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  1. Down to 7.8 after the revision. Was a 9.6 On June 1st, and started with Evolvr on May 13th. Really happy with the direction my game is going right now.
  2. Didn't get a chance to go out to play for my vlog yet, but hopefully that's coming soon. For now, I submit to you my application questions. I thought it would be at most eight minutes long, but apparently I talk a lot, sorry. Shoe Size: 9.5 True Original, 10 True Major Shirt Size: Small Pants Size: 30x32 Finished up my vlog. Course was packed so I had lots of time to talk to the camera but it ended up being too long so I cut it all out and narrated instead.
  3. Poulter should have had him ejected from the plane.
  4. Zippo, the place is nearly walking distance from my home. I know...Florida. Anyway, I am very pleased that I did. The lesson exceeded my expectations in nearly every way. The guy, Nick Content, was very knowledgeable and friendly. He had a firm lesson plan, but he was entirely willing to let me choose what to focus on. He had a presentation planned that included how to get me to sign on to a bunch of lessons. But when I was clear that I just wanted the one evaluation, he immediately abandoned the plan to devote more time to what I wanted. Then he spent extra time with me and let me pepper him with questions after time was out. Bravo, man. The entire lesson was recorded and he was organizing it into sections as we went to make it easier for me to look up events without having to search the entire video. The audio is us talking and stuff. The video is whatever is on the computer, mostly my swings compared to some pros with his notations and numerical breakdowns. He also had me hooked up to equipment that 3d modeled my swing with focus on turn radius and comparisons to tour pros. Naturally, there was also a launch monitor with an analysis of all of the details you would expect. It made a big difference that he was there to tell me exactly why the ball's path was happening, though I think I mostly understand the mathematics of all that now. This part is the single biggest advantage of this lesson though: I have got myself into a condition of poor swing with bandages all over it to sorta cover that condition up. I have been aware of it, but I do not have the ability to identify and correct the root issues. He was able to do this. In the past I would experiment with a change and I would get bad results, so I would abandon the change as wrong. But I can now see that some of those changes were correct, but I had to change more than one thing at once to see the benefits. At the driving range by myself and conscious that I was putting a puzzle together without a clue what the final picture looks like, that had always been beyond me. I have not tried any of this at the range yet, and I have been let down by apparent progress before. But I now have hard facts for the first time, rather than just guesses. I KNOW that my swing plane was about 5-10 degrees too steep. I KNOW that my grip was too strong in an attempt to counter that, resulting in less consistent strikes. I KNOW what I need to do to correct all of this, and I practiced it hooked up and on camera to see what works. Etc. It is all available on their website for me to use as reference. He annotated what we discussed as well as the proposed solutions. He included videos of drills to help me achieve this. Golftec was wonderful. Noobs like me should take a lesson - don't go cheap on it either - learn what you can, and then consider if you want another. Caveat - Six months ago I would not have benefited from this experience nearly as much. Joining this web site & learning the mechanics, jargon, and simple necessity of a good swing were all helpful for me to get the most out of it. In other words, I knew what I wanted going in, right down to the last minute input from you guys. Thanks for contributing. I was swinging great at the place. I will update this thread at least one more time with my ability to retain the knowledge and put it to use.
  5. I'm with you, I play 18 holes in just about 2 hours if I have the course to myself, at 5 hours that's almost 17 minutes a hole. @coachjimsc what would I do with all that extra time. Maybe dance lessons?
  6. The more serious I get about the game, the more I think that I have played too fast up to this point. Maybe it has something to do with not wanting strangers to see my game because it has been terrible. Haven't really experienced rude golfers trying to play through because we're either moving at a fast pace or just welcome people to play through. Playing golf is definitely less enjoyable if I'm worried about a bunch of people being inconvenienced.
