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    • Tropical storm Fay has the courses closed in my area; hence I am able to catch up on my golf reading. Here is an interesting article on Bryson's game plan for Augusta. This is Bryson DeChambeau's game plan to conquer Augusta National Bryson DeChambeau has more length off the tee than anybody else on Tour, and he's ready to unleash it on Augusta National.  
    • Here is a great article written in 2019, which provides the backstory of why Bryson is well Bryson. Here is 1 quote from the article that was interesting (Schy was Bryson's coach that transformed his swing from traditional to Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine' swing):"Feel is the enemy," Schy said. "You get to the first tee and there's water left and 1,000 people right. How do you feel now? That was why he bought into the whole process. When you look at everything he does on [the] course, it all makes sense. It gets him out of that moment of trying to guess or feel something."" Why Is the Golf World So Scared of Bryson DeChambeau? If you want to understand why people don't like Bryson DeChambeau, all you have to do is watch him swing his club. His mechanics are deeply weird. He doesn't bend his left arm. His club travels on a single plane, and all his...  
    • They look really good Bill.
    • 20 yard pitch from off hard pan dirt, over a bunker to 3 feet. Made the putt for par. Now if I can just avoid having to do this shot, that would be real nice.
    • Looks like he will be struggling to make the cut this week. This is a guy that has gone from being a young star, to a guy trying to make cuts. He looks like he has no clue. At this rate, he might be done when his exemptions from the majors expire. 

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