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  1. At Royal Portrush. GOOOOOOOOOOOO TIGER!!!! John Daly denied the cart and withdraws. Good riddance.
  2. WOW.....I guess. What a past week of golf I managed to put in. Six days, and 18 holes a day. 108 holes, on our two local courses. I am feeling it a little today, and know it's time to give my body's golf swing mechanisms a break. Except for my daily practices, I don't see myself playing for a score for 2, or 3 more days. Didn't start last week out to play 6 straight days. Definately not a 6th day. It just sort of happened, when one thing led to another. What made it easy was for the first 5 days, I was able to split the 18 hole rounds into two 9 hole rounds for the day. Our courses have a program, where they allow their local players to take an extended breather between the 9 holes. The course charges everyone the same fee for 9 or 18 holes. The only requirement for split play is the golfer must use a cart. The idea behind the "Split Nines" program is to help golfers with the higher triple digit summer heat we are enjoying. That, and the monsoon thunder boomies that are beginning to show up. Giving golfers an extended break between 9s keeps them cooler, and is less stressful for one's game. Myself, I was walking off the course between 9 am-10 am. I would return around 4, or 5 pm, finishing up the 2nd nine holes around 5:30-6:30 pm. My play was very consistent the first 5 days, as I averaged an 81 score. Lots of pars, and bogey 1s. My tee to green game was consistently well played, and I putted quite well too. My target score when playing is 80. The 6th round was an unplanned, spur of the moment type deal. A good friend brutally drug me off the short game practice area by twisting my arm severely. Probably why my first 9 holes was the worst 9 of the week. Finally had a 6, twice. I recovered well enough on the 2nd nine get a free lunch out of him. Well, if you can call a buffet a lunch. All my rounds were played with strangers, and/or friends. All rounds involved a cart to ride in. I don't see this 5 or 6 rounds, in a row thing, in my near future. Maybe 2 or 3 rounds. You never know though. This past week of golf was personally fun for me. It wa nice to know I still have some hidden stamina for the game. Even though these were split rounds, it was still a lot of golf played. I view keeping my swing together for 108 holes a nice, personal accomplishment.
  3. I can. I have noticed that I have a lot more 3-putts when I hit more greens. I had four (one from the fringe, three from the green, two of which were GIR) in my recent 77. Obviously, Tiger is better than I am at all aspects of the game, including putting. 3-putt avoidance is, to some extent, a statistic on how often one starts on the green inside 35' or so than it is a measure of putting skill. All of my 3-putts started outside 30' -- obviously two-putting would be preferable (as would be hitting it closer). I'd be a lot more curious for some statistic that blends strokes lost 3-putting. This is probably not the best description for what I want, but someone who periodically hits an approach to 50' and 3-putts is in a different boat from someone who 3-putts from 10'.
  4. I agree, it's not the best of stats, but just with my own eyes I have seen more god-awful putts from my man this year than I ever remember seeing. Like shockingly bad putts, and you can't argue that the 3 putt avoidance stat isn't accurate.
  5. I have these on my new clubs and although I like them wish i had something else. They are comfortable but when I played in the rain all weekend last month they were as slick as snot. I won't replace them until they are worn out but I definitely will go with Pure grips next time. Nothing will change my mind.
  6. Chill out, play more golf and get my feel for the game again and get back down into the mid 70s, oh and have that rum and coke after each round...yep sounds good to me!!!!
  7. Tips are earned, and should not be expected without earning that gratuity. By the same token tips are really not required. It's an individual thing. If you want to give a tip, that's fine. If you don't, that's just as fine.
  8. This x1000000000. Everyone expects a handout for doing their job. But if ya don't tip you get called names, because giving money is the ultimate way of showing what a decent person one is!!
  9. I find this to be completely inaccurate. In fact I find it to be the complete opposite. Jack’s days were about feels and feels alone. For some reason, perhaps nostalgia mixed with a little stubbornness, people think declaring teachings that have scientifically been debunked by some of the great players and teachers is golf blasphemy. It isn’t. Science is based on data, statistics and research. Hardly any of those were included in Jack’s teachings. It doesn’t belittle him he just went with what he thought he was doing. Religion is a set of beliefs with no facts or science to back it. It’s faith and feelings. This is the opposite of science. @iacas is a golf instructor and a scientist. He’s interested in what great golfers actually did or do. Not what they think or say they did or do. Why people want to argue with that is beyond me. Facts don’t care about feelings.
  10. Scored again today and had fun, it was a bit less hot (thank goodness) compared to the first day thanks to an earlier start. Two of the scores in my group were 67 and 68, so there was definitely some solid golf to watch during my extended walk. I have to say though, this course is quite the hike. I am, however, looking forwards to Monday since I have the first tee time the day after the tournament booked through a connection of mine. It will be fun to watch how the players do tomorrow and compare that to how I play on Monday.
  11. @Shindig Fair question about why quit at 600. No particular reason, just tired of having to write about my practices... and wondering have I posted today or not, so I do not lose my "Clock Badge". AND want to invest these few minutes in something else. I may post on occasion, if I have particular insights, or things I think might have value for others. And of course, ANYONE on this thread who wants to ask me questions about drills, practice routines, etc are welcome to PM me. Thanks for asking.
