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  1. This is real life according to my wife. Wife’s Diary: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn’t flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn’t say much. I asked him what was wrong; He said, ‘Nothing…’ I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said he wasn’t upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it. On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can’t explain his behavior. I don’t know why he didn’t say, ‘I love you, too.’ When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there quietly, and watched TV. He continued to seem distant and absent. Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to go to bed. About 15 minutes later, he came to bed. But I still felt that he was distracted, and his thoughts were somewhere else. He fell asleep; I cried. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else. My life is a disaster. Husband’s Diary: six 3 putts… who the f**k 3 putts six times?
  2. Which in an Irish accent sounds like "Ya cheeep bahstahd".
  3. I'm far from being a competent instructor, but a couple things come to my mind. First, I think you could improve your camera angle. Check this for the best way to get good video: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Filming in slow motion can help the knowledgeable folks here better evaluate your swing. Second, and more important, your head moves quite a bit laterally, which is bound to lead to inconsistency. There's a lot of instructional content here, you can find a lost of some of the more important topics here: Last, welcome to The SandTrap. Please feel free to contribute anywhere you see something that interests you.
  4. Netball This, whatever this is.
  5. Alrighty then: @CarlSpackler @mcanadiens @Jeremie Boop
  6. Another couple, plus my wife and I are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in December so my buddy and I will be playing the Corales course when we are down there (Same course that hosts a PGA Tour tournament each year)
  7. I'm getting a rare summertime visit to Pinehurst, heading down for an extended weekend over Labor Day. My buddy just qualified to play the USGA Senior Amateur in Durham the weekend before, so he and his wife will join us. She's a good player too, we'll have a good time.
  8. Sure. It's a frigging laugh riot. There's enough trees along the right side of the Hills, I'd be losing four sleeves instead of just two.
  9. As far as getting the right angle, I use a small tripod with flexible legs, and attach it to the top of my golf bag. That gets it to something near waist high, which is what is recommended here. My first tripod was a Joby GorillaPod, which worked find, but the all-plastic joints lost their "strength" after a while. I just bought this one: UBeesize Tripod X, Flexible Cell Phone Tripod, Best iPhone Camera Holder UBeesize Tripod X, Flexible Cell Phone Tripod, Best iPhone Camera Holder And it feels much sturdier than the previous one.
  10. I wait all week to play golf on the weekend. It doesn´t matter my score I will play and enjoy every single hole of the round.
  11. If I really want to feel better, I compare myself to a 20. 😎 Then again, my rounds of late have only been slightly better than a 15. 😢
  12. I've only left a round early once because of bad play and that was driven more by crazy pace of play issues. My normal course of response is to set a goal for the rest of the round and try to improve how I'm doing one hole at a time. For example, I usually set a target score before I start a round. At my home course it's +7/+8 to par. If I'm +5 after 7 as I was a few weeks ago, I'll look at the holes coming up and focus on trying to get to +6 after 12 (which is realistic at this course). I would say that there are two normal outcomes: I pull it off and up something like +6 or I get a hot streak and think I'm going to pull it off only to come undone near the end. But it really helps to focus on one hole at a time. And a birdie or a par on a hard hole really changes the math quickly. Funny thing, but when I analyze my bad rounds post round, which I always do, I'm usually only 2-3 shots from having a good round. Hard to remember that when one is play though.
  13. 16.1a(3) says this: I'd say that for a right-handed player to choose to play lefthanded when a normal right-handed swing is available is "clearly unreasonable". A left-handed swing COULD be reasonable if the ball was against a fence or tree or something that made a right-handed swing impossible.
  14. Makes me feel better for asking the original question - it was confusing enough to get a clarification.😊
  15. now I don't have to post the same thing.....keep playing, enjoy the day, have a cocktail.
  16. As I recall from another thread, the OP plays irons that are +1" in length. A longer shaft does two things: 1. makes the shaft play more flexible 2. increases the swing-weight If I had to make a wild guess, I'd say the reason his driver feels strange compared to his irons, is the swing-weight of his driver is so different than his irons.
  17. I mean you're shooting consecutive rounds in the 70s so yeah you're definitely doing something right. I'm in a similar spot, recently came back to the game after 8-10 years being caught up with "life". After a couple 82's, 83's 84's I shot a 78 Sunday so I'm pleased with my first month's worth of progress so far since I've been back. Hopefully someone can give you some real advice with the swing soon, I just like talking with people who are in similar positions with their game as me. Keep up the solid progress!
