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  1. The Hater’s Guide to Bryson DeChambeau By: Robbie Vogel | Twitter Every year, Drew Magary puts together one of the best pieces of content...
  2. Our work complaints: 16hr shifts with seldom a lunch break. Hostile environment. Asshat bosses, weekend shift demanded so missing kid’s tournament, pay cuts, lay offs, screwed out of promotions, no PTO left, working Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, 45 minute commute in traffic jams, phone calls at 3am to come in. No bonus as didn’t meet production quotas due to under staffing. PGA Tour pro: The golf course was too hard and not fair. Yeah guys, we feel ya.
  3. No doubt about it. Trevino had a lower rate of top tens than Ernie or Phil. But he was a fortunate choice for you, because he's the only one of the players you named of whom that is true. Here is the percentage of top tens in majors of the players you named, plus players in the Hall of Fame who were born after 1955, i.e., who hit their primes about the time majors started to have most of the world's best players in the field. In all but two cases, I started counting with the first major in which they had a top ten, and stopped with the last major in the year of their 40th birthday. The two exceptions were Vijay and O'Meara, who both had career years after age 40, so it didn't seem fair to stop there. I stopped at age 41 for O'Meara, and 42 for Vijay. Your examples: Trevino: 14/42 33.3% Casper: 20/42 48.6% Player: 38/69 55.1% Watson: 36/62 58.1% Palmer: 31/49 63.3% Every Hall of Famer born 1955 or later: Phil: 31/67 46.3% Vijay: 22/48 45.8% (thru age 42) Els: 30/68 44.1% DLIII: 17/40 42.5% Norman: 24/59 40.7% Faldo: 23/61 37.7% Couples: 21/60 35.0% Stewart: 6/49 32.7% Goosen: 14/48 29.2% Seve: 20/74 27.0% Price: 13/56 23.2% Olazábal: 15/65 23.1% Strange: 12/55 21.8% O'Meara: 10/56 17.9% (thru age 41) Lyle: 4/45 8.9% So, if my aging eyes and brain copied the data correctly, four out of five of your examples had higher top ten percentages than all 15 HOFers who began their careers in the modern era. I don't claim that proves anything, but it sure doesn't help your case. That is insulting and false. It's not like we used an offhand remark Jack made, and it's not like we took it out of context. The context was a book that he wrote in his retirement, when he had plenty of time to consider what he was saying, and no doubt it went through several drafts and editing revisions before it was published, so it said exactly what he thought at the time. The context was also that it summarized several paragraphs of reasoning about the depth of fields in 1996 compared to his day. Jack is of course entitled to change his mind, but I agree with @iacas and @turtleback that it's strange how his assessment of field strength seems to be inversely proportional to the threat to his record that Tiger poses --- no threat in 1996, big threat in the early 2000's, and seemingly no threat again after 2010. Personally, I would rather play against all five of your guys than Rory and Koepka alone. Throw in DJ, YJS, JT, etc. and there's just no comparison. Somewhere back in this thread is a copy of an article I wrote several years ago, that documents in Jack's own words his shifting standards for GOAT from the late 50's to the early 70's, from the Amateur Grand Slam, to most PGA wins, to Hogan's three majors in a year, and finally settling on most career majors when that seemed the most achievable for him. And I don't begrudge him any of that; as I said, he's entitled to change his mind. What made me lose respect for him was when he said that majors were "the only fair way" to compare golfers of different eras, because at that time, his only competition for GOAT were players who had far fewer majors to play. In particular, Walter Hagen hit his prime before the PGA was founded, was past his prime before the Masters was founded, had to commit to a month-long ship voyage to play the Open, and had several years of majors cancelled for WWI. In spite of all that, he won 11 pro majors, a record that stood for over 40 years, but was never acknowledged as the GOAT during those years, and is rarely even in the top five today. It's just a fact that any of the stroke play WGCs Tiger won had stronger fields than any of the majors played before 1970, and probably 1980. Yet as you pointed out yourself, Tiger has never wavered from his goal of 18 majors. Never even hinted that his WGCs should be included in the mix, although it would be just as fair as comparing Jack's major total to Hagen's. I would expect my mom to just look at one number, like major wins, because she doesn't know anything about golf. I truly don't understand how anyone who considers himself a golf fan would be satisfied with that analysis.
  4. Guess I’m in the minority but I liked Chambers Bay. They hold that most any other year and those greens are perfect. Difficulty-wise, a handful of guys broke par and -5 won. What more can you ask for?