  12. Focusing on putting... I break every putting practice session into three portions. Part 1: Use some training aid/feedback device to focus on technique. For example, use the Pelz Putting Tutor to train yourself to start the ball on line. Or you could putt down a three foot metal yardstick successfully 25 times in a row. The idea, is to work on your technique. Part 2: Short putts -- 3-5 feet. There are lots of things you can do in this area. Like 25 in a row from 3 feet, before you earn the right to repeat the drill from 4 feet, and then 5 feet. There are a couple of ways to make this more pressure packed and translate to the course. First, when you set up the tees for this exercise use 5 or 6 tees spaced around the hole.... I prefer 5, and set them around the hole at 3 feet (or 4 feet or 5 feet), that way you are practicing putting with various slopes to the hole. ALSO, do not do this drill from one tee and hit 25 in a row... rather go around and around the 3 foot circle until you have made it 5 times. So you only putt from one tee before moving to the next. This is tougher and more pressure packed. Again, once you have done it from 3 feet, you can move to 4 feet and then 5 feet. Based on time, you can also only choose one distance each of your sessions. Part 3: Head out to 30 feet.. since three putts will start to be more prevalent at this distance. There are lots of drills you can use. My preference is with your tees set up in a three foot circle around the hole, you have to putt 20 consecutive putts into this circle from 30 feet to successfully complete this drill. You have lots of options to make this harder, like one day do all putts from below the hole, another day all putts from above the hole, and another day make sure you are putting across a slope. Or you can continuously move around the green as long as you are 30 feet from the pin and putt from various locations. BTW, you can also move out to 45 feet. If you are looking for ideas on how to assess your putting, build practice routines and about 150 different putting drills. Try the book, "Make More Putts" which is available on Amazon for $10. Disclaimer, I wrote the book.
  13. To conclude, we have finally moved to Dallas.
  14. From all these tipping posts, I've gathered that I can afford the initial fee and monthly to join a private club but the tipping would bankrupt me.
  15. Agree 100%. I pay $18 for a haircut that takes 20 minutes...First I don't believe I should tip in the first place ( I paid her price for the haircut) but if I don't tip her well enough I have to worry is she going to cut my hair right the next time? My course snack bar has a tip jar...why should I tip when all she did was ring up a gatorade and candy bar that I took out of the refrigerator and carried to the counter. Many fast food places have either a tip jar or request a tip when you pay...why would I tip before I've even had service, but makes you wonder if they may screw with your food. I don't understand those that don't have the club boy clean their clubs but still tip them anyway? I do tip casual dine in restaurants, they start off at 20% when I walk in an can only go down from there depending on service. I also tip the cart girl. I
  16. I took my first lesson in about 23 years, and have seen an immediate improvement in my ball-striking. Also, I was able to really stay in the moment and play each shot when I played recently.
  17. Mabye I should get tipped for fixing an extra ball mark on the green.
  18. As I said in the other thread, i'm not a cheap guy, but in my experience most rangers/marshals at the courses I play don't do anything to help the speed of play. They drive around once or twice and then BS with the starter the rest of the time. They are there to clock their time, that's about it. When it's slow you ask them what the hold up is, they point out it's the group so many holes ahead of you, then you ask them did you say anything to them, then you get the dear in the headlight look. It was cart path only last weekend, a group in front of us were riding all over the place, I told the ranger he needed to say something, he rode off, when he came around about an hour later he just drove by them. We had to drive up and remind them. Golf is already expensive, I don't need to be nickel and dime'd for everything else around the course.
  19. Tipping is going out of control in the US. Am I supposed to tip the security guard at my club too so he will lift the gate faster for me to drive thru? I never got tipped for doing my job that I was paid to do.
  20. I would have to wake them up or go looking for them at the courses I play in order to give them a tip.
  21. First post from a newbie..... i have been playing for 9 months and after finally managing to break 100 at the beginning of the year, I have managed to be in and around that score for the last few months. However, yesterday everything seemed to click into place and I went round in 82 (+14)beating my previous best by 5 shots! Can’t believe it and good to see the practice paying off ..
  22. Had a couple big milestones for my game today. Starting to really put time into my swing and came away with my first sub-40 and first sub-90 rounds today. Nearly broke 80 as well after going 43-38. Nice to see work paying off.
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    • That is simply the USGA/R&A Testing procedure for ball compliance. It has nothing to with changing playing characteristics.
    • Had a couple of games with mine now, easy to hit, also easy to get right underneath & hit it almost straight up. I might have to practice with ball position , I’m finding I hit them both (54 & 58) way shorter than my 58 Vokey. The 54 Eye 2 is good for chipping out of the long grass , and pretty easy to get out of bunkers.
    • Like billchao said, you cannot play golf that way. Yes you are supposed to remove the outliers both ways, so if you hit 2x 175, 6x 160 and 2x 50 yards it’s much better for your golf score if you use 160 as your carry average rather than 141 as you will hit 160 6/10 times and 141 0/10 times
    • My membership renews in December.  A couple of years ago, I got an “it’s time to renew” notice in July.  I emailed them that it’s not time to renew in July.  They replied that my account would be updated to send me only a single renewal notice, 60 days before expiration. It’s been fine since then. I’d suggest emailing them to request they update your account similarly.
    • Too late... Dwight Eisenhower used black balls on the White House lawn in the snow a looooong time ago.  

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