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  1. The player would have the remaining time (let's say 2 min 30 sec) to search for the ball? See 18.2a(1)/1 – Time Permitted for Search When Search Temporarily Interrupted A player finds and identifies his or her ball in high rough after a two minute search. The player leaves the area to get a club. When he or she returns, the ball cannot be found. The player has one minute to search before the ball becomes lost. The three-minute search time stopped when the ball was first found.
  2. If all 15 clubs were public, nobody would have good golf available 😜
  3. I always lay my hat or glove or towel near the ball when I locate it. Saves the headache of looking again. Surprised the pro in this situation didn't do something in this manner.
  4. I received the book today. I actually ordered from Amazon before I read on a thread here that those were not authorized copies of the book. I am returning that copy and keeping the copy I received from the LSW website. You can definitely tell the difference in quality. The legit copy is at least 1/8" thicker due to heavier paper. I will start reading as soon as I hit submit on this post.
  5. I remember that podcast. I’m an avid listener and that was a good “episode”. I actually like the idea of the Olympic format being something similar to the collegiate format. A stroke play division and a team match play division. That way you have a chance for someone with a country that doesn’t have a lot of depth to win a medal, but the team match play format also allows for plenty of drama as well as country members to band together for competition.
  6. I think this is the crux of the issue here. Just because you belong to a private club, doesn't mean you can afford to pay for other people's golf. Heck, it doesn't even mean you can afford to belong to the private club. I believe the general consensus around here (and certainly for me), is that golf takes up a larger portion of our budget than it probably should.
  7. I think I would be reticent to use both mosquito repellent and sun block. And I can tell you that sun block applied at least every 9 holes is a must in Florida summers. So I like IowaGreg's suggestion of Bullfrog. Though I find it peculiar that mosquitos are a problem during the day. I play some courses that are on the edge of the everglades and I don't think I have ever see one until the sun is pretty low in the sky.
  8. I strongly disagree with that statement. People here tried to help and give realistic advice on what they think he should do. He chose not to listen. That's his problem to solve, not ours. It's not our responsibility as a forum community to try to "reach him at his level". Why do you think it is the responsibility of the community here to try harder to "reach him at his level"? I could turn your statement right around too. As an adult, @Diece should be trying harder to listen, understand, comprehend, accept the free advice that is being given to him, especially when the advice comes from people who have quite a bit more knowledge about the sport than he does.
  9. Yeah... it's how fast people walk to their ball, not how they stand there staring at their belly button while the other guys hit. Someone needs to explain to these guys that professional golf is part of the entertainment industry. No one wants to watch The Hat factor in butterfly farts into his wind calculations. If no one watches, there will be no tournaments.
  10. I’ve read the entire thread. The tone was fun initially. Then when the advice didn’t seem to be properly acknowledged, and it became clear to most posters that this kid was a poor listener, irrational, delusional, etc., the messages became extremely negative. Bottom line- whatever “advice” most tried to give didn’t reach him, didn’t work. You can blame him for all of his well-noted flaws. OR, as adults, we can try harder to find ways to reach him at his level. It’s easy to join the chorus of grown adults telling a kid he’s an idiot 50 different ways, bashing this kid over all of his flaws with ‘drop-the-mic GIFS.’ Even if all the negativity was 100% called for based on his attitude, you can’t just determine he’s an idiot, that you tried to help, and that he didn’t listen. I’m saying try harder. Successful people always find a way.
  11. In Racine, with SC Johnson? One of our competitors, but and excellent company. Deep Woods Off for me. Works better than any other IMO and is great for ticks too.
  12. It makes sense to me that the left side and right side don't get equal billing when you spend all your time on one side or the other. That goes for the body and the brain. Playing 50 to 75 yard shots...and walking it out to 100...helps me to loosen up. When I do that from alternate sides...I feel better. That is good enough for me. Think about weight training. It doesn't do to ignore reciprocal movements.
  13. Pretty sure a dozen people gave him friendly advice. Problem is he knows it all. It has nothing to do with golf and life skills. It's people like him who give his generation a bad reputation. He's an aggressive, deluded fool who you'll notice pretended to be positive when people were criticising his approach. He was passive aggressive and narcissistic. In any case, he's the worst possible student because he doesn't listen, pretends he's listened, doesn't do what is suggested anyway and then rejects the advice or drill after five minutes because it doesn't work immediately.
