fairway, we saw it splash in some standing water from the tee box but couldn't find it when we got up there. I will work on this by swinging more to the right, and moving the ball back in my stance. Those are the two pieces that always seem to straighten my drives out when I do get the slice. I've noticed that my driving is the most consistent when the ball position is just inside my left heel, yesterday it crept forward a few inches and I didn't realize it until after the round. Mid to long range putting/Speed control. I had multiple 3 putts from inside 40 feet, and they were all because of the poor first putts, I didn't miss any putts inside 4 feet. I've noticed on some of my mid range and longer putts, the bottom of my putter face is what is making contact with the ball instead of the center of the putter face, and it makes a really dull sound and I lose a lot of distance. I think that might either be ball position too far forward, or me pulling my chest/body/arms up during the stroke instead of staying down and keeping the putter close to the ground. Pitching inside 40 yards. I missed the green/ put it on the fringe multiple times with pitches from inside 40 yards. I was not confident over the ball on these shots, as my main thought right before the swing was "Don't chunk it" or "Don't thin it over the green" I watched the video and read over the topic about pitching in the swing thoughts section so I will put some time in the short game area at my range and will probably do some pitches in a field by my house too. Swing thoughts. While standing over the ball on pretty much every shot that wasn't a tee shot or a putt, I had really bad mental thoughts of "Don't screw this up" instead of just focusing on my main swing thought and executing like I should be. I'm not expecting to drop a ton of shots by simply changing my thought over the ball, because I did hit some really good shots while having the bad thoughts over the ball, but it's not nearly as fun standing over the ball thinking about trying to not mess up instead of just thinking about executing the shot in front of you. I did have some positives though, including the closest I've ever been to a hole in one (5 feet directly over the pin) and some really solid 6-10 feet putts on the back 9 to save myself from even more 3 putts.
  23. Funny but I think that my thoughts apply even more to shorter holes Probably the biggest course management mistake I see golfers make regularly is to not think about shorter par 4's. If it's short there's probably danger lurking somewhere between 200-250 yards. But a lot guys just pull driver and invite DB.
  24. As long as you play fast, taking an extra stroke per hole isn’t a bad thing...
  25. I don't know how big of an operation your fitter has but it sounds like he is actually gluing all these clubs together for you to try and then has to unassemble them too.... Sort of weird that he doesn't have some sort of " fitting cart" type of set up where he can screw things together for you without gluing. Sounds to me like that is his issue. Screwing together 10 different combo is a lot less work, time and money than gluing and taking them apart. If your not happy, find someone else. Sounds like he is helping though.
  26. Tad, I don't know your age, but judging by your name being "YoungTad" I'm guessing you're young. You also mentioned in another post that you've only been playing for about a year. I think you said 1 year ago you shot 140 or something like that, now you are breaking 100. With all of that in mind, my advice is simple. Keep doing what you are doing. Your driving distance will grow. Also, as everyone else has said 450 yard par 4's are difficult for everyone. So, just do your best. Remember, that if there's a 450 yard par 4 on your course, there's likely to be a 310 yard par 4 as well. Make hay when you can, work on your long game and that green will seem to get closer. It takes time. In a year you've made a lot of progress. Keep up the good work. Now, in answer to your question. I averaged 260 off the tee with a driver last season. So I'm going driver, then hopefully a 5-iron. If things go really well, maybe a 6-iron. If things go poorly, I'm probably hitting 5 wood or maybe even 3 wood. I have a ton of confidence in my fairway metals so unless it's really nasty up there near the green there's almost no chance I'm laying up and playing it like a par 5. take care, and good luck.
  27. You don’t have to run to be fast. You just have to not be slow...!!
  28. See if the place where you're getting them has a playability guarantee. Some stores do. I have 60 days to play the crap out of my Cobra One Lengths. If I don't like them I can bring them back and get something else. So you know, ask. Golf clubs are expensive. And I know part of the whole thing about getting new clubs is the cool look of them. You have to like the look and the feel. To me the feel is the most important thing.
  29. I look at the handicaps of some of us posting in this thread and we'd have trouble making par if the hole were 340 yds.
  30. Well, I’ve had the shanks before so bad that I quit in order to protect my playing partners and other golfers on the course.😳
  31. Still floating on cloud 9, huh? Me too.
  32. I have same issues since I'm a short hitter but 450 yard par 4 is tough for everyone.Yes long hitters have shorter shots but they are still gonna have medium length shots in.If you are decent with chipping and putting then you can still make pars on that hole.Birdies are tough but as long as you don't have more than a couple long holes then your tee selection is fine.
