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  1. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the scorers for the TPC Colorado Championship this weekend, and figured I could create a thread to share some of the thoughts and experiences from the event as it progresses. Some of the notable players in this particular tournament include David Duval, who is prepping for the Open Championship next weekend here in Colorado, and Graham Delaet. David Duval's choice of event might seem surprising as a warm up for an Open Championship, but it actually makes reasonable sense considering the course setup is more similar than you might think to Dunluce Links. As an example, the 3rd hole of TPC Colorado (395 yard par 4) is a near perfect copy of the 385 yard 5th hole at Dunluce, a dogleg left with a reachable green but trouble to carry between the tee and green. The only real differences between the two are the trouble to carry off the tee (Dunluce has thick native grass where TPC Colorado has a lake) and that TPC Colorado has additional pot bunkers in the fairway. Most importantly is the fact that the event will take place in the plains of northern Colorado, where the morning winds usually start at 10-15 mph and often pick up to 30 mph or more in the afternoon. The gusty wind conditions make for excellent practice. I'll be starting out scoring for the first afternoon tee time from hole one tomorrow at 12:20, for those of you wanting to stalk me on TV from home. The scoring system is pretty intuitive, and it's actually all handled with a phone app nowadays. Funny enough, when the switch was made to smartphones in 2017 it initially caused some issues with marshals because they would be telling scorers to put their phones away! You go through 3 screens, the player selection, the club/lie selection, and the lie details. Player selection is obvious, tap the correct player. Lie/club selection is the most complicated, since it asks what type of club (driver, wood, or iron) the player is hitting for tee shots and instead asks for the lie (rough, fairway, fringe, green, bunker, etc.) if it's not the first shot of the hole. Finally the lie details screen just has you select the appropriate description for the player's stance (ball above feet, downhill lie, level, etc.) and the quality of the lie (is the ball sitting pretty or is it buried). It pretty much walks you through collecting all the data they have scorers collect in a surprisingly intuitive fashion, and when you're done advancing through those 3 screens (player selection, club/lie selection, and lie details) you just tap the big "Shot Hit" button to record the stroke. Penalty strokes are assessed automatically (hazards and other penalties are an option in the second "lie selection" screen), so it really is surprisingly simple considering all the data they're collecting for later use. The best part of it, however, is that your responsibility as a scorer is to watch every shot up close and in person to confirm they really happened and are counted correctly. This means you've got, quite literally, the best "seat" in the house for the tournament since you're inside the ropes watching every shot from right next to the players and caddies. Other perks include the ability to play the course for free later, which should be also be fun. I've been lucky enough to play it once before already for free, but unfortunately the day I got to play was only 7 days after I had broken a rib so I'm definitely excited to play it again while healthy (without needing to pay the exorbitant green fee to do so). Overall I'm looking forwards to it, it should be a fun week!
  2. You roll the clubface closed at a very high rate through impact. Make swings where you stop short of a full finish with your body rotated through and your hands rotated less.
  3. Golf is in decline. I say the answer is in marketing (I'm a marketing consultant). What do your local courses do to encourage participation? Do they ever reach out to the community? Host events? Offer incentives to first timers to come to a free clinic? Do the courses we play at recognize and appreciate our patronage? Have you ever received so much as a "thank you" card or birthday greeting with an offer for a discounted or even free round? How about programs to encourage you to bring others to the game? Golf courses are small businesses. And like most small businesses that see their sales falling off, they do nothing proactive or, God forbid, aggressive to change the situation. They blame the market and the "kids these days". I say nonsense. Get the message out. Educate the public about the virtues of golf. Kill the "fuddy duddy" image. Get off your butts (course owners) and DO something. If you need help, let me know... Oh, and another thing: what kind of "customer service" do you receive at the courses you play? I rank my experiences between Indifferent and Appalling. No greeting by the cart attendants, curt pro shop staff, a bombardment of signs telling me what I can't do, surly starters, ill-tempered rangers... I constantly ask myself, "I paid (insert fee here) for this?" Just recently, I was playing by myself and was accosted by a ranger telling me to "pick up the pace", then demanded to see my receipt as if I just stole the cart and tried playing for free. There was no one in front of or behind me, and I play there frequently. Not once have I been greeted with "Good to see you again!" or anything like it.
  4. When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I could walk, carry my clubs and play 54 holes without much of an issue. Now that I am in my 70s, when our group goes to Myrtle Beach each year, a group of us will play 36 holes usually 4 out of 8 days riding in carts. I am the oldest guy in the group that does this. I am ok afterwards. Good enough to go take a shower and then go out to eat. Get up the next day and do it all over again. 😃 The last time I actually played 54 holes in same day, I was 64 and we were riding in carts on a hilly golf course. Still did not bother me all that much. We did it 2 days in a row. It was fun.