  14. Did you not read the thread from the beginning? Many of us were quite kind and supportive and offered advice. I’m not sure stubborn or hard headed is the right description for Jason. Nobody was getting through to him. Sometimes you offer what can be good advice but at some point there needs to be a two way street here. He needs to learn to listen and every attempt at getting him to do that resulted in either short snide remarks or defensiveness. He came expecting, hell demanding full acceptance of his delusional thinking. Catering to that would do him no good whatsoever.
  15. Probably a law against mosquito abuse! We're fortunate not to have many of the bloodsucking beggars here.
  16. I used them quite a bit in the Navy in the late 80's. Worked like a charm. I occasionally use them now but not as much since I now use Off more often.
  17. 40 seconds is a long time. If you can't hit a shot in that time, don't play golf. Really too bad he didn't get penalized.
  18. Bryson DeChambeau is a tool. http://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/26858368/dechambeau-disagrees-slow-play-warning
  19. FWIW I'm watching a LOT more LPGA golf this weekend than PGA Tour golf. AND, what's f***ing awesome, is that the USGA's event is being presented without interruption. No commercial breaks. It's GREAT.
  20. I stretch and do some PT exercises every morning as I have a torn right rotator cuff. I also pop three Aleve tablets and sometimes use Icey Hot type patches before I play. Clearly, I do better when the temperature is warm or hot. Cold weather seems to affect me more and more as I approach my 70th birthday. "Getting old ain't for sissies".
  21. It read like a cocktail of disdain for the LPGA, at least soft racist stereotyping, fleeting hints of sexism and intellectually lazy, uninformed humor. Ha ha. Haney comes across as a master mixologist of the worst ingredients.. What a dumbass..😊
  22. Not racist. Not sexist, but poorly said, insulting and awfully damn casual for someone you'd think would be more media-savvy. He doesn't need to be pilloried for this. Most people will just think a little bit less of him going forward.
  23. We have topics on single length irons and S&T, but I don't know of anyone off hand who has experience with both. I imagine the number of golfers in that part of the venn diagram would be quite small.
  24. But isn't every set up fair since they all play the same course?
  25. I think you are giving him a lot more credit than his remarks deserved. My interpretation is that he: 1. doesn't follow women's golf very much, but, 2. has noticed that there is a seemingly disproportionate number of players from Korea, as compared to the US and/or Europe 3. and has noticed that Lee is a pretty common surname for Korean golfers. 4. and decided to try to make a joke about each of those points, without considering how it might be interpreted. Not being interested in women's golf doesn't make it sexist by itself, but choosing to remain uninformed (ignorant is a fair word here) about a major sector of professional golf is a pretty poor choice for someone who makes his money by talking about golf on a daily satellite radio show. Seeing a trend in the demographic make-up of the LPGA Tour doesn't make him racist, but making a joke about common names does make him look worse. I listen to Haney occasionally when I'm on the road, and I don't think he's very good on the radio. He struggles to form sentences, he struggles to find enough different topics to fill up his 2-hour (I think) show, his knowledge of rules is dismal, his unreasoning disdain for the USGA is tiresome. He has probably said things that are similarly uninformed and/or offensive, this one just got noticed.
  26. I use Bullfrog....... it is also a 30 SPF Sunscreen........ Just keep it in the bag......
  27. Take lessons either online or in person. Try evolvr.com Also this thread might help
  28. Create a My Swing thread and take video of your swing.
  29. What is most disappointing to me about HH is that for someone who professes to want to grow the game, he did THE GAME a great disservice but being a dolt and giving people reason to call him sexist. I would much rather watch the LPGA than listen to him drone on about anything. I met him a few years ago and he came off as a nice guy, but that was because he was trying to sell himself and the TM M1 driver. And yes there were women there including women reporters from Golf Digest. His comments were inappropriate for someone who claims to be all about golf.
  30. If you think that, you're really not making an effort to get into the LPGA at all. There are tons of great personalities on the LPGA. The Korda sisters are great. Danielle Kang. Michelle Wie, obviously. It's a little more corporate than the days of Julie Inkster, I suppose, but the personalities are definitely there. Some of the foreign players don't seem to have as much personality, but the language barrier is definitely an issue there. They definitely don't hit the ball like the men do, but they're still hitting the ball a long way. According to their stats, the median LPGA player is hitting the ball ~260 off the tee. The top couple of players are over 280. That's not PGA Tour long, but it's longer than most average men. I really enjoy the LPGA. It's a very different game than the bomb and gouge the men play, but it's entertaining. And you have many different styles win - you have bombers like Lexi and the Korda sisters, but you also have Lydia Ko winning with finesse. Say that you don't really care to watch the LPGA, I don't have a problem with that. But to say it's devoid of personalities and the women don't hit it far enough is really just showing that you aren't really paying attention to it. I personally was disgusted with Haney's comments. Beyond the racism there, he's a golf media personality. His job is to know stuff like this! The venue for the women's US Open is a cool Raynor course. The LPGA has some great golf, and great, fun golfers. It's stunning ignorance from the guy who's job it is to know this stuff. If I were getting paid to talk for hours on the radio, I would at least put a little research into what I'm talking about.
