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  1. Hell, tip everybody! You can't take it with you. When I fly I always tip the pilot. At a classical concert I tip the bass player. I tip my doctor after a DRE. When I spent a few days at Pebble Beach I tipped everyone in the lodge even though tipping wasn't required and tips were factored into your room rate. Tell ya what, I was the most popular guy there that week... and they all called me by name. Even took my caddie out for a drink in addition to his tip. Tipping can be fun and liberating. Most of the foregoing is true.
  2. Ok, we get it. You guys don't like Kuch.
  3. I love what the R&A is doing with the grandstands around 18 : British Open 2019: The R&A's ingenious way to prevent ‘grandstopping’ The R&A has a simple way to stop players from 'grandstopping', which you can see on the 18th green at Royal Portrush.
  4. Yeah, me too. Like him missing the cut.
  5. As a new golfer, I would be hesitant to set a first year goal on scoring. Just too many things a golfer should work on to develope their game. As a golfer's game developes, that development will take care of the scores. Scores are just a by product of how a golfer plays. Getting the most out of your lessons would be a goal to consider. Learning what you can, and can't do as far as golf shots would be goal. By that, I mean not trying to hit shots, when playing, you don't know how to hit. Play with what you know. Practice is where you learn how to hit new shots. Keeping your putts per green average below three would be a viable goal. Keeping the the ball in playable positions from tee to green would a decent goal to have. I would also think the best goal any amateur golfer can have, is to just have a relaxing, fun time, while learning to play this crazy game.
  6. I don't think Ping made anything that would be classified as crappy. They are older clubs but there's nothing wrong with them. You probably got a good deal and that's what u were looking for. Just a guess but does your pro sell clubs?
  7. Here are pictures of the battery powered shop fan (Ridgid from Home Depot) that I rigged up to my push cart. It has threads on the bottom to mount on a tripod. I drilled a hole in the cover and use a knurl head bolt to hold it on. I also cut some hard foam wedges that are Velcro to the bottom on each side to keep it from wobbling.A full battery charge will get me a full round on just below max speed. I've got quite a few positive comments from folks on the course and it really really helps on hot days.
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    I like this game. Essentially: You start with six balls. You start from three feet. You putt from three feet until you make a putt. If you make the putt, you take that ball and all remaining balls back three feet. If you miss, that ball or "life" is lost. Your "score" is the farthest distance at which you make a putt. So for example: Make from 3'. Six balls remain. Make from 6'. Six balls remain. Miss, miss, make from 9'. Four balls remain. Two lives lost. Miss, make from 12'. Three balls remain, one life lost. Miss, miss, miss from 15'. Your score is 12'.
  9. 92 at Grandview today. New low score for me. 48 on the front and 44 on the back. Had several GIRs with legitimate birdie putts though I missed them all. Only one 3 putt. Beautiful day today and slowly improving.
  10. Taylormade changes models faster than I change socks. I quit buying their brand just for that reason.
  11. It depends on how popular, or unpopular, a particular make and model is. The Mizuno JPX Forged are going to hold their value better than some...but you never know. When TaylorMade was marketing a new set of irons every six months...the "old" models were available, at a substantial discount, about a year or so down the road. There is a set of MP-30's, at a club I frequent, that they want 85 bucks for.
  12. Our twin boys have both ended up in Arizona and every time we visit I try to get in a round or two. We reached a 208 yard Par 3 which is always a bad yardage for me because My drives are 200 or so yards. I was able to take out my driver and hit the green and hold it. What really made this memorable was having all three of us hit the green and walk off with pars. John
  13. How can you believe that tipping is “out of hand”, but at the same time not care that many of us choose to tip? I’ve never once tipped because I felt that I was compelled to do so. If you don’t want to tip, don’t.
  14. Good to hear from you again. As you know, feel ain't real. Make these moves SLOWLY at the range. Swing slowly to the top, consciously pause, then do your downswing. Don't worry what happens with the first few balls, although you'll do practice swings and real swings. I struggle doing the real swings slowly, so don't beat yourself up if you go back to full speed, but do try to be slow. As you get to the point where you're hitting it well and slowly, go and try it a little faster.
