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  1. Ive been off the course for about a year now , the pain in my feet meant was just too much both during and after .Arthritis was diagnosed and to cut a long story sideways had to have my big toes fused in place . The lack of activity with not walking the links has meant a weight gain of around 2 stone and a general drop off in my fitness . But , Horray ! Im now pain free and getting on the push bike in attempt to get a bit fitter and will hope to get the clubs out of the garage soon and back on the course . With the unbending toes though Ive no idea of how its going to go . Anyone else had this op ? https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/attachments/Fusion of the Great (or Big) Toe_NBT002182.pdf
  2. It's not an average. It's a total from all his shots over the entire round. Example, Round 1 he totaled .66 strokes more than the field off the tee. Before you try to criticize, you might want to gain a bit more knowledge on the subject.
  3. San Diego and LA are warmer and that is what most people think about for weather there. Up the coast to Monterey and San Fran, the ocean dictates the weather and temp. It can be 90 in Oakland and 60 and foggy in San Fran and they are just across the bay from each other. The ocean currents come down from Alaska, so the water is cold. When the wind is on shore, Pebble Beach is cold.
  4. And I'm spitting after every swing. Are you? 🙂
  5. Just saw Snedker and Cabrera-Bello tee off on #1. When Brandt was on the tee first, the infographic showed the fairway bunker was 246 yards away. Rafa stepped up and the bunker is now 247 from the tee. Is anyone else disturbed by the thought of a mobile fairway bunker?
  6. @FunkyDionysus of the current set you have, the club you can keep the longest is the Driver. Most of the others would need to be replaced. I also notice, you didn't say anything about your putter. For me, if you are going to change a few clubs at a time, go from shortest to longest club. The reasoning is the shorter the club, the more accuracy you expect, and good clubs make a difference here. The hybrids and woods you have here might be a bit shorter and less accurate than newer clubs, but rarely are you hitting those onto a green (except long par 3s)
  7. Woodland's Strokes Gained by Category,
  8. Kudos to Woodland for a great tournament. Very impressed with how he held off any jitters to play some solid golf. Love that he finished with that birdie instead of a lag and par!
  9. That was Tiger's lowest single-round score in the U.S. Open in 10 years. Pretty wild coming after 4 bogeys in his first 6 holes and 54 holes of bleh.
  10. And again from about 7' on the 10th hole to get to -8.
  11. Good on you for getting back to it, though I'm sure general quality of life was the real driving force. I don't know of anyone who has had their big toe fused, but you and Tiger have something in common now. 🙂
  12. BTW just saw Scott make eagle with the pin in from about 15 feet on #6 to get to -6.
  13. I'm right there with you. Part of me wishes the USGA had said "You don't like playing for $12M? Then piss off. There are thousands who have tried to take your place. We've made some mistakes, yes, but not nearly as many as you think and we're trying to create a difficult test, not a PGA Tour course setup. Suck it up and play golf, or don't. We don't very much care."
  14. That’s why I recorded it and just started watching. Fast forward is an amazing tool.
  15. I can see where weightlifting might be detrimental as you are looking for hypertrophy and that can obviously get you too sore and stiff to swing. However, powerlifting has been nothing but positive for me in all aspects, including golf.
  16. Weight training is not bad for your golf game unless you sacrifice flexibility for strength. I, personally, rely on it to keep my game going. I always include cardio with my workouts.
  17. Like I said, a lot of it is weather-based. I'm disappointed because I feel like the identity of the tournament, and why most people love the US Open, is because of its toughness. I was watching it at a bar with friends yesterday and everyone was like "Isn't this the US Open? Why does it look so easy? And the risk of putting it on a short track along the seaside is you depend a lot on wind to make it tough. And if the wind doesn't blow, you get what you get. However, the USGA also has thrown the players some bones this week. I was there every day in 2010. It really wasn't that windy. Two of the days were just like they've been this week. One day was sunny but pretty calm, and another was sunny and breezy. The first round lead was -2 that year and less than 10 players broke par. The difference was a couple things: 1) The greens were fast from the start in 2010. They didn't water them as much pre-tournament as they did this week. Watching the Golf Channel earlier in the week, they said the USGA was putting a lot of water on the greens pre-tourney and the course was very soft Wednesday. In 2010, they did very little watering pre-tourney. 2) They've used some easy pin positions this week. They never used the pin on 17 in the front in 2010. Never used the pin on 14 like they did Thursday. Players beat that pin up. Don't remember them using the pin at 3 right there in the front like they did on Friday. They set up pins on 9 and 10 more towards the ocean in 2010 as well. They've used hole locations on the left side of the green this year more often rather than the ocean side. Not saying those changes would have made a ton of difference, but it could have made things a little trickier on the greens and more demanding on the approaches. But I would 75% of the good scoring has to do with the weather. Even if they made those changes, the leading score would still probably be somewhere between 5 and 8 under.