  7. Nice eureka moment. Mirror work can also help.
  8. Most human beings like nice things. Nice things can mean different things to different people, but I learned long ago that "nice things" generally feel better, work better, last longer, and require less maintenance. Nice things add joy to your life, while cheap or poorly made or utilitarian things add no joy and, if particularly cheap or poorly made, sap joy from your life. For example, in photography, great tripods with a nice ball head cost about $3,000 and up. Yes, there are $30 tripods out there… which in a pinch can "work," but they will break. They'll be frustrating to use. They'll stick. They won't handle adverse conditions well. They'll be frustrating to use. And even though you can buy a hundred of them for the same cost as a lower-end pro model tripod… you're going to hate every minute you spend with your $30 tripods. The golf world has plenty of apparel options. You can buy the stock lines from Adidas, Puma, Titleist/FootJoy, Callaway. They're all pretty good, and they're pretty well made, but they're targeted to a slightly less discerning market. You can also spend $500 on a polo shirt, hand-stitched by a blind monk from the silk spun from genetically modified silkworms curated over centuries by a family of sherpas to spin the finest, softest, most luxurious silk… Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit here, but the point is, you can spend as much as you want, too, and that market exists. Between the mass appeal market and the high-end market, though, exists a few brands like VUGA, LinkSoul, and others. VUGA's mission seems to be to create high-end clothing at a reasonably mass market price. Affordable luxury. These are my words, not VUGA's. If I quote the VUGA site, they'll say "The VUGA brand represents superb craftsmanship, comfort and the highest quality fabrics." Then they'll "encourage you to become a part of [their] lifestyle." @mvmac and I like to expose golfers to different brands, particularly when they have something great to offer. In the past that's included grips from PURE or shoes from TRUE. In each of the reborn Newport Cup events, we've sought out a fresh new clothing company. In 2015, it was Linksoul. In 2017, PING introduced a nice line of clothing. In 2019, that brand is VUGA. In testing out the clothing for consideration, I received three items: two shirts and a pair of shorts. The first shirt is from the Carmel collection: Eaton Engineered Stripe Polo - Navy/Blue Turn heads with the Eaton engineered stripe polo. Strategically positioned yarn dyed stripes, constructed from proprietary moisture-wicking anti-odor fabric. Finished with contrast self-fabric collar and placket, three-button... The second was from the Augusta collection: Astor Polo - Green The Astor polo combines performance and function for maximum comfort. Finished with contrast internal collar stand and placket. Three-button set-on placket and yarn dyed stripe rib sleeve. Custom logo shell buttons. Fabric... The shorts are a pair of black Prescott shorts: Prescott Short - Black Prescott Short features light weight textured solid, 2-way stretch fabric. Flat front pockets with auxiliary cell phone pocket. Besom back pockets and signature reflective center-back belt loop. Fabric Description & Content... I don't look as good as the models, so I'll include these images of each (you can click to view them at a larger size) for now, and include some photos of the clothes later on toward the bottom. I'm not a clothing reviewer by nature - I can't look at the stitching and tell you what kind of stitches were used, or what kind of thread, or anything else. I can just tell you that the clothes are stitched, and that the stitching seems sturdy. I can see if there are any frays, or if seams don't quite line up, or things like that. But, mostly, I'm capable of telling you how something fits, how something feels, and how something makes me feel wearing it. Shorts I'm picky about the shorts I wear. Though I favor pants when I'm playing myself, I prefer shorts when I'm walking around watching @NatalieB play golf, and occasionally when I'm going to be out playing myself and then doing something afterward like going to the beach, playing some disc golf, or something else where pants aren't necessarily a great option. I'm also shaped a bit oddly in that I have a large butt but a relatively thin waist, which means that my options often involve a waistline that bunches up under a belt, or a waistline that fits but which pulls tight against my manly bits as my backside pulls the shorts out that way. The VUGA 5-Pocket Prescott shorts maintain a slimmer profile (nobody likes baggy, puffy shorts) while fitting well around the waist and just below the waist, without squishing any "bits," without a partial wedgie, and overall still looking great. The Prescott shorts are 97% polyester and 3% spandex, with a 100% polyester lining. They feel like many modern "tech" shorts, which also means they dry quickly, resist staining, and are less prone to wrinkling than cotton shorts, silk shorts, etc. The styling is fairly basic, as single-color shorts tens to be, with angled corners setting off the front-side pockets. The rear pockets are