  15. If you can do it with your irons, you can do it with your driver. What I do is rehearse a swing in my pre shot routine to get my feel and focus on that feel as my swing thought. For you it would be the pause at the top. Exaggerate it in the practice swing and keep it in your mind when you address the ball.
  16. I think you are waaaaay over estimating how much people think/care about what you do or don't do.
  17. Evergreen is a really good suggestion. Just be aware that it's a little quirky on a couple of holes. But you're playing in the mountains, so the beauty and the overall experience will probably make up for that.
  18. You probably got them extremely cheap b/c first, there aren't many people looking for clubs that old and second, with those specs you only have 1/100 of 1% of golfers who would fit into that club. Probably less than that. All that being said, it's pretty simple to figure out if the lie angle is an issue for you with a ball line check. If you have not done it, get a dry erase marker or sharpie works okay. Draw a straight line on the ball about an inch long. Position the ball with the line on the back of the ball, perpendicular to the ground. Make sure you are on a flat lie (very important!) Hit the ball and see where the line mark on the club face points. If it's up and down on the face, the lie angle is good, if it's at an angle, you might need an adjustment. Ideally you should go through the set and check them all but at the very least I would check the short irons.
  19. Hello there! Was your ‘green dot’ fitting just a static read? If so, it’s really just guesstimate as to what will fit you best. Ping i3-O can be bent to 2 color codes I believe. But for now I would focus more on developing good mechanics and then dive into a fitting. Cheers!
  20. Guilt^ is what tipping is based on.
  21. Down to a 2.7 thanks to some good tournament scores recently. In fact 9 of the 10 scores that count for my handicap have the tournament "T" beside them.
  22. I can't tell you how many times I've had a slick 2-foot downhiller and wanted to mark my ball two feet in front of the marker.
  23. I can confidently say that I have never uttered that sentence. Even in weeks where he isn't playing.
  24. In competition play, i don't think ive ever encountered somebody that was just outright cheating. I think thats actually very rare in golf. Most of the situations ive been involved in with a player being DQ'ed were inadvertent. Or just absurdity. Like this one time i saw a guy get DQ'd because he put his umbrella in a rangers cart... But ive played with plenty of people that play preferred lies at all times and mark down a 5 when they really made a like 8 or something. 😂 I mostly find that kind of stuff amusing.
  25. I agree with most of this, but if you are happy with the shot shape/ball flight and were making centered contact (seems like it since that's a 1.48 smash factor) and getting those numbers, I would probably leave it as is, you are only talking about a couple yards of optimization.
  26. Launch looks a little low and spin looks a little high. Did you notice where you were hitting it on the face? Very quick analysis is that you were probably catching them low on the face, which would contribute to both #'s being in this range. If you are not sure, and and can hit the club again, have him put some impact tape on the face and see. If the flight path of this driver is close to what you are seeing with your current driver, then you can try it on the range with a little foot powder spray. In general, strikes low on the face equate to a lower launch and higher spin due to the club's geometry. If the ball can't stay in the air due to launch, it will spin more to try and keep it in the air. Overall #'s look good, just need to look into why the launch and spin are just slightly out of the optimal range.
  27. In addition to what @Shindig wrote, it sounds like your course should adopt the local rule allowing a drop, if they haven’t already: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html
  28. You don't have to play all 18 holes under the Rules of Golf to post a handicap. 13 is enough; you would count either your most likely score on the hole had you played by RoG, or a net par, as the score for purposes of handicap. Whenever someone asks me if I'm playing "Winter Rules," I tell them I'm playing golf, but as long as we don't have anything riding on the match and they don't take too long, they're welcome to make up some other game and play that instead.
  29. On a course I play quite often there is a plaque on the 14th tee that reads the club captain once shot a 28. It is a short par three, and stroke index 18.
  30. During my working days when visiting jobsites, during hot summer days, just about everyone who worked in the sun were dressed from head to toe. No skin seeing the sun. Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, it didn't matter. This was done mostly to avoid skin cancers later on in life. Even a crew of Navjo Indians I had working would be fully dressed. Everyone knew how to stay cool.