  5. I'm a DIY guy. I don't like "service" of any kind. I hate valet. I don't have cleaning ladies. I repair my own cars. I went to a upper tier public and the kid grabs my bag off the cart and starts cleaning my clubs. I am a crank, but I tipped him $10. But I was not happy about it. The next time, I made sure to drive my cart directly to my car and put my clubs away.
  6. I've heard this is a good video. I'll watch it after I post the video.
  7. I was of the old school "poke and lift" pitch mark repairer but have reformed my ways having seen the OP video and learning to do it correctly. It is easy and quick and makes the ball mark virtually disappear. I also passed a link to the video on to my friend who also now uses it to repair ball marks. One of the golf courses I played recently had the same instruction on a sticker in their carts. I always try to leave the course in better shape than I found it and I'm glad to have learned this tip. Thanks.
  8. did a search for walking caddy and came up with an interesting read. http://shotlink.com/about/media The Inspiration for ShotLink?
  9. If you are going to spend the money on the clubs, I would say to spend the time on a ROAD TRIP! It won't take much longer than a round of golf.
  10. I think the people saying they'd be bothered are imagining a foursome plus someone doing this, as opposed to a foursome where one person is doing this.
  11. I'm in agreement with a twist. Two years ago I would have said that my solo rounds were generally better rounds and I honestly thought that my handicap would go up. My handicap has instead stayed the same and recently has improved. But I think my solo round play is now worse than handicap rounds. The reason - I think now I rush my solo rounds and I can't rush the others. Still, whenever my game starts to struggle a solo practice round seems to be the best elixir.
  12. This might be the case, but its against the USGA Handicap rules to require scorecards in most cases, see Decision 5-2a/3 of the Handicap Manual. And for @Groucho Valentine and @Double Mocha Man and all the others who choose to post their solo scores, it rings pretty damn hypocritical when you say "I play by all the rules" and follow it up with "I ignore this rule". Makes me wonder how many other rules you actually ignore.
  13. It is very common on links courses in particular. The R&A include it on their hardcard from this year. They didn't in 2017
  14. Rule #1 for interacting on the internet... Never read emotion in what someone else types. Rule #2 Never ask for advice or opinion unless you REALLY want it. Rule #3 Never offer up advice or an opinion unless it is asked for. Be prepared for said the asker to get upset when you don’t agree with them. Rule #4 Never post when intoxicated These are my rules of course.
  15. Unfortunately I don't play this week but I have a couple tee times next week and after my range sessions with all of you guys advice I have confidence that I can break 90 and hit that birdie in the same round!
  16. How often do the rangers get tips vs the others listed?
  17. @Bo the Golfer, the problem is that you’re reading “condescension” in where there is none. None at all. I simply don’t see much to discuss and I don’t like just saying “swing right.” That’s all I’ve seen to discuss. 5SK isn’t thrown in every topic, nor is it “a swing.” Where I mention 5SK it is relevant. It’s a great system. I don’t have to mention the book much - it’s sold extremely well. I don’t want to be GolfWRX, and as someone who still plays an R11 you probably don’t either. I don’t want 30 ads per page. I don’t want the focus on equipment. Nor do I want GolfDigest telling me what to do, or whatever. And if you think people at GWRX are just gonna say “what a great swing video” you’re kidding yourself.
  18. There are always times it is empty. Go out 1 hr before sunset, or 30-60 min before twilight starts. Mot days super twilight is busy for 30 min and then dead even at Sepulveda or Skylinks
  19. GolfWRX is awful FWIW. I left there 10 years ago because everyone would jump down your throat if they misread your post or had a slightly different opinion. I think you are adding emotion when you read others posts. Try not to do that. I've re-read the comments above and don't see where you find them condescending. Posters are adding their opinions and you just seem to want agreement with yours. Bottom line is Erik is the owner of the site and a terrific golf instructor. He's helped many members for free for what other video instructors would be asking for lots of money. You seem to be looking for a magic fix from internet videos. Best of luck to you, but you are going to continue to wander from video to video whenever thing go awry.
  20. Be open to what the data says. Try a lot of clubs. Tell the fitter about your game but go with an open mind. I recommend thinking about what you consider valuable. You will always find one club that is longer than the others or one that is more accurate. If it is longer by 10 yards and 50% dispersion the choice is clear. But is 2 yards worth $500 for an iron set? Would you trade 3 yards for a more compact head or ability to shape the flight...
  21. Any scuff, scratch, or ding will dramatically affect the ball flight because of the high rpm's we're dealing with. Stains and discoloration are fine.
  22. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the inevitable report from @cdutra40 about that first birdie. Who else is with me?
  23. "Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.” Sam Snead. After hitting it straight all day today then 3 into the water left and right on a water hole I agree.
