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  1. FWIW, a lot of driver fittings make the fitting free if you order a club through them. Also, you can always spend the $50-100 for the fitting, which will likely be with the current model year drivers, then go buy just the head of the previous model year of that driver you were fit for (could buy used) and buy the shaft separately and likely will save some money. Not all shafts are 3-500 extra, most manufacturers are offering a number of different shafts at no additional upcharge.
  2. Mr. Puddle, I would think most on here have been, or, are where you are. I am not good enough to give you technical swing info or instruction, but can only share what I have learned over the years. Most people want to get started with the driver and learn to hit that. I have taken a few lessons, but the two that helped me the most were putting and chipping.... Also, I have learned to "manage" my round of golf and play more sensible. I accept the fact that I cannot hit the perfect shot or make that 1 out of a 100 shot from the trees. My goal is to just keep the ball in a position that on the next shot I have an opportunity to advance the ball to the green. My objective over the past few years has been consistency and giving myself a chance. My focus from the tee box is to just get it on the green. A bad first shot can be overcome by a smart second shot. Do whatever you can to avoid 7's or 8's on a hole. Don't give up. Keep at it.
  3. If you hit a PW 120 yards, why not hit a 6-iron for the second shot and leave yourself a pitch instead of a full wedge? You'd probably hit the green, and closer to the pin, far more often with the latter strategy.
  4. Congratulations, and welcome to TST! Please feel free to contribute whenever and wherever you see something interesting. I'd be interested to find out what made this round different and better than your normal round. I know that most of my "good" rounds come when I consistently strike the ball well. That keeps me in play, minimizes penalties, and gets me close to the green in regulation almost every time. Occasionally my short game and putting will produce a good score when my ballstriking is sub-standard, but that's pretty rare. My BEST scores come when my ballstriking, chipping, and putting is all really good. So for you, I'd suggest the same approach. Improve your ballstriking, your full swing shots. Tee shots in play (and longer is better as long as its in play), second shots on or near the green, its hard to make a bad score on a hole when you do those two things well. Second, short game shots should ALWAYS end up on the green, two-chips are bad. Last, putting, make your share of 5 and 6 footers, and minimize 3-putts when you're further away. Last, you can learn a whole lot by reading Lowest Score Wins. Lowest Score Wins - Shoot Lower Scores on the Golf Course NOW Shoot lower scores on the golf course… NOW! This isn't swing instruction, but more about all kinds of decisions. Evaluating your game and deciding what to practice, and deciding which shot to try on the course, along with lots more.
  5. Okay, there are two situations at work here: * You have a high handicap. * This is a tough hole. Suppose you were going to play that course regularly. Think about what the longest club you believe you can get into play off the tee is. Note that I didn't say "in the fairway." Rough is fine, unless it's the thick stuff you can only pitch a sand wedge out of. A fairway bunker isn't, nor is behind trees. Now, what's the longest club you can hit on your second shot, again keeping it in play? Out of hazards, but rough is fine if you can advance the ball from that rough. Similar for your third shot, and your fourth if necessary. I say fourth because I want you to mentally allow yourself to know that if you have to hit three long game shots in a row, there's a chance you'll mishit one. Allow for it and plan to forgive yourself. There's a time to improve your swing, and that should be a goal, but while playing this hole is not the time or place. Okay, priority on your fifth shot: on the green. Close to the pin is nice, but if you're within 25 feet of the pin, consider it a win. Now putt. Could you make an 8? Sure, this is hard hole and you're a high handicap. Are you likely to make a 4? No, but this isn't really a par-4 for you. It's barely a par-4 for me and I'm about half your handicap. If you walk away with a 4, think of it like a birdie, not that you somehow managed a par. I would. An 8 isn't a great score. But a 7 is in the cards with three decent (not great, just kept in play and advance the ball) shots, and a 6 isn't out of the question. And since this is really a par-5 for you, and a bogey on any hole is a victory at this point, that's a step in the right direction. And as your swing improves, you're far more likely to get within pitching distance on your second shot, and that'll turn three strokes into two. And it won't just be on this hole. In case you think this is talking down to a high handicap, I want to assure you it isn't. I still write out personal par values for many holes. The goal on a golf hole isn't to make par, it's to make the lowest score you can make that day with what you brought with you. On my home course, I treat one of my par-3s as a par-3.5 and three of the par-4s as par-4.5s.