flapless, with the left pocket having a button and the right pocket buttonless. The rear belt loop is a marroon-and-grey patterned one that sets itself off attractively from the plain black coloring of the shorts themselves. A nice touch. The fifth pocket is in the front left pocket, like a change pocket on a pair of jeans. It's the source of my one complaint about this pair of shorts: it's a bit too low and a bit too wide (or the mouth is a bit too relaxed) that when I'd go to reach into the main pocket, my hands would often find the smaller fifth pocket. It's nothing a little spandex might not solve, to tighten up the mouth of the pocket, or by simply elevating the pocket higher. You can see above that it's relatively low and just above the main pocket. The quality and craftsmanship of the shorts are quite high. Seams are perfectly even length along the whole line, even some of the tighter margin stitch lines. The buttons and little brads (near the pockets) are secured strongly. The belt loops are likewise secure. The fly zipper is high quality and operates smoothly, even if you tug on the zipper pull from odd angles. This is quality stitchwork with great lines. Overall, these shorts are a big hit. They're lightweight, breathable, dry quickly, avoid wrinkling, and fit well in the right places. People shaped more normally than I am will have a bit more room up front without it being baggy, poofy, or sloppy, and people shaped like me will find that they aren't squeezed in the wrong places. Shirts While my big butt makes me picky about my pants, I can play golf in any pair of pants or shorts so long as they're not literally squeezing my thighs and calves to the point where I fear they're going to rip or something. Shirts are another story altogether. Where the shoulder falls, how the collar sits, the length of the sleeves - it all matters. If my shoulders and arms are uncomfortable in a shirt, it's a constant hassle over four hours to adjust it before every drive, approach shot, chip, or putt. A big shirt provides ample room, but looks sloppy and has long sleeves that need pulled up frequently. A tighter, smaller shirt feels like it restricts movement of your arm across your chest or doesn't provide enough room to breathe in the armpits. A perfect shirt fits where it should, but provides room and movement where it's needed. The pair of VUGA shirts I tested are about as close to perfect as any of my other favorite shirts. They're narrow enough without being "athletic fit" throughout the chest and torso, with ample shoulder room, and perfect-length sleeves that don't require pulling up before hitting an important 7-iron. Other shirts require constant fussing, but not the VUGA shirts: whether you prefer them pulled up slightly on your front shoulder, or down and relaxed, the VUGA shirts will sit in place either way and let you make a swing without having to think that your shirt sleeve is restricting your shoulder or whipping about near your elbow. The Astor green shirt from the Augusta collection (with black and white accents) is 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The incredible two-tone blue shirt with white stripes is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Both shirts feature an extra band of fabric around the inside of the collar in an accent color that I believe helps to collect a little sweat and offer some breathability, adding to the comfort of the shirts. The fabric is a stretchy, cool, breathable blend that really avoids feeling like some of the stiffer or slicker, shinier tech fabrics from some other companies. I've worn these shirts on days when the temperature and humidity have both topped 85 degrees and percent, and days when it's been 60° with a breeze. I've been comfortable in both: the shirts will keep you reasonably warm in a cool breeze, and are breathable even in high humidity that you don't have to worry about sweating through the shirt. The VUGA shirts are also long enough to stay tucked in without being so long that you're tucking a foot of fabric into your shorts or pants. Whether tucked in or worn a bit more casually untucked, the length is great. Bending over, making an aggressive driver swing, or reaching to grab the top of the flag… the shirt stays in place. And regarding the styling, which is as individual as anything gets… I'm a big fan of simpler shirts. I'm one of the last people you'll see in Loudmouth clothes: I like a simple pattern, a single color with accents, etc. These shirts look great. The blue has a great blend of bright and navy blue, with white accent stripes, and the green almost perfectly feels like Augusta National, with tasteful white/navy accents. These shirts look sharp and make you feel like a real pro. Overall I like nice things, and VUGA apparel matches its billing. These three pieces are all high quality, well-made, luxurious fitting and feeling clothes that add joy to my life. They fit almost perfectly well for making a golf swing, are comfortable in a wide range of conditions, and look great. If you too like nice things, check out VUGA at VUGA - Elite Clothes & Gear for the Modern Golfer VUGA clothing and accessories are designed for maximum performance embracing classic versatile style.
