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  1. Well, sure, being forced to race through a course like that.
  2. If they're watching it on the telly in a pub on the Shankill Road, maybe. What to say? Northern Ireland, it's all a bit confusing. People who are Northern Irish yet Irish, Northern Irish yet British, and people who are Northern Irish, yet Irish and British. It's a minefield. All I can say, having visited there many times (family in Belfast), is people seem far more chilled out about it all than was the case 25 years ago.* *just an English person's opinion looking at Northern Ireland. Only an Northern Irish person can answer your question properly, assuming there even is a definitive answer...
  3. @Shindig @Wally Fairway Well guys... something happened today.... I did it. I putted a birdie. Since a shot by shot account was asked for, one will be given. I'm playing a 9 hole par 33 course (par 66 18 if you go around 2 times like me). Something to get out there and beat the heat we are having in MA this weekend. (went out at 6:30am) Shot a 38 on the front 9 (+5) and headed back around for the back. Went bogey par for holes 1/10 and 2/11. Walked up to the tee at 3/12 and was thinking where I want it. It is a straight slightly uphill par 4 clocking in at 291 yards. I hit a drive up the left side and its drawing to the rough. Still had a line to the pin and it was in the left middle of the green so I went right for it. I was roughly 35 yards out. Hit a nice high chip with my 56 and landed it 8ft from the pin. This is the longest 8ft of my life. I knew this could be it. I was reading the green from each side of the hole to only realize...it was a straight putt slightly uphill. So I said ok cam just square it up and hit it straight. and oh baby I did it. I hit that birdie and I was like Tiger winning the masters. People on the 7th green were quite confused but they wouldn't understand hahaha. Went on to finish the round a total of +10 (76) Now if someone could help explain, now if this was a par 72 course what would be my score? would it have broken 90? If anyone knows I'd love to know. This was the best round of my life. Thought of you guys that I tagged when I hit it, I said I can't wait to go tell those guy and anyone else who was wondering. But finally, the search is over and I'm playing much more confident golf.. Thank you guys for all the help and teachings
  4. Well then you can’t expect much from our answers. Look, this is just golf. It’s not some psychological, kool-aid drinkin’ social warfare experiment. If you’re just wanting some attention it will be limited. If you’re just trying to see how annoying you can be, it’s tiresome. Stop with the nonsense and let it go. There are some great people here and tons of good information. Enjoy it and/or learn from it. But come on man....
  5. Historically, golfers who are playing at the level Brooks is playing have been assholes. That said, Brooks isn’t one. Slow play is a cancer in the game and he’s right for calling attention to it.
  6. Hi all, thought Id like to share what has happened to me with my full swing. I've been playing for a bit over a year now, and struggling to be consistent. A year in and I was hitting worse than a couple of months in from when I started. I had a huge out to in swing, and was cutting across the ball, hitting a lot of slices, shanks, low powered and very high shots. My friends were hitting pitching wedges to greens where I had a 7 iron out. I had quite a few lessons with instructors and things never really improved. I actually gave up golf a couple of times, only to come back a few weeks later. In a Hail Mary attempt to fix things I signed up to Evolvr analysis and in my first lesson my instructor told me to strengthen my grip. He also made it more identifiable to me what a neutral face looks like during the swing, compared to open. I also took some video analysis of a couple of friends swings, who's swings I admire, and noticed their clubface positions on the back and downswing and how it looked more closed and tried to replicate these positions. So by strengthening my grip and having the sensation of trying to keep the club face closed on the backswing and downswing something has really clicked for me and turned everything around. I can hit the ball straighter and much further. Just making these simple changes I was immediately hooking the ball which I've never been able to do. My drives are now much more straighter and powerful too. I still have a long, long way to go with my swing, but at least I can enjoy my golf now. I even had one previous instructor stand at the range watching me and remarking on how much Ive improved. I hope I can maintain this improvement.. What simple things have you changed to turn your game around?
  7. Good to catch up on this thread; and some of the idiocy contained therein. Great win for Shane, Saturday was a dominant performance. can't wait to see what he does from here. I feel sorry for those who only watch Tiger, there are a bunch of great players on the tours these days.
  8. Just heard Koepka’s presser. Took a little bit of a shot at JB and his slow play,but not over the top. Basically said he doesn’t get ready for his shot until it’s his turn. He should be getting ready while the other guy is hitting.
  9. Tommy guarantees his overrated status will continue.
  10. What? Good grief! A great day for Lowry and Ireland!
  11. I don’t see it as him being an asshole. The guy has four majors and a hot girl. I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat.
  12. He calls out those who deserve it. He speaks his mind. I’d rather him to do that than hold it in. Problem with golf is too many guys try and be fake. I’d rather someone be real than fake.
  13. JB Holmes was +16 today, yikes!
  14. Hopefully the Open keeps coming back to Northern Ireland. Portrush looked awesome, and Royal County Downs seems great too.
  15. No, no, no. That was white on black. Today’s black on white. ”Toile,” my fashion consultant tells me.
  16. This and Jay28’s post earlier today are the two dumbest posts I’ve seen in this thread.
  17. uh? Is this a subtle (or not so subtle) form of irony?
  18. Dude seriously? Come on.....
  19. One thing to love about Koepka is he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and call others out. You know he’s going to say something post-round.
  20. If you’re not from Ireland/scotland or spent much time there, I can see your standpoint. But I’ve been there a bit, and cursing is not looked at quite the same way as it is in the US or other places. I heard more f bombs on a bus in Howth from a 6th grade class, including the teacher, than I’ve heard on any one of Tupac’s albums. Fleetwood is gonna need to add a Stihl weed eater as his 14th if he doesn’t stop hitting it into the junk!