  6. I know if seems like the PGA just finished, but the US Open qualifying has already started. Couple of links to start this discussion: - the exemption list https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/exemptions.html - the sectional list https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/sectional.html The first qualifier was yesterday - https://www.usopen.com/qualifying/sectional/Dallas-texas.html#!&tab=results With Brendon Todd & Nick Taylor being co-medalists at (-10), and Mike Weir getting a spot as well as Austin Eckroat (the only am to qualify yesterday) General Topics - Tigers 16th major, Brooks goes back-back-back, Phil gets his career slam, DJ, Spieth, Molinari or maybe a first time major winner (Rickie, Rahm, Xander, Kuch,) - make your guess...
  7. Gosh, I love having a doctor on the forum. About my golfer's elbow...
  8. Thank you. Golf was our common bind in a sometimes difficult relationship, and I do miss spending that time with him. FWIW, I absolutely went through the entire fitting process, tried a variety of irons, drivers, shafts, etc. and it will be a few weeks before everything arrives. Despite having the foreknowledge that having a driver in my bag is about as helpful to my game as the umbrella I also carry, cost was less an issue with this refresh given the circumstances. Hope springs eternal that with better technology and a fitting, as well as a commitment to practice and lessons I might be able to learn to hit it effectively.
  9. I think 6° is at the upper end of tour players.
  10. Welp, let's see. I'm hurting, I don't know why (can't self diagnose) and I don't want to see a doctor. I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Blueprint: 1-piece forging blade iron i500: hollow bodied iron with face welded to chassis, much stronger lofts Completely different animals.
  12. One thing that might help here (and probably other golfers as well) is to learn to hit a little knock down shot with your longest iron. Just a swing that is 3/4's straight up and back down and advances the ball down the fairway. For example, I hit my 5i about 175 but with this knock down it will go about 150-160. It is hard to hit the ball wide right or left with this shot (which is why I use it). It also can be difficult to control the distance so I don't use it much to approach greens. But I use it all the time on par 5's and to get back into position on par 4's after a bad drive. In all honesty, I developed this shot for different reasons earlier in my playing career, but I still use it all the time.
  13. I don't think anybody worth their bacon meant it literally. It is a qualitative statement then quantitative. How many players even faced that many chances of key putts? He made a shit load of those he faced.
  14. Yes, they are back to the "normal" method of putting the Iron number (6,7,8) instead of the lofts (30,34,38). The Hi-Iron Utility clubs still have the loft on the sole.
  15. In following up on @iacas' post in another thread, I took a peek at the Golf Genius website. The first thing I saw was a link to this: WHS White Paper.pdf - Google Drive It includes a reasonably good summary of the 6 handicap systems currently used around the world, as well as a discussion of the World Handicap System which will come into effect for most of us in a little over 7 months. I didn't see anything really new, but its one of the better summaries I've come across.
  16. Get specific golf instruction for your swing. If you don't have a decent instructor near you then try Evolvr. There is no singular drill that will make you break 80 all the time.
  17. This one time at band camp...
  18. I'm thinking that so much time on the range has led to a consistency of strike for you that is translating into extra distance. Plus, most range balls are crap, unless they are new! Many years ago we had a buddy who got serious about golf. He lived in an old house that had enough ceiling room in the basement that he could swing clubs. He put down a mat and hung a war surplus parachute to catch the balls. When he played the following season, he was a force to be reckoned with! He simply didn't mishit any shots! Every club he swung was hit dead in the center! That's why I miss our golf dome so much. It's like I'm trying to relearn the game!
  19. WARNING - FamousDavis Is An Extremely Difficult Poster Which We Recommend Only For Highly Patient Posters. (Just having a little fun with you Davis)
  20. Played another round today with making a mental note to change my club selection to reflect longer distances based on what I have been hitting. And, for the most part, it worked well. Using my 7i, for example, where I would have used a 6i in the past, resulted in much better distance planning without any real change in my swing. I still have to fully note this and keep a better record of distances for each club. Thanks all for your feedback. It seems that the solution was obvious to most of you; I needed to make sure I was on the right track, as life does not allow for me to bounce thoughts off too many people.