  9. I had decided to go ahead and create a "My Swing" thread, and see how bad it was. So, I took out the tripod and cell phone, and hit the range. I looked at the first video and was stunned! A year and a half ago I took some lessons, and managed to stop my head swaying back off the ball. And my strikes improved pretty dramatically. Lately, I have not been hitting as well as I'd like. Well, the video made it pretty clear that I had seriously regressed. By the end of the evening, I was starting to remember what it feels like NOT to have made head go back, and every trip past a mirror has been an opportunity. I remembered that when the head was going back, my front shoulder was turning more horizontally, rather than down. It was so obvious in the video. Yes, it takes a few minutes to set up, but why, oh why, don't I do this regularly? GRRRR! Anyway, knowing that I need to iron that out, I will be taking the tripod again next time I hit the range (hopefully Tuesday, if the monsoon allows), and perhaps have something to post where I can break new ground! I play in our after work league tomorrow, hopefully what I discovered will help a bit. And then my somewhat regular Saturday outing. Which will be fun, as it will be a melding of the two groups I play with regularly.
  10. Through my golf journey which has now spanned 18-months, I have gone from a 36 handicap to a 15.8 and in the next few weeks I expect to be at or below 14. I no longer consider myself a high handicap golfer, mostly because the people I get paired with and all but a small few of the people in my league are a higher cap than I. So my question is pretty simple, When is one no longer a high capper? A a certain index? single digits? consistently shooting in the 80s? just better than those around them? What are your thoughts?
  11. Anyone with a handicap higher than me is a high handicap golfer. Anyone with a lower handicap cheats.
  12. Welcome to TST! And welcome back to golf! So your short game was decent? Good. Put it aside for now and work on ball striking. Your clubs are fine. Post a video in the Members Swing thread and you’ll get some excellent advice! Cheers!
  13. Claude Harmon on Brooks from last week not feeling well, ‘ He’s about as sick as you can be..’ First, yeah no. Second...probably not the best comment to make at the St. Jude’s Invitational. 😒
  14. Mine has dropped to 25.4 - down almost 6 from when I started a handicap last December. I'm hoping to get it down to 20 by this December which will be an overall of 11 strokes lower. I think it's an attainable goal for a person of my maturing years...
  15. Use to do a short bag when I was a working stiff. 5-7-9, sw, 3w, and my trusty putter. Now days, (Mon-Sun) it's a full bag, me, and my trolley strolling the fairways. That said, I could probably get by just as easy with that same short bag today. Yeah, going to revisit that short bag I think.
  16. Is that kind of like making them sit on the naughty step? "you've been very naughty so you must follow Sergio till you learn your lesson"
  17. Ultimately, discussions about fast or slow play get nowhere because we all talk about completely different situations. Walking or riding? Foursome, threesome, twosome, single? Hilly or flat? Long distances between green and tee or short? Full course or empty? Lots of forest and grassland or relatively open? Strict play by the Rules or casual? 4 hours is very acceptable for a foursome walking 18 holes on a hilly, relatively difficult (Slope 130+), forested course. All while playing individual stroke play, observing the Rules with a few exceptions (e.g. pickup after 9) AND playing a course with a mostly full tee sheet. Introduce other elements and we are back to comparing apples with pineapples. As far as "too fast play", I don't see that as a serious issue. Most people that want to zip around the course play really early or late and often play in less than a foursome.
  18. Don't worry too much about that. One way or the other, you'll get over it. Hopefully, you'll just get better, but even if you don't, you won't be the problem that causes people to be inconvenienced. Bad players, like me, can still play at a good clip. You are aware of the issue. It's the people that don't know or don't care that are the problem.
  19. ^^ Spot on. I think its often overlooked that its not just the player that is affected but all the people who have paid a fair bit of money to enjoy watching golf and its even worse when there are kids in the crowd. What kind of example are these muppets setting for kids? The players want the crowd to cheer, clap and, when appropriate, have a laugh. But it's not one when the hecklers do it out of spite or dislike for a golfer. It's tough to enforce but needs to be done even if that means the players take the lead.
  20. Bob Vokey has several videos on the internet describing the effects of the different grinds and bounces. Living in Florida I would think that you would want a 58-14 in a K grind for sure. The other grinds will depend on the turf that you normally play on. He also recommends a separation of 4 degrees between each one. I myself use Vokey wedges in a 54-08 M grind and a 58-12 K grind. With these two wedges I can cover tight turf approach shots, out of the rough around the green shots, plus skinny and deep sand.
  21. I just noticed this thread, 5 hours as a single, @KrisFif you’re not playing behind a bunch of foursomes, you might be the slowest golfer ever. No wonder people want to tee off and get ahead of you or want to play through.
