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  1. If you follow the swing thread you know I'm always working on getting less shallow/more steep on the downswing but only made minimal gains mechanically. To see if I can really change it I've been wanting to experiment with a couple things and got to run it by my buddy Mario a few weeks ago. Cool thing is he agreed and funny thing is it was what he wanted to try with me as well. Here is the change to the pattern, also ties into the hand ascending and steeper hand path pieces. Obviously these components are specific to me, Mario laughs that I'm the only player he gives these feels to and would prefer it if I didn't share because he thinks it'll hurt his business 😛 A piece that was left out that we are also working on is trying to do more "work at the hip" on the backswing, more internal rotation at the hip joint. Tendency is to rotate the right femur more external, pelvis turns a little flat and then the leg kicks internal hard and fast, causing me to tip back and flip. If I can get more internal work going, I'll be able to move the pelvis down and away from the leg in transition (internal to less internal). Doing that by setting up with the right knee more bowed out (was getting it kicked in, not on purpose) and feeling like the left knee "holds" until my right hand passes my right thigh. Here I am focusing on that along with some downswing rehearsals. Club head "tumbling" out on the downswing, not way under at 5.5-7. Mechanically I think this is the best my putting has ever looked and it's been pretty good on the course the past several months. Mostly working on setup stuff. Shoulders level, arms external feeling, lats packed, right hand controlling the stroke, underhand release feeling of the putter.
  2. Welcome to TST! I would suggest you get a good idea at where your true weaknesses are in your game. You might find that practicing from 100yds in is a quick way to save strokes but in the long run you’d come out better to work on your tee shots and approaches. Unless you have glaring weaknesses in your short game it’s the long game where most strokes are lost so improving that really improves your scoring in the long haul. Cheers!
  3. Welcome to TheSand Trap! I'll pile on with @Vinskand @NM Golf, you'll probably benefit from improvement to your full swing game. In particular, if your driver is inconsistent, you're either giving away strokes by hitting it poorly, or giving up distance by using a shorter club. Improve your driving, you'll probably improve your scoring. Hitting 40 balls a day is nice exercise, but if you're not working on a specific swing movement, you may simply be ingraining some poor mechanics. I'd suggest getting some good instruction. A good way to start is by posting your swing video in the Member Swing area of this site. Be sure to read the hidden contents to understand how to best film your swing, and how to post the video. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ Last, to help make better decisions on the course, I suggest you buy a copy of Lowest Score Wins. Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW! The book presents a very detailed explanation of on-course decision making, as well as lots of other important information.
  4. It really has nothing to do with judging and more to do with science. For centuries stomach ulcers were thought to have been caused by bad diets, smoking, stress and other causes. It was proven in the 1980s that a majority of ulcers can be caused by an excess of H. pylori bacteria in your digestive tract. Now they treat you with antibiotics and you are cured. My Dad suffered for decades with ulcers and almost died twice due to hemorrhaging. People judged him for the ulcer and it was actually a decades long infection. After the treatment, he was cured and never had another issue. Obesity has some similar traits as addiction, but also can be caused by other physical issues in some cases. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease.
  5. OK, one more time @pganapathy Addiction is a physical condition and NOT a matter of morality or choice. This is the definition as used by CDC and as accepted under the American with Disabilities Act since the 1990s. Addiction is a physical reliance, be it alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or many drugs, such as oxycontin. A habit is something you like to do; an addiction is something you are physically compelled to do. You are obviously equating the two. Under the ADA, it is to be treated as a medical condition. The fact that you cannot forgive him does not mean it is not a health issue with relief under the law. As I said earlier, if you think that is wrong, you will need to get congress to change the act.
  6. Since you have the spare club, the best way to figure out what you're asking is to go ahead and extend it, and hit it against your other 6 iron. I can tell you in theory that you might get more distance, but that doesn't always pan out with longer clubs, as it often leads to more inconsistency. Shaft will flex a bit more if nothing else changed, however if you start removing the lead tape than it will feel stiffer. Trajectory should not really change at least from what the shaft is contributing, but the longer club may influence your swing in such a way as you might see some launch changes. As far as extensions vs. reshafting, my personal rule has always been that up to an inch or so, extensions are fine. If you are going longer than that I personally would look at new shafts. Weight change in one vs. the other is minimal. A few grams more back weighted with the overlap from the extension.
