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  1. 67, 72 and 71 (Torrey South) this weekend. Last week played in an alternate shot tournament and took home some hardware. Wore my Newport Cup/TST belt 👍
  2. Allow me to be your new best friend...... A few months ago I bought new 3 pack of Foot Joy gloves at Dick's Sporting Goods for $21.99. At the register, they asked if I wanted the new "1 year No Sweat Insurance Policy" for $3.99. Wait...for $4 they're going to replace these when I wear them out?? Seriously? YES, I DO WANT THE INSURANCE!! Fast forward 3 months later and I blow out the thumb on a couple of them. I pull up the insurance policy receipt (super easy registration process by the way!!) and type in the code. Immediately they send me a prepaid return label. I take them to the mail shop and they shove the gloves in an envelope, slap the label on and tell me to "have a nice day". Three days later I get an email telling me my claim has been approved and 4 days later I have a full replacement check for cost plus tax!! Yesterday I just upgraded my glove selection to 2 of the Titleist Cabretta leather gloves ($24 each) and you can bet I bought the $3.99 insurance on both of them!! So now that I made the initial purchase, as long as they continue to offer this insurance I will only be paying $3.99 for my gloves every time one wears out!! And this insurance is on any of the gloves that they sell!
  3. I'm not sure why you quoted me as all I was doing was trying to define a boundary for NYC area for the point of discussion, since the OP wants to claim as far as 2 hours away as NY metro area. Nobody here gives a shit what the NY metro area is, either, just like how they won't say they live in the NY metro area. So far there's only one person here that seems adamant on defining the NY metro area as whatever the federal government defines it, as if that has any real meaning in our daily lives. I'm not sure what the point of your post is, besides telling me New Yorkers don't give a shit what other people think. Yea, tell me something I don't know 🙃😜
  4. A trip down memory lane. The volume is not level across the board, so don't turn it up too much.
  5. Actually, it would be only fair to consider municipal courses and public courses with in the city limits. Columbus Ohio doesn't consider Dublin Ohio golf courses in its prevue, why should NYC consider anything outside its municipality?
  6. Tennis is a great sport 😜 But seriously, take some video, start a swing thread. Or sign up for evolvr.com and get instruction. 45° open face doesn't even sound possible, are you sure you're not just shanking the ball?
  7. I bet the same people who think leasing a BMW makes sense will find the plan attractive.
  8. I don't have an issue with that. I don't get where you got that idea from. Just a question. If someone who has lived in LA their entire life, how would they know how good NYC courses are? When you title the thread, "Compare". What do they have to compare to? Just a technical question really.
  9. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and we all play golf for the reasons we play golf. I on the other hand always remember a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work. Let us not forget, less than 1% of golf is striking the ball, the remainder is walking and talking. I would rather play badly and enjoy the company, than play well and not enjoy the company. Let's not forget, as good or as bad as you may think you are, golf will never become your living, it will only ever be a hobby !!
  10. Bethpage has an online reservation system and you can walk up. It's really not unlike any other popular course as far as getting a tee time. The people who sleep in the cars are the ones who want to tee off before 8am on a weekend. @DeadMan I'm sure the Pinehurst area stands out as among the best in the country for public golf. That is why I said other than destination resort areas. I also wonder if public courses in every urban or suburban area are crowded with slow rounds. Probably.
  11. It has been for awhile. Many of the old aspects of the reservation system previous to the online implementation have been retained.
  12. Yes. I tend to draw it from a square stance but I am trying to hit more "power" fades off the tee. There are a few holes on my home course where I have to fade it (or curve it more than a fade) and I'm comfortable doing it. I always seem to hit a good drive on one of those holes. Played Torrey South yesterday and it's a course that favors a little fade off the tee and was happy with a lot of the drives that were either straight or fading a bit. I don't try to do anything different with the swing, just aim my body left and make sure the ball is a little more forward for the fade. Played in a tournament a month ago where there were a few holes where driver might have been too much club or I had to hit a really solid 3-wood. I chose to hit "bunt" drives instead, choked down halfway, aimed my body left and felt like I made a 3/4 backswing. Hit it great every time, tend to prefer that over hitting 3-woods off the tee.
  13. I guess it depends on how you define”best”....or even “quality”. If I had to sleep in my car in the hope of being “lucky” enough to play a 5+ hour round of golf, I’d seriously consider moving. Or taking up tennis.