  33. You don't give much info about your game other than driver distance, but here are some thoughts: forget about par and think about if you were to play the hole twenty times in a row what strategy would give you the lowest aggregate score. If you are straight hitter that is distance challenged, then you probably want to go D/FW or D/H and then a short game shot. If the variability in your drives is caused by severe slicing, which is common, you may be better off playing it more like a par 5 with FW/FW/W or FW/H/W or even H/H/W - avoiding driver may make it easier to avoid double bogey. Your game and skills will lead to the answer.. I'm also a big proponent of playing the right tees but just because one hole is our of reach doesn't mean that you are playing the wrong tees.
  34. When my swing decides to head home early during a round, I try to focus on just one swing key. I tend to just lift the arms and forget to rotate the shoulders which can result in a variety of ugly shots. So when that happens, I try to focus on rotating the shoulder. That seems to help me with tempo as well as ball contact which seem to allow me to put a decent hit on the ball and survive the round. I found one key is all I can reasonably focus on and still hit a golf ball.
  35. Id take her over Holly Sonders any day.
  36. Or maybe a bunch of players had some other reason they had to leave at that turn? Seems like we’re doing a lot of drive-by assuming.
  37. If you look at the data, there is a way to get 100 mph swing speed. Make sure both swing speeds are checked and it will show the average of 115 and 85.
  38. Devil's advocate here. We can't all be above average. Finishing what you've started only makes sense if you plan to continue. I'm all for perseverance...just not for its own sake.
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    Northern Indiana's the same. Courses are swamps. Water splashes off the shoes walking across the fairways. Even worse, on the few days it hasn't rained, it's still largely been cloudy and cool, so the course conditions don't improve much. But the only option is to not play. I wear old shoes and slacks and just realize that I'm not going to score as well. It's still fun as long as I don't let it get to me.
  40. I play driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 5-pw, 52, 56, 60 and putter. My 3h is the same loft as my iron sets 4i so it actually works out as a nice gap. I don’t often hit the 60 but when I need it I’m glad I have it. I can’t think of a situation where I’d need another wedge; I’m just not talented enough around the greens for it to be beneficial for me. My 5w is without doubt my favourite club and the one I’m most confident with. My 3w off the deck is inconsistent and the 5w helps me advance the ball safely on par 5’s. I’ll also hit it off the tee on short par 4’s.
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    For the winter I have "mudder" pants... don't even wash them between rounds. If I don't play in the mud (with drives that back up) then I'm not playing at all. Besides, 30 degrees or pouring rain can be invigorating. That's why they invented hot toddys and fireplaces for afterwards.
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    After the terrible start to our golf season in Michigan I believe I'm going to have to become a mudder if I hope to play at all! Rain is predicted for 6 of the next 9 days! We have too much water now...
  43. I've actually watched several of his videos thanks to youtube suggestions. Mostly what it comes down to is if you are good enough to shoot a score you will. Having a goal in mind is fine, but saying it like it's gospel obviously doesn't work. If it was that easy then the 18 handicap I play with would break 80 tonight. Instead he gets stretches where he may very well be able to follow bits of the "advice" but naturally a hole will pop up where he tops a 3 wood, hooks, an iron, and 3 putts for a triple and all that careful planning goes out the window
  44. Things to be thankful for: He didn't have that terrible goatee for his first majors in over a decade.
  45. Maybe a response that most accurately actually addresses the thread title. It's about 'watching' the pros do this. I agree with you. I like that it helps to easier show where the hole is.
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    • I was only citing the words from  Michael Bamberger's well-written article, not contesting anything you said. I'd be confident Bamberger had tongue-in-cheek or a cautious company lawyer. Indeed, absolutely shameless. Smacks of someone that thinks the world owes him and suggests a person that will repeat the crime endlessly while getting away with it.
    • Has anyone here taken advantage of the PXG Gen1 deal for military and first responders? It sounds too good to be true. $125 for drivers and $95 for fairways and hybrids. They weren’t on my radar because of the price tag before, but now I’m tempted.
    • I’ve played a lot of golf recently for the past two years. I started playing in October of 2017. Then, I started taking a break just two to three months ago. Now, my game has deteriorated a bit but I have found myself more movitated now.  I am trying to be prepared for the upcoming pat event in December but more likely next year.
    • Day 4.  Another ten minutes of post-dinner putting, short putts again.  I need to set up the net indoors and I also need to get a light in that room so I can use it evenings  
    • I use the Golf Pride Tour Classic in mid-sized.  They are getting rather difficult to find and I fear they may have been discontinued.  I still have four, however, so unless I live to be a couple hundred years old, I should be good to go.

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