  7. BY chance are you a LAWYER? I am actually well versed in this as I ran restaurants for years, I just don't agree. Somewhat off topic, but I feel one of the biggest issues with our country is the fact we have become so litigious. If they want to hold the bartender liable, I can see that. They were directly involved in the situation. But the restaurant owner, come on? What did Tiger do? It's getting out of hand. Suing pharmaceutical companies for someone getting hooked on opioids seems as ridiculous as suing firearms manufacturers for people getting shot. All that is doing is driving up liability insurance prices so that lawyers can make more money.
  8. Welcome to The Sand Trap. As @Vinsk mentioned you may want to adjust your practice schedule to include more full swing than short game. You and I are close in age so I would imagine in your life you have probably heard repeatedly that the short game is most important, well it's not. You have come to the right place to find good information about how to improve, look around and take it all in with an open mind.
  9. Moooooooo!!!! One of the reasons hesitant to go to these things. Herded like cows.
  10. Finally, some stories like this that I would like to hear: After Woods bogeyed the fifth hole on Sunday of this year's Masters, his second straight bogey of the round, LaCava ripped into him, too. Woods just listened as his caddie gave him a profane lecture. "Then I went into the restroom and proceeded to say the same things over and over to myself," Woods said. "And then I came out and I felt a lot better." Tiger was 'done,' but Joe LaCava wasn't done with Tiger When things looked bad, when even Tiger thought his career was finished, Joe LaCava believed. This is the story of the guy standing right beside Tiger. Good!
  11. 2020 Masters Tournament Tickets The Official Site of the Masters Golf Tournament 2018. This major golf tournament is played annually at the Augusta National Golf Club. Now accepting applications. https://tickets.masters.com/app Get in line so you, too, can be rejected again.
  12. Starting playing golf again last August after a 10 year layoff. I just turned 43 and have dedicated a significant amount of time to golf and getting as good as I can get. 10 years ago I got down to an 8.3 after playing 81 rounds in a year. I have taken golf seriously for 3 years total. All other years I would casually play and never focused on getting better. Anyways since last August (9 months ago) I’ve played over 100 rounds (12/13 rounds a month) and on average hit 40 balls a day on my SkyTrak (9181 shots from 9-2018). I also spend time practicing at my club short game mostly. My handicap was 15.2 on 8/15/2018 and now it is a 7.5. Before 8/15/2019 my goal is to be a sub 5. My ultimate goal is to get to scratch but I’ll see how I feel once I achieve the sub 5 first. My big hurdles right now are getting off to a slow start and making course management errors that cost a few strokes. The slow start is me putting too much pressure on myself to play a good round. I practice 100 yards and in a lot. I have gapped my shots every 10 yards from 30 to 100 yards. I carry my drives 230-245 ish but have a love/hate relationship with my driver. A lot of times I’ll take it out of my bag and hit an 18 degree hybrid 220-230 down the fairway. just wanted to share as I see a lot of posts on what you have to do to attain a certain level of golf. I have so much more I need to do and focus on but this is how I got to this point.
  13. For years, I'd occasionally search the Internet to try to find an image of a balata golf ball with a "smiley" in it - a small cut that would look like a smile after you caught a balata ball thin with an iron. The ball would be out of round with a big bump near the "smile" mark. So, I finally found some old balatas and intentionally bladed them to produce some "smileys." And, my hope is that within a few weeks these are indexed by Google and other search engines so that nobody else who is looking for "balata smiley balls" or something like that will have trouble finding them again. They'll find these images. Enjoy!
  14. Golf is more difficult than it appears. There are many, many, many, things to learn and to train one's self to do. The learning curve gets steeper as you go. It isn't difficult to go from awful to not awful but further progress can be, and often is, a mental and physical chore. I wouldn't recommend setting any arbitrary goals. Your game will improve if you devote time, and thought, to it. Consider that enough. And keep in mind that 90% of us will never, despite our best efforts, find ourselves in the top 10%. It's a wonderful game and one that can be played, and enjoyed, till you've one foot in the grave and the other on a bar of soap. Take what it has to offer and be thankful for the opportunity. And good luck.