  18. Yes. @GAME GOLF certainly helps by reviewing the Insights. I compare myself against a 10 Handicap to see what I need to do to get there. My approach shots, especially with mid to long irons, are really hurting me right now. My short game is not quite as sharp as years past, but improving my approach shots will take pressure off my short game. My longer putts have not been stellar, but I am not overly concerned there.
  19. If I found my ball at the end of your red arrow, I would first ask myself if the ball was touching the sand in the bunker (not merely some grains of sand which were not in the bunker.) If I find that the ball is not touching the bunker, I will conclude that the ball is embedded in the general area and at first glance, free relief is available. Now, in order to proceed, I must determine the proper relief area. I will look for a place in he general area which is within one club-length of the ball but not nearer the hole. If I can find such a place, I shall take free relief. However, such a relief area might not exist due to the shape of the edge of the bunker and the location of the hole. The sad news now is that free relief cannot be taken and the unplayable options are all that are left.
  20. Is more likely desperation or last resource. I guess she talked this topic with a lot a people before posting here. Maybe looking advice from golf freaks like us! haha
  21. Sorry, but if I sold my MX-23's to someone for over $200 I'd feel like I ripped them off. They're pretty old so I'd try to find them for $125-150 if I were you. Great clubs, but irons just don't hold value.
  22. I almost never play on my own, and I won't quit and leave my friends. I try my best not to allow my poor play to put me into a poor mood. Golf is a challenge, we don't always succeed at challenges, but I CAN succeed at the challenge of controlling my emotions and behavior. If I can do that, its fun, no matter how poorly I play.
  23. In Europe and if to be more specific in Greece. My friends who has a real estate in Athens invited me to come and have a nice week vacation. There is a really nice Glyfada Golf Club which is next to the beach and about 15-20 minutes drive from Athens itself. When I come back I will post a report about this destination.
  24. Toe contact? Yes, if hit in sweet spot should fade. You can input the CHS and AA into TrackMan U tool to get spin and if spin is higher than # in photo, may verify toe hit as toe contact takes away spin. Or if you can play swing vid, check if face pops open at impact.
  25. Your ball would appear to be in the General Area, not in the bunker. So free relief is only available within 1 clublength of the ball but it must be in the general area. So you won't get free relief. See rule 16.3(b) https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=16 Also see posts #19-21
  26. Quit? Good grief, it’s just a round of golf...!
  27. I have to respectfully disagree with the thread title... ...if you weren’t already crazy, you wouldn’t be playing the game in the first place!
  28. True. What I meant to say is that turning to a Golf forum isn't the correct path. And if hubby doesn't want to go to counseling, the OP has her answer.
  29. Even if I have a bad shot, I try to focus on the next shot. I think of the challenge to hit good shots and try to forget the previous shot, good or bad. I've never abandoned a round and hopefully never will. Golf is a challenge but still a game. I don't quit cribbage in the middle of the game if I'm losing, I want another one to try and win. Believe me, I've had bad rounds but when I get home and analyze the round, it turns into a learning experience and I try to take something positive away from a bad round.
  30. I often feel like bailing after the third 7 in a row. But I remind myself that I need the practice and try to tough it out.
  31. I think many of us can infer the other side through historical introspection. I just sent a copy of her blog to my other ex-golf addicted friends and got responses like “Hahahaha” to “uhh, ...” The only issue the OP might have is blogging on a site with golf obsessed men, is she’s not exactly going to get a lot of sympathy ... And she did ask if there are any other ladies here... I’d think the vast majority of ladies blogging here might be “into golf” too. I hope they get back together again, sounds like there might be a relationship worth saving?
  32. Are we talking about the same post, I think there was only minimal mention of not putting personal issues out on social media.. Which, by the way, I'm completely in agreement with. Other than that, it all seemed pretty solid advice. At this point, I'm pretty much done with this topic. We have one side of a story about a troubled relationship. I don't care to speculate on who's to blame or who needs to change.