  18. I hit my driver 170 yards straight. I’m 75 YO and that’s all I’ve got. The woods are full of long drivers....Harvey Penick
  19. The second sentence is correct. The first is not - Tiger's is a cumulative total, it's not an average. An average would be if you took 0.622 and divided it by 14… and said Tiger gained 0.045 strokes per tee shot or something. And that total shows that, off the tee (on par fours and fives), Tiger is BETTER than average. Despite what you keep saying. He's better than average. Which makes no sense. Did you watch Koepka? Rose? Woodland? They hit some bad shots too. You ignored my earlier comment asking you if you had seen the 2018 British Open (which he led for awhile on Sunday) or PGA Championship (in which he finished second only to Koepka). Those are included in his approach shots, and that fifth hole is a par three: your point is that he's bad from the rough and his driver is what puts him there. No, because by going by what your eyes tell you, you come up with garbage takes like the ones you've offered up here. Some good stats, by the way: SG: Approach 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02568.2018.html (Tiger 3rd) SG: Approach 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02568.html (Tiger 13th) SG: Total 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02675.2018.html (Tiger 3rd) SG: Total 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02675.html (Tiger 7th) Scoring Average 2018 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.120.2018.html (Tiger 7th) Scoring Average 2019 - https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.120.html (Tiger 11th) So much for how Tiger is an "average" Tour player. Like when he led the British Open last year or finished second to Koepka at the PGA last year? 😛 Very bad take.
  20. Stenson hits fan in head, lays down for selfie A potentially scary situation took on a more light-hearted turn for Henrik Stenson Saturday on the 16th hole at... Very cool of Stenson... Lol! You’re an entertaining read.
  21. Too bad he won the Masters this year so you couldn't just say "at the majors," right? 🙄
  22. Even your assessment of what is hurting him the the US open is wrong, Round 1 it was his approach shots. Round 2 it was his putting Round 3 it was his putting and short game His driving hasn't hurt him nearly as much as you want to claim it does.
  23. And has a large effect on the break of the greens.😀
  24. ??????? It’s not even the BEGINNING of summer. Summer starts in six days.
  25. It's a little spitting who cares. @joneal do yourself a favor, whatever you do, do not ever attend a Major League baseball game, you might lose your shit!
  26. If Patrick Reed wins I'm going to start pumping my septic system on Monday.
  27. You watch Big Little Lies? It's set there. Hopefully the people aren't really like that.
  28. Good grief. The things that offend people these days... ...and the only person Dustin Johnson is representing is Dustin Johnson.
  29. +1 on Maltby. I also would consider Gigagolf. They have a static fitting tool on their site and they build to order. Nearly my whole bag is from them and I love them. If I don’t go Maltby the next time I buy irons I’ll probably go back to GG.
  30. Tiger joins the under par party with a birdie at #4. For those who said Phil's was the shortest miss in TOUR history: it wasn't. It isn't even the shortest putt missed in majors in my lifetime. Hale Irwin missed a tap-in at the British Open in 1983. Hole 14, day 3, ball on edge of cup. Irwin put his putter behind it, drew it back, went forward and missed. That's a stroke. He missed a playoff with Tom Watson by a single stroke.
  31. It philled me with mirth.
  32. Agree with all of this. And I will simply add to say that it is interesting to me how the mentality on all sides changes when you go from a public course to a private club. As an example, if I invite a buddy out to join me for a weekend round of golf, it is assumed that we will each pay for our own rounds. There is no discussion, no debate, no surprise. That is the norm. But if I join a private club and I want to play with that same (non-member) buddy, the expectation seemingly becomes that I will pay for his round. There is something a little quirky about that idea, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, and I'm sure there are some country club members that resent it. So yeah, to avoid any misunderstandings, I basically agree with everything David said above.
  33. What the heck difference does that make? Bottom line. If someone is generous enough to invite you to play someplace where you are not normally entitled to play, it’s simple common sense and courtesy to first thank them, and then to politely ask how much the guest fee is, and how they would like you to take care of that. I would then ask about any dress code, and any other information that you should know so that you can be assured that you won’t inadvertently faux pas in a manner that might reflect poorly on the member.
  34. How true, the writing on the wall got bigger and bigger each time I played last year...unfortunately I dont have short term memory nor tolerance for that kind of game...I made the best decision for me and Golf....and I still love the game..as long as I am watching it and not playing it.
  35. It's just a myth/old wive's tale. Tiger won most (maybe all?) of his majors lifting, Rory posts videos/pictures all the time of himself doing deadlifts and he just won today. From my own experience, lifting for only 2 years, I do feel it's been beneficial for my game. I've picked up a little speed, I'm more "aware" of my body and my endurance is a whole lot better. I carried my bag last Monday at Torrey Pines, round was 5 hours and I wasn't even that tired after. I think the advice of lifting is bad for golf stems from the misconception that lifting weights means you'll get "bulky" and won't be able to move/turn. Most people that lift aren't bulky and it takes a lot of time and effort (lifting heavy and eating a lot) to really put on mass and maintain it. Lifting isn't essential to playing good golf but staying strong, mobile, less prone to injury, certainly can't hurt. Keep lifting @Goldy49!
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    • Think we'll get back to this?  
    • I'm in the camp of having hard time getting tee times.  I don't have a problem on the weekend, as I play in a large group and we always get tee times, but weekday tee times are almost impossible to get. We do tee times 10 days in advance, but I don't have the luxury right now to know my schedule that far out with the Covid stuff going on.  In fact, I just resigned from the club due to the tee time issue and will look to join somewhere else that hopefully has the tee times figured out.  
    • I hope you get some. My buddy got practice round tickets 4-5 years ago. It was awesome. Perhaps there will be fewer people applying this year due to COVID-19. Then again, they will likely reduce the number of people allowed in because of social distancing. Who knows. Good luck!
    • Shot a good round for me of 78 on our par 70 yesterday evening. Missed 3 birdies inside of 10,feet. 
    • The 2021 Masters Tournament ticket application for Practice Rounds and Daily Tourament tickets will be available beginning June 1, 2020.   I can’t wait to get my annual rejection letter.      

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