  15. Actually in person, the first cut, it doesn't look too bad. At least compared to the USO. Another thing I noticed is watching DeChambeau on the range, usually with most players I've seen their swing on TV, it looks about the same in person, but there were subtleties to his swing that I didn't notice from video I did live, like the weird angle of his right elbow at setup. Saw Dan Carraher (took a lesson from him once) with Julian Suri, nice to see his student doing well. Got to see Woods go through the whole range routine but didn't stick around to watch him play, tired and wanted to avoid rush hour, plus it was cold, should have bought a woolie. The course does not set up well for spectating, at least imho, a lot of tees are inaccessible and cut off from the fans. I said the same for Shinnecock last year. I'm glad I went though, but even if you paid me, like a lot, I wouldn't go for more. Unless you helicopter me in and I get behind the ropes. If you are going and want a close up view, 6 and 14 tees are your best bet. Concession stands not much choice - burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, club sandwiches. Boring. The US Open, the tennis one, has so much better food. The player locator feature of the PGA app? It's not good. Not accurate.
  16. Another example of how far we’ve come from accepting responsibility for our own actions. It’s always someone else's fault... Hey asshole. You weren’t over-served. You over-consumed!
  17. I recently broke my 6i shaft right below the grip. Weird. I took it and a 5i from the set that I don't use (hybrid replaced it) and had the 5i shaft put in the 6i head. I didn't have it cut down either; left it at 5i length. I did this because I wanted a bigger gap between my 6i and 7i even with a mediocre hit with the 6i and to bring the 6i closer to the hybrid. I'm glad I did. The 6i flies the way I think it should and I don't notice the difference in length or weight, but I'm sure there is a difference. I just like the fact that it played out the way I had hoped.
  18. 1/2 inch will offer little change other than the 3 swing weight points heavier. If you like the shafts you have, just extend them. I might recommend just doing a couple irons first and taking them out to the range to see if you are getting the results you were hoping for before doing the whole set.
  19. It's an awful thing, but I'm guessing TW isn't going to let it bother him much this weekend or going forward. Chances are the attorneys will settle this quickly and quietly and the story will fade away in short order.
  20. If this is the attitude and outlook you have, you won't make it. The thing you don't get is, people on this forum would LOVE for you to make it. We are skeptical and many have given you much to think about to help you. Your defensiveness and inability to take a good look in the mirror and come to grips with your lack of ability is telling. In order to get somewhere in life, self-belief is not enough. You must take your weaknesses and gaps and make them strengths. You do not acknowledge your gaps; you shrug them off with affirmations of own self-belief to protect your ego from what you know deep down is true. It takes bravery and a strong person to look at his own flaws in the face and take them head on to improve. Your self belief is a fallacy. You're blinding yourself because you cannot admit your flaws. You hide behind a few good shots and rounds you've accomplished under conditions of no real consequence. Stop belly-aching and get to work. You have a wealth of good advice here and coaching and yet you don't take it up. Here's what I would do: 1) grow the hell up, 2) take this advice and improve, or 3) just enjoy golf as leisure like the rest of us.
  21. I second that motion. Diece, how did demo day go?
  22. Now I am reading on espn that lawyers are claiming video evidence of the 3 hour drinking binge by the deceased has been destroyed. Just keeps getting worse, or better depending on which side of the fence you are on. It might just be me, but it seems like TW has a tough time staying away from negative events in his life.
  23. These alcohol awarenes laws/training laws in Nevada were brought about by "Mothers Against Drunk Driving", or "MADD" if you will. A worthy cause my wife supports. Being a previous victum of a drunk driver myself, I tend to agree with these laws, and holding others liable for helping those drivers get drunk. In my case, the bartender was paid to help the guy get to a 1.9 blood alcohol number. Then allowed him to leave, get in a car, and drive away. Btw, that 1.9 number was taken almost an hour after the guy hit me. No telling what it was when he left the bar. I really don't care how the lawyers make out. They usually only win monies if they can prove negligence of an existing laws, and negligence of any kind rquires accountability. .
  24. SIX YEARS!? My rejections go back to when you actually did it using snail mail! My father won in 2010 and he and I went to the Monday practice round.
  25. I don't blindly hate lawyers, they most certainly serve their purpose. I actually have several lawyers in the family. We just don't talk to them unless it's absolutely necessary. And that's because the little guy doesn't make enough money, plain and simple. Right! I can't find enough time to play golf now, let me add that to my list of worthless causes. Dude, it ain't changing, I am not an idiot. A lawyer is a lawyer. 😜
  26. Im a lawyer. Im not informed on Florida tort so i may be completely wrong, but in alot of states the circumstances just from what ive read would seem to merit a wrongful death suit. Tiger and his GF could be held liable. It doesn't mean the litigants would prevail, im just saying the case unlikely to be thrown out by a judge. A settlement is the most likely outcome. These things are almost always settled before it sees the inside of a courtroom. Its not to the litigants advantage to have go through a discovery process in these types of civil suits and sometimes the costs of quick settlement outweigh the costs of a trial for defendants.