  33. The marriage counseling is not for you so much as him... he’s definitely obsessed. If he’s normal, it should subside a bit. Unlike many other responses, I feel like it’s not a bad idea for you to vent a bit. This is social media. If that’s part of your personality and he knows it, no biggie... If I read something here where my wife wrote the same thing, it would probably make me pause and think a bit. However, I stopped being obsessed with this game a few years ago. I still enjoy it, but it’s just a part of my life. Not even a big part. It’s a social thing. I’ve been with my wife for over 26 years and married for 23. I went through many hobbies obsessively and almost died doing some of them ... but there’s a point where we all have to stop and look around and realize, it’s not everything. He has to change, not you. It’s just a matter if you think he will or not? Good luck with him, take up golf if you like? Take up some other hobby? I can only say that 4 of my golfing friends went through the same thing and 3 of us are still happily married to our original spouses Keep on venting in social media or whatever. If it causes him to leave, that’s his problem, not yours. Possibly irrelevant advice that passive-aggressively blames her for blogging... We all have our own way of venting, this could (very likely) is hers. Keeps her out of the “nut house”... as far as I can tell from the few posts she’s made, she seems normal and, like many golf addicts, her husband could be too? For a golf addict ...
  34. When putting is a viable option (I don't mean putting through 50' of fairway or something), putting is usually going to be the better option.
  35. Unless I am a danger to myself and others, I keep playing. I go back to basics and try to correct the issue.
  36. Most public school coaches are going to just be teachers they found to fill the spot. They are expected to get better on their own pretty much. I would go the lessons route. Having said that, the private schools in our area enlist the local college coaches and players to help them. Not to mention that some of the private schools have 40k a year golf team budget. There is a big difference. As far as scores, there is going to be a huge range from low to high
  37. Usually when my round turns to hell I’m asked to leave. It’s just better for those around.
  38. Personally, I grind through it and finish the round to the best of my (in)ability for the day. I won't dwell on it after the round is over and it will probably turn out that one of the fundamentals was really off that day, like standing too close to the ball (or too far), or not getting my weight forward properly, etc... It happens, forget about it and your good habits might just return on their own. It also helps if you are able to self-diagnose an error in your swing based on post-shot review, perhaps making a practice swing or two after the shot, understanding the ball flights law and what drives them, etc...
  39. I find that I have been hitting the e12 a bit further on drives and with hybrids. I think I have saved a few shots each of my last rounds. As with any softer ball, spin on green will be quite different. e12 seems to hold up well in terms of scuffs and cuts (Have had none do far) e12 strike me as a tad more forgiving, or maybe I am just getting better. e12 also comes in a matte red which I can see easier. If I can find e6 at a great sale, I might pick up some as well.
  40. It could be all of the above, and also having to do with shaft length in the driver being that much longer than the irons. Most golfers are more consistent with shorter clubs and get progressively worse at hitting the center of the face as the club gets longer. Couple this with quite a few of us overswinging a driver due to our desire to hit it further can provide undesireable results. I see that you are in the Cincinnati area - quite a few decent fitters in the area. Miles of Golf and Golf Exchange are two of the better ones. Exchange can give you some free fitting advice for a quick trial, and MOG you will have to book a fitting and it is quite a bit more expensive but most of the personnel at both are good.
  41. Based on looking at your My Swing thread, I would say that XStiff shafts on your irons are not the right shafts. I don't think your swing speed is anywhere close to requiring XStiff, and a Stiff in your driver may be to much as well. But that's just based on swing speed vs. shaft type.
  42. I went through something similar recently. I hope it's not too forward of me to suggest, but I think the best course of action here is to seek out a marriage counselor. These situations are delicate and it's probably not something that's fixable by strangers on the internet.
  43. JB Holmes would have just gotten his glove on in the time it took them to finish the hole.😜 Now Usain Bolt will take up golf!
  44. I’ve used Ecco Biom in the past. Recent versions don’t fit my feet as well. So I’ve gone back to Footjoy SuperLite Athletic golf shoes. (Add in another shameless clicgear promotion here, too. It’s outlasted my shoes, golf bag, driver, irons, wedges—everything except my putter and my 5wood.)
  45. I try to be self-aware and learn something every time I'm on the course, at the range or at my neighborhood watering hole. There are always things we can learn and we are better for it. Learning keeps the brain young.