  31. I've done it. Took golf trips to Orlando, FL. I wore pants majority of the time. I had no issue. I prefer not having to put on sunscreen. Also, good materials are breathable and get enough airflow.
  32. Never trust a man who wears a speedo and stays up until midnight posting on a golf forum.😁
  33. Still in the small minority. To be clear, I’m not saying that you’re wrong and I’m right in our choices. Everyone is different and should do whatever works for them... I do love that ocean breeze though. It makes a bigger difference than people can imagine!
  34. Along with the others who have expressed their disagreement, I disagree as well. In the articles about color of clothing from the other topic, some will note that many tribes of people will wear long-sleeved robes and pants and other types of full coverage garments. They're in hot climates. Pants keep my legs in the shade, so pants have less heat radiating off my skin to trap. I find breathable materials pants to be a great option in hot weather. I wore them - black btw - teaching all day today in 88° temperatures with 85% humidity and was great. My legs were in the shade all day. Plus, though I will still occasionally put sunscreen on, they're blocking the sun so I don't need to mess with sunscreen as often. Pants can be made of breathable material, too, and if you don't sweat because your legs don't get as hot, then the air flow is not as relevant. Today my forearms were sweating a few times, but my legs never did.
  35. In Texas with the heat, and more importantly the humidity, I would not play between April and October if I had to wear pants. The humidity drains your soul and eventually your will to live.
  36. Ditto for me. I used to wear shorts all the time until about 10-15 years ago. Now I wear long pants only. Keeps the sun off so it is cooler and I don't have to put on any sun screen.
  37. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but for me pants are cooler than shorts. The reason is very simple, I don't have direct sunlight on my skin, which keeps me cooler.
  38. Shorts. Always. This would be a great one to add a poll.
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    I just returned from the putting green practicing this game. I really like it. It's a great warm up and forces one to concentrate on the putt since there are consequences for a miss. I chose an uphill line since my biggest miss is short. The first two times I only got 9'. The third and final time I made 12. My misses were close but not close enough.
  40. A little off topic but shouldn't he have technically marked a 2? I thought that once your ball is in the hole, you're done for that hole, and since it was an accident that he played another ball, that wouldn't be considered practice.
  41. He who has the fastest cart has the best lie.
  42. I have seen cheating over the years while golfing. I have even seen it during a pga tournament a few times. It happens. The most common was doing the foot wedge thing, or the ball moved position during their address. I have always looked at cheaters, that at the end of the day, they knew they cheated, and some folks knew they were cheaters. The fact that cheating didn't bother them, was their problem. A problem which would eventually catch up to them later on in life.. I have seen folks, pick up their ball, an ultra short tap in, but still count the pick up as a stroke. Cheating? Yeah, it is, plus they probably wrote down the wrong score, since they didn't hole out for a score on that hole. Now, when our crazy, old guys group get together for a round of 18 holes, I know that myself, and others will knowingly skirt the rules in the name of "gamesmanship". We basically just screw with each other, in a fun way, just because we are out there having a good time, at our own expense. I can't tell you how many times my marker some how moved from a 3' foot putt, to a 6' footer. That, or a ball accidently, intentionally became lost under the tire of a golf cart. Playing it as it lies when found.
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    • Please add me to the first list, Committed to be Considered list, thanks!
    • Day 313 Superspeed workout.  Did takeaway/backswing rehearsals, and hit some balls with a 7-iron. 
    • That makes sense, as soon as I did that, I felt both pressure points. Ty  
    • Mr. Consistent. Boring average 15 pars a round kind of guy. Oh wait I already do that. I think that someone who plays “consistent” as you call it or “boring” as I call it. In the long run, would just need to get hot with the putter for a tournament to go low, and even if they didn’t they’re still shooting between 70-74, with average putting.
    • First swings in about 3.5 months: Finger didn't really bug me. No pain when the ball makes contact, even when I bury the club into the ground. Which I did a few times in this session, haha. I didn't hit one super thin yet, so I don't know what that will feel like. It feels weird just to grip a club, but I'll get over it quickly.  By the way, that cloud in the background of my face on view is smoke from one of the fires in Colorado right now. It is not a good situation, but we have snow in the forecast over the weekend, so that will help.

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