  27. Time to pull out that flask and settle your nerves.
  28. Can you post videos both (DTL and FO) of you actually hitting a ball? Most people do slightly different things when they are actually trying to hit a ball compared to dry practice swings.
  29. I know someone who bought a round of drinks thinking he had a hole in one, and then discovered it wasn't actually a hole in one. 🙄😂
  30. If it's your hands that are aching you may want to consider larger grips - if you haven't already. I found that the Golf Pride CP2 Pro in midsize really helped to alleviate most of the pain in my hands when swinging the club. Between that and ibuprofen I'm golfing almost pain free. A great thing for an old geezer like me!
  31. You can get Handbrake to convert frame rates.
  32. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    I figure if there's ever a time to revive a My Swing thread that's been dormant for nearly four years, it might as well be because you shot a 66. I haven't really been working on my swing much at all this year, or really the last few years. I don't have a great driving range to go to these days, but I play in a mens league so I usually get out once or twice a week. The past few years I've been in a habit of starting off around a 6-8 handicap and getting it down to around 2-4 by the end of the season. I've been swinging the club really well the past few weeks, and my short game has started clicking, so I wasn't surprised I played well but I definitely never expect to make 7 birdies. The course I was playing is called Meadow Brook Golf Course in Rhode Island. It was my first time playing the course. I played from the blue tees. The black tees weren't set up, and it seemed like some of the blue tees were in places they'd normally put the black tees, so it was playing a little longer than the scorecard yardage. I played mostly by myself, and it was pretty wide open until I ran into the group in front of me around the 14th hole. I finished the final hole with the group behind me (they send you off the 2nd hole so my last hole was 1). (My last hole played). Weak cut driver out to the right side, about a foot into the rough. 6-iron to the right side, 25 feet. Pretty simple 2-putt. (E) Split the fairway bunkers a real nice driver right down the middle. Hit a 3-wood a touch thin to 27 feet. Lipped out the eagle, tapped in for birdie. (-1) Hung a driver just slightly out to the right, had a SW from about 105 in kind of a shaky lie. Struck it cleaner than I thought I would be able to. Made the hooking birdie putt from 18 feet. (-2) Hooked the hell out of a hybrid into some deep rough. Chipped over a hump but just didn't get the roll-out I needed. Lipped out the 16-footer for par. (-1) 467-yard par 4, hit a pretty nice driver but still had 215 in. Lasered a 3-iron right at the flag, trickled just past it. Barely missed the 18-footer for birdie. (-1) Played my 7-iron to the center of the green with the flag back-right tucked behind a bunker. Hooked it slightly, had 35 feet. Good lag putt, tapped in for par. (-1) Thought I could maybe challenge the cross bunker with a driver, but decided to lay up short of it with a 3-wood. Had an 8-iron from about 150 into a bit of wind (the holes close to the clubhouse were a bit windier since they're more exposed). Flag was tucked front-right behind a bunker, tried to play it to the center of the green with some cut but it came off straight at the flag, 5 feet short. Tapped in for birdie. (-2) Took on the trees on the right just a little too much, I think it may have clipped one but I managed to cut the corner and it landed in the fairway. Hooked my hybrid a little, 80 yards short of the flag in the left rough. LW to 27 feet, curled in the putt. (-3) Pulled my driver just slightly, between the two fairway bunkers but safely in the fairway. 9-iron up the hill, felt like I thinned it but I got lucky and it finished hole-high, 15 feet right. Just missed the birdie putt. (-3) Hit a cut-off 5-iron from 185, downhill, into a bit of a breeze. I was between 6 and 5, went with the cut-off 5 to keep it low. Landed and stuck at 4 feet. (-4) Hit one of my best drivers of the day, had 9-iron in. Hit a really nice shot to 9 feet, but lipped out. (-4) Another awesome driver, and a slightly thin 3-wood to about 5 yard short of the green. Really mediocre chip to 9 feet. Two putts for par. (-4) Hit a real nice driver well over the center fairway bunker, had pitching wedge in. Hit it to 13 feet, curled in another birdie putt. (-5) Tried to cut a driver but it stayed left, caught a tree but fell straight down. Had a 5-iron from 188, tried to play to the center of the green but I pushed it, again right at the flag to 4 feet. Made the putt for birdie. (-6) Pretty blah pull-cut driver to the center of the fairway but short on a 629-yard par-5. Flared a 3-wood into the right rough. The green was obscured by trees and I tried to slide a 6-iron around them, but it came up a couple yards short-into one of the front bunkers. Chipped to 9 feet, made the par putt. (-6) Flared a driver out to the right rough, had an 8-iron in. Got slightly more of the ball than I thought I could out of the rough, it trickled a few feet into the rough. Lucked out with the lie, chipped to 3 feet, made the par putt. (-6) The hole is listed at 164 but the green is so deep and the pin was back, so I had it at 189 to the flag. Thought I hit a dead-perfect 5-iron, but it rolled about 2 feet off the back, into the rough. Nice chip to 4 feet, made the par. (-6) Perfect driver to the center of the fairway. Really week 9-iron missed short and right. Chipped to 9 feet, rolled in a pretty tough downhill putt for par. (-6)
  33. I'm guessing he stayed at a Holliday Inn Express recently
  34. Yeah, they're designed to let your feet work the way they evolved to work. More here:
  35. Those aren't smiles...they're smirks. With a real smiley you can see the gums...and they make a distinctive sound when struck forcefully. My dad's shag bag was full of them.