  22. You should see if you can get a video of the lesson along with a lesson plan. Whatever, make sure to practice what your instructor suggests. Practice until you have accomplished the lesson plan. If you have questions, ask! Find out if you can text, call or email him to ask questions. Good luck...Keep us updated.
  23. I'd say bogey golf is a fair standard.
  24. I typically consider scratch to 9 a low handicap, 9-18 a mid-capper and 18 or higher a high handicap. https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-index-statistics/mens-handicap-index-statistics-d24e6096.html
  25. Distance still speaks to our caveman instincts. Couple of big pops a round can bring a lot of joy regardless of score for many. Plus, not all lies we tell ourselves are counterproductive. Some of them help us cut through the heartbreaking fog of reality.. 😄
  26. Now they need to work on the “get in the hole” idiots...
  27. There's nothing wrong with a long par 4 that requires good execution with a long iron or hybrid to reach the green. The problem IMO would be a long par 4 that's impossible to reach even with two well executed shots. That suggests a player is playing off the wrong set of tees.
  28. Even playing appropriate tees, every now and then most of us will find a hole that stretches us a bit. My own rule of thumb is that if a set of tees has more than 2 par-4’s that I can’t reach with driver / hybrid, I move up. For me that’s about 425 yards. Unlike the OP, this old guy does NOT enjoy pretending that par-4’s are par-5’s....and I don’t feel like I’m selling out by playing 6,400 yards instead of 6800.
  29. These graphs just show that the longer hitters are better putters.🥴
  30. Good riddance. I wouldn't want that shouted to Poulter anymore than I'd want it to Tiger or Stricker.
  31. I wouldn't particularly defend Poulter, but if we accept asinine behavior from Poulter detractors, do we also accept it when a crowd favorite gets the same treatment? I can't imagine what Poulter did to bring on this specific fan's rudeness. To me, the rules of acceptable behavior apply to all fans, no matter who they're cheering for or against.
  32. Poulter has a well-earned reputation for intolerance towards loudmouth fans. Even if you don't like him, most golfers expect a certain minimum level of civility and sportsmanship. This fan failed to meet that pretty low standard.
  33. You’re doing that yourself.
  34. So Mr. 202 has been looping for Matt Every. Not a star, but a guy that has had some success. He has two career wins and had a second-place finish and a third earlier this year. But ... Now Matt has to answer questions about his idiot caddie and he's missed the cut three of the last four tournaments. Trey better hope that Matt really likes him.
  35. I am surprised no action was taken during the round. I would have given him three choices: stop holding up play and conduct himself properly, leave the course now or be met by some people with badges and handcuffs.
  36. Down to a 2.7 thanks to some good tournament scores recently. In fact 9 of the 10 scores that count for my handicap have the tournament "T" beside them.
  37. perhaps the ranch golf club in san jose, CA, which is no longer open. 73/150+ from the tips. course wasn't super long so a good driver made it play a bit easier. major elevation changes. greens were fast and well taken care of. stunning views.
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    • I have been enjoying golf these past two years.  I enjoy meeting people and playing with friends.  When you meet a person through the lens of golf for four hours, it is long enough to be a journey.  I like how the conversation is just golf at the beginning -  yet I always come away knowing if the others have kids and what they do for a living or what brought out a dedicated single that day.  At the end of the round, when we shake hands and exchange courtesies, I sincerely mean it.  Well, almost every time.  I do not know what to do now.  I watch the hand coming at me now, and not the eyes.  Is it a fist or open?  One person even waved at me. I miss the hand shake. I find it a meaningful end to a privileged day. What have you been doing? (if admin wants to add a poll, go ahead.)
    • Paging a few others, too… @klineka, @ChetlovesMer, @Slice of Life, @vasaribm… @Divot Master… I'll think of others. If you know of others I've forgotten, tag them or, better yet, send them a message directly.
    • I agree with retired. Public golf courses should have reasonable pin placement. If it’s a TPC or the likes I get it but for a course I can just walk in and play it shouldn’t be like a Sunday at a major. I’m not saying it should be smack in the middle of all the greens but someplace on the green that’s playable for the most part. If i have to drop to my knees and pray it doesn’t roll off the front of the green after i hit it 1 ft past the hole its diabolical. 
    • Thank you @boogielicious. I work in IT and was so busy at the start of the pandemic that I didn't get a chance to go through these drills. I'm going to add these videos into my practice sessions.    

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