  24. Yeah I just think the best ball striking can come from a lot pitching and it's easier on the body to practice, if you can strike it pure when you are not going at it in lots of different lies you can strike it more pure when you are
  25. The quality isn't the best but I just wanted to give them a try. I will buy better quality when these fall apart. Now that @iacas has corrected us about color, I may go with something different.
  26. I'm the same. Been doing CF for six months and it has changed my workout routine for good. I am in the best shape of my life at 39. Feels good. Today was Partner AMRAP 18 minutes 18 Wall Balls 18 Kb Swings 18 Box Jumps 18 Burpees Got through 5 Rounds and 48 Reps
  27. I... I... ... have shattered a 150 yard stake in precisely the manner in which you have described. 🙄
  28. I bought them from Mobstub. I don't know a brand but at the time they were two pair for $12.
  29. When the face flash-rolls it's going to be tough to control the start line. The hips basically stall out, the torso slows down, and the hands roll over quite a bit here. I'd like to see a few things: The hips to continue turning and cranking through. This would let the arms get carried through more with the chest. Video of you doing a "hit and stop" drill where the hips and chest have rotated through 90° by A8/A9 or so and the forearms have not rolled over each other. An avatar for you. Posts in other topics. 🙂 P.S. Look, in the DL view, how little the hips have moved from impact to after A9.
  30. Maybe we can come up with a special badge for @Pretzel. Something that looks like this:
  31. I'd anticipate that the Committee would have the authority to adjust such a blatantly bogus handicap to something more appropriate, like scratch.
  32. Arrogant in that they go rogue when they play and don't follow the game plan. Too much individual deviation and trying to win it by themselves. Maybe selfish is a better term.
  33. How high are you teeing the ball on a par-3? If your range is grass, have you practiced hitting irons off a tee? When I'm hitting an iron (or even a hybrid) on a par-3, my tee tends to be pretty low -- and if I don't knock it out with my swing, I practically need a green mark tool to get the tee out of the ground afterward. Consider also doing a "my swing" thread -- might find something good to practice that can improve your ball striking (and thus, your birdie chances).
  34. best swing the on the opposite side too
  35. A white article of clothing will reflect more sunlight than skin tone. A buddy of mine used to work construction. He told how the young bucks, usually laborers, would show up at a job site in shorts, and, as soon as the sun got hot, would peel off their shirts to get a nice tan and look all buff! Meanwhile, the old timers wore light colored, long sleeved shirts with collars turned up, long pants and hats! My buddy asked one of them why. The old timer replied, "Hell! That sun will kill you boy!" I think you have a real point in your first comment. Last week, a buddy and I went to play Windmill Lakes here in NE Ohio. It's in a little town called Ravenna, and is kind of a destination course. It was designed by Edward Ault back in the 70's, and is no pushover! I had a really nice round going until a couple of poor decisions caused me to absolutely butcher the 17th hole. Despite my efforts at hydration my legs were getting pretty wobbly by then, and I think the wobbliness went to my brain! I managed to pull it together enough to finish the hole decently. Had to make an 8-10 footer to save quadruple bogey! Played the 18th decently. I think the heat can make your brain foggy and cause you not to think straight.
  36. I suspect you are right. Also since turning over to the network he’s been shown as much as any of the others. My comment was premature
  37. I’ve never agreed with the hostility that arises when comparing men vs women in sports. There is none. Women are exceptional athletes in their sport be it Soccer, basketball, golf or tennis. They compete against each other and that’s the way it needs to remain. It’s not degrading nor sexist to accept the simple biological fact that men are stronger and faster. It makes plenty of sense that 15yr old boys could beat a WNT. So what? They’re faster and can strike the ball harder. Arguments seem to arise when the question of how far back can a male team of said sport go to defeat a professional women’s team of that sport. It’s a pointless argument. Enjoy the women’s sports or don’t. But accept the differences and let it be. Unlike the interviewer of McEnroe trying to say Serena is the GOAT tennis player. She’s not. She would be humiliated on the men’s tour. Again this means nothing. It’s just a fact as she admitted clearly to. There’s this odd sentiment that it’s become forbidden to acknowledge the obvious physical advantage of men vs women in sports. Unless evolution takes a hard turn over the next thousand/million years that will remain. So what? Women’s sports still have great competitions and provide solid entertainment if you can just let go of this silly comparison.
  38. Something else. I don’t have an official handicap anymore. Since most of my golf is played solo, I would only post 1 or 2 rounds per week.
  39. No, to all of the above. Please read the very first post in this thread. Welcome to a TST!
  40. At a box...I'm horrible at working out at home. Been going since 2007. My wife and son are good about working out at home. They have all the Beachbody vids...p90x, Body Beast, insanity... At the gym I push harder with other people in the class, at home, not so much.
  41. It was one of the most memorable days in my life. Drove 90 minutes early in the morning and played 3 different courses and drove back 90 minutes.
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