  36. Based on his responses so far, I’d say he defines it as - “an inability to stop doing something you chose to do in the first place. And because you made that initial choice, the addiction that follows is your own fault and not a medical condition.” Which is not the true definition. I can tell you as a former alcoholic, and descendant from a long line of them...that initial choice is not always completely in your power to make. This is accurate.
  37. @pganapathy you aren’t getting “trolled” and you seemingly are not reading the responses to you. His drinking is likely not “a choice.” You are coming off incredibly poorly.
  38. I would have two answers: there are certain muscles, thinking back and legs, that will loosen up as you play (particularly if you walk) and so may cause one type of miss early on that goes away throughout the round. For me if I don't loosen up, I'm prone to hit the ball thin until I get loose. But as to your thoughts that you did the same thing even when you warmed up first, my guess is that there is probably something about your aim/alignment on those first couple of tee boxes. It may be something obvious or in your sub conscious that's making you do it. And, IMO, fairly normal to go through periods where one tee shot predominates on a course you play often.
  39. @cooke119, your description of the symptoms (and lack of pain swinging the club, etc.) sound a lot like my issue: an impingement of the shoulder (mine is right-side as well). Not so much an injury as a condition that develops over time. Mine doesn't affect my golf so much (unless there's a little subconscious restriction in my back swing), but does give me problems elsewhere. Anyway, there are physical therapy exercises that can potentially resolve the issue without surgery (few end up needing that). Not trying to make an internet diagnosis, here...just sounds very similar, and that condition is both common and treatable. I'd highly recommend you go see a doc or physical therapist to help with a proper diagnosis and treatment. Good luck!
  40. I have a severe fear of snakes. If they are TV, we're turning the channel for a few minutes. I don't care who is in the room. Maybe living in Michigan is good for me. We don't see too many, even little garter snakes.
  41. What is happening with your second shot, hopefully off the fairway? Do you notice a change as you play the round as you do with the driver? Tee box alignment can screw up anybody. I never look at the box alignment, I pick a small target off in the distance to aim for it instead.
  42. Bottom line: Iron lofts should vary between sets. Game improvement irons are made for shorter hitters, so they need to have more degrees of loft between clubs to maintain that 10-15 yard gap between clubs. Likewise, players clubs (for advanced players with high swing speeds) need to have less loft between clubs to prevent the yardage gaps from being huge. So if both sets start with a ~45* pitching wedge, it's obvious that both sets would not have the same loft on a 7 iron. I tested out some Titleist AP3s, which have strong lofts. The 7 iron was basically a strong 6 iron that carried just shy of 200 yards, leaving a 60 yard gap between the PW and 7 that would have to be made up with the 8 and 9 irons. I much prefer traditional lofts that keep the gaps around ~12 yards instead of 30.
  43. And you have no idea what those of us on this site have accomplished in our lives yet you had no problem posting about none of us fulfilling our dreams. Pretty typical of your age group. I’ve been nothing but supportive and even offered some advice. You’ve been defensive and quite frankly, childish. Good luck kid.