  21. Those icy stairs will get ya every time.
  22. Hopefully his brother will call him out on it.
  23. Prior to my hiatus from golf for 20 years, I had only played a Persimmon (and a TRUE one, at that). Distance was great but accuracy was iffy (actually, down right awful at times). And, I also used a 2i, when I lost confidence in that hunk of wood from time to time. So, when I returned to golfing two years ago, I started out with working only on my irons, hybrids and wedges; I put the driver on the back burner a while. Time came to get the driver back. Being an older cuss, I went with a senior flex shaft and an older, used club (Ping G5) and a significant 12º, until I discovered what worked for me. Compared to my older Wilson Persimmon, it seemed to be a real battle ship! So it took more than a few trips to the range to begin to feel comfortable with it is general. I also took lessons and much video to study. I took lessons, and a lot of video, to make sure my driver swing was good and my address and grip were where they needed to be. I did not use it my first few rounds back at the game. (I used a GX-7, which some one gave me as a gift and which I now use as a 3w). I did not rush putting the driver in the fore until I noticed, at the range, I had become comfortable with speed and set-up for the driver and I was soon hitting 210-230+ off the tee, again; that is solid for me at my age (68) and some lingering physical limitations, as well as eliminating an off the tee the slice. I then took it out for the next round and I will charitably say I did good. Now, about 1 year after those days, I am comfortably using the driver. About 75-80% have solid distance and loft, end up with good roll. I do sometimes pull more than a draw, and I tend to play my next shots from the left of the fairways. I do not try to smash a drive; I am not in any long drive contest. Besides, bad things come to me when I end up pressing. Funny thing is, I tend to get better ball speeds when I seemingly focus on a smooth easy swing. Accuracy is better, too. It took over a year, once a week, focusing on the mechanics of the swing, mirror work, hitting the ball at a range before I got to where I do not fear using the club. It has become a most important weapon for me. Do I hit screaming yellow bonkers every now and then? Yea, more than every now and then. Heck, even Tiger and others mess up drives; I just do it with slightly greater occurrence. LOL You may be ok, for now, to concentrate on other aspects at this time in your game. But don't give up ad infinitum on the driver. Thus ends my catechism for today as I need to figure out what the hell I did using my 6i in my last round!
  24. What do you need in an app? My club does live scoring via scrolf (which is more a website than an app).
  25. I had a bad problem with my left shoulder after a near fatal car wreck. The doctors told me to take it easy. That didn't work. I couldn't sleep, or stand upright, for months. Eventually I was directed to a massage therapist who determined that the injury had restricted my range of motion. He gave me two exercises to do...every day and often...and that did the trick. The problem is that an injury, quite naturally, results in us not using a limb or set of muscles. So the very thing that we need to do is the one thing we avoid. Try swimming. That is what got me back.
  26. You describe what does sound like a shoulder impingement. Damage and/or inflammation to the acromion/bursa can cause this. The subscapularis nerve is a common culprit of this. Have you taken NSAIDs (ibuprofen or Naproxen)? Alternating heat/ice therapy to the area as well? This is usually the first line of conservative treatment. The next step involves imaging with possible cortisone injections. Physical therapy may be in order as well. Try the conservative approach first with the heat/ice and NSAIDs. If no improvement then I suggest you see a physician. And yes, I am a physician (Family Medicine/Urgent Care). 😃
  27. Well, I finally did it, and like a few others in this thread, it happened while (because?) I was not even thinking about it. It never crossed my mind. I haven't played much golf lately (once in 2019 prior to Saturday) and so I had no expectations. I hit the ball pretty well, and never really made any big mistakes on Par 4's, so no risk of a 6 there. That leaves the inevitable bogey or two on a par 5 that always ends up sinking me. Somehow I avoided it this time. All of them, though, were struggles so had I been thinking of this challenge, I probably would've blown it. Highlight was 18; Smashed a perfect drive down the middle and had 245 or so to the green. I'm not comfortable with my 3 wood these days so I just wanted to get a hybrid down there as far as I could ... and I "shanked" it 45-50 degrees right and about 90 yards or so into the next fairway. (I think I hit it off the tip of the toe, nearly whiffed it) Recovered nicely back into the fairway leaving myself 78 yards. I had to get up and down from there to complete the challenge (although, again, I wasn't considering it at the time) AND to give myself a chance at beating my nephew one last time before he leaves me in the dust. And I hit that wedge straight at the pin leaving a 3' straight uphill putt, which I made to tie my nephew, and then a few minutes later it also dawned on me that I completed the no 6s challenge. :) Bonus was that I shot a 79 (with no birdies and a really careless and dumb double on a par 3) which I'll take all day long after not playing for 3 full months. Apparently I should not play more often. 😏
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