  5. I play 2 short little executive courses with my 83 year old dad quite a bit. One is a par 60 and one is par 61. They’re great for tuning up my iron game. I don’t use a tee, except for the very occasional driver, and play each shot as if it were an approach shot on a normal course. They're a blast, and although I’ve never shot better than even par on a full sized course, I’ll break par occasionally on them. My best is a 57. Jim Furyk, eat your heart out! Of course, it’s also fun to play with my dad and his older buddies. To them I’m that young, flat-bellied, long hitter. ...my rat-bastard golfing buddies call me popop.
  6. Fleetwood is overrated! 😄
  7. Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for 2018! Please read as the rules have changed! Yes, for all of 2018! I'm changing it up. Rather than do this monthly, we're going to have an ongoing challenge. Here is how you can earn the coveted award you see to the left. Make a detailed post describing your practice every day during the month. "Going to the range later" doesn't cut it, nor does "worked on my chipping today." Describe what you did for at least five minutes of practice (indoors or out, with or without golf balls, etc.). No back-dating or pre-dating posts or practice sessions. When you've gone four weeks (28 calendar days) in a row, missing at most two days, make your post in bold, red text to let everyone know that you're on a streak. Every day after that, so long as you're still 26 of 28 or better, post in bold, red text. If you had a streak, but lose it, post again in regular old black, non-bold text. Be honest; this is golf we're talking about. I'll periodically check those of you with the award and will remove the coveted award/badge from your profile when you've fallen off your streak. Other members are encouraged to point out when someone else has fallen off as well, because I want the badge to belong only to the truly dedicated! What's different about this? Your "month" basically can begin any time. If you're stopping in and it's the 17th, you can start your streak right now, and a month later, have the award. Before, you had to wait for the month to change on the calendar. Enjoy and practice hard!
  8. Since it's officially US Open week and I didn't see this posted anywhere else on here, I figured post about it. I saw a show on Fox today titled US Open Epics: Tiger Woods Perfection at Pebble. It's a documentary about about the 2000 U.S. Open. Had interviews from Tiger, Stevie Williams, and several other players and broadcasters. Not sure if that actually came out today, but I can't find a link to that video yet. Really great to watch. I was however able to find one from last year talking about the 2008 US Open. I would recommend everyone check both out if you have the time. The one linked below is 45 minutes long, but goes by a lot quicker than that. Fantastic to watch. Gave me chills watching it. Can't wait for this weekend! US Open Epics: Tiger and Rocco
  9. I actually got to play it in October of 2014, so a little before they had it there. It was amazing. Beautiful. It was in spectacular shape and one of the best courses I played. Shame the course got such bad treatment by the USGA, the players, and the media and the viewers at home. I loved the course and hope to go back (family out in Seattle-Tacoma area). I may play Bandon though next time we’re out there. My wife doesnt care much for golf but even she wanted to go and walk it with me. Funny, she doesn’t care to much about playing but when we go somewhere, Chambers, St. Andrews, Disney course’s, etc she wants to go with me even when she doesn’t play. She liked Chambers so much she added to her fridge magnet collection haha.
  10. Likely because the forearms are rolling over so fast. Extend up on the left knee, push the hips forward and up underneath you, and stick the finish position - hit your checkpoints. If you can swing over the noodle as you do it, great.
  11. In case anyone doubts it, here's a story confirming it: The clubs Michelle Wie used to win the HSBC Women's World Championship - Golf Digest Technically, it says she isn't using a 9-wood, but has 3-, 5-, 7-, and 11-, and irons start at 6. But looking at the loft gaps, it makes sense, and I'm sure she knows what she's doing. And @ncates00's point stands correctly just the same.
  12. go to a good fitter on a good launch monitor. play what works and fits the carry gaps you want.
  13. During the 2011 season,KJ Choi sometimes carried four and YE Yang carried three or four. https://www.golf.com/equipment/2011/04/masters-augusta-kj-choi-ye-yang-hybrid.html Choi said the hybrids were quite useful in holding the greens on longer par 3 holes at Augusta National. More recently, Choi carries a 4H and a 4i. In 2017, I volunteered as a caddie at a Symetra Tour event (LPGA developmental). About half the women carried a single fairway wood and two hybrids (usually 3H and 4H). Many Champions Tour players carry multiple hybrids.