  44. You've never won (or entered) a local club championship in any grade at any level -yet you are going to "dominate" a tour where currently there would be thousands of 14 year olds who could thrash you and none of them would go close to qualifying to play there. You give misinformation about your SS and distances. You still haven't grasped the idea that wanting something really badly has little to do with your chances of achieving it in this area. Self-belief and delusion of self are not the same things. Please answer the question: WHY do you think you will succeed when you have presented zero evidence? I'm not seeing posts where you won a tournament or even did anything other than embarrass yourself. Which tournaments have you entered and been in the top 3 - or 10 - or 20? Can you score in the low to mid 60s on ordinary courses in fair conditions fairly often? Are you known in your district as a gun player who can beat any of the locals any day of the week? Would your name be one of the 10 who a local golf administrator or top pro would identify as someone with a good chance of making it? Will you be one of the top 3 players at the club you are joining? Sorry - your thread has become a perfect example of this kind of nonsense where people talk the talk but get shifty when they're asked to back it up. I have no issue with desire or confidence, but your default position is to try to insult anyone or attack anyone who asks legitimate questions about WHY you are going to make it. There was a thread here a while back where someone said he was going to succeed because he had no backup plan which meant he had no option but to succeed. You can guess where that ended up.
  45. I think it'd be pretty tough to balance. I would much prefer the GolfBoard
  46. Yup. My newest set of irons (and primary sticks) are early 80's Titleist blades. Also have two sets of mid 70's Ram tour grind blades. Haven't found a good reason to switch yet.
  47. Not 15 years old but 10 years old. I still play my Mizuno MX-23 that I bought in 2005.
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    • Point by point: • I noted above 6 holes with different options and decisions to be made off the tee. • I agree some fairways should be widened and noted which ones above. That said, the holes are still good to excellent and highly memorable and far from boring • This point about the greens being plain and flat is somewhat a misnomer. Yes, they are not Winged Foot or Augusta, but they aren’t all flat ovals either. 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11( since the changes last year), and 15-18 all have shapes, slopes, tiers or undulations to a significant degree.  • Agreed, the course was designed to be a beast tee to green • Same comment as above, although I will say that this point also gets overplayed. It’s not like you have no option but to chip out of the rough. Hit a wedge or short iron, position yourself for a wedge into the green, and try to go up and down.  • Agreed there are no short or drivable par 4s. Those are good features but not some make or break requirement for a course to be not boring • 1 and 18 are fine. They aren’t world beaters but you can probably count on one hand the number of courses with all 18 world class holes. And Golden Age courses often had soft opening holes and their best holes before the 18th because back then Match Play was the dominant game and matches often didn’t make the 18th. And 18 is not boring at all, with the bunkering and elevated greensite • I have played the Black countless times and never once came close to a 6 hour round. Maybe if you catch a very busy Saturday afternoon you will hit 5-1/2 or so. Usually I play in 5 hours or just past that. People who play the Bethpage courses know that rounds on the Red and Blue take longer than rounds on the Black. And btw, that is no different than any other public course in the NY-NJ area except Ferry Point. 
    • I don't know. A weird one. I had four birdies on Friday and shot 87. Those things do not jive.   EDIT--Also, in case you think I may be one of those long hitters who just get in trouble a bit, I'm not. No penalty shots in that 87 with four birdies. Just a lot of bad shots.
    • Rock Bottom did wee, by me  
    • I'm not doing it here just for the heck of it - I think that BPB is wildly over-rated. I think it's boring. It completely fails to live up to what it could or should be given the property. If you need to hang your hat on me agreeing that "some holes aren't boring" then that says quite a bit. Untrue. Get an avatar for yourself, please. My opinion in a nutshell? 20-26 yard wide fairways on relatively long holes force you to almost always just hit a driver and to find the really narrow fairway. There's almost never a decision to be made on the tee about the club OR the location of the tee shot. Angles don't matter, but they really don't matter at BPB. The bunkers are set into the rough, meaning that the fairway corridors have been somewhat artificially narrowed. The greens are generally flat, relatively oval-shaped, and uninspiring. There are few that have any interesting contours, interior OR exterior. Virtually every hole is a mid- to long-iron that must carry and land and stop on the green. Very few holes even allow a run-up shot. Thick rough with virtually no recovery options everywhere. Almost no half-par type holes (unless you count the ample 4.5-par par fours). A dud of a hole opens and closes the course: 1 and 18, meh. Six-hour rounds are common.
    • I prefer the Zero gloves.  It is basically a one size adapts to all.  Feels more like a second ski and I have enjoyed it over 6 months of using it.  Reasonably priced.

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