  31. Come on everybody. You can be better than this. "In poor taste", in this context, is a defensive, clueless white man's synonym for racist and sexist. If he meant to make a point about how the LPGA isn't as compelling and therefore he doesn't enjoy following those golfers and doesn't know about them, he could have said that. Wake the f**k up and don't be an asshole.
  32. I don't believe that its a matter of the USGA being unable to provided an accounting, but being unwilling to open their books for everyone to see. That would open them up to even more criticism, everyone would have an opinion of where more or less money should be spent. Separately, the PGA Tour is set up to do what is best for the PGA Tour players, so a huge percentage of their income from ticket sales and media fees goes back out as prize money. The USGA gets income from memberships, and from the US Open, and uses it to fund amateur events, agronomy research, and a myriad of other tasks. That they offer the highest purse of the year seems appropriate, but its always going to be a relatively small portion of their income for the tournament. I have a hard time with players who are making millions of dollars complaining, threatening to boycott, because they're not getting a big enough piece of the pie. Oh, and as a 4-time volunteer at the US Open, we had to pay to buy our uniforms. The last time was 2014 at Pinehurst, we got 2 shirts and a hat, for a cost. The cost was very reasonable, I think under $100. The volunteers had an air-conditioned pavilion on the course, and were provided a meal ticket for each day worked. Yes, we had to commit to a certain number of hours through the week, 20 hours over 4 days. They use nearly 10,000 volunteers over the course of a week.
  33. meh - they can complain all they want. I don't care one way or the other since they all play the same course it's as fair as it gets. Win with -25, or win with +25, you beat everyone else on the same track.....
  34. It’s a bunch of whining. This is one where taking the high road is the way to go. Everyone plays the same course and has to deal with the tough conditions. It does seem whining always has to do with green speeds and putting pins in certain positions. But it’s the US Open. It’s supposed to be tough. Just play the course in front of you and try to post the lowest score. By the way, the only time I’ve ever heard an overwhelming number of players praise the course set up was 2017. Hmmmm....I wonder why that is.
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    • “Obscure Brady Bunch for $800 Alex.” He’s kind of dull, but has his good points too. He’s a fast player, which I like and he doesn’t seem to be a jerk, but just more self contained. He does call out cheaters and slow players. JT is a bit like that too on the course. He’s quiet and not overly emotional.
    • The Tiger Woods of the 2000s would have dominated the Tiger Woods of this decade too. He was just that much better than everyone that decade. The fact that he’s 44 and can still beat these very talented young players now just reinforces that. Even Phil, who is 50, can hold his own with these players. So it’s not a lie.   There are more of these good players now than in the 2000s for sure. But they come and go. We thought Spieth was going to dominate. Rory is great at times, as is Brooks and BD, JT, Rose, etc., but they can’t seem to string it together for long. No one will ever break the consecutive streak of cuts or weeks at number 1. At least not in my lifetime.
    • Day 238 Did a bunch of different stuff today. Started with some recording of 7-iron full swings. Noticed I was taking the club back with an extremely shut face, like almost pointing at the ground sometimes. Did some rehearsals to feel it more aligned with my body angle, and then recorded a few more swings. Much better, and for some reason I made a better hip/shoulder turn, and contact was good. Repeated the takeaway feel with 3W and driver and hit some balls. Also experimented with driver tee height to see if/how that impacts where the ball contacts the face. Turns out teeing the ball about 1/8-1/4” lower compared to my normal height moved contact from a high on the face more toward center, resulting in more ball speed, so noted that for next round. Finished off the practice with superspeed workout. 
    • Day 13 Spent 15 minutes putting on my mat in the garage.  Wow I have one nasty left to right break with the current set up Day 15 Worked at the range concentration on 2 & 3 Utility Iron and 5 Wood. Then played 18 holes 
    • Not an issue for me. My hands twitch enough that attempting to line up a mark on my ball with the hole was an exercise in futility. Heck, I used to have trouble keeping it on the tee peg! I don't remember but, back in the day, did Byron Nelson, Palmer, Norman, Nicklaus and others line up a mark on their ball before putting or is that a more recent development? 

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