  21. Overrated? Don’t know, don’t care. I’d like to see him win because I like his demeanor and his hair is glorious.
  22. I think you mean "Xoinks"... I did that on purpose. Calling it "The Open" sounds douchey. Really? He seems likeable. I normally don't like fat golfers, but he seems cool.
  23. Once you have relocated to Cleveland, if you haven't already, when near a bookstore look for a book called the "Cleveland Golfer's Bible", by John H Tidyman. He has produced any number of editions of these books as the golfing landscape has changed. Whatever is going on, he will clue you in. A couple more ideas I came up with since my last post. Try playing Boulder Creek near Streetsboro, or The Quarry in East Canton. Neither are that far from Cleveland. For a place for kids near Cleveland there may be "Little Met", or another course owned by Cleveland Metroparks that I believe is called "Washington". Just check out Cleveland Metroparks Golf.
  24. Shelving the upload stuff for now, as some takeaway issues have reared their head. Was seeing the hands get too far away from me and the club head banking inward. From there I would lift the arms and hit thin pushes. Obviously the better I can upload/shift the pressure early the cleaner the takeaway becomes but I've needed to really put some mechanics/change the picture work in. So working mostly on 1-3, feeling the right arm stay more "on top", then having the right elbow as high as I can at 4. Easier for me to "tumble" the shaft into a steeper position from there. Starting to see the sweet spot consistently line up better at 6. Bad timing that when I first started working on the takeaway I had a big tournament, fought the feel and hit it horribly. Turned it around this week and have hit it really solid. This week I also experimented with not grounding the club and it's been really good so far, can't "snatch" the club away from 1-2. Was on Trackman the other day, angle of attack was 5 down and swing direction was 2-3 left, basically right where I want it with my speed right now.
  25. Here is a shout out to Par 3 courses!!! In the book, "Tiger Woods Made Me Look Like a Genius: Five Simple Ways to Take Ten Strokes Off Your Game." written by his high school golf coach... the coach told his players that "All Holes Are Par 3s" When it is a Par 3 it is a Par 3, When it is a Par 4, once you hit your drive, it is a Par 3, ....when it is a Par 3, you hit your tee shot and one other shot, and then it is a Par 3. So if you REALLY want to get your score lower, play A LOT of Par 3 courses, since if you can not score even par from a Par 3 course, you probably never will from a full size course. And mentally for me, after my drive on a Par 4, I think, now , I am playing a Par 3. Just an idea... that may encourage all of us to both think differently and seek out par 3 and even executive courses.
  26. I collected mental game books at one point. I'm in the midst of packing for a move, but I think I know where some of them are. I have been thinking of re-reading Rotella's classic Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, but I think I'll be far less enamored than I was a decade ago. I suspect some of it is going to be bad advice too. For example, I expect he said in his book that the majority of one's time should be spent on short game and putting practice. Of course, we know better now.
  27. In my experience most mental game books can be summarized in a few sentences. A lot of Bob Rotella boil down to "play confidently to conservative targets." Stuff like that. I don't have any recommendations because I think the mental game, for most, is vastly over-rated. For a small percentage, it can be a big deal. But not for most. I think that just having a good understanding of proper expectations can do wonders for the mental game of some people. And that's more about the golf swing and understanding the limits of what's commonly achieved by even the game's best players. Rotella books are okay if you can get through the name-dropping. And he repeats the same stuff all the time. Zen Golf (Joe Parent?) is okay, too. Beyond that… I have no idea. Oh, Vision 54 stuff has the think box and the play box.
  28. Tough to vote as many people will have slightly varying definitions.
  29. My friend did this years ago. He suggested that he should be able to replay without penalty. I explained that this was ROG and that he should have removed the marker. He was not happy. And there you have... the rest of the story.
  30. Well that was certainly enlightening. Probably should've done it earlier.
  31. In fact at some point they could become underrated. 🙂
  32. He's as over rated as many other tour players that win a couple of tournaments. They make the news cycle for a couple of years. Only a few players live up to the media billing. One of the jobs of the PR people and media is to gin up interest in the game. Of course they are going to keep hailing the next superstar. FWIW, Tommy Fleetwood doesn't seem to buy into the hype. He comes across as down to earth and just focused on geting better. You play the course, shoot the best score you can and see where you finish. You don't 'backdoor' your way into anything. He fully deserved his second place - I know that because he shot the 2nd best score over 4 rounds.
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    • I have a “low” launch angle too, and my driver is 9.5°. If you don’t mind my asking what shaft do you have in your driver? You may not need a 16° Driver, it could be the shaft has too high of a flex point. But I’ve heard of higher lofted drivers though they can be hard to come by these days.
    • This season I was consistently shooting in the high 80s. Played some of my best golf and I am really happy with how straight I am hitting the ball right now. The ONE thing I would change in my game is simply the height of my drives.    I hit about a hundred balls today on trackman and with the driver I am getting average clubhead speed of 120 mph, launch angle 7 degrees, 268 yds carry. It’s bugging the hell out of me to see these low bullet balls, and despite trying all this year to deliver more loft (I’ve had a few lessons trying to fix just this issue alone), I just can’t seem to do it.  I currently play a stiff shaft Taylormade R1 set to 12 degrees loft. I’m thinking about possibly experimenting with one of those super lofted (16 degree) drivers. Has anyone ever tried this, and if so did it actually make a difference? In advance I just want to also say, yes, I agree an equipment fix in this case is a bandaid for a larger problem. But I’m also just trying to have fun with my game and if buying a higher lofted driver helps this problem, I’m happy to take it for now.  
    • Day 129.  During the workday, went to the next door room to hit some 6-iron shots;  indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls. 
    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 

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