  14. Koepka just won some major brownie points with me. Calls out the complainers out there. U.S. Open 2019: Brooks Koepka comes out firing with shots at FOX, Brandel Chamblee and his fellow players - Golf Digest
  15. I did try this morning, on the longest 44.5" M2. Choked up about 1-1 1/2" and hit it pretty damned straight (and high, but I have HL head). The Original One still needs some getting used to -- really likes to go left so I have work to do if I'm to use the little driver. Thanks FLOG4
  16. Monster LW on the 5th hole, Scott 😜
  17. Hope you'll enjoy them! Did you put on any tape or just straight to the shaft? I also angled my grips with the logo down. Primarily because I don't want to make the logo placement wonder if I'm gripping the club right or if it's rotated properly. If I used the logo to align my club, I would never be able to trust that I got the logos at the exactly right spot for every club. It would only disturb me. If yo remove old grips that will never be put on again, you could cut them up rather than blow. Especially if they are attached with double-sided tape on or just sticks a lot. If you absolutely want to blow them off, put one some gloves and goggles.
  18. You have a round grip on it, right? Seems it wouldn't matter who regripped it so long as you got the same style and size so as not to affect your fitting. That's my guess. For me, I just don't play enough to worry about that kinda thing. My clubs still have the grips from 2015 Newport Cup and work as good as ever and putter is still with original grip also with no signs of wear. :)
  19. Nice! I really enjoy walking and carrying the bag. Down to 10 clubs, a little water bottle, some balls, little extra sunscreen and no head covers, and Callaway Hyperlite 1.5+ keeps the bag really light. The mini stand can be left out the whole round and don't need to worry about it getting knocked over in the wind. I am actually less tired after a round than pushing a cart full of stuff. Much more enjoyable experience for the money spent on golf.
  20. Here is a link to that: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/equipment-standards/conforming-club-ball-lists.html
  21. They've toned that down a little bit. 12 has been widened significantly (and re-sodded) and they've cut a lot of trees down on 15. 5 is still a pretty quirky elevation change hole, but at least on that one you can see the landing area.
  22. Some summary comments... Low clubhead speed will keep a golfer from getting a good launch with a long iron. Consider getting a gap analysis for your irons. You and your fitter would be looking for the point at which your iron distance bunches up. If you 4i goes as far - or even not as far - as your 5i, a change is due. Some would swap the 4i for hybrid, others might go for a lighter shaft. Fitting helps you decide. On hybrids, golfdom has thrown you a curve ball. In fact, there are two types of hybrids: Traditional. These have shaft lengths and often lofts that fall between fairway woods and numbered irons. You probably have one of these if your 4H flies 20 yards past your 4i. Iron-Replacement. These hybrids are paired with a given model (or models) of irons. So, the 3H would have the same loft and shaft length as the 3i, 4H matches 4i, etc.
  23. Same here @mcanadiens. All the glove did was ride around in my back right pocket. It didn't take too much mental energy to conclude that I didn't like wearing them.
  24. This is right-A back-door finish is when you are not near the leaderboard and you finish a relatively low pressure round to earn a high place in an event. Tommy Fleetwood is overrated. Oh bullhonkey-He was a hot pick to win some of the last majors the last two years. Picked by several people. Page 1 has his name nine times.-Page 2 six times. And I do not just mean people here- I mean media people too.
  25. There is a world of difference in Jack's statements in his '96 autobiography before his records and status were threatened and his later, defensive, statements once it was clear that Tiger was surpassing him. Which is hardly surprising given his penchance for manipulating the standards, which shows a lamentable lack of intellectual honesty when it comes to his own legacy. Other than that you are merely making assertions, all of which have been repeatedly debunked over the course of this thread.
  26. Welcome to the site! For handicap purposes, treat it as if the hole was not played at all. Post par, plus any handicap strokes to which you would be entitled. For example, if your course handicap is 10, and this par-5 hole has a handicap rating of 6, you would ordinarily receive one stroke when playing the hole. As such, you would post your par 5, plus your one stroke, for a net 6. If the handicap rating for the hole is 12, as a 10 handicap you would not be entitled to a stroke on that hole, so you simply post par. In this case 5.
  27. Welcome to the site! More often than not, the problem lies more with the “Indian” than with the “arrow”. Long irons are difficult for many amateurs to hit well. They require higher swing speeds and better contact to generate the spin necessary to get, and keep the ball in the air. An easier solution might be to consider replacing your longest irons with hybrids. Even many very good players do so and find that they improve their play significantly.
  28. I put myself through medical school despite all odds against me. So yeah. Dreams are for unicorns. Goals with a plan are what gets it done.
  29. There are several of us who play together several times a year. We are all friends, and have been for decades. A few of us since highschool. Others since college. One is a practicing politician. We ring him out several times a year because of his trade. All our rounds are friendly, fun rounds. We rag on each other in a fun, sort of way. Do we skirt the rules? Sure, sometimes. Now when we, or I, play with unknown others, we hold playing etiquette in high esteem. The unknown to us players might not, but we don't make a big deal about it if they don't. Just not our problem, and no need to let other players actions influence our games.
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