  46. I just wanted to mention what I learned about my game under feeling the pressure to hit good shots at the Newport Cup. I first realized that five months of playing some golf after two years away from the game was not enough to get my game back to where it was. With that in mind I am not overly disappointed with my play at the Newport Cup. The first nine holes were pretty brutal but I calmed down a bit and started to learn to adjust to the competitive atmosphere. I will grade the various portions of my game with a letter grade which is where my game is compared to where I would like to be or think it should be. It is not necessarily a grade that for example a scratch player would set their benchmark at. My grades are just a comparison to the potential that I think I can get to for that portion of the game. (Putting: B) - I think that this is the most improved part of my game and I was pleasantly surprised at how I did under pressure. I took the time to make the proper reads, and had confidence in them. I think I may have missed just one putt inside 4’ all week. Made a couple longer ones, had a few lip out. I definitely can improve on this but I am very happy with how I played on the greens under pressure, as I think it has been a weak point for me in the past. (nGIR Shots: C) I have some work to do with my shots around the green. My touch was pretty decent but I bladed a number of shorter shots like this. It should be pretty easy to fix but I will have to work on this. (Greenside Bunker Shots: B+) This was definitely a strength for me in the tournament, as I think others would agree. I found myself in these bunkers a few too many times, but left myself a chance at putt for the next shot most of the time. There was a couple longer greenside shots that I struggled a bit with but generally I was pretty happy with my play here. (Fairway Bunkers: B- ) I hit a couple heavy but I made good contact for the most part and advanced the ball as desired. I can clean this up a bit yet. (Short Irons/Wedges: C+) My distance control and club selection was solid. As long as I hit the ball cleanly it was generally the right distance and my start lines were good. The issue was my low point control. I hit too many fat or thin short iron and wedge shots. (Mid Irons: B- ) I hit some great shots with these and was fairly consistent with my contact. I had a little bit of a miss right with fade that cost me a bit though and I need to tighten this up. (Long Irons: C-) I had been hitting these fairly solid all year. During the tournament though I hit a number of them with the same(as the mid irons but more exaggerated) miss right fading even more right and I also hit a number of them out on the toe which ended up pretty short. I did hit some great ones though, and they were fun to watch. I was getting a bit to vertical and away with the club in the backswing, and was swinging too much to the left leading to that toe miss and too much of a difference at times between the path and the face. There is some considerable work to do here. (Fairway Wood: B) – I just carry a 5w that is set a bit strong so it is something like a 4.5 wood or so. There were a couple holes at Mid South where this club was the right call and I hit it much better than expected. I am not sure what the difference is with this club compared to my driver, but it was definitely working off the tee and on my second shots for par 5s. I should have used it off the tee on more holes. I hit my start lines with my desired fade for the most part. (Driver: F) – I am not even really sure where to begin. Between literally trying 3 different kind of swings and having a two way miss I felt completely lost with this club. I had some stretches of holes where I hit it okay but I could never keep it together for more than a few holes at a time. I can and need to do so much better with this club. Hopefully I can get onto evolvr and work on it soon. It is and has been incredibly frustrating to not be able to consistently keep the ball in play. The good news is that I know I can improve these things. I am confident that I have the ability to do so. My wrist held up to 144 holes of golf in six days and so I feel lucky. It is great to play again and I was able to enjoy playing competitively for the first time ever. Unfortunately as I mentioned the 5 months of being able to play a couple times a week after two years being injured was maybe not enough time to fully prepare me for this tournament but I don’t feel completely embarrassed either. I helped to earn a few points out there. The experience was a great one and now I know what I need to focus on going into this next year.
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    • If only.  Last week she said: "I love you even though you golf."  
    • I have a friend who has a simulator in his apartment building and we have played there a couple of times.  Much quicker than a real round because you aren't walking/riding to your ball. However, I always score better on the simulator than real life.  You very rarely get bad bounces on the course.  You are hitting off a mat, which is more forgiving because fat shots still fly a reasonable distance.  Your lie is always good (hitting out of the rough or from the fairway is the same).  For whatever reason, you rarely hit that one branch six inches wide like you do in real life.  And we always just took two putts on the green and moved on.  Easier than putting on a simulator. What you should use it for is grooving a decent swing
    • I don't think this really needs to carry over into another thread.  
    • For me, heavy shoes are not so much of an issue.  Yes, they will tire you out more, but they are sometimes more stable.  The most important thing you need is to ensure it is comfortable.  You are on your feet for a long time and at the end of the day your legs will hurt if it isn't as comfortable as possible.

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