  14. The hole isn't designed to be a risk/reward type of hole. To have an unobstructed view of the green you need to hit a 260 yard drive from the front of the tee box. The angle on the dogleg is large enough that it doesn't benefit anyone going left. Option 1: Hit a 240 yard shot down the left side and have 180 yards in Option 2: Hit a 260 yard shot down the right side and have 160 yards in Their is no improvement in angle from the trees. Here is the logic on this. Most people can't hit it 240 yards off the tee. So, it's not risk/reward it is just punishment. For those who can hit it over 240 yards, you don't get any angle improvement laying back to 240 since the angle is the same. Since the width of the fairway is stupidly narrow, there is no benefit dropping back. Example, if your accuracy is 5% on your driver and 3-wood. If you hit your Driver 260, you're shot zone might be +/- 13 yards. If you hit your 3-wood 240, then it's +/- 12 yards. Not that big of a difference. Let's say you hit your driver over 260, then hit the driver since you actually gain more fairway because of the dogleg. Also, if I was playing the hole, I might play down the next hole on the right. Hit it 260-280 yards and leave yourself with a wedge into the green ;)
  15. I’ve seen it said. Pride in how “tough” it is. Hence the endless features on that dumb sign.
  16. Wash 'em up and stuff and they should be fine.
  17. First, Welcome to TST. Thanks for sharing. I, and I'm sure many others, didn't realize that this was an option!
  18. Check out this older thread Where should the calluses....
  19. I've played tennis at a high competitive level. I guess I've never made a comparison between the two sports when it comes to fundamentals. Why not start a Member Swing. Even golf setup can be helped via video. You'll find the membership warm and welcoming especially if you participate frequently. Member Swing
  20. I would avoid a lot of what that video advises. Rolling the clubface typically isn't a good way to go for hitting a draw. It's also a tough way to play by manually swinging out to the right. An outward path is just a result of other pieces being in place well before impact. For a draw, clubface closed to the path, yes, but the face should be pointed to the right of the target. Ball starts where the face is pointed and curves away from the path.
  21. Moved to e12 recently from e6. These balls do well with my slower swing speed. The move happened when I ran out of the e6, so I thought good time to see how the newer ball will do. Only happened about a week ago, so, full jury is still out. However, improvement in distance and accuracy in my round last time out. So far so, good for me.
  22. Finally! After 18+ months of trying, I recorded a No-Sixes round last weekend. All told: 9 bogeys, 8 pars, 1 birdie = 79 (par 71). It wasn't a spectacular round, just fairly steady. One under on the three par 5s; eight over on the 11 par 4s, one over on the four par 3s.
  23. Practiced today. Started poorly, but kept working at it (with some frustration) and it eventually got better. Remembered a part of the backswing piece was that I needed to hinge more (my right wrist tends to cock and not hinge) and that helped clean up contact; got mostly centered contact through the last bit of the session. Need to see if I can replicate it tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. Got a "major" coming up, so I need to get this train back on track if I want to make a decent showing.
  24. I wrote about positions here: In short, I don't like to teach "positions" per se, but positions can serve as good checkpoints. The photos you provided aren't even great checkpoints - you've not captured impact, so we don't know for example what exactly the shaft is doing at impact. Is there a bit of a flip? You said your ball flight is high and your miss is a pull-hook, so a little flip caused by a little stall of the body might be the case. Your "overtaking" rate might be a bit high because your body stalls, because extending that left knee/leg is a big piece in continuing to keep up your rotation rates through the ball. But by just posting a few pictures, we can't see the overall motion. It's about more than rhythm and balance. It's about how you GOT from one position to another. What happens in between matters. And, most people who post here are looking for some help. If you're not, if you're content to work on your swing and use a topic like this just to post progress updates, that's cool too. We have a few people like that. I'm one of them. We can respect that, and it's totally cool.
  25. You obviously don’t know the rat-bastards that I play with!
  26. I think it would be good to avoid discussing whether someone brought politics into the conversation as well.
  27. <RANT MODE ON> Let's not forget that speeding up the professional game will likely speed up the amateur game. If TV stopped showing Tiger Woods throw blades of grass in the air 5 times over the course of two minutes, maybe 30 handicaps will stop slowing every one down worrying about how the wind will affect their worm-burners. <